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House Episode Embedded!


  • Meh I hate hulu…US only 🙁

  • Sixes

    Yes. Total pain that you have to pretend to be inside the US to see the video.

    Anyone have a US proxy handy?

  • I watched this last week! You were great Felicia. 🙂

  • Mondo

    Great job Felicia, loved the “you look sad” line. Sorry they had to cut your head open.

    Did I just see you on a sears (or equivaliant appliance retailer} commercial?

  • Nelsormensch

    Heh, coincidentally enough, this was on Lifehacker just this morning.

  • Wow, that was such a good episode! You rocked in it.

  • Watching now. You can’t fullscreen the embedded video, nor can you switch to high quality. I’m whining though. Awesome job as usual Felicia. Hopefully you won’t get typecast in brain operation movies now — always a danger! Heehee.


  • A friend of a friend
  • Randy (Sariah)

    Hey friend of a friend….you are creepy business creepy stalker guy….go away.

  • Mondo
  • Dustin

    Loved the episode you were great. I thought they used actual Sears employees for those commercials, I’m so disillusioned.

  • Nice job, Codex! BTW, you look adorable in the Sears outfit too. Hehehhe…

  • Katie

    Thanks for the Sears YouTube link, Mondo!
    Gotta love the slow-motion “team shot” at the start.

  • Great job as always, Felicia. I am very frustrated right now because I drew something for you but I have no idea how to contact you 0_0. Kind of dumb, I know. If you click my name, it goes to it.

  • Carlos Augusto

    Hey Felicia, first of all, Congratz in your acting in House MD.

    Weeks ago, I firt saw The Guild’s first episode and loved it! Gratz to all the cast there. Then, when I turned my TV on to watch my weekly episode of House there you was! And lovely, you did a really nice job.
    Well, best regards from Brazil and hope you make a solid carrer.

  • I’m outside the U.S. Today I re-installed Anchor Free’s Hotspot Sheild.
    This time it actually worked! I can now watch Hulu content from Spain!
    Congrats on your continued success, Felicia.

  • Hi Felicia! I was really psyched this morning when I loaded the site and you were right there on the front page. I had been checking Hulu every morning since last week for it to finally appear because I missed when it aired, and I’ve been enduring the wait ever since. I had to Twitter you about it right away when I saw it! Had you already seen it, or was my news flash helpful? 🙂

  • Didn’t get to watch this episode until it went up on Hulu today. You were great! I had thought from the preview ads that you’d be in the season premier, and was sad to have to wait a week, but it was well worth it! =)

  • Ahhh… Hugh Laurie… siiiiighhhhhh…

  • Patton

    But I’m at work! I can’t watch it here! Wahhhhhhh!

  • Great episode, Felicia, I really loved it! Strange question, did you get to keep the brain? 😀

  • Ben

    Friend of a Friend, wow–that’s pretty creepy.

    Dude, if you are so anxious to meet Felicia, why dont you just show up at one of her shows. She is apparently very friendly with her in-person fans. Just dont stalk her with crazy websites. I would miss hearing about Felicia’s unique perspective on stuff if you scared her offline. (as if that were possible)

    Not only that but I’m pretty sure she’s got the perfect man already…the guy ran into traffic to rescue a stray dog and now its her dog. You can’t compete with that. Not even with poetic lines like, “Ever since I saw her in both Dr. Horrible and The Guild, I’ve crushed pretty hard on her… and I figure, the best way to cure that crush is to talk to her!”

    However, if I’m wrong and you’re into that sort of thing Felicia, my number is 312-555-1234. 😉

    (The joys of fame must be wonderful)

  • @ Ben – I also find it hilarious that the most frequently searched word in her blog search box is “boyfriend”.

  • Katie

    It was a kitten! And they named it Speedbump, which is beyond great. But yeah. That story won me over completely. This mysterious “BF” is A-OK in my book. It reminded me of Wil Wheaton’s stories about his wife, Anne.
    And I previously had no idea there was such a thing as a cat orthopedic surgeon. Kittens have such tiny bones; I wonder what kind of equipment they have to use.

  • Joshua

    Did I just see you in a Sears commercial?

  • Joshua

    Guess so, I only caught a glimpse of you at the end of the commercial.

  • Oh cool, I never saw that story. I’ve only been on Felicia’s blog for about 3 or 4 weeks. I haven’t yet read archived stories. But the one about Speedbump sounds like a sweet one to see. 🙂 I’m gonna look it up.

  • Aww, that was a great story to read. Although I was sad to see her older photos have been deleted or moved. The Speedbump photo was no longer there.

  • Bills205

    Single Card Woot!

    Great Job Felicia =)

  • Ben

    Katie–I guess I’m losing my memory! Or that cute dog picture made me revise the way I remembered it. Either way, I remember calling her BF “off the charts nice.” Who runs into heavy traffic to rescue a dog (or kitty)…???? Er, I mean, other than her BF and me, of course.

    By the way, great job Felicia, on putting up your Flickr album for pictures of stuff people gave you. It totally makes me want to give you something. Whether that was your intention or not, it worked! lol. We all cant be as creative as Edgar (kick ass shirt ed) but maybe I can macrame you a plant holder or something.

  • Katie

    Ha, Ben, I only remembered because I’ve only just recently caught up to everyone on the Flog. I read the Speedbump story last week. Still going through Archive withdrawal…

  • I see Felicia managed to get the episode up… Oh and WTF… creepy website dude… “Hey Felicia I want to talk to you, then MURDER you…” uhuh…

    Only creepy people make random websites like that… wait… no… only awesome super genius people… forget it. Just remember that I win the internet dot com. End of story.

    – edgar

  • Ben

    Put it this way Edgar, if I were sucked into a computer like in The Matrix (or Tron), I’d want you riding shotgun.

  • brent hampton

    I was wondering if any of the cast of house was familiar with your other work on guild and dr. horrible 😉 oh wait that was a miss type!!! I ment 🙂

  • brent hampton

    ya with your looks you could take on alot of diverse roles
    smart kid,stalker,scientist,panicked slasher victim, environmentalist, concerned friend,mage, 60s flower child.
    just to name a few

    how about this for a web series idea,
    a college student (you) has a laptop come into her posession
    and its super smart (could be alien,, AI,, alive, sentient)
    it has all sorts of possibilities for love, comedy, drama, action,scifi ,, can you imagine a smart laptop coaching you about a love intrest? or maby theirs agents looking for the laptop.

  • Ziv

    too bad its U.S only…
    guess i’ll wait till its broadcast here, sure you were lovely as always

  • Steven

    Hulu doesn’t work in Canada BOOO!! but either way i saw the episode, it was great

  • jon

    dude, the second i saw you on house, i was like, good for you! (saw you on the guild)

  • Janelle

    I loved this episode! Your last line really struck a chord with me. As a rabid fan of the show I can honestly say this was one of my favorites. 🙂

  • Emily

    This episode was awesome, and it also taught me that Hulu works at work. Amazing.

    Also, I posted this on your Twitter, but everyone must watch this video – There is nothing cuter than toddlers singing Dr. Horrible. Seriously.

  • Congratulations again on the House episode! You did a beautiful job and I loved your scenes with Hugh Laurie. Your work is wonderful and it’s a privilege to be a fan. 🙂

  • A few weeks ago I was watching house and I thought one of the guest characters was the guy who played Kenny in Garden State, but it wasn’t him. And then the next episode I watch, your episode, there is Kenny from Garden State! Funny how that works.

    Great job! Thank you for sharing with us.

  • M. Cookie

    Congrats! I’ve always enjoyed House, and being a Dr. Horrible fan, I was doubly pleased. You were a great POTW.

    and Emily, my brother watches Dr. Horrible all the time, so it was hilarious when my 4 year old niece started to hum the Freeze Ray song!
    (sadly I didn’t get to record it) 😀

  • strangepork

    Im gonna get cardinal-sinny here and reply with a few unrelated comments, but i didnt see an email addr for ya!

    You are wonderful, by the way. Were it not for Emma Thompson, my true love, i would more greatly esteem you than her. (S&S ref!)

    1) You were great in house! Great day when content is available legally more readily than it is illegally or in a manner that doesn’t pay the artists. I have a fascination with reaction shots and yours at the start in the class was awesome.

    2) I hate twitter but i am enjoying yours. i had to mute friends for being boring (so cool they cant tell haha!) but yours has been quite entertaining with the recent roommates and blizzcon stuff. and guild of course. I am strangepork on twitter, but dont use it much.

    3) I LOVE big bang theory and was glad to see you mention it! Sheldon is a god. I thought about you when Penny got addicted to Age of Conan last week haha! I mean, Queen Penelope, lvl 3 warrior.

    4) I cant find the reference, but you mentioned helping someone with SAG media credentials, i believe. Is there any chance you could help a mostly-stranger-but-great-guy like me by chance? What info would you need? My company, Edge of the World Productions, does a lot of different stuff, but includes press, internet PR for artists, internet/emerging media representation. Basically manage their internet presence and make ‘internet dollars’ off of the product/art/material they already have, or develop new markets for them. Its been mostly musicians so far, but now that one of them in particular is doing a ton of movie soundtrack work, Id love any help you might be able to provide.

    Moochin over!

    As a violin player, you would probably love my buddy Paul Mercer (remember the Changelings?). i represent him and his 99 different bands. His current favorite is The Ghosts Project. Heres a clip of him and his opera singer Minka… clip is light on cool violin stuff but a good intro to tgp.

    Matt P
    gedanken at

  • Yikes, all I did was want to link you on my blog because of some felted project I was working on and I became addicted to The Guild through your website and watched the House episode (my first).

  • ooopinionsss

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

  • Just got it on HD… haven’t watched it yet, but planning on it tonight.I also finally found a copy of June too, finally! Rocket Video is the best… they have a lot of stuff. Keep up the great work Felicia!!!


  • They broadcasted this episode in Gernany this week, and yes, you were fantastic. I still wonder what the math formula was you were talking about earlier (the one you completely understood).

  • Thanks for the live-tweeting of the hearings! I appreciated being able to keep up with the hearings, and your context.

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