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  • Great job with the interview! I love “The Guild” and can’t wait for future episodes.

  • Wow! How you WoW now wows. And how!

  • Heh.. the western card game is “Bang!”, I’m guessing. Lots of fun. If you like those games, check out “Saboteur”. That one is a ton of fun.

  • Yes! Bang! That was it! I loved that game! 🙂 Thanks for finishing that unfinished thought Courtney!

  • soma



  • Tyler

    I loved that- you’re very eloquent when being interviewed!

  • How’s the three hours at a time going? Any Sharpie sightings yet?

    Thanks again!

  • Mauro

    Does the poster say anything about the time _between_ the 3 hour sessions? (;

  • Good luck with Season 2! Did The Guild ever get that place at Comic Con? Don’t think I managed to catch you guys if you did…:/

  • Hi Felicia,

    That interview is really great! You all sound like you were having a great time talking about everything. One of my favourite quotes is “People don’t understand how cool gamers are.” 🙂

    And nice to hear a bit more about Doctor Horrible – people are eagerly awaiting a release date so we can hear you sing!

  • Igniferroque

    It is possible the Guild is boosting people’s careers? Zaboo’s mother was in a great Heinekein commercial and I recognized her because it looked like she had just walked out of one of the Guild clips into that ad.

  • Are

    Hi felicia!

    I used to play MMOs a lot and then one day I came across this show of yours. I really enjoyed it as I could relate to it. Also I liked your performance a lot. This podcast really confirm that that’s how you really are. You seem like a really nice person! And it’s great that you’re in a position to do what you like.

    Congratulations on all the awards recieved! Hope to see/hear more of you and The Guild. Best wishes.

  • Ryan

    This is my first time posting to this blog, and I don’t normally listen to online interviews, but I listened to this one all the way through in one go. Great fun and very down to earth.

  • UO (First three years) > Everything else so far…so sad. WoW though? God kill me no. 🙁

  • Hey! I saw Viji Nathan in that beer commercial too! I thought she was great, loved the song and the theme, too. I even blogged about it, so that must means that it is a matter of national importance.


  • If it weren’t for this post, I never would’ve subscribed to How I WoW and missed all the fun. So yay and cheers! I love listening to people talk about their gaming past and MMORPG habits. 🙂
    You should play LotRO, you know… if I ever see a penishead hobbit with a candylicous name I’ll wave and stuff. *refrains from mentioning she actually has a hobbit called Zaboo on one server because she wanted to do a guild comic in LotRO but decided against it when she realized the name ‘Codex’ was taken already (and what’s Zaboo without his Codex?)*

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