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Happy Birthday to Me! And Horrible Stuff!


It’s my birthday today! Must check all the “today’s birthday” horoscopes!!!

I had a fabulous little gathering last night to do some shredding on the new Rock Band my brother got me and it was SO FUN! Except for the throbbing headache from blended Pina Coladas I have right now, it had to be the funnest party I’ve had in a long time. My boyfriend ordered a taco cart to cook up tacos on the patio, and at one point we had 4 player Mario Kart AND a full Rock Band going on in the house. Excellent party!! Must do it again, sans the rum hangover 😉

I woke up to a slew of excellent news. First, the Dr. Horrible Official Site is up and running! I know for a fact that Jed and Maurissa (writers on Horrible) made that site happen through sheer willpower and extraordinary skill, so kudos to them. I’ll be calling for a Guild site revamp you guys. 😉 Also, Joss Whedon himself posted a sort of “Horrible Manifesto” on Whedonesque outlining the plan for release, some smart “stick it to the man” verbiage, and appeals to fans. Take a look and, if you want to help this independent effort, please do a few things that I will list here. It won’t take long, but will help get the word out about the show!

1) Sign up for the mailing list on the Dr. Horrible site to be the first to know when cool stuff happens.

2) Join the MySpace, Facebook and Twitter that are so nicely linked on the official site as well.

3) There’s a “Add Dr. Horrible to your site” link that leads to beautiful buttons and banners. Take these banners and embed them on your website, in your forum sigs, in your email blasts, anywhere the code will go! There’s not a lot of time to raise awareness for the show, so anything you can do to promote that would be fantastic!

4) Think about any social networks you use, and link the official site to them! Digg, Mixx, Stumble It, every link in is a help!

5) Finally, think to yourself, “I know a press person or a blogger I can link the trailer and the site to, I’m gonna shoot off an email telling them about Dr. Horrible and Joss’ plan for it!” There’s no fancy PR person on this project, just thousands of fans. Hmm, who has more power? I wonder…

Finally…Diablo 3 was announced today. Gameplay Video=spazzing out with joy. OMG, what a fantastic birthday present! Thank you internetz!

  • Dan

    Happy Birthday, Felicia!

    Sounds like the universe has given you a bunch of awesome gifts. Enjoy.

  • Tal


    Very good of everyone to do all this Doctor Horribly stuff on your birthday!

    As for your checklist… I can proudly say

    1) Tick!
    2) Tick! (I even signed up with Facebook & Twitter especially)
    3) Tick! x about 20
    4) Tick! – and posted the link out to a bunch of other people to digg too
    4 again?) Tick! multiple times again

    Doin’ my best!! I sooo want this to work – this is the future of entertainment!

  • b!X

    haiku time:

    today, although we’re
    not Felicia Day, it is
    still Felicia day

  • Dan

    Happy Birthday!

    Are you old enough to rent a car yet? 🙂

  • Dani [ maxsummers ]

    What a great day!
    Dr. Horrible news made me very very happy!
    I’m already telling all my friends about it! And I created an orkut community for Dr. Horrible…

    Can’t wait!

    4 player Mario Kart is always fun!

    And Happy birthday again! ^^
    Good luck with the hangover… =P

  • Diablo III announcement for your birthday! That is a wicked birthday present! Happy birthday!


  • Jen

    I did a blog today on the show and added a banner to my sidebar. Hope this helps out!

  • Happy, happy birthday to you!

    I have to have such a fun birthday party for myself. Bad luck for me that it is late in November, so not so really fun being outside.

    Will check on Dr. Horrible tomorrow and also your list.


  • Happy Birthday Felicia!!!

  • Mauro

    Feliz aniversário!*
    I wish I had a birthday party this good.

    So, today we had good news about your party, about Dr. Horrible and about Diablo III, now we just need good news about The Guild’s DVD. (;


    * That’s happy birthday in Portuguese.

  • Happy birthday, Felicia! Looks like you got some pretty damn awesome presents this year 😀

  • paul

    Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Felicia!

  • Antgrad

    Happy birthday, sexy. Have a good one. 🙂

  • Linden

    Happy Birthday, Felicia! What an awesome cluster of events to help celebrate, too! Off to tackle the (Dr.) Horrible to do list. 🙂

  • Happy birthday! Sounds like you’re having one to remember (positively); always good.

    Off topic a bit, but yesterday I finished “The Name of the Wind.” Long read, and yes, the beefcake cover is a bit much, but wow! It was just the start of a full story, and yet when I was done, I didn’t feel the least bit cheated, but happy and hopeful. My only worry is that it’ll be the start of a long series, and if I miss something I’ll be lost.

    Felicia, you know how to pick ’em, so keep picking!

  • Happy birthday from over here in China!

  • happy birthday!!!

  • Andrew

    Happy Birthday Felicia.

  • Matt

    Happy B-day, Felicia!! Remember…work hard, but player harder!

  • Formaldehyde

    Happy Birthday. I saw the Dr Horrible thing on myspace, I can’t wait for it to come out.

    When you said taco cart and mario kart I pictured playing mario kart with a taco cart. You should write to Nintendo and suggest this.

  • Formaldehyde

    PS: Blue looks good on you

  • TheDudeAbides

    Felicia plays Rock Band. My kinda girl.

  • Andrew

    Happy belated birthday!

    I just noticed, in the theme of your hangover, that a ‘popular search’ leading to your site is ‘photos of floggings.’ I’m sure that’s a favorite topic in your apartment!

    Also, re: Guild site re-vamp, in addition to my baking talents, I’m quite a logo designer. If you’d like a re-work of your guild header, I’m more than game.

  • Raj

    Happy Birthday Felicia! Grats on the rampant success of The Guild and The D. Horrible show, and I’ll be seeing you in the never-never land of Diablo 3… Apparently your karma is, like, making the world all better and stuff. Rock on.

  • Eric L.

    You’re my dream girl.

  • Deniz

    Damn i really really want to see your boyfriend’s picture.. i mean, lol, just wonder how he looks like:D

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