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Huge Announcement: I Wrote a Book!!


After a year of work, I can finally reveal this! GUYS THIS IS SO EXCITING! I’ve been working on a memoir, and it’s up for pre-order today at!

The title is “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)” and the announcement video is below:

I will be talking about the book a TON in the coming months, so I don’t wanna throw it all out there now, but suffice it to say it’s the most soul-baring thing I’ve ever written, with lots of video game and fart jokes thrown in between. There’s tons of stuff I’ve never told anyone about (hell, stuff I even forgot about until I started digging into diaries and stuff!) and I hope that, overall, it conveys the core of what I think my whole career has been about: Embrace yourself unapologetically, and never be scared of showing it to the world.

Your pre-orders do count a LOT in persuading booksellers to order copies of my book, so if you’re interested in picking it up, please do it early, at That way the book can get out there more! Because I’m sure some booksellers will be like, “Who the hell is this chick?” lol.

Oh and that cover is TOTALLY temporary, yes. The real one will be revealed in a few months. NO IM NOT KEEPING THAT DUDE ON THE COVER. Jeez. 😉


  • Phillip Hatch II

    Great news Felicia. I can’t wait to read your book. I am sure it will be epic.

  • Peter

    UK preorder?

  • Tracey

    I don’t think I have ever written anything to you before! But I couldn’t help myself tonight…. I have followed and supported you and all that you do for years, and therefore have pre-ordered it tonight on my Nook =D. I look forward to reading it next year! /cheer

  • cendrieR

    Great news, impressive! Nice job and good luck until the release 🙂

    But, wait a sec… isn’t this photograph the same than the one you brought on this “your worst memories” youtube show or something? And wasn’t it supposed to be a picture you had taken for your mmo guild, with your mother’s clothes? Or is it a different one?

  • ACenter

    I’M SO EXCITED! Pre-ordered!

  • Gordon Tang

    As soon as I can pre-order the ebook in the UK then I’ll be getting it, only hardcover is available from UK at the moment.

    • Lynz

      Me too!!

  • Kelly

    Not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t a novel. I think she’d make a great novelist, among her many other talents.

  • Manon

    Pre-ordered. Hard copy. Can’t wait for August. I’m sure it will be as illuminating as the rest of your work. No pressure :). Bon courage et bon travail dans cette dernière ligne droite. Tones of respect, from France.

  • Fredrik Molnar

    Maybe add the and links to the webpage, so us Europeans easily can pre-order too? 🙂

  • Kristoffer Gabriel Kobbus

    I pre-ordert it the at the day of the announcemet and hope i did it right 🙂 because on it dosn´t have worked for some strage reason so i tryed to preorder it at but after i did i was back on so i really hope the pre-order was ok.

  • Russ Powers

    awesome, I can’t wait to read it! Since my career is internet based, a book by the legendary Felicia Day is right up my ally lol I’ll definitely be pre-ordering. It would be amazing to get a signed hardcover copy!!

  • Peter DeLuycker

    I pre-ordered my copy on amazon. Can’t wait to read it! You rule Felicia!!!

  • ComicGamer

    Totally awesome! I think I first saw Felicia Day on G4 attack of the show! I was like a hot babe who knows comics and games! I was like miracles do happen! She should write a second book on breaking stereotypes about girls who are into gaming and comic book culture. And add interviews/pics with Olivia Munn, Candace Bailey, Jessica Chobot, Alison Haislip, Janina Gavankar, etc. Just a friendly thought!

  • Geeky Nerdy Gamer Kid

    Great concept, I never have been to embrace the fact that I am (to put in the simplest term) different. I am sure this will be just as inspiring as the guild and I cannot wait to read it. Can’t wait to actually meet you at MCM

  • StephanieForsyth

    I just finished listening to your book on Audible. I’ve adored you since The Guild (as a fellow gamer girl who starting on Everquest, yeah, I’m old!) I also write a blog (quilt blog), and have recently been experiencing some of the things that you described in chapter referring to Gamergate. Mine was over a conversation about men in the quilting world. Comments such as “you’re just a SJW” (which I had to look up), to “you should kill yourself”. I want to thank you for talking about this, and for stating that it won’t keep you from speaking out. Loved your book and can’t wait for MST3K to release! Hubby and I helped fund the new one that you will be in and we are so excited!

  • I just finished this and must say i was awesome.

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