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Happy Post Halloween!


So, at the very last minute yesterday, I decided to get a costume around 4 pm. I tend to say I “hate Halloween” then go into a mad dash of desperation because I don’t want to feel left out of the whole festivity thing. So, I went to a big costume store that was literally flooded with people, and what did I see in the girl’s aisle? Row after row of slut/scank/whorey costumes. Ugh. Flatly put, if I have to go to the waxers to get costume ready, that is not the costume for me. Why can’t they have a fun section for girls too? Why would 8 women in a row in front of me want to be a whorey bee? I also have that non-conformist thing going on, so pre-made costumes right out of the box make me shudder too. Anyway, then I went to the men’s section because I figured a small men’s might fit me, although baggy. Ooh, street fighter Ken outfit size…extra large. Mario…extra large. Robin Hood…XXL! Last minute planning is not kind. 🙁 So, I did what I had to do: Went to the kid’s section. There were some juicy pickings there, mostly in toddler sizes, but a few size 12-14 jumped out at me. Picked one out, walked around with it indecisively for about 45 minutes, then committed, got a wig and a hell of a lot of bronzer at the drug store and this was the result:

Who can guess what I am?! I bet NO ONE KNOWS! Goes to show that I shouldn’t get a costume based on how much the concept makes me snicker not having eaten lunch and at the last minute browsing through dregs of Halloween madness. I dressed as Wendy from Wendy’s burgers 2 years ago, and all the kids said,”Hey! Dorothy didn’t have red hair!” Sigh. 0-2. Maybe I should plan ahead next year?

But…I hate Halloween. 😀

  • I have to say that the expression on your face is classic. I wish I could make an educated guess on who you are portraying!!!

    All I have to comment on is that you are truly a great roll model for young ladies out there!

    I will make a guess: Michael J. Fox in TEEN WOLF?

  • No, but that was a common guess among people over 25. Sigh. I should have gone with that, actually.

  • Paul

    I got nothin’.

    Happy All Saints Day, at any rate!

  • I’d guess shes Troy of High School Musical 2. Don’t know the character or the show, and i’m happy to stay that way.

    The trick is to always have one or two fall back costumes to can break out in an emergency. I did sideshow bob from the simpsons for many years and its a classic thats easy to resurrect. And though its cheating a bit, i have my SCA armor that i have worn more than once to a halloween party.

    Though the latter gets heavy after a while.

  • lol I was going to go with that guess about High School Musical, but was too chicken. I didn’t want anyone to know I watched a little Disney Channel!!!

  • Carl




    Sorry 🙂

    For future reference. The best slutty “costume” EVER, is to put a raisin in your belly button and go as a cookie! Of course, that one requires a LOT of waxing. 😉

    If I may suggest, next year go as the Human Torch(ette). Wear a red body stocking and use some product to make your hair stand up. You’ll really look hot (ha! ha!) without needing a wax.

    PS: what kind of cats do you have? (in the pic, there’s a cat condo on your right).

  • OMG, it is that kid from High School Musical!

  • Mia

    You hate Halloween? Leeeeeeee pout. I thought we were FRIENDS, Felicia!

  • Dustin


  • Rolf

    It’s times like these I’m glad I live on the other side of the pond (Europe for you who didn’t get the joke). Admittedly you have started to rub off on the younger generations, it’s probably the free candy and mayhem that lures them in, but amongst us “older” (god, I’m just 25!) it’s not gonna happen.

    We actually have a completely different tradition. Instead of putting on costumes and asking strangers for candy we go to our dead relatives graves to honor their lifes.

    Anyway, my point was supposed to be this; next year, why don’t you come this side for the end of October? 😉

  • William Gorge Ferguson

    “Row after row of slut/scank/whorey costumes”
    You left out ‘Row after row of slut/skank/whorey costumes for 10 year old girls’.

    This year, the office where I work decided to dress up as penguins, as in Happy Feet. I also dressed up as a penguin, but went the Batman route (I found that my tux didn’t fit me nearly as well as it did mumblety-mumble years ago, and my top hat didn’t fit as well as when I actually had a full head of hair).

  • Yes! I’m Troy, isn’t the resemblance striking? It had an inflatable basketball with the costume, I misplaced it somewhere weird.

    Carl, I have 3 cats. I’ll make a post with their little faces on it soon 😀

  • Ben

    Thanks for the afternoon chuckle. Love the bouffant. (Tell me your boyfriend dressed up as Gabriella!)

  • Virginia

    Wow, I figured with the bronzer maybe you were going for the ultra-tanned uh… no, didn’t have a clue. For an easy Mario you could have gotten a red and white trucker hat, painted on the M, bought some bluejean dickies overalls, and worn some regular boots. That costume last year was about 35$, not including the boots which were borrowed. If all else fails, you could always dress in drag. You have to get a bit more serious than a guy who just pops on a skirt and make up to look like a whore, but it’s always funny to see how many people will actually call you sir (even with long hair… ahh, shots to the self esteem right tharrr).

    Anyway, did you actually go out to a party or parties, and hang out or get shitfaced? Or something inbetween? OR, did you trick-or-treat? If so, how is the house participation in LA, do you have to walk miles upon miles to get candy, or can you tromp a neighborhood for good loot? I only give candy to the older kids if their costumes have a lot of effort. Not candy for the pants-sagging loud mouth who’s got a cheap skeleton mask and a pillow sack. I give them, and only them, the toothbrushes, because I’m mean ^_^

  • somasaint

    last year i went as imhotep and was fondled by girls.

    apparently i have b-cups.. whatever that means.

    as much as i dislike hallowseve/social events, it
    was probably the highlight of my year.

    *i made my own costume for 12$ [and yes i can sew very well] cancelled my hellgate order on the 30th.

    no im not coming back to the forum.

    the new vid is … its ok.. its growing on me.

    also, i do love you[r] costume.. :p

  • somasaint

    *stares at cat-manor.. [AAAACHOOOOO!]

  • Edgar

    Hahaha… the cheese-tastic smile gives this one away…

  • Carl

    It had an inflatable basketball with the costume, I misplaced it somewhere weird.

    Oh. My. God.

  • Carl


  • If you ever have trouble thinking of a costume try looking through the costumes from Dragoncon photos

    I’m not really sure about other conventions but they have a big costume presence there. This past year was the first in many years i have not gone but every other year there have been both great costumes and interesting ideas – (such as Tetris blocks).
    So if you are thinking you can’t think of anything you may see something in there that might inspire you. With between 40,000 and 60,000 each year attenting and a large chunk doing costumes I am certain there is something foe every taste.

  • Omer

    I saw the best Halloween costume the other night. A girl had elbow pads, kneepads, a pair of goggles on her face, a cup taped to the top of her head, and a Double Dare t-shirt.

    I thought it was pretty rad, and I might have to steal it for next year.

  • Luke

    Somasaint! Come back! Man we miss your Hellgate badassery on the forums!

  • Tyler

    We’re the NORTH COMPTON WILDCATS! We’re black, we know it, we shake our big booties and show it! We ain’t white! We ain’t white! We definitely ain’t white! Break it down *******!

  • somasaint[lurking]


    hey. i cant. sorry

  • As wierd as it might sound, maybe you would have more fun creating a type rather than a prefab person or cliche. Do a dream role or something you admire. If nothing else put that great sense of humor of your too really creative use.

    I could never hate Halloween. Loved it as a kid and spent a bit of my twenties going to the Ann Rice costume balls in New Orleans.

    Heck, I’ve even done costume that was just me with a “Hello my name is ” nametag and had a ball telling everyone I was from out of town, but here for contract negotations. I didn’t have to pay for drinks all night. =)

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