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Humanety Charity Auction


I wanted to do more to help charity and other people with their creative visions in 2009, so to kick it off, I am very proud to partner with in a charity auction!
The winning bidder will win a live broadcast, 30 minute chat with me, to be edited and posted later as well on their website. 100% of proceeds go to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, a charity that gives out musical instruments to needy school systems and school children (the former violinist in me). I think this is a really cool project and a really web 2.0 way of supporting a charity, so when they approached me, I was automatically in. Watch the video I made on the Humanety website with more information about the auction, and check out the auction in the cool widget below! I appreciate it!!!

  • Ben

    Way to go Felicia (again)! The holiday’s cleaned me out of cash so unfortunately you wont hear the mellow tones of Ben via-satellite. Maybe if you posted a 1 minute conversation option I’d be in the running!

    On a sort of on-topic/off-topic note, I had an idea that might be great. Probably just a nightmare idea for you but here goes…how hard would it be to do a LIVE episode of The Guild? (streaming live like an old episode of the Honeymooners or something.) You could even invite all of your Floggers, Guildies and Dr. Horrible-Heads to attend as the live “studio” audience. I think it would be hilarious and loads of fun. It would be an event! I can totally picture huge online viewing parties.

  • Oh gosh, wow that’s really a good idea Ben! A nightmare to coordinate, but still pretty cool, haha! I definitely want to explore ways to use live chat this year (I have a long goal list this year). The few experiences I’ve had have been very fun, I love seeing all the comments fly by, and calling people out when they make weird ones, lol.
    After my auction is over maybe I should do a consolation chat for the people who couldn’t afford to bid, that would be good karma after all 🙂

  • I sold all of my stock and took out credit card advances to try to win this! Ok, I didn’t do any of that. I have a baby girl on the way and I’m pretty sure my better half would cleave me in twain. Regardless, it’s a great cause and mucho respect for you.

    Good luck on getting a non-Zaboo type on the chat…30 minutes of awkward can last a long time.

  • Rod

    I recently also did some charity work for nerdy school systems and children. We had a Logan’s Run marathon and gave out Alf pogs. It was really…what? Oh. Never mind.

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