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Happy Friday Night!


I have 42 minutes before I have to leave the house, the only 42 minutes I’ve had to relax all day, and I decided what better usage of time than to write a blog entry! Yay! It’s a little messy and stream of conscious, but I have so much I want to write about and so little time and I’m a bad girl for not posting all week so…whatever. πŸ˜‰

I know I owe quite a few book reviews, I have them piled next to the computer in anticipation of a big post. In fact, they’re tipping quite precariously. Earlier this week however, I decided to absolve myself of all the guilt I’ve been feeling lately: Of not blogging enough, of not cleaning out my inbox, not exercising, not brushing the dog, not vacuuming (so said dog hair rolls like a huge tumbleweed down my hallway)…blah blah blah. Because I realized that guilt is not a great motivator for me. It makes me sad faced and is not a creative kick starter.

What IS a creative kick starter is segmenting my day sensibly and prioritizing. I was SO GOOD at that earlier last year with to-do lists, and goal sheets and it’s turned back into the haphazard schedule that disallows any focus. I’ve rebooted this morning with old school pen and paper and it’s definitely going to serve me better. Also, I’ve been trying the “thumb screwing” technique for getting a draft of The Guild Season 2 done, and I have to say, it’s not really working! I ended up getting total self-doubt, rewriting the first 25 pages 2 times, only to realize I should have stuck with my first instincts. That was a grody realization, but a good lesson to learn. Had I allowed myself a few more video game breaks, or allotted an hour in the mornings to going to the gym, gone to a few parties that I skipped out on, I probably would have generated more ideas and kept my enthusiasm fresh. Bottom line, I need to not confuse motivation with grim ultimatums. I started today with that attitude and got some great clues as to how I should proceed writing-wise. And I’m going to let me instincts be my guide, because…that’s all I have! πŸ™‚

It’s just extremely hard to focus on one thing when there’s no consistency to my day, the curse of the freelancer. Murphy’s Law requires a commercial audition to arise right when I have writing or Yoga class penciled in, or a conference call with a New Media company, or a friend who needs to be picked up a the airport. For the next month or so (until I get this damned script done, lol) I’ve decided to turn down most interviews and meetings unless I feel they are really necessary. In Hollywood, a lot of people’s SOLE JOBS are to “have meetings”, which I had to go to about 100 meetings to learn. Blech. Fun Fact though: When you have a meeting as a writer/producer, they validate parking! As an actor…they have signs saying “No Actor Parking.” LOL!

We’re starting next week working full-steam on the DVD for The Guild. Educating myself about that end of the business, as well as helping translators help translating the show into like 6 different languages, and researching the different web video players out there has been quite a bit of homework these past few weeks. We’ll be going to ComiCon from July 25-27th and we’ve also been busy arranging accommodations passes etc. I’ll be announcing plans soon about that. Thanks so much for the people who answered my Twitter request for Schwag places! Unfortunately our budget will probably not accommodate buying stuff since we just realized that 25,000 people attend ComiCon and we were thinking of getting like, 200 keychains, haha! The scale is enormous and I’m very excited to go, but our little show sans funding won’t be giving out much of anything except our lovely smiles. πŸ™‚ We will have our DVD with us though, and perhaps a cast picture. Hopefully “Dr. Horrible” will have some presence there too, I will post as details are updated.

Oh, on June 21 I’m participating in an all-day seminar called “Spinning The Web- Writing for the Internet” at the WGA (Ironic since I’m not even WGA, haha). I’m participating on one of the panels called “Let’s Put On A Show” with the guy from Chad Vader, and the guys from PINK, and others so if you’re into making web content, it looks like a pretty nice lineup of guests, and the other panels look good too! Check the bottom of the website for details of location and cost etc.
Lastly, I leave you with a picture of Flog reader Andrew’s Tortillas. Remember he left in a comment that he made them homemade and I was like, “Hey, show me how?!” Well, the probability of my EVER getting around to making them is next to zero, so he was kind and send me a Flickr picture that I now share with you! Yum! Thanks Andrew!!! This is the most random blog post ever. Going to improv!

Andrew's Tortillas!

  • Wow Felicia, a smorgasbord of a post, and just right for a Friday night. You even threw in a picture of food – perfect! Have a great time at the Improv (mind that Alley!) and it’s encouraging to see you letting up on yourself a little.

    Make time for the letting-down-of-the-hair and all the best for a stress-free weekend.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the bump, Felicia. If ever we’re in the same town, I’ll share some of my tortilla-y goodness.

    I just watched Nathan Fillion in ‘Waitress.’ How’s that sing-a-long blog going? NPH FTW?

  • Stream of consciousness seems to be the only way I write and feel like I’ve accomplished anything, I always hated the English composition classes because I’m all over the place and teachers hate it.

    I hope to meet you and the rest of the cast of the Guild if I make it to Comic Con this year! I’ll be one of the huge number of guys dressed like a Ghostbuster… yeah… probably shouldn’t have told you that, I’m a huge dork. Ahem.

    Those tortillas look awesome… must make some.

  • Randy (sariah)

    You know I think I am going to try what you wrote about writing down task lists….its just my problem is following them πŸ™‚ But The Flog has inspired me to try again.

    Oh and the Improve was great! And I even talked Scarbuck into going in 2 weeks so me and Robert will come yet again πŸ™‚ Of course we really really enjoy it.

  • Have you embraced time striping? Did you try it, but it didn’t take?

  • Lol Felicia, this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone use the term “grody” in the written word.

    As a fan I’d love to meet the cast @ ComiCon, the absence of schwag means little –or maybe it should include home made tortillas. This kind lady in my old neighborhood used to make them for me when I was a kid, way mmmm!

  • Dani [ maxsummers ]

    Nice post! Random posts are the best!

    About ComiCon, I’m sure The Guild DVD and your lovely smiles will be enough! ^^

    And I’m really excited about Dr. Horrible news! o/

  • Virginia

    I felt this was a good post, weirdness and all. The picture of tortillas (now making me crazy a quesadilla) were a particularly nice touch!

    To Michael a few posts up: I read your comment and thought you’d suggested that Felicia try stripping. Gave me a chuckle to say the least.

  • Jorge

    Well i used to write a lot when i felt happy and inspired. When you feel guilty you just can’t inspire yourself. Now im trying to get back to my creative process i feel that letting that go for other “minor” goals is not wise. And yeah about ComiCom …your smiles are just all we need.

  • Felicia, think about this: you did get some writing done, as a blog post. Writing is writing, no matter what you write.

    It can be hard, forcing yourself to write, but if I didn’t have the goal of 4 pages a day, I don’t know if I’d have finished all that I have. On the other hand, life does have a way of obstructing goals. I’ve got plenty of goose-eggs on the calendar this year ’cause of knee trouble. Still, the best advice remains to set aside time each day, even if it’s just an hour.

    “No Actor Parking,” huh? Does that mean writers have moved up the Hollywood totem pole? Or does it mean that no one expects writers to be able to afford cars in Hollywood? πŸ™‚

  • carrie

    I’m the same way about getting things done. I tried freelancing a little while ago and it made me hate my life. I spent all day sitting in front of the computer not writing, even though it wasn’t really that hard of work.

    So I’m looking for a job, rediscovering my hobbies, reading all the books that you review, and getting away from my computer more. Which I would do right now, but I have a cat in my lap.

  • Ouch, Robert! Haha, writers have cars too, or at least, I hope to get one in my not-so-far future.

    I definitely agree that writing is writing, no matter where it’s at. I feel accomplished when I finish writing a blog post, haha. Or maybe that’s what I say to justify my minor procrastinator abilities.

    Anyway, hope to see u guys at comiccon!

  • Rich L.

    42 minutes out of an entire day for yourself? Doesn’t seem like much.

    You know, I have a theory, trying to figure out what makes people age. And I’m sure there are lots of contributing factors, but one of them has got to be stress. Choking on gas fumes while driving on a crowded highway is also one of the contributing factors but personally stress is the worse.

    Did you know you can “think” your way into getting sick? It’s true, the mind, our brains only 10% in use in all reality is one of the best defenses against stress. The problem is we cannot tap into that other 90%.

    Video games definately helps aliviate stress. As does kissing and cuddling a great guy.

    So I leave you with this question…is it such a bad thing to give oneself more than 42 minutes in a day to themselves? The bottom line is you don’t have to live this way as no-one makes you do it but you. It’s not as if anybody is forcing you to live this way so it must be by choice. Some small part of you knows 42 minutes isn’t enough or you wouldn’t have mentioned it.

    If you take your time, what’s the worse that will happen? Trust me, the plane won’t leave without you. Me, yes it would leave without me but not you so you might as well not think about it, which should also help reduce stress which again is a contributing factor in aging. Gravity plays a part to. But that’s a story for another day.

  • Dear Rich,

    Words of wisdom, there. I hope that Ms Day takes them to heart – otherwise we’ll have to stage some sort of online intervention :).

  • Rich L.

    Yes, all the people on the Flog here can attend and we can all have tea and strumpets. I don’t know about you, but I’d take a strumpet over a crumpet any day of the week πŸ™‚

    I’m tired, ya know that? Just tired. But it’s a conscious decision. No, don’t worry, I don’t drive tired. I’m a stay at home dad so no need to be concerned, but sleeping to me seems a waste of time. We are given so little of it, time that is and even if I am up watching some cheesy movie, at least I am awake and enjoying life. We can all sleep later when we’re dead right.

    Of course it’s morbid, but even if we live until we’re 80, it still goes so freakin fast. So why spend a 1/3 of your time sleeping? Actually, losing sleep is probably another contributing factor to aging. I mean a lack of sleep has got to be a strain on the ‘ol system.

    So why then do I do it? You know late at night, I’ll go out on the porch (I live on a semi-busy street) and that late it’s as if the whole world is asleep except for me. No, it’s not insomnia, I just don’t like to sleep. Well, alone anyway (eh eh).


  • On second thoughts, Rich, I’m not sure your advice for Felicia to sleep less is that good….:)

    And as for the strumpets, perhaps we’ll just gloss over that….but the tea is good! And crumpets. But then I’m from England originally so that’s basically comfort home cooking for me.

    As for your sleep phobia, whatever works for you. When you start tripping over the bags under your eyes it’s probably time to grab 40 winks.

  • Rich L.

    To each his or her own. Look at the other extreme. I have a 47 year old male friend who has winters off. He goes to bed at 1am and sleeps until noon. By the time he gets up, 1/2 the day is gone. I admit that’s at the opposite end of the sleep spectrum where someone like myself can get away with 3-5 hours per 24 hour period.

    As far as bags under my eyes, nope, not tripping over them. And since I am in perfect health in every which way, except admitedly for a bunch of cavities that needed to be filled in the past, I must be doing something right because a positive attitude in conjunction with doing it “my way” equals a healthy, well adjusted individual who looks at the world of sleepers and feels they are missing out on life. Whats the old saying, time enough to sleep when you are dead.
    If someone like Felicia (happy birthday by the way sweetie) or anyone works long days, then on their day off sleep, they are missing out on something unique, at least in my opinion. That being of course life. As a young 46 year old myself, trust me, it goes very fast and I for one will not spend those precious few days, months and years working my ass off. Oh by the way, the joke about tea and strumpets was just that a joke from a Jerry Lewis movie I think. Boy, talk about a lack of a sense of humor, wheew.
    I know I am unique, and probably fall into a category with few others who were born on Friday the 13th, experiencing mostly bad luck. Topped with a heavy dose of self-awareness and oyu have a person who yes, can be bitter some times, but in the end, does it matter how much money we made or is it really about being kind to one another and living a life of peace in harmony with your surroundings, whatever they may be, and just enjoy yourself.
    Of course, disagreeing with me is to be expected but we are all entitled yea, thats the beauty of the 1st amendment. But under no circumstances are you to yell out “movie!!” in a public fire house. πŸ˜‰

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    You have touched some nice things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

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