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Yesterday I had 3 lattes and a stress problem, and I almost had a nervous breakdown.  On top of that, I was sitting in my car at 10 ’til 7pm in a “no parking from 4-7″zone, NOT BLOCKING TRAFFIC, and, while I was on the phone, a parking guy drove up behind me and gave me a $70.00 ticket.  I’m serious.  There were 8 cars parked on the block behind me in the same “no 4-7pm” parking zone, and those cars didn’t get any tickets.  THE INJUSTICE OF IT!   I admit it.  I started crying like a total woos.  I thought if you were sitting in your car, they couldn’t technically give you a ticket!  Where I got that theory, I have no idea, but it sounds just to me.  Whatever.  That was the most expensive parking place I’ve ever had.

This cartoon actually made me day and stopped my tears.  I don’t normally chuckle at the New Yorker, but it’s funny.  Funnier than a parking ticket at least. 🙂

  • I think you could fight that ticket and win. If you were intoxicated behind the wheel – even with the engine shut off and you asleep – then he could charge you with DUI, because you are in control of the vehicle. Therefore if you are behind the wheel, you are “driving”. A car cannot be both “driven” and “parked” at the same time. They either have to throw out the ticket or else quash all the convictions for DUI given to those who were behind the wheel with the engine off.

  • Jeff

    Perhaps you didn’t mean the cartoon this way (btw, yay New Yorker), but the truth does seem to be that you do have your own Internet following.

    Just the other day I was listening to the Legendary Thread WOW podcast (, and they mentioned The Guild and your videos. Plus, I remember regular articles at

    Not enough of a following to get out of a parking ticket, but what can you do. 😛

  • Tyler

    That’s horrible!

    At my college I got a parking ticket when I was driving this old truck with no mounted rear view mirror so I stuck the permit in the front of my window. I saw the ticket, got angry, grabbed the ticket, my permit, and the rear view from the floor and took it to the school’s PD.

    I told the girl behind the counter that it wasn’t right for them to give me a ticket because my rear view had fallen off. She just rolled her eyes and I put the mirror on her desk and she said, “oh… well, I’ll get this ticket taken care of for you.”

    This is the only time I’ve ever gotten out of any sort of ticket… good luck with yours!

  • J.K.

    So, he pulled up right behind you and gave you a ticket? I ask because if at any point he passed by another car parking with the same infraction and ticketed you but not them, then there’s a “selective enforcement” arguement.

    I wouldn’t use the “driving” vs “parking” arguement. In most states, you can be doing both. Driving usually refers to your position in control of the car, and parking refers to the car’s physical position.

  • Chris

    Thanks, that cartoon cheered me up a little as well 🙂

  • Courtney

    I posted this in a thread a while back on the forums, but it’s a huge pick-me-up when needed.

  • Andrew

    If you were the only one ticketed then that could be a legal argument to get you off the ticket, ‘cos as J.K says that’s selective enforcement, not a watertight argument as you were in a no parking zone but maybe a good enough argument to get you off on a technicality. But if you were ticketed first and then they went on to ticket the other cars then the parking guy could argue that he ticketed you first because he saw you were in the car and thought you were going to drive off before he could ticket you.

  • Roger

    Hey this might help you get out of that ticket. First thing you want to do is plead not guilty. this will get you in front of the D.A. (i know it sound scary but trust me) The D.A. doesnt want a small traffic violation to go to court. The D.A. will give three options 1: pay the fine and its not on your record. 2: defensive driving and a smaller fine or 3: probation and a slightly reduced fine. But if i were you i might try the whole safety plea with a judge. Tell the Judge that you had a very important phone call and you did want to put you or any fellow drivers in danger by using your cell phone and driving. It just might work, seeing as cellphones use while driving is frowned at in most places

    good luck


  • Reg

    Roger, it’s a frigging parking ticket. The DA doesn’t have anything to do with parking tickets. Nor do judges. She admitted she was parked in a no parking zone. Just pay the ticket and don’t park in no parking zones anymore. People get zapped with tickets from time to time throughout life. Just feel lucky you got zapped with a cheap parking ticket instead of a moving violation that’ll go on your driving record and raise your insurance.

  • Dan

    I didn’t think you could get a parking ticket if you were in the car either…the guy must have had a quota. Stupid, stupid quotas.

    And that cartoon might be one of the funnier ones I’ve seen in the New Yorker. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tim

    Thanks, Felicia. That made my day too, and I don’t even have an internet following.

    I’m not sure what I would do if I HAD a huge internet following. Probably try to duck down a dark alleyway and hope it passed.

  • The cartoons in The New Yorker have never raised more than a wry chuckle for me. The golf clap of laughter. “Yes, yes, very witty,” I think. Or “My, that’s clever.”

    Then I turn the page and instantly forget them.

    I prefer xkcd. One of my favs:

  • edgar

    You didn’t deserve that ticket, I would have fought it… that officer should have asked you to move along especially if you were there.

    Reg, it IS a frigging parking ticket and its her right to contest it if she feels she got it wrongly, which she can if she wants to. She pays taxes like we all do here.

    When you contest a ticket, you get a hearing, presided by a Judge. If the officer doesn’t show, it probably will get thrown out, sometimes they do show up, but you can still contest it. You were in the car and you pulled over, why didn’t the officer just ask you to move?

    Great comic, FD, I imagine you telling your friends and family that…

    Courtney, thanks for reposting that link, I had forgotten about it and now my day is much better!

  • Reg

    Edgar, what is she going to contest? That she wasn’t parked in the no parking zone? She admitted she was. And don’t talk out your ass if don’t know what you speak of. PARKING TICKETS ARE NOT CONTESTED IN ANY COURTS OR IN FRONT OF ANY JUDGE. You can contest it but it’s a very informal process and 99 times out of 100 your appeal will be denied.

    And yes, the officer could have just asked her to move. Or he could have written a ticket. I guess we all know what choice he made. It’s called discretion, the same as when you get pulled over for speeding. Try going into court for a speeding ticket and explaining to the judge that you should have only gotten a warning instead of a ticket.

    Here’s an idea. How about people take responsibility for when they screw up and don’t try and work the system to get out of it?

  • Ben

    Talking out of his ass? “PARKING TICKETS ARE NOT CONTESTED IN ANY COURTS OR IN FRONT OF ANY JUDGE.” Maybe you are familiar with the phrase, “traffic court?”

    I’ve had some experience with parking tickets in a major metro area. In Chicago, your options to contest the violation are printed right on the ticket. These options include paying the fine or submitting a written argument. Written arguments are reviewed by a committee that reads hard-luck stories all day long.

    If you receive a summary judgment against your written appeal, THEN you can request a day in court to make your case. But at that point you better have a really good story to tell the judge. (No there aren’t any DA’s in traffic court—they are typically restricted to felonies and misdemeanors)

    And Reg, I wouldn’t call fighting this absurd parking ticket trying to “work the system.” This is exactly why we have “a system,” there are circumstances to every situation that may supersede the letter of the law.

    However, I do agree with your statement that more people should, “take responsibility for when they screw up.” Maybe you’d like to take this opportunity to set a good example for the rest of us by recanting your “talking out of your ass” comment?

  • LOL, you guys. I love the internet. Such a heated exchange over a parking ticket !
    Thanks for the link Courtney, that little girl melted my heart out!
    Reg, admit it, when you watch that youtube link, your parking ticket rage disappeared! 🙂

  • Reg

    Ben, what’s true for your area of Chicago is not true for California where this incident occurred. In California, traffic tickets can be appealed to the agency that issued them. Not to a judge. So no, I won’t be recanting anything today thanks.

  • Ben

    Reg–How could I consider matching wits with the likes of a highly informed (California) parking violation expert? Well I’ll give it a shot…

    It took 6 seconds of searching online to completely disprove your theory and completely vindicate/validate my post.

    Here’s proof that everything I said is true and everything you said is a bad guess from your legal knowledge gained through watching the Brady Bunch:

    When you decide to appeal your parking ticket, pick a COURT with a JUDGE:

    Civil Division Branch — 110 North Grand Ave., Los Angeles 90012
    San Pedro Branch — 505 South Centre St., San Pedro 90731
    Beverly Hills – 9355 Burton Way, Room 300, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Valley Division – Civil — 6230 Sylmar Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91401

  • Carlyle Ferris

    My advice? Pay the ticket, chalk it up to experience and move on. It is not worth the stress, and time spent on fighting it is better spent on something more positive. Do a talk in a school, clean up a beach or something. The pleasure and smugability rating that you will get from that will allow you to raise a finger to parking enforcement.

  • Dustin

    Obviously you’re all wrong and I have to fix everything. Felicia you should go apologize to the space in which you parked. It wasn’t ready to accept your vehicle yet and you were overworking it on its break, for shame. Reg, responsibility is one of those things that when it comes out of an irrational persons mouth, you don’t listen. Ben, I don’t want you to stoop to the level of criticizing the educational Brady Bunch Law courses. That father was the most judicious man that ever lived, I will not have you disparaging his good name.

  • chuckley

    that is crazy about the whole parking ticket thing. i love the guild.. it’s so funny and reminds me of a lot of people i know.. i just hope you keep making episodes. don’t get to stressed out we all love your work..

  • There’s no law against giving a parking ticket when the person’s still in the car (at least in NY), but any cop who isn’t a total douche will usually jeep the sirens and make you move on rather than write a ticket out.

  • Also don’t listen to those knuckleheads who tell you not to fight the ticket. One of the perks of being an actress is not having a 9-5 gig. 90% of the time fighting a ticket, whatever your reason, means getting out of it, and if you’re not punching a clock that day…

  • Igniferroque

    First, if the money is the issue let me know if you’d accept it if I were to donate it through the Guild’s PayPal link.

    Second, you aren’t the only one to have been inspired by Obama. Will I Am put together a video called “Yes, We Can” using one of Obama’s speeches. You can see it on YouTube or get it here: . I don’t think we can afford a national healthcare plan and I protectionist policies are the best thing when considered in a global context. But my God, I do believe he is sincere in offering hope and change.

  • Ignif, thanks for the offer, but I would never accept someone paying my parking ticket, haha. I appreciate all the great impassioned discussions here, but I will probably pay the ticket, since the last week, and the next two, are so stressing me out so much that I’m getting an ulcer, like seriously. Good luck getting me to do a blog entry until the next Guild episode is shot next Sunday.

    I would actually enjoy the experience of contesting the ticket though, I would learn a lot and I’m sure have some funny stories to tell about the process. Sometimes I wonder why my instinct is to fight the new and unfamiliar, when the best experiences usually come from diving in to things of those exact types.

  • Luis

    First of all, Felicia: Thank you!

    I’ve been in a high existential dilemma – or commonly called depression. I’ve been a while since I fet that bad.

    Today, randomly, I found on YouTube chapter 6 from the Guild. It was funny. I watched all the shows. Which left me thinking: who wrote this? cause it was written by a gamer… Then found out it was written by you; so I checked this site, and it was inspiring.

    I’m an aspiring writer/director, located in Argentina. Besides having an addiction to TV + films (thank God Wow is just a distraction for me), I find it very hard to do what I want (write, direct, produce) cause 1) there are too many things to do 2) sometimes I get too much into my addiction (or so called “research process”) 3) really, because of my location, I have more limitations.

    It was wonderful to read some of your posts, specially the list you have created, and how you are very proactive. It really motivates me to double my efforts, to focus more my life.

    Thank you very much. It is the very first time I find a very close role model. Keep the good work, keep the faith, work hard. Lady, you will reach what you’ve dreamed.

  • I can totally relate. Having a lot of stress from work lately, and I’m getting this feeling in my stomach like an ulcer from the anxiety. Also feel it in my shoulders a lot.

    Did I ever tell you about an online film fest I’m working on? You can enter The Guild vids and see if you can get some funding that way. No entry fee, over $5000 in prizes, keep all rights.

    I can tell you more if you email me. I think you stand a pretty good chance at getting some money based on the rules we have for it.

  • Hmm.. not sure if this stores emails, but you can contact me at for more details about the film fest.

  • edgar

    Wow… Reg, please squash the hostility, its unbecoming… The FD community is a peaceful and loving people (just don’t read the forums) and we support Felicia and avoid saying things like “You deserve that ticket, you suck!” not that you ever said that because to my knowledge you never did.

    Ben, you complete me.
    Dustin, you had me at dysentery.
    Courtney, good find, hope Felicia tries it.
    Felicia, get back to writing! 😉

  • Oh my god. I can’t believe I just cried watching a youtube video of a little girl singing…. I think I lose my man-badge for that.

  • Everyone already moved on, but this cartoon came out recently and fits this thread perfectly:

  • Yup, you could try fighting it. -Depends what your time+stress is worth vs. cost of the ticket. Where I am, I think you get assessed court fees if you lose or something. -Also, I think the term for a car with you in it & the motor off, but not moving is “stopped” -as opposed to “standing” which would be with the motor off. -Not necessarily “parked”.
    Oh, well…

  • You do have a large internet following 😉

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