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How Could I Forget?!?!?


I forgot to put something in the last post that has really made my week!  I have been chosen for the Nintendo Ambassador Program!!  Yay!  What does that mean?  That means….I get to play DS lite games!  That they send me.  In the mail!  WHAT?!?!  And have a cool party to introduce my girlfriends who aren’t gamers to the DS Lite.  WHAT?!?!

They usually specifically DON’T pick gamers for this program, they’re very selective and only a dozen or so people are picked across the country (Yes, I feel special)!  I guess they did something similar last year with those “Wii Parties” that started the buzz buzzing about the Wii, and now they’re doing it with the DS Lite and girls.   So, I get to invite my girlfriends to a party and they get to play with lots of DS games!  How cool is that?!  My girlfriends generally look at me like a freak of nature when they want to go out on weekends and I tell them I’m too busy raiding or Wii-ing or D&D-ing or something, so I look at this as a revenge of sorts:  If I can get them addicted, we could…play together.  🙂
As you all know, I’m a huge proponent of women gaming.  The more women who game and are vocal about it, the more companies will broaden their point of view and say, limit women characters’ boobs to their head size or something.  And the DS lite, of which I already have one (a lovely boyfriend gift), is one of my favorite on-set activities when I’m acting.  My other one is knitting.   But I’m not well-versed in the games because I just have Brain Age and Mario, so I’m super excited about getting to try out new games that are released, and PRE-RELEASES!  Heck yes! I don’t think I could come up with something I’d rather be “Ambassador” for.  Maybe chocolate.

Anyway, I will be adding DS games to my blogging topics, and I’m sure there are a few of you Floggers out there who play as well 😉  And as always when I mention a product:  No cynical person, I’m not getting paid.  I did however, get a BEAUTIFUL coral DS Lite and Zelda and Planet Puzzle League in the mail yesterday!   Oh gosh, I can’t wait to load up Zelda, it was on my birthday wish list!   And I also should brush up on Brain Age before the party so I don’t get Ds or Cs in front of my non-gamer friends.  I DO have a reputation to maintain! 🙂

  • Tyler

    That’s awesome! Congrats on your Ambassadorship, Felicia!

    I’ve been pretty resistant to upgrade to any of the newer Gameboys (I JUST got a SP)… the DS just does more than I’m looking for as a portable gaming solution! Anyway, hope you like Phantom Hourglass… I was working at GameStop when that came out and I almost bought a DS just for that one game… and Lost in Blue.


  • I’m officially jealous. I recently bought myself a DS, after resisting the temptation for so long, and am currently hooked on pokemon (shameful, I know). Congratulations on getting chosen for the program, and I hope you have a lot of fun with it. And that you blog your experiences to help me choose what games to buy next. 🙂

  • stm

    Very nice!

    One thing that could be cooler than “Ambassador of Chocolate”…
    Having diplomatic immunity with your new status.

  • Congrats!

    Phantom Hourglass was a lot of fun. In fact, I’ve had so much fun playing it and Twilight Princess that I’ve been working my way back through the Zelda games. I’m on Oracle of Seasons (as part two of the pair) now.

    Sadly, great portable games don’t help you get anything else done. 🙁

  • This sounds like so much fun! I haven’t really played much in the way of portable games since the GameBoy Color (I have a GameBoy Advance, but only 1 game designed for it). If I was on your side of the country, I’d be crashing this party. 😉

    Also, you knit?! Maybe my knitting blog wouldn’t be as dull as I thought. Has anyone pimped Ravelry to you yet? I think the wait time for an invitation is currently about 2 weeks after you register on the waiting list.

  • SNT

    I should put my 11 year-old daughter (Annie) in touch – she and her younger brother perpetually have their DS Lites in hand. Games of choice currently are Pokemon Diamond/Pearl; Animal Crossing; Yoshi’s Island; Lego Star Wars; and Nintendogs. I’m looking forward to reading your Nintexperiences. 🙂

  • Mia

    This is so awesome for you Felicia! I look forward to reading your reviews. I just got my second DS (a lite to replace my clunky first-gen model) for christmas, along with Zelda (which I haven’t touched yet, waiting for school to let up).

  • Ooh! I’m currently making occasional use of my girlfriend’s DS for “Brain Training”, but it irks her when my brain age is 20 and hers is 52…

  • Omer

    You should play Picross for the DS if you haven’t already. It is brainy crossword/Sudoku logic puzzle type game, except that you end up drawing pictures.

    It is the shiznit.

  • S

    You’re really good in The Guild. On a more obscure note, since you majored in math at UT, maybe you remember dr. starbird, I have him right now, and instead of doing his discrete homework I watched all of the episodes of the guild.

    As far as DS games go, the new one out that everyone likes is Professor Layton and the Curios Village :/ It’s like a puzzle mystery game or something. Byes.

  • S o M a

    “…I’m too busy raiding or Wii-ing or D&D-ing or something,…”


  • Planet Puzzle League is a great game! I bet you’ll like it. I first played the original when it was known as Tetris Attack on the Super Nintendo.

    A few things prevent me from playing it now – the DS Lites in the house belong to the kids, I’m totally tired of that particular puzzle game being that it was my first gaming addiction, and currently “I’m too busy raiding or Wii-ing or something”. hehe

    However, I totally agree with the appropriate size for boobs in games and will stand next to ya any day.

  • whitedoll

    Wait.. wait.. if our characters boobs are only the size of our heads or smaller.. what will be left of our armor, our thongs?

    I love my DS lite! Though I’m also limited to the brainage and mario.. The Sudoku in brainage gets me through the long hours of work of trying to do as little as possible.

  • you’re officially my female geek hero.
    i wanna be you when i grow up.

  • Virginia

    If you don’t know about the vgcats online comic… this is a great introduction to it ^_^ And appropriate for your post, I think.

  • Jason

    First, Nintendo. Next, United States Foreign Ambassador to Italy. You’re on your way.

  • Cyn

    Hi Felicia!

    Have just discovered the Guild and your blog and am slowly making my way through the entries. I’m particularly amused by your DS squee. I just got my own DS several months ago and am loving it. Paired with an R4DS and my DS Lite covers portable gaming, music, comics, and ebooks (sort of…). I wish I could say the DS Browser was any good, but.. eh.. they can’t win at everything.



  • Jordan Martineau

    Maaaan Im a chick and I have been gaming since before I could even spell my name!
    More chicks need to play video games and stop bitching at their boyfriends for spending more time in front of their Xbox 360’s than with them. If they played too, maybe they would understand haha.
    p.s. I WANNA BE A NINTENDO AMBASSADOR! It must be sweet to have games being sent to you and not having to go out and get them haha. 😛
    What other games are you into by the way?

  • Please tell me it worked right? I dont wish to sumit it once again if i do not have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the second choice doesnt surprise me lol. thanks for your very good blog!

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