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If you haven’t heard already, Season 4 of The Guild premieres on Xbox/MSN/Zune on July 13th, this Tuesday!  Eep, I can’t believe it’s here already!  We have a trailer that just went up over at Bing, please watch and see a bit of what’s in store!  We shot on the Canon Mark 5D, so those who have noticed it looks “prettier” are not wrong I guess.
<br /><a href="" target="_new"title="Season 4 - Trailer">Video: Season 4 &#8211; Trailer</a>

Also if you missed it, AutoTune the News made an AMAZING recap of Season 3, so you can refresh about where we left off. They did us a huge favor by doing this, so check out their channel on YouTube and see how brilliant they are!

Lastly, all our Comicon info was compiled by our Guild Media Guru Brian Kameoka, so click over to The Guild website to get all the times for activities we’re doing there. We’ll be signing in the booth every day and have DVDs and Tees and everything! And due to our immense overflow last year in a 500 seat room, we have a 1600 seat room this year, so PLEASE come see the panel and prove that a web series deserves just as big a room as TV shows and movies!
I absolutely promise you it will be worth it. That’s all I can say 😉

Also, I’m doing a fantastic panel called “Girls Gone Geek” about women writing in Genre fiction.  There are some brilliant women on the panel, I’m very excited to be participating.  That panel is from 5-6pm on Friday.  More info can be found over at io9.

Ok, off to answer emails, it’s Friday night, what else would I be doing? 😀

  • Angela — Nokomys

    Happy Birthday to me!!!! (July 13th) OMG I’m so excited for this season. The whole guild hall idea reminds me of this old MMO I used to play called The Realm Online, where each toon had his or her own house. Some people can seriously decorate hahaha.

    Hope to see you guys at Blizzcon this year 8D

    Nokomys & Fishpaws Zangarmarsh mm/

  • Wow, that was fast. Exciting! Thanks for all the hard work on the project. 🙂

  • i love those autotune vids. good idea for the recap.

  • tonewaugh

    Love the S4 preview! You’ve indeed set up some incredibly funny opportunities, just as you promised.

    I’ve been wondering what you have in store for Comic-Con, since obviously the season won’t be premiering there like it did last year as part of your Four Surprise Promise Will Be Kept Comic-Con Deluxe Package 2008 Edition RC1. Obviously there have been quite a few clues about Extra Special Guild Filming the last 2 days. If you promise attendees won’t be disappointed, I believe you! Sadly I’ll have to follow the action on twitter and YouTube. Well, that will keep me pretty busy. I’ve been slowly building up F5 stamina.

    Stamina is a very strange word, isn’t it? Can that even possibly be how it’s spelled?!

    • tonewaugh

      Okay, so I will admit last year was actually 2009. Otherwise, stet.

  • Haha, that AutoTune the News video is hilarious! I was totally grooving along to it. Catchy. I’m so incredibly excited for Season 4.

    Oh, lucky people going to Comic-Con. Wish I could be there, but I hope it all goes well and is an awesome time.

  • Cat

    So excited for Season 4! This is the highlight of my summer. What a dramatic teaser up on Bing! You can tell the drama by the brass instruments in the score.

    Was supposed to be at comic-con but then life sort of crapped on us. Though I heard a rumor you’ll be in Toronto at the end of August? That’s much closer to me!

  • Suzie

    I’m so glad you’re updating your blog again! YAY! Trailer was great! Can’t Wait! LOL. That rhymed. #OKLAME

  • Dani

    The trailer is awesome!!! I can’t wait for Tuesday!!!!!!

  • Really looking forward to season 4 and I’m also pleased to see you posting on your blog more often. Still, there’s no pleasing your adoring public so, more please! 🙂

  • Leon

    Looking forward to season 4!

  • Oh yeah! The week suddenly looks brighter. Thanks for sharing the trailer and the “Catch the frak up” video. Wish I was going to be at Comi-Con this year. Sigh.

  • korkster

    Tuesday is going to be a great day. 🙂

  • Anne

    Counting the days to Tuesday…not many, fortunately!

  • Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve been putting in this year, Felicia. I imagine it’s going to pay off in spades….whatever that actually means…but seriously. We are all looking forward to Tuesday and all of the other double secret double rainbow goodness that’s coming up.

  • tonewaugh

    For west coast USA and Canada, Guild Tuesday has, in the past, come shortly before midnight late Monday evening.

    Take THAT, east-coasters. As far as I am aware, new Guild episodes are the only things we west-coasters get first!

    (Oh, east coast will get it at the same “real” time, but that only helps people who are awake at 3AM.)

    • Some of us on the east coast have very handy sleep disorders. I’ll be up catching episodes in real time with the west coasters, and then blearily make my way through the day. Good thing I don’t operate heavy machinery.

  • Angela — Nokomys

    I work the night shift on my job so it is perfect for me. 2 more days!!

  • Nice recap! Very excited about season 4. Wooohooo!

  • Johnny

    yay Yay YAAAAAAY!~!!!

    Oh I sooo totally can’t wait! LOVE the show sooo much! you are wundaful!

    : D YAY! <333

    *end spaz.. yay

  • Timm

    Yay! Can’t wait for tomorrow! And for tomorrow in one week, two weeks…

    The trailer is a great tease. I want to know what’s with the painting at the end.:)

  • len

    Nice low octave in Cyd’s last line.

  • Paul

    I am a lawyer in Maryland and a new Guild convert. This stuff is funny as S—(that’s a legal term)!!!I missed the first three seasons but it helps that I was able to get completely caught up in 15 minutes. I just watched the Season 4, Episode 1. How can I support the show!!! (I dont have zune, or twitter or that other stuff…heck I just finally got a facebook page this year!!!).

    P.S. I saw that you are coming to a few of the Comic Cons. I am going (with my 14 year old son) to the New England Comic Con in Boston in October. Any chance of seeing a Guild and/or (another legal contrivance!!!) Felicia there?

  • gidget

    This is off topic, but I just wanted to let you know….
    According to facebook, many people who like you also like Jackie Chan.

  • Fraggle

    Excellent! just watched episode 1 of season 4 and awesome

    Acheivement definitely unlocked


  • len

    It will be fun to see how a creative challenge affects the players individually and collectively.

  • Mathematica

    Where is my script as promised?

  • Siegwulf

    Greetings from Germany^^,

    I firstly saw your “Do you wanna date my Avatar?” vid by luck few days ago on youtube, but I become a fan of yours since i saw The Guild videos a bit later. I can’t wait to show this to my friends. Now I can’t wait to see the newest episodes of The Guild and i am searching for more series in wich you act. I just watched The Legend of Neil, very funny^^. “Game On” is good, too.

    Yeah that’s all for the first time, cheers from your german fans.

  • wow ok i must say my room mate turned me onto the Guild. and i have to say that this show is funnier than the people i have met while gaming. i have more in common with the Riley character than any of the others but it is some seriously funny stuff. thanks for making me laugh


  • congratulations! you are excellent!

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