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So, as many of you posted in Comments, The Guild was on the front page of YouTube yesterday! I’m on my 5th hour of slogging through phone messages, emails, donations, it’s pretty cool, but crazy. I’ve been working all last weekend and this week on the movie non-stop and finally have a day off, so I kinda just want to sleep 🙂 But it’s exciting to have a fresh infusion of interest in the show. We have been approached by a few people about funding, which is soooo great! I look forward to the day when I can name a date and start shooting, with no problems about budget getting in the way of crew and locations.

In other news:

During a caffeine-induced fit, I bought this book at Borders on impulse. You guys were right, I do have a problem with the coffee addiction. Boy, did I pay for it it. Anne Bishop had a good series that I remember reading a few years ago, so I thought, for the sake of the cheesy cover, I would read it. Ugh. Very subpar vaginal fantasy. And again with the leather pants! I don’t know about other girls, but the idea of peeling off a pair of sweaty leather pants is totally unappealing to me. And seems unsanitary. Don’t guys get diseases down there because of warm sweaty environments? Oooh, gross visual.

I actually got into an argument with someone over maps in fantasy books this week. For me, I desperately LOVE flipping back and forth, seeing where the characters are from, where they’re going, what the geography is. One of the most annoying things about the Briar King paperback was that I could barely read the map. It was really irritating. But the person I was arguing with said that they hated maps, that it took them out of the story if they needed to flip back and forth, and they hated all the cheesy made up names of rivers and whatnot. I can’t necessarily argue with that point. If you read the names of some places/characters in fantasy novels aloud, you get pretty embarrassed. 🙂 But it’s part of the genre and I love it. Glossaries of characters I’m more on the fence about. I have mixed feelings because I always use those to cheat, flip back and look them up before allowing the story to unfold. I have no morals that way. I guess I’m a horrible person. 😉

Ok, back to answering YouTube messages. “Yes, I used to play WOW. I will watch your video if I have time…”

  • Frigid

    Felicia I am trusting you on this book considering that I, was about to indulge into the series because of the second book (hot chick on the cover). The series itself looked interesting but if I couldn’t get past the first book forget it!

  • Maps were always special for me as well. Probably something to do with the first time reading the Hobbit and then LOTR. I remember starting to read a few series back long ago now and they didn’t have a map. It usually bummed me out. So then I started to look for a map before I bought a book. Lol…

    And I also loved the maps so much I started writing my own fantasy novel/series, but I got so obsessed with the map making that wrote very few actual parts to the first book. It’s still up there though rolling around in my head. And the maps still exist in a closet as well. I loved those maps. 🙂

  • Yay for maps! But do you find yourself looking for the remote village in a wilderness in one corner of the map and thinking “I bet the author starts the story there”?

    Character glossaries can be seriously useful. But there was the time in a long-running series where the big surprising plot twist half-way through was that the main character had a baby… and of course, the baby was listed as a character. *doh*

    Also, since this is my first comment here, *waves hello*!

  • dblu

    Soooo I feel like a stalker. Watched you on Youtube, thought you were gorgeous, and curiosity got the best of me. Email me sometime. Nice book cover by the way, baha…

  • Cicatrixtwigs

    I dated a guy who wore leather trousers once… not half as bad as you’d think! Now PVC… thats the sticky stuff. haha

    I think i’ll advise this book to a friend. She adores her men leatherclad and dripping cliches. As i hit my twenties i found myself less drawn to the pretty boy leather wearing vampire types, and more to the rugged soft-yet-wild werewolf types of fiction. More of those please! 😀

  • Jim – completely with you on that one. The fact that Tolkien drew all the maps for his fictional world just makes the books even more appealing. 🙂
    (By the way, do any of you play Lord of the Rings Online? *g*)

    Felicia – Congratulations on making the front page and on making people want to give you money for being funny. 😀 (That’s one of my lifetime goals, too… ;))

  • Singularity

    Just found your blog after seeing The Guild episodes on youtube. I really enjoyed them and was sorry to see there were only three so far. I guess I am supposed to insert something outrageous or unique in my comment so it will stand out from all the others but I can’t think anything. When is episode 4 due out?

  • Joe

    You’ll be needing an assistant soon. Btw, just saw your interview over at Flipping tetris? Nice.

  • Edgar

    I love maps in books. I recently read Eragon and Eldest and waiting on the third of the trilogy. These have the map and I found myself flipping back to see the progress.

    I used to read Battletech (Mechwarrior now) and they too had a map you could easily look at to see the different factions and their planets. It was awesome! Well, I still read it when I notice a new entry.

  • Blaze

    Freaking awesome news on getting funding for the show, ill keep my fingers crossed for you. I smell Red Vs. Blue success incoming 🙂

    And I agree about the maps, I LOVE them. I think its becuase we like to know everything about the characters, it adds depth to them. Let me guess, the person in said arguement was a guy? Think about it. LOL

  • Samantha

    Felicia, it’s crazy here! Ironic that the busier it gets here, the more we need forums, and the less time you have to make them. 🙂

    Congrats on funding! That’s so great for you.

    I don’t read a lot of fantasy, but generally I skip past the maps. And I never read the character list, not even for plays, because it feels like cheating. Okay, sometimes I do, but only when I’m really confused.

  • Courtney

    In other fantasy news, Robert Jordan apparently died today. I never really got wrapped up in the series, but a friend of mine who did was in deep depression upon hearing the news.

  • Samantha

    Oh no. I knew someone who read Wheel of Time, too. That’s so sad; worse, I can’t even find mention of it. Not in Google News or on Yahoo, although it’s in his entry on Wikipedia (of course).

  • Austin

    I love the Wheel of Time. I’m sad that there probably won’t be any more books, but I’m trying to keep things in perspective. I feel really guilty that a human being passed away and my first thought was about the books that I won’t get to read now.

  • Ronnie

    I found The Guild and your personal website via a link from Veronica Belmont. Just wanted to give you a shoutout from Huntsville, Alabama. I never thought anyone famous came from here 😉 You wouldn’t happen to have a sister named Bonita (I think that’s spelled right). I went to school with a Bonita Day and she would be the right age for an older sister.

    Anyway, congrats on your success!

  • No, that’s not my sister, but what a cool name. There’s a lot of people from Huntsville popping up! 🙂 Makes me want to go visit! Welcom Ronnie.

  • Jeff

    It certainly is sad about Robert Jordan’s passing. News is starting pop up now if you search for it. Apparently his he’s been dealing with this terminal illness since 2005. Certainly a tragic situation. 🙁

  • So this one time for a Halloween costume I bought some leather pants. Let’s just say leather pants + hot, sweaty nightclub = bad. 🙂 But God was I ever a sexy vampire! 😀

  • Tracy

    Another shout – out from Huntsville!! You don’t really want to visit do you ;)?!? Anyway, I am a buffy fan and love your work, I am following the Guild also. Congrats on your sucess! We ex – alabamians are proud of you!

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