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I Play With Myself…as Tallis ;)


  • Rob

    Just watched the video of you playing with yourse…Tallis. 🙂 I enjoyed the DLC (PC platform) a lot (as well as the awesome Redemption series). BioWare always makes nice add-ons to Dragon Age and yours was one of the best! Tallis has very cool moves and an intriguing personality. I just wish I wasn’t an idiot and had thought to actually play a bit as her! I’ll have to go back to some saved games and try it just for fun. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Majnun

    This was hilarious

  • Derek

    It was very funny watching you play with yourself….. as Tallis 😀
    I’m also surprised you weren’t given a free copy of the expansion pack… excellent stuff

  • Hope

    Do you need to play the dragon age games in order? Should I start with the first one? I only have two weeks untill this semester ends and I would like to play dragon age over the Christmas break.

  • Ben

    You’re avatar looks a bit strange, nothing can stand up to the real thing. Still, very entertaining.

  • Yogol

    Very funny to see you play yourself, lol. You are either a very funny woman in real -or- you got a great team of writers to make up all those funny comments that you make in this video 🙂

    Too bad that you don’t show the scene where you do the odd bird call ingame : I would love to see you do that in real. Be prepared to do that in the next convention you go to 🙂

  • tod

    This was hilarious to watch! The web series was great…you and the other actors did a great job bringing the world to life. It’s fantastic to see your passion for video games and entertainment come together with this and The Guild! Well done!

  • Hi!, You mentioned on twitter that you were looking for the best way to capture your play from the xbox and I also would like to find out the end result as the video looks great along with your commentary (just found the commentary for the webseries too, awesome!),

    hey here is an idea! have a dnd session or pathfinder with the “guild cast mates” like they did with robot chicken! and then provide commentary too!

    Anywho, if you could shoot me a message with what you came up with for xbox capture that would be great!


    -david clunie

    • alex

      i second the idea of doing a d&d session !

  • Varsh

    Hope – you can start with Dragon Age 2 right away. Only difference will be that you start with the default storyline. If you played the first Dragon Age, you get an option to load your last save from it and it will slightly alter the storyline and comments from characters in the game.

    Felicia – I played the DLC the day it came out. Loved the storyline. You wrote the story for the game too or that part was all Bioware?

    • Hope

      Thanks Varsh. 🙂

      I think I might try to play the first one since i do have it (well my dad does anyway…) and I think I shall ask for the second one for christmas (I’m a poor college student…).

      • Hope

        Just thought I’d update and say that I’ve started playing the first one an am loving it!

  • GenericMusings

    “I totally redeemed the code” Classic. 😀

    Loved Tallis. Wish she was available as a permanent companion. Varric would be spending many more days in the Hanged Man if she were. As an aside, I rarely ventured out into New Vegas without Veronica. Thank you for helping me to waste many hours of my life (which I will never get back). 🙂

  • constantfacepalm

    Well, Felicia, in case you were interested in(you were not, but still:P), it was one of the best DLCs I have ever played. And I have played with plenty. (Although, never with myself:D)

  • Chong

    ROFLOL. Totally hilarious especially at 3:50! Felicia, they have ALWAYS been there. *reminds felicia of the Do You Want To Date My Avatar MTV*

  • Aessinus

    Just played MotA through & I have to agree with you on the wyvern poo scene. Best cut-scene ever. Coffee snort,1 vs keyboard,0. Great job Felicia & Bioware!

  • Rob

    That was just a big bowl of awesomesauce! Hilarious!

  • Mitch

    Loved the video! Loved the DLC! I played the whole thing straight thru and thought it was awesome. The Talis character was fantastic and really improved the whole game. I’m thinking Dragon Age III is Talis as the main character!

    • Jane

      I think dragon age 3 with tallis as the main character is a great idea! im with you there !

  • John W

    If they decide to cancel Community, Felecia Day Plays With Herself, would make a great replacement. It would be a hit with that key 18-49 demographic.

  • Sakhan

    Well, bought 4 “Mark of Assassins” DLCs for me and my friends, enjoyed playing that in one room. The character is interesting,so she should have a development, probably in DA3.

  • Phil

    Hahaha, awesome. Played the DLC and watched the web series, loved both. I especially liked the post hunt scene/level/whatever, found the dialogue options hilarious.

  • Bradley

    @Mitch As much as I would love to play with Tal… uh, as Talis, I think the role would be much better served as one such as Alistar, except instead of a Darkspawn driven storyline, a Qunari driven one. This way, I would think, the storyline could begin much like it did in DA:Origins, with a multitude of races and backgrounds to start from.

    I was just as excited to play the DLC of MotA as I was to play DAII, and just as impressed, if not more! The wryven battles, exquisite, the puzzles, exquisite, the plot/lore, exquisite as well! What made the whole thing even more epic is that the DLC even came with a web-series. Thank you so much for your involvement, Felicia!


  • Excel el Bard

    I saw Dragon Age Redemption, awsome!!
    I played with Tallis in Dragon Age 2, awsemoe!!
    Question? What’s first in Dragon Age story line, Redemption or DLC?

    Thanks for all.

    PD: I’m from Catalonia in Spain and my english is not good. xd.

  • Jon Speirs

    Just got done playing Mark of the Assassin, a great DLC and definitely worth the purchase price in my opinion. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone who has yet to play it so I’ll just say that I recommend it and glad that Felicia’s posting of her playing it helped convince me to get it for myself to play. And on a bonus side, probably gave me my only chance to ever flirt with Felicia… well through scripted Tallis, still it was a nice plus. 🙂

  • Have to agree, very very funny! I’ve not had much success with writing/creating Games, but this has got me thinking of giving it another go. And I really like the Guild, the episode I saw was a bit like Galaxy Quest, which was hilarious. If you need any Writers for it let me know!!

  • jam

    heh, incredibly funny video!

    Mark of the Assassin is fantastic, I loved every second of it. (especially the Nug call ^__^ )
    The plot, puzzles, new creatures and locations were all so much better than what usually gets put out as DLC (for any game, not just DA), it is going to take something special to beat it.
    Tallis is a great character and you did a brilliant job with the VO and the mocap. Get pestering Bioware … there has to be a role for Tallis in DA3!

  • Hey Day Lol on the video ahh im a big fan of the guild and i play xbox whats your gamertag

  • Chris R.

    You are adorable! Lol. Seriously love your work though. Got hooked on “The Guild.” It must be great to be making a living doing something fun and something you love. Keep at it!

  • Kaeroku

    I can’t believe they made you pay for your own DLC!

    • Yogol

      Yes, that was odd, hehe. I guess someone fogot to negotiate the contract well!
      But I liked that Felicia didn’t edit that part out of the video (which was a very funny one), it shows honesty.

  • 6502

    Interesting how the gaming blogs wouldn’t stick with your title.

  • Ryan C.

    Personally, I enjoyed this DLC. Wasn’t my all time favorite, but I did think it had some good story to it, and characters (but that’s a given right?). Good work, hilarious video, and keep it up.

  • Great Work on Da II DLC, Enjoyed playing through it.Eureka and The Guild two Excellent shows.Havent seen Dragon age redemption yet but im 100% sure i will like it.

  • Am I the only one that cringed that Felicia had to pay for the DLC? It doesn’t seem fair at all that her redeem code didn’t work after doing an entire WEB SERIES based on the character!

    • Love You Felicia!

      Just thought I’d say I love your Felicia! You are so incredibly awesome, I try to see everything you do.

      Just curious what is your favorite game you play right now? Slightly off topic. I didn’t know if it was Dragon Age, or TOR or something else?

  • Jane

    This video was so funny ! I laughed at the fact that felicia had to pay for mark of the assasin – she had to pay to play with herself ! too funny ! I really liked how she didnt edit out the fact of not knowing where to get tallis and then having to download the content ect.I loved felicias expression when tallis appeared and instantly began murdering- I laughed so hard when she said i didnt do that the stunt double did but i did do all the grunting!too funny!
    I am playing dragon 2 at the moment im on act 3, as soon as i have completed the game im gonna play mark of the assasin and i cant wait !

  • Jim

    As a producer, writer, actor, and avid gamer, this must be fulfilling for you on so many levels. Congratulations.

  • Wildride

    Felicia play with her elf?

  • i actually just watched this and i’m doing as you asked since i played the dlc the other day.
    not to be a kiss up or anything but this installment was actually my favorite part of the game haha.

    at first i was like “oh great, stealing a jewel, how droll” but obviously there was more to it and i was very happy about that :3. the voice acting you did was some of the best in the whole game, not to mentioning the nug call scene which had me in tears with laughter. i’m glad that bioware gave you this opportunity because as gamers we all like to see it when they show genuine interest in us as a community.

    anyway i was thinking about typing more but i think i should cut it short due to the overwhelming notion that i’m “fanboy”ing on your website lol. i followed you on twitter just before typing this, dunno why it never dawned on me to do so earlier, so maybe now ill have a hotwire to your antics 😀
    thanks for the great work you did in Dragon Age!

  • That made me smile… and laugh quite a bit. Thank you for sharing your time playing with … Tallis. XD

    Also, while you probably hear this a lot, it bears repeating: you are an amazing talent, and as a fellow gamer girl, I really appreciate all of the work you have done. I continue to look forward to your future projects.

  • constantfacepalm

    Guess Felicia is just busy playing SWTOR right now:)

  • kdakmmt

    2 things bugged me about mark of the assassin. 1. tallis goes away:P 2. all the snide comments when you fail your stealth walk thru the castle…”ARE you TRYING to get caught!?!?!?” lol

  • Jane

    I’m playing swtor at the moment, cant say im convinced by it as yet, would be interesting to see what miss day makes of it actually 🙂

  • josh

    you just encouraged me to go back and finish DA1 and to go buy 2, thanks!

  • Jordan Martineau

    LMFAO OH MAN Fe-Day tell me your stoked for DA3! cause I know I am!

  • Larinna

    I never played any games besides Mario when I was a kiddo (yep, I’m a grown up now, in fact, almost same age you are Felicia.. oh and by the way, you’re very funny!) before I played Dragon Age… Since I started playing, I bought Dragon AAge 2 and almost all dlcs (icluding mark of the assassin). I liked it, nice work to you and all the cast and crew! Can’t wait to see what will be in DA3!!!

  • Roenen

    Loved it you could say I flirt time I play I think your beautiful btw

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