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I'm Sorry Michael Bay


Ok, so “The Guild” has been out all weekend and I would say it’s getting generally good feedback. I’m going to ignore that right now. Because OBVIOUSLY I have to fixate on the negative comments of people. Here are some of my favorites.

“…film is not your milieu.”

She didn’t do it for me. Had that Helen Hunt look about her.”

“wasn’t really funny but the girl was decent *or to put it in words the OT can comprehend* “I’d pee in her butt”.

What a pick-up line. Anyway, what does this mean to me? For one thing, it makes me feel bad about about my Transformers bashing before. In short, the whole experience has made me appreciate the effort of film making, and the stinging critique of our consumer culture. Yes, I’m going to use big words now.

Most of us have no appreciation for what goes into the things we consume every day. I certainly don’t. I’m sure if I studied the plastic cup, I’d be more reverential when I sipped out of it. Hell, one of my favorite movies on YouTube is this one on how aluminum foil is made. Fascinating. Anyway, our society is so sophisticated, we have become authorities on everything, or so we think. There’s no face to face with the actual makers of the products we consume, and therefore feel carte blanche to poop on things when we don’t like them. When the author of Acacia commented in my thread here on his book, I near had a heart attack, and I went back to scan my entry to see if it was insulting. Before, I could have given a hoot, he wasn’t a person to me, the book was there for me to consume and judge, end of story. Thank goodness I loved it 🙂

It might not be that articulate, but I guess I’m trying to say sorry for bashing your movie Mr. Bay. It may not be my favorite thing, but I feel I’ve experienced a tiny minuscule fraction of what you went through to make your movie, and although I didn’t love how your movie portrayed women, the movie was good fun, and to dismiss probably years of your life’s effort with a snarky blog entry probably didn’t give you the consideration you deserve. And I did like the robots smashing things.

There. I hope that cleanses my karma and someone doesn’t try to actually pee in my butt. :O

  • Boris

    You are very nice. But (one “t”, it’s not a typo), Mr Bay DOES NOT deserve your genuine appology. Heeeeellll NO. He went to make a movie about special effects, to blow things up on a scale grande. And he did it and he got paid big buck. From what i saw on Youtube it was spectacular, but that’s about it. Yours is totally different. The last time i was so exited about the next episode was some 20 years ago when “The Empire…” had just come out and we all knew that “The Return of the Jedi” was to follow. But then it’s just me.

    As for that dude who from his perespective “wants to pee in your butt” and from mine “wants to get it castrated”, well, just apply the same logic you had discovered after your last auditioning – “Agony is fun!”. You cand’t please everyone. And he with his childish ape mentality surely DOES NOT deserve to be pleased. Heeeeeelll NO.

  • Whew, that’s some praise I’ll never live up to, but thanks so much Boris! 😀
    I guess you’re right in a way, you put something out there and that’s the price you pay, getting reamed by some individuals. The reward is at least some people loving it and pleasing yourself.
    Oh crap, I’m obsessed with oatmeal and I just dropped a big hunk into my keyboard. CLEAN UP ON Z-V!

  • Tim

    Hi Felicia,

    Don’t focus on the negative, the target audience for the guild will definitely love it. I thought it was really well done and wasn’t expecting as polished (no offense) a production as the one you have put together. Great job and I look forward to the next one.


  • Courtney

    I have found this theory to be completely true (and I need to get this on a t-shirt):

    You can’t please everyone, so if you’re happy and your target audience likes it, job well done.

  • HAHAHAHA OMG, what a GREAT LINK. 😀 I think that takes the cake for my favorite internet pic. Oh wait, not quite. I’m making a blog post with my fave pic.

  • There’s one thing I’ve noticed by and large about the internet. Is it becomes more ubiquitous and more people fine their lonely way onto it, a lot of things get lost in the mix.

    Firstly, let me say I though The Guild was great. I haven’t touched WoW in months (and my Draenei shaman was getting so badass… damnit), but it’s still the sort of thing I love to see. Also, anything with Groundlings and Second City people will surely have some good stuff in it.

    Secondly, as related to the negative feedback, it’s always going to happen. Especially on the web. I mean, looking at the video, you’ve got 25,000 views on the video and only a few negative comments. But, as it’s the web everyone forgets to put the filter on. Really, on both sides of the equation there. The assholes just say whatever they think will upset people the most, or make them sound the coolest. Likewise, the person toward which the comment is geared isn’t going to apply the proper filter for ignoring the commenter. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in anything negative, especially when you’re wrapped up in your new venture, as we all are whenever we bring out a new product or launch a new site or whatever. That’s why I think it’s important to set up some solid form of validation that you can check. Something with hard numbers and hard response. And keep in mind that you’re playing to a limited crowd to begin with, and that word of mouth will make things grow more than anything.

    I guess I should give my bottom line on the show. I really enjoyed it. It was easy to watch, the characters seem like that could go in some good directions, and the jokes are fun and not overdone. As a for instance, the final bit where Zaboo shows up is pulled off well because his need to get back online over even bothering to explain himself is downplayed, but hilarious.

    Is it the be-all-end-all of web shows? Well, if there’s ever a be-all-end-all for web shows, I’ll be worried. So no. But it’s better than most, and it’s better than most of what gets onto network TV anymore as well. I’ll certainly be watching the show and I’m excited to see where the characters are going. I love a good story. MAKE IT HAPPEN, KAP’N!

    Also, (don’t tell my lady about this) but the ladies in the show… yeah. *thumbs up* The people attached to the project make good stuff. I think you guys will be fine even with the bitching. Only thing I worry about is the “clout” factor that most people look for. What with you being a girl and all, people will be reluctant to give it. Hell, some people I know still hate Wil Wheaton because they don’t think he’s really a geek. That’s the community though, I guess.

    Sorry this is so long. >.>

  • Hm, did my comment get deleted or was it spam eaten? >.>

    I spent so long writing it too. :'(

  • Randall, intellectual and well-thought-out post recovered! 🙂 Sorry about that, dunno what happened. I’m glad you appreciate the show, and like your frank assessment. Honesty is where I’m at 😀 I dunno if being a girl will hurt though, it’s interesting you say that. I definitely think my sense of humor is more subtle and less “guy oriented”, so that’s why the boobs and bombs crowd might not LOVE it, but I think character development and reality-based humor will go far as the series progresses. I refuse not to be confident about that, hehe! 😉

  • Haha, apparently your spam filter still hates me, but I figure it’ll be in the queue anyway.

    There are a lot of girl gamers in WoW. I think the last numbers I saw put ladies as high as 40%. So hopefully this will get those lovely, hormonal teens to look around a bit. Still, two or three episodes in I think the trolls will drop off, a nice fanbase will settle in, and we can enjoy watching where this stuff goes. I’m already interested in seeing how Cyd deals with Zaboo. And maybe a bit more on WHAT THE HELL ZABOO WAS THINKING!?! You don’t just SHOW UP! She could have a husband or a dog or something! DANGEROUS!

  • Critical comments are easy for people to attack with on the web. The same people that will be nice and willing to debate in real life, often degenerate into some kind of strange drunken, road rage behavior as soon as they can hide online.

    You can’t do anything of note creatively, nor even try without inviting criticism. This is especially true with the internet. Trust me, I went through three years of hell before my first novel saw print (side note to any aspiring writers out there, consider doing screenplays, you’ll be a lot happier =D ).

    The thing to keep in mind is that every masterpiece has someone that doesn’t like it. There will always be someone that complains or degrades something just to show off. The ego trip is to focus on your percieved weaknesses and never your strengths.

    The negative attacks hurt. It is easy to obsess over this stuff. In the end, take the praise and the punches, then just roll out and do what you love.

    You made your connection with your target audience. For that alone, you and your crew are doing great…

  • Yair

    So the “OT” comment would relate to this space:

    By the way: Loved episodes 1-3! I’m still trying to decide if they were over the top or cinema verite, but regardless, they were pretty hilarious.

  • “I’d pee in her butt.” My God. Maybe when that guy gets to puberty he’ll figure out its not exactly peeing. 😀

    Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say that I absolutely love, love, LOVE The Guild. The first thing I did after I watched it was log into WoW and make my whole guild watch it, haha. I’m a pretty frequent WoW player (okay daily and I should get out more), and a guild leader of a fairly large guild (though I hope I’m nowhere NEAR as anal as the guy from your show, lol), so I can really appreciate the stereotypes you’re playing with here. We even have one of the mothers who should probably log off and check on the kids now and then. 😉

    As far as negative comments go, I really wouldn’t give them any attention at all, seeing as attention is the only reason they’re doing it in the first place. It’s sad that some people will post a negative comment just to see how many people they can get a rise out of, but Youtube is great for it. I also love how that one guy had to throw in the word “milieu” to make him sound intelligent. It must’ve been the word of the day on or something that day. 😛

    But seriously, don’t let the bad comments get you down. Boys will be boys, girls will be girls, and anonymous assholes will be anonymous assholes. I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t absolutely loved the show, as I’d say 99.99% of the total comments back up.. Keep up the great work. If you need me I’ll be over here, impatiently waiting for episode 4. 🙂


  • For as much as I don’t like his movies or his morals, Bay is a smart, smart man. I will deny forever that the entire “make the fanbase hate you” strategy was not a strategy. He has his moments where he stands up for what he believes in, and what’s more, the little guy (until he gets offered more money, apparently).

    Now, Don Murphy, that’s a whole different story.

  • Rhonda

    Since I have played online games for as long as I have, I have a better idea of what kind of people are out there. People will say and do things that they wouldn’t be able to get away with out in the real world (or some might, who knows). Especially if they don’t have a personal affliction with the person/place/thing/noun/whatever. That being said; though negative critisizm sometimes seems the easiest to focus on (albeit a mistake or error and thus can be fixed or improved upon). When it comes to the bigger world, people are going to be jerks: They can otfen get away with it. Also, like Jason said; they like to get attention.

    It’s kind of funny in a way since people feel their opinions have that much influence, so they push and push… yet these are the same people that don’t vote because they think it won’t matter. 😮

    Anyhow! Can’t wait to see episode 4 of The Guild! 😀 My boyfriend and I thought it was really funny 🙂

  • Victor Russia

    To Jason: Since I did not know the meaning of two worlds from this page, “hygiene” and “milieu” I got freaked out.But after translating these words in to my language I find them to be very simple and commonly used!
    About bad comments: those people(?) must be ignored.If you can’t say it in the face, you are not a real man.I had my ass handled to me a couple of times but it is better than hide in shadows of the Internet.
    “”I’d pee in her butt”” is a killer. First of all it is a nasty behavior.Second, it is a sin. And of course such a pretty woman does not deserve such a thing done to her.May be to be eaten out would match better with your beauty.

  • Courtney


    Wow… that one kinda veered off..

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