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Hey guys! Next Tuesday the 11th, to celebrate the release of my new web series Dragon Age: Redemption, I’m gonna do a fun experiment with Google Hangouts from 1pm-4pm!

Here’s my idea:

-First, learn how Google Hangouts work if you haven’t already. Here’s a great place to start to learn about the Hangouts. Basically, you can create a video chat room with up to ten people in it. It’s super fun.

-On Tuesday at 1pm Eastern time I will make a post to kick off the Housecalls here on my account. (Be sure to Circle me)

-You reply to my post with a link to a Hangout you’ve created (the link is the address in the browser window of your hangout)

-I will be popping in and out of as many public hangouts linked in the thread as I can from 1pm-4pm Eastern!

-I’ll answer questions about the show and we can even pose for a photo that you can screencap and post later! Cool? Cool.

  • What a super idea! I can’t participate (work, boo!) but I think it’s an amazing way to interact with fans (and for fans to interact with each other, too). Kudos for going above & beyond expectations once again!

  • Oh, and YAY for the release!!! I’ve really been looking forward to it. 😀

  • Mia

    Phooey… I will be at work 🙁

  • Dani

    That is an awesome idea! =)

  • Angus

    Noo that sounds awesome! Wish I could make it, I’ll try but its 4am Melbourne time 🙁

  • Vlada

    Oh, I posted my hangout link but baby started to cry, so I guess I lost connection or something…waited later, from 2pm-3.55pm to no avail 🙁 Will you be doing it again sometime, Felicia?
    On the bright side, I am happy i got introduced to hangouts, they are pretty cool! 😉

  • Josh

    When will you do another event like this?! I wanna do it!

  • adult chat room

    Cute post Dee:) As I fitness trainer and runner, my quads were stronger than my hamstrings in the past, but seems as if yoga has balanced my leg strength. I do believe in incorporating such exercises as this! recognize it from p90x…lol…my son got great results from that program…thanks for sharing your success story! Stay strong yogini dee-va;) Peace, MH

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