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IAWTV Video: Why I Do What I Do


The IAWTV awards are next week, and to get people excited they asked web series creators to upload a video about why they do what they do, so here’s mine!

There’s also a contest for viewers who submit videos about why they WATCH what they do, check this link for instructions! And make sure to tune in next week to watch the IAWTV awards in Vegas, I’ll be there for sure!! 🙂

  • What a nice video!

    Your reason why speaks to one of the good things about being any sort of artist. You create something from your heart, and you hope that people will like it. When they do, it helps to validate all that work.

    Here’s hoping all those nominations pay off!

    • Congratulations! I hope you win:)

  • Bill


    You are the coolest, sexiest, most awesome woman I have ever even heard of! Seriously everything you do is great! Please don’t stop you really make my day. (especially the commentaries)

  • John W

    Congratulations and good luck!

  • Sandy

    Hi Felicia,

    I have loved your projects for all the imagination and gamer honesty they have always shown. Over the years I have realized that I have stayed a huge fan because of why you make your projects. You love making us go wow too cool or just laugh until we cry. Thank you for being the wonderful talented artist that you are!!! *fingers crossed* for award time.

  • Mat

    Whenever I have writers block I watch The Guild, really helps me get through a lot of work.

    Thanks for the great series 😀

    • Nikki

      I hope all your hard work continues to pay off Felicia, you do what you do because you love it and theres no better calling in life than that, and hey if you can make a success out of it too then more the better.

      You’re a talented artist and have a wonderful heart, so keep doing what youre doing and best of luck to you!

      **hugs from Wales**

  • Congratulations on all the nominations, well deserved, I have talked before about how much the guildcommunity means to me so I wont repeat that, but I am so incredibly much in your debt for making it’s existence possible. Good luck and have fun at the awards.


    (*mandatory. Sorry)

  • @Tangleweed


    Since you voiced your love for these comments, I guess as my way of thanks thought I would make one (and maybe you might read it).

    I have watched all of the Guild series (to date) and more recently the Dragon Age instalments and I have loved them both and cannot wait for more. Truth be told I am a little bit addicted.

    The reason I have enjoyed and stuck with the series for so long is undoubtedly due to the passion and effort you have shown in its creation and it is through your artistic talent that it has came to be what we see today and I on my part will keep on watching as long as you keep producing the series.

    Best of luck in the IAWTV Awards – you deserve it !!

    Enjoy it and be yourself (well yourself in a nice new dress).

    Gordon Black.
    An actual real person (well close enough ..)

    P.s. Does the doll have a matching dress ?

  • I love that you tax-deducted the dress. Haha!

    Have fun, and good luck!

    S.M. Boyce
    Author of The Grimoire: Lichgates
    Once Kara opens the Grimoire, there is no going back.
    Click here to read the first chapter of for free!

  • len

    Why: because it’s fresh.

  • Tobin

    You’re awesome Felicia.
    Hope you and your team take home a buncha awards.

  • carl smithosian

    guild season5 is truly awesome, i would love to know who assisted in the writing of it, i refuse to believe it was all you, best thing ive seen in awhile (years). good luck massive accolades and awards due to u.

  • Annie

    Hi Felicia,
    is this really your room? Or you have something luxurious?

  • Good luck!
    I guess the fantastic thing about webshows is the distance between creators and consumers is so much smaller. Less degree’s of seperation between the creation and the feedback. (not to mention more control for the creators to start with, what with IP, etc).

    I only hope webshows continue to flourish and get more and more viewers. Almost all the webshows I try have more imagination and originality then typical tv shows. While few have the superb writting/acting as The Guild (etc), I always get pleasure from the fact that at the very least, on the web you get ideas that wouldnt be given a chance for broadcast elsewhere.

  • Bruce Goldstein

    You are lively and intelligent and into webcasts which I have an interest in myself. Just a note that I have bookmarked your site. I noticed your posts on Google+ but did not know you were the producer of a series at MSN. Good luck with your sexual conquests in life.

  • Yogol

    Grats on winning so many awards, you earned every one of them.

    Odd that the male performance didn’t go to Jeff Lewis, though. He plays that character SPOT ON.

  • Yogol

    Humf, forget I said that, lol, he did win, just not with his own show (which is not as good as The Guild, but soit, winning is winning).

    • I can definitely relate to the excitement that takes place when you are constantly refreshing your page to see more comments (good or bad)!

      Keep up the great work!

      • Ryan

        haha, “I’m doable.. YESSS…” very cute.

  • Chris

    As some one who has never had any talent to share with the world. I just wanted to take the time to say how much I respect thows like you Felicia. Keep up the good work and know that you have earned every good think that comes your way. Bravo Zulu. For a job well done.

  • Hagen

    Felicia, I think you’re the BEST actress since I´ve seen
    Keira Knightley.You’ve just a nicer smile than her. And I think you’ve earned the award. Sorry. My English is not so good. one of my biggest dream is to get an e-mail from you please answer me.

    your german fan

    P.S. in EUReKA i think you was the BEST actress

  • Anthony

    Argh !! Why am I seeing this just now ? I would have love to try to show my support to The Guild (and Felicia) with a “Why do I watch” video. Anyways, congrats for all the awards and nominations, it’s was a nice event.

  • David Mills


    With my wife we’ve just started a Buffy-a-thon (season 1 atm) and I must say that on this video you have a very Willow presence, with the tone of voice and mannerisms.


  • Howdy, just wanted to drop by and say I love The Guild and I put an article up for it on my blog, will you be at Comic-Con this year?

    Come Check out my Video Game blog

    (>”)> (^”^) <('' 8====D

  • Obssoyo

    Does felicia day have any Sign Language exposure? I noticed she held her thumb up while saying 13. Which is ASL for 3. or if turned around 13. . . Just never notice any non signers doing 3’s that way.

  • Seth

    Hi and congratulations! This isn’t strictly on topic, but it seemed like the best place to post this, given the content of your video. Anyway, I’m a big fan of the Guild, but I’m a little behind. I just got around to watching season 3 (you’ll be happy to know that seasons 4&5 are now on their respective ways) and I wanted to say that Riley is an astonishingly accurate portrayal of an acquaintance. I shared my feelings (and ep 6 season 3) with her ex, and he agrees. Marvelous verisimilitude! I look forward to watching the next two seasons soon and more as they appear!

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