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Holy Hell is My Website Bad!


So, I’ve started my CSS video tutorials, and all I can say is, my website is a MESS. The good thing is that I’ve learned what NOT to do, which is pretty much exactly what I did with the site as it is now. This blog is ok because I used someone else’s template, but the site itself needs a HUGE overhaul. Not to mention I’d like it to look like an adult made it, not a 12 year old. Although I still do like the birdies.

I have a great design for the revamp, and I’ll be working on it a lot in the next few months. Look out for a sophisticated upgrade!

  • Good luck with the re-design.

  • Hello Felicia! I just wanted to say that you are an amazingly talented actress and I hope to see you get the recognition you deserve! I am so glad I found your site, looking over your photos I saw that you have the same glasses that I do! I was very insecure at first at wearing them because I recently became near sighted and never wore glasses before. I am so happy I found the photo of you wearing yours, I feel a lot more confident and we have the same exact frames! Looks like we both have great taste! I realized that I can’t look bad with them since you look just as beautiful with yours! Blessed be, I wish you all the best luck in the world!
    Love always, Wiccan Angel

  • Wiccan Angel

    Hello Felicia, Wiccan Angel again. Just wanted to say hello and have a good weekend. Hope to see you on tv and in the movies soon!

  • Ooh, thanks so much! I have my independent movie coming out later this year, and I just shot 2 commercials. Your support is immensely appreciated!
    And I think girls in glasses are totally hot, I always feel more confident with mine on, like I have way more to offer than my boobs (which are hard to find anyway 😀 ) Quirky Glasses girls UNITE!


  • I agree! I am proud to be bespectacled.

  • Tomorrow is another day , should have new features.

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