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Happy Birthday Felicia

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Such a special day today. June 28, 2009, for it is the great Felicia Day’s birthday. Another year, another birthday. But what was she doing this time last year? June 28, 2008 read all about it! A handful of guild fans decided to band together to wish you, Felicia, a special happy birthday. Then forced me at nerf gun point to hijack your website and post it. I SWEAR! Without further ado, please enjoy this little video, put together and edited by The Guild and Felicia super Brazlian fan Dani.

Please leave your comments and birthday wishes below.

Edgar and the Guildies from the Community

  • edgar

    Happy Birthday Felicia!

  • Dani

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!

  • Soma


  • Tyler

    Happy birthday, Felicia. I hope it’s a great one for you!

  • Jeff

    Happy birthday, Felicia! :)

  • Cokeman

    Happy Birthday, Felicia.

  • Derek

    Happy Birthday and many returns.

  • Tynesha


  • Delicia Fay


    What’s so happy about it!?!?


    • Lydia

      Hi Delicia,

      whatever you wish for should come true, so a very happy and hot birthday for you as well.

      Evil twins don’t always get the credits they should, so I assure you, you are my hero. <3



  • JEff

    Happy Birthday, Felicia!

  • Kiala

    So cute! I saw so many people I’ve only talked to on the intrawebz!

    Dane and I wish you a happy burfday too


    • Iris

      Oh seriously, that’s how you pronounce your name? I feel all silly now, even though I never actually said your name so I probably shouldn’t even have mentioned it.

  • Lydia

    Oh yeah, happy, happy, shiny, sunny Birthday from me too. <3


    Lydia (aka tibits)

  • Dangershoes// Jeff E

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!
    Hope you have an Awesome day today! And Rock the Guild and the world!!

    Love and respect,
    Jeff E.

  • Corin

    Happy Birthday Felicia,

    I wishing that someone will jump out of a cake for you today. And that it’s caught on video. And that you use it for the Guild season 3.


  • CarlDog

    Hapi Berfdai! Great vid. Best wishes on a successful season 3!

  • David

    Happy birthday! Enjoy!

  • sancie

    Happy birthday!!! :-)

  • publikenema

    “After 30, a body has a mind of its own.”
    – Bette Midler

  • Wildride

    Level up, Puddingcup!

    Happy Birthday.


  • Christopher

    Happy Birthday. Thanks for all the joy you have brought into the lives of your many fans. Is it weird to you that you have fans now?

    We should have a club name:
    Loyal Following of Felecia Fans.

    Who is making the t-shirts.

    Have a great birthday celebration.

  • Geoff

    Happy Birthday!

  • The Masked Roger

    Happy Feliciaday!

    I’ve dedicated my latest video to you, in gratitude for all the inspiration and stuff. It doesn’t actually reference you in any way, but does contain math (I think you once said that the key to making a hit web series is lots of math).

    Shameless plugs aside, Happy Birthday!

  • Doug Luberts

    Happy Birthday Felicia! Remember, you’re not getting older, you’re getting better … At least until you hit 30 and then everything starts falling apart. 😉

  • George

    Happy birthday, you have many long years ahead of you. Well Unless you get hit by a truck :).

  • Jesse

    Happy Birthday!

  • @sandsss

    Happy Birthday Felicia and Delicia! And don’t fret, I’ve heard that 40 is the new 30, so you’ve got another 10 years before your next 30th. Hope you have a fab day.

  • Eva

    Happy Birthday, Felicia!

    Hope you have a great day!! :)

  • girl_from_oz

    Happy “not in your twenties anymore” birthday, don’t worry that’s already happened to me dosen’t feel any different.

    Hope you have a rocking day and don’t get too drunk that you end up appearing in the next national enquirer

  • Fabrizio

    Happy birthday Felicia!!!!

  • David

    Happy Birthday Felicia, That was the randomist video I’ve seen in a while! Loved the song at the end? How good is guitar guy? Even if one of the lyrics was ‘your sorta crazy and a little slow’

  • Aborigine

    Happy Birthday to the lovely Delicia!

    And to the other one I suppose too.

  • Sebastiaan van Dijk

    Happy birthday Felicia!
    May your yearly loot drop be bountiful.

  • @osiramon

    Happy Birthday Felicia!!

    Have a great day. Enjoying 29 for the second time.

  • Ulf

    Happy birthday from Germany :-)

  • Andrew

    Happy Birthday Felicia!

  • David Mello

    Hmm, @osiramon may have the right idea. In that case, I’ll call myself 49 years old, the do-over.
    Still, happy birthday

  • George Wilson

    Have an awesome birthday Felicia. And every other day as well.

  • brendan

    Happy Birthday and best wishes.

  • Iris

    Happy birthday Felicia!!

  • Grraargh

    Happy Birthday! Or as they’d say in my hometown. ‘Ello my luvver,you be having yourself a gert proper job birthday over in that there California, baint you!’

  • Mark

    Happy Birthday old friend!

    Somethings just get better with age and you are one of them!

  • Reid

    Oh man, I’ve been using Whedonesque for Felicia Day updates, I forgot I could just go to Felicia Day’s website. *facepalm*

    Anyway, happy birthday Felicia! Have some cake:

  • John

    Birthday? But I heard that–whuzza? Wrong thread? And that was like a month ago? What about the snail thing? Really? Gah! Why does nobody tell me these things!?


    May you get all the really good pudding, brisket, frozen yogurt, and trashy coverless romance novels you wish for (and can conveniently store), and many more Day Days to come. And fan videos pirating your website, naturally, because it kills a few minutes while we’re waiting for the next Guild season. It’s really the perfect birthday for that.

    Oh, and remember that 30 just seems spontaneously older because of our fixation with multiple of ten. But for symmetry, you would have worried about the old two-seven. Personally, I worry about prime ages. It’s radix-independent, it must be important, right?

    (Am I the only one here not on Twitter? And am I the only one wondering if Delicia’s birthday is July 26th?)

  • John

    (Ahem. Or I can read. August 26th, of course.)

  • Robert

    Nothing from me but a very happy birthday, Felicia! Oh, and may all your presents be fun and not useful!

  • ghall

    Happy birthday Felicia!

  • Lyle

    Happy Birthday, Felicia!

  • George

    Feliz aniversário, Felicia!

  • Marco

    Happy Birthday from Italy, Felicia!
    Have a very nice day.

  • sean

    Happy Birthday! We share the same day! All cool, smart, gorgeous, clever, talented & humble people were born on June 28th!

  • Littlepud

    Happy Hatch Day!!!

  • pfennig

    Happy birthday, m’dear! May you have the hope, love, and strength to have another terrific year!

  • David

    I had no idea we shared a birthday… makes you even more appealing Felicia…
    to a fellow moonchild A happy one..

  • Dangershoes// Jeff E

    eek! running late.. made a short vid..

  • Xavi

    Happy Birthday to Delicia! Oh, and to Felicia, of course!

    May the universe grant you both all the joys you want to make your birthday perfect.

    Redheads make the world a better place to be.

  • Joe

    Happy Birthday and best wishes, Felicia!

    Hope that working on The Guild still allows you some free time to celebrate!

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • worldofhiglet

    Happy Birthday, Felicia – hope today goes smoothly and you have plenty of time to party!

  • Luis

    Feliz cumpleaños Felicia!

  • Nathaniel

    Happy Birthday, Felicia! If you were any more awesome the universe would explode.

  • Brian S

    Happy birthday! Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta :-)

  • tony

    all the best !!
    and what a great job by dani !! bravo !!

  • Tarseith

    Happy Birthday Felicia! Thank you for all the joy and friendships you have helped create over the last year. I wish you many more happy birthdays. Your best is yet to come.


  • Lisa

    Happy birthday Felicia! Mine was yesterday (June 27th) and I wish yours to be even more spectacular. 😀

  • Polter-Cow

    Happy birthday, Felicia! Clearly, you have fans as creative and amusing as you are.

  • Minion of the Unspeakable

    Happy birthday Felicia. Hope for season four News soon. In the mean time, indulge yourself on some uber calorie .confection.

  • dantepicante

    Happy birthday!

  • rodb_23

    Happy Brithday! Have fun, celebrate.

  • Okelay

    happy birthday feliciaday!
    I hope it’s a very shiny one!

  • Farfly

    Happy Birthday kiddo…….;)

  • sumo

    Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you and to continued Guild success!

  • Kris

    Happy Birthday and many more!! Love your show, can’t wait for the next season!

  • Brad

    Happy Birthday!

    Your fans really appreciate all of the things that you’ve done and can’t wait to see what you come out with next. Thank you and have an absolutely great birthday!

  • Tracy Davis

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Felicia!!!

  • Lisa

    Happy Birthday!

    Good luck and success for the next thirty years!

  • len

    HA!! Sweet geekmediamocha greetings and feliciatations.

  • James Glanville

    Happy Birthday Felicia! All the guildies in London wish you the best!

  • Daynah

    Best wishes and happy birthday Felicia! <3 you!

  • Dan

    Happy Birthday from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada!!!

  • Paul

    Happy Birthday Felica from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. I hope you have a great bday!

    Take Care.

  • James A Woods

    We celebrated my son’s 8th birthday yesterday. He got lots of his passion — LEGO. Here’s hoping your year is filled with an abundance of your passions. Happy birthday, Felicia!

  • felicia

    OMG you guys! I just got home from the shoot and saw this! Thank you so much, I teared up, it was the best thing ever! :)

    I love all of you!!!!

  • Aaron

    Happy Birthday Felicia! Here’s hoping you get lots of loot drops in your life!

  • faddah yuetsu

    felicia – shhh! you prolly won’t b’lieve this, but it’s true. it’s my b-day today too (tho’ decades ‘fore yours!). happy fellow birthday, felicia! i couldn’t think of a sweeter person to share it with.

  • Eric

    happy birthday felicia! damn they hijacked your blog to post this, hardcore :p

  • Chris

    Have an AMAZING Birthday, Felicia!

    And keep the brilliance coming!

  • emily

    happy birthday dear!! i hope your day has been one filled with joy!

  • Narcilian

    Happy Birthday Felicia!! I’m going to try to get to LA to see the improve next week.

  • halcyone

    happy birthday!!!

  • Sarah

    Um, is that second guy sitting in front of a bunch of medical records? Isn’t that some kind of HIPAA violation?

    Happy birthday – looking forward the third Guild season.

  • Chris Kennedy

    And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from you fans in Australia 😀

  • alienufo

    happy bday felicia. Hope you had a great day.

  • Kevbo

    Felicia, Fondest wishes for your birthday! You make the Internet a better place.

  • John

    Happy 30th birthday!

  • curtinparloe

    Happy birthday for yesterday, Felicia (actually, I’m just really early for next year)!!
    You’d be dead if this was Logan’s Run. 😀


  • floatingrunner

    happy (belated) birthday felicia

  • Karnatos

    Happy Birthday – I hope you had a great birthday girl!

  • Adam E

    Happy B-day, Felicia!

    My wife watched Dr. Horrible again yesterday in an attempt to spread the obsession to her friends.

    I finally watched some of the Guild beyond the first episode after getting media center playing nice with the Xbox. Granted I would have watched more if it hadn’t played them out of order… I shall endeavor to watch the rest soon.

    So has Sears figured out that you draw people to their ads?


  • Ben

    Wow. I guess I can say I knew you when…

    When one of my favorite indie comic creator becomes a mainstream hit, I’m always happy for them. They worked hard and earned their accolades. But a small part of me says it would have been nice for them to remain under the radar. Now, if I want to say “hi” or talk with them about their projects at a show, I get the privilege of waiting in a line. Or more likely, I just wont get to see them again due to their many obligations (panels, etc.)

    Not too long ago, I used to go see the Smashing Pumpkins play down the street at Metro and it’s the same kind of feeling. It’s great that they became monster stars but it means I’ll never see them up close and intimate again.

    I guess thats just how it goes. We will continue to support all your projects even if we make a smaller ripple in the pond than we used to. Happy B-lated B-day!

  • punk410

    YAY!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a great one!

  • Sahbasan

    Happy Birthday Felicia from another person you don’t know but loves your work!

  • Xevo

    Too bad I’ll always remember Billy Mays death along with Felicia’s birthday. Still, happy b-day, can’t wait for Season 3!

  • John W

    Happy Birthday!

  • Katzenbeere

    Happy belated Birthdaywishes Miss Day

  • Daniel Ferreira

    Happy birthDAY Felicia!!!!

    Hugs and Kisses for you from Brazil!

    • Dani

      Ha! Look who’s here!

      Daniel is my RL friend. =P
      I converted him to a Guild, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse fan.

  • Jose

    Happy Birthday Felicia, on behalf of myself and all The Guild fans here in Michigan! :)

  • Nancy

    Happy belated birthday, Felicia! Loved you on “Roommates” & “Dr. Horrible”… and of course “The Guild!”

  • alan

    Lol, that second guy works in a medical records department?

    Happy birday, belated, Felicia.

    Your show rocks.

  • suhail

    hi ma’m. i m ur big fan .i m ur follower in twitter.

  • Tempest Mia

    Happy belated birthday, lady!

  • Marc Windsor

    Hi Felicia I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Even if it is a little bit late.

  • Jano

    hey this was cool,

    Happy birthday

  • Hambone

    Felicia wouldn’t happen to be possibly starring in Sam Raimi’s new World of Warcraft movie, would she???? :)

  • Thaiane



  • Mitch

    Happy SUPER BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I’m definately late on this but better late than never right? If you haven’t noticed, you’re incredibly loved, with proof, it took like 3 minutes to scroll down the page! Again, Happy belated birthday!

  • Ricky

    Happy birthday! Thanks again for the picture at E3 just after Bethesda’s RAGE viewing; I didn’t realize it would make so many of my friends jealous :)

  • RugbyProp

    So a friend txts me that I have to check out this video on Netflix called “The Guild”. I sit down to watch it. It’s pretty good and I am getting into it. I find myself wondering over to the computer and logging into WOW. Now I am watching The Guild while I am playing WOW. How sick is that? I mean I haven’t logged in for like three months. Any way, good project Felicia, thanks for sharing the neurosis that is WOW. Time to go level my Death Knight.

  • Chixie103

    May your special day be filled with memories and flowers, friendship and happy hours.

    Birthday Flowers Delivered

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  • Asim

    I think the world needed some Felicia Day. Good job with that, world.


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