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I smell like a mule


I might be a little more sporadic with posting for the next few weeks because I’m doing this movie, so please forgive me.  I’d rather not post anything than something boring 🙂

I’m having a really good time doing this western though.  They put a lot of movie dirt on me for authenticity, so when I stop by to pick up dinner somewhere on the way home, I look like some dirty homeless girl, and I think the cashier taking my order is more than a little suspicious that I won’t be able to pay.

I had to ride a mule for a few hours today, and it’s REALLY hot in the sun so I’m sweating a lot under the petticoat so…yeah.   Glamor of movie making again struck down 🙂

Thanks everyone for all your movie suggestions, I think I definitely saturated my brain with all the genre cliches.  I dunno if it helps my performance, but it was a great education in a movie area I was ignorant of.

The bummer is that our plans to shoot episodes 4 and 5 of The Guild had to be pushed back.  Gotta pay the bills 🙂  Good news is we’re about to hit the 100,000 mark on episode #1 and we’re going to post episode #3 right after Labor Day hopefully, so that’s pretty exciting!   It’s definitely nice to be busy.

  • Samantha

    Yay, Felicia, I’m glad you’ve got a movie gig. And it’s one of those fun ones where you get to look like a poor girl and smell like a mule. Awesome. Well, I’m sure you look great, anyway, and we probably won’t be able to smell you when we’re watching the movie. Unless you’re there with us, I guess. And for some reason you still smell like a mule.

    Anyway, I’m glad you got this job and if you’re having fun, I’m extra glad for that. Sadness that Guild filming was pushed back, happiness that there’ll be an episode soonish, and FYI I’d much rather read a post of yours that’s “boring” (which it probably would not be) than no post at all.

  • Thanks Samantha! It certainly is fun having a job rather than waiting for one to come through 🙂 I assure you though, I could definitely post some yawn-worthy posts, lol. Like, I almost wrote about how guilty I feel when I use those free, pre-made address stickers from charities and I don’t donate to them. True, but not scintillating information, haha!

  • Frigid

    You say smelling like a mule and looking homeless like its a bad thing.

  • Joe

    Ah, mule aroma goodness. I’ll be looking for a gritty performance in the near future. Can you divulge the name of the project you’re on?

  • Jeff

    Omg, I always throw those pre-made address stickers from charities away. lol. But it’s always a dilemma for me because I feel wasteful throwing them away. 🙁

  • Thad

    that’s cool you in a western. I saw the first two webisodes they were great. Did have learn to ride a horse?

  • Edgar

    I think the best thing about movie making is being able to tell a different story for every project you are involved in…

    I mean, where else, aside from a farm hand, can you say you literally smell like a mule? Also, its a bit funny to be going home practically in your work clothes and seeing the reactions of people.

    Anyway, I recently started watching the first Season of Deadwood (awesome by the way) and so now I have this western bug I can’t shake.

  • Dustin

    You said they put “movie dirt” on you. What’s the difference between Dirts?

  • I rode a mule around, but unfortunately I don’t get intense horse training, poop.

    Edgar you’re so right. I love having to fake a skill for each job, certainly is fun to tell people about how I had to learn how to skydive or side kick or…smell like mule. 🙂
    Dustin, they literally have makeup products that are called “movie dirt” that looks like brown paste, and you smear it on yourself and it blends to look like real dirt, it’s hilarious. They also have all sorts of dirt to put on clothing, different color dusts and whatnot. It’s pretty cool how they fake stuff like that.

  • Joe

    I love the concept of movie dirt makeup. It’s somewhat oxymoronic and my brain explodes trying to encapsulate it. It’s dirt, but it’s makeup. It’s the anti-makeup. Squish.

  • Ben

    While riding the mule, were there any good “jackass” jokes?

    As a member of The Flog (in good standing), I am hoping you might be able to accommodate a teensy request…any chance you can take and post a pic or two of the set? Or of your trailer? Or of the multitudes of fake dirt? Or of the makeup tent? (They do have a makeup tent, right?) Or even the catering truck (dont tehy call that something special? Maybe on this particular set they call it the chuck wagon.)

    These are some of the things that I think would be interesting to see.

  • Edgar

    Sounds like Felicia needs to either install a separate Gallery or the WordPress Gallery plugin…

    “The Office” ladies tend to blog and post pics very well while shooting, though on the dreaded MySpace…

    I too would enjoy some on-the-set anecdotes and pics…

    Might be asking for too much though… with her forums coming soon and all… 😉

  • I’ll see what I can do about the photos, though movies tend to be pretty protective about posting anything. Maybe I could get away with just my dirty face.
    TV shows tend to be more lax about stuff like that. Maybe I can just post a pic of my farmer’s tan on the back of my neck, it’s waaaay attractive. Note to self, you can get sunburned where you can’t see in the mirror, LOL.
    Edgar, you will have your forums one day! I promise you! Now, I’ll crack my whip at you, go read some fantasy novels! 😉

  • Li

    I’m glad to see more projects are coming your way, Felicia. Good luck with the movie, mule smelling and all. 🙂

    I’ve been a fan of your characters since Vi and have been following your career ever since, so more acting projects is great news!

  • Edgar

    I am almost through World War Z… I should pick one of the fantasy novels up soon!

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