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We wrapped our shoot yesterday and I woke up today feeling like I’d been run over by a car and drank 3 bottles of rum. Unfortunately, neither of these things happened. What happened is GREAT FRIKKING FILMMAKING!

It’s amazing how much support you can get from your friends if you just ask. I think most of us are afraid to start things that are daunting because we don’t have people behind us encouraging us, cheerleading us, deadlining us. But this experience has taught me that deciding to make something happen on your own, THEN reaching out for that support and encouragement is the way to go. It’s fulfilling because it’s truly YOU making things happen. Asking permission for things doesn’t help in life. And in the end, nothing is as hard as it seems in your head before you start. You are your best cheerleader. Be your own parent. The universe is your oyster bed. Should I add one more cliched motivational line or are you vomiting already?

So, these are some lessons I learned:

Babies are funny. Dogs are funny. Starbucks runs, even though they send you over budget, make people happy. Jimmy Dean frozen sandwiches from Costco are gross, and no one will eat them. Don’t serve Shwarma sandwiches the day you’re acting or the other actor will burp in your face really stinky and make you laugh and gag at the same time while the camera is recording. Inevitably, on day 3, the conversation WILL degrade into talking about poo, so just embrace it.

So, phase 3 of filmmaking begins. Editing, finishing, distributing Thankfully, I have little to do until the editor does a rough cut, except getting someone to help with credits, animator and title person, and getting music, and sound effects and then a strategy for posting it so the most people will see it, and then being objective when I look at my face on camera and not thinking that I have the nose of a Pillsbury dough boy. That last part has nothing to do with producing. 🙂

  • Gag Halfrunt

    I’ve taken the liberty of posting a story about your project over at

  • Hey Felicia! I hope you see this. This is Andy the guy who looked after you girls in Blackpool when you came over. And yes, I still remember how crazy you were when I was driving you all after the meal. I would love to chat more if you feel like replying to this message. Good luck with the work and the webpage and blogging!

  • John

    Well done and getting something like this going. Looking forward to watching it. 🙂 My best wishes on many more to follow.

  • Thad

    Hey Felicia, I can’t wait to see what you did. I really enjoy see you in anything you do.

  • Michael

    Hi Felicia,

    This is Michael, one of your German teachers from UT. Anyway, congrats on the film (yes, I read whedonesque)! Hope it goes well.

    And by the way, you are the only one of my former students to have been a vampire slayer. That kind of trivia comes in handy at cocktail parties, I’ll tell ya…

  • Stefan

    Gratulations on the success of your projekt! Can’t wait to really see it – so good luck (or break a leg..?) with the editing, music and stuff.

  • Gag Halfrunt

    The fact that one of your former teachers saw my Whedonesque story is very, very cool and has made my day.

    The Internet is amazing sometimes.

  • I go out of town to visit family and I come back to this! This thread is a total trip! I can’t wait to see who else is going to comment in this thread, first grade classmates?! Since I was homeschooled every other year, it would have to be first grade 🙂
    I will be posting more details about the project this week. I think the editor has started putting things together, I’m so excited!
    Michael, thanks for giving me those A’s. I worked hard for them, but you made them fun to earn, you were a great teacher!! Andy, I’m so glad you posted. Even though we put down Blackpool a lot, it was all in fun, I promise! I watched that Viva Blackpool show and I thought of us getting lost all the time, it was so funny seeing the town on TV.

  • Felicia
    It’s the 28th of June – that’s your birthday, isn’t? If that’s right, then “Happy Birthday to you! And if it’s not, please feel to cuff me over the ear and send me on my way!

  • Hola, Felicia! I see that here’s the place to wish you a Feliz cumpleaños from the random, motley bunch who knew you way back when. This is your erstwhile pal Simon, formerly of Austin– ala the Heart o’ Texas Fest of days of yore. I’m gladdened– but not at all surprised– to see you make good! Please give my best to your mom and bro; have ’em drop me a line sometime. 🙂

    Hope your birthday and year is wonderful!

  • Good point. I enjoy reading your article. Looking forward for more topics here. Thanks.

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