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Guild Season 4 Premieres!


Well guys, it’s pretty amazing to see Episode 1 of Season 4 FINALLY online! πŸ˜€ I really hope you enjoy it, it’s our longest first episode yet, and I gotta tell you it KILLED me I couldn’t get it under 5 minutes. Looking at it now, I probably could have cut some stuff, but I’m super happy with the final result, so editing to an arbitrary length is not the end-all be-all. If it works, it works πŸ™‚

<br /><a href=";vid=&#038;from=LKVR5&#038;fg=sharenoembed" target="_new"title="Season 4 - Episode 1 - Epic Guilt">Video: Season 4 &#8211; Episode 1 &#8211; Epic Guilt</a>

A few things. If you’ll notice, the episode looks a bit different than usual. We shot this season on a different camera, the Canon Mark 5D, which I NEVER EVER WILL TRUST BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE A STILL CAMERA SO HOW IS IT TAKING VIDEO?! (/oldwomanrant). Honestly, the quality looks AMAZING, it’s in 1080p for the first time with the Guild (we were shooting 720p before) so it has a clarity to it that is pretty spiffy.

Story-wise, when I started this season, the thing I wanted to avoid most of all was the whole “Codex sneaking around with Fawkes behind everyone’s back and getting caught later in the season.” That seemed like the automatic go-to as a result of the cliffhanger, so I knew immediately that I would have Codex do the opposite and come clean at the top of the season. She’s a pretty guilt-ridden person (as am I, that part is a bit auto-biographical πŸ™‚ ). Everything else fell into place from there. Getting Codex into trouble this season was much easier because she’s definitely coming out of her shell a lot, her interactions with The Guild face-to-face are making her more assertive and more confident, so her point of view about things is much easier to write now.

In addition, I introduce the idea of a Guild Hall for the Guild, because, as an in-game activity, it is something that would theoretically bring the Guild TOGETHER, unlike last season when they were torn apart. But bar-none my favorite moment in the episode is Bladezz sneezing SO disgustingly on the kitchen grill. Sean Becker’s idea ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to Amalfi for letting us use their kitchen and cleaning up EXTREMELY WELL afterwards, that place is a great restaurant and had a very clean kitchen which we abused a little bit πŸ™‚

Small side note: When you write something crazy like “Clara wears a goofy squid hat”, Kim Evey (my producer) can take care of it for you. She found a man who ACTUALLY MAKES SQUID HATS. So weird, but thanks Kim for making my “vision” a reality. πŸ™‚ Also thx Sean Becker for getting Clara to belt out that opening song, and making me write even MORE than what was in the script for her to sing. The opening shot is really really funny and well-done.

For more in-depth analysis of this episode (and ALL of them really) our show fan-podcast Knights of the Guild was on set for almost all of our filming, interviewing cast and crew about each episode. I believe they will upload a mini-cast with every episode (today’s goes up tonight @knightsoftheguild said), so check them out! We’re very lucky to have such amazing fans! πŸ™‚

Lastly, Maureen Ryan over at the Chicago Tribune did a set visit and an in-depth article about me and The Guild that I’m really proud of. She’s a smart and insightful lady, and it’s an honor to be profiled by her. Check it out, and the accompanying article she did on Web Series Coming of Age.

Hope you enjoyed the episode! Next episode has some really funny stuff, I think Bladezz is kinda stealing the season, hehe πŸ˜‰

  • Serdin

    Awesome start for a new season.
    Every Thuesday a new Episode and how many Episodes has the ney Season?

    Greetings from Germany.

  • dario

    loved it! cant wait for the next one

  • Congratulations Codex – I mean Felicia. Episode 1 was a blast, and I agree with you that Bladezz’s sneezing was hilarity in tune with time.

    Avid fan from Britain here. I can’t wait for episode 2.

    Hi, by the way.

  • Great twist. Did not see the relationship angle coming.

    More please. πŸ™‚

  • Nice job. Looking forward to episode 2. : )

    P.S. In case you hadn’t heard, the HP Alliance won the Chase competition. Thanks for the RT!

  • Steve

    It was an awesome first episode. One thing tho, the camera is a Canon 5D Mark II. The reason I bring it up is because the original Canon 5D doesn’t do video at all. I’m a photographer and I think other photographers would also bring that up with you. Just an FYI.

  • The first episode is absolutely fantastic and testifies to the enormous amount of work that’s been poured in by all involved!

    Incidentally, not being an old man myself, I’d also be freaked by filming on a camera that looked like a DSLR πŸ™‚

    And as for guilt, I’m Jewish…nuff said really πŸ™‚

    • len

      And as for guilt, I’m Jewish…nuff said really

      Odd for a religion without a hell (well, there is Sheol and Gehenna) but does have a heaven (Olam Habah). Let this candle light the next.

      IME, Jewish women are wonderful lovers because they aren’t raised with the idea that sex sends them to hell by design. πŸ˜‰

      • As if one needs a hell to feel guilt.

      • len

        Good point.

      • len

        On the other hand, there is a difference between guilt as a result of frustrated natural desires and guilt as a culture-laden construct although one might see similar selectors in play over behaviors. Cyd has a lot of guilt so one wonders about the sources for that. Developmentally (using the Erickson model) she has the social maturity of a six about to be eight year old.

        and she just stepped over the line into self-directed evolution: she (and Felicia as author) side stepped the ‘we hide this’ and went straight to ‘out of the closet and to hell with the hindmost’ which is a teen-ager developmental phase.

        The GuildHall project is fascinating as a setting for the story arcs. I’ve been debating with some correspondents about replacement rates for religions (eg, finding new gods), if game development as paracosm creativity can begin to replace that process and how that would affect other cognitive structures we’ve been carrying around since the Pleistocene. A good reference for that is Minds and Gods

        and readings in directed evolution (not the trademarked one… yeachhh). Evolution consumes resources and directs the hunt for resources and over time may enable structures that recreate and sustain resources.

        So the guild is building a new hall to house their paracosm. That’s …. illuminating.

      • len

        It’s impossible to evolve away all the stereotypes. Directed evolution is about rewarding the behaviors that use the stereotypes to grow awareness.

        The Guild is stereotypical. I’m eager to see how Felicia directs that growth in her characters. Cyd has a lot of guilt. Clara has none. Vork, some for abandoning the leader role. Bladezz doesn’t have enough awareness of other to be guilty. Tink is beyond guilt. Zaboo is living in his own paracosm and for him, guilt is something Mom uses to keep him close. He sees Codex, not Cyd.

        Some say love can only go one way because it has to be given even where it may not be respected. The unknown is how much respect it takes to keep a relationship together when the monkey mind is satisfied. Fawkes either gets that or is to narcissistic to care. Cyd has to decide if monkey mind is enough and Codex may not accept that. Synthesis? Cyd is quite a violin prodigy and Codex isn’t. Can Fawkes see beyond Codex to discover Cyd? If he can’t, then he loses her. If he can, he may not be able to go on being Fawkes.

        Felicia? She has to be funny. Quite a challenge but the opener is a good start.

  • Ferry

    Ow god, I love it. It has some classic humor that I really appreciate, like when you said you’re dating, foillowed by zaboo passing out, three times. I cannot wait for the next episodes.
    Good luck and even more, have a great time filming them.

  • Dani

    Really enjoyed the first episode and already commented on the community post, so I won’t repeat. I will say a few new things though:

    1- I LOLed when I saw Bladezz with the laptop in the kitchen cause I was JUST doing that yesterday. No sneezing though. I’m clean and stuff. =P Although it wasn’t long until I noticed that it was a bad idea, cause hot oil was spilling in my laptop. But all good, I fixed it moving it to the sink. =P

    2- Since the trailer was out I knew that Clara’s squid hat is The Guild’s Jayne’s Hat. I posted a challenge in the community saying I was gonna send chocolates to whoever went to the guild panel at SDCC wearing one of those, and now I think it was a horrible idea… I’m gonna go bankrupt because of this!!!

    3- I really like Mo Ryan. She’s a great writer and I really enjoy her reviews of my favorite tv shows, like Chuck, so I was super excited when I heard she was doing an article on The Guild. To think of her visiting the Guild set and hanging out with you guys makes me squee a bit. =D

    Thanks again for stopping by Guild chat at the premiere and earlier today! It was a great party chat!

  • Dairymoose

    An excellent first episode, with an interesting ending. Could it be sabotage? Or perhaps divine retribution as Codex suggested, heh.

    Anyway, I wanted to point out that the twitter link posted in the blog is incorrect, should be @knightsofguild.

  • Good start to the new season. I liked the line, “Watch the face!” Could there be more modelling in Bladez’ future?

  • Marcus

    UGH only one episode of the guild a week hahaha time for me to restart my addiction πŸ™‚

  • Amazing, amazing first episode, Felicia! And I have to say, your show – while always brilliant – is even more hilarious now that I’ve begun playing WoW. You don’t want to know what I thought “buffs” were before … πŸ˜‰

  • Leitadala

    Awesome episode – “The Guild” is my favorite of any show and I can’t wait for more. You guys rock!

  • Derek

    Awesome episode! And I don’t think I’m the only person who wouldn’t argue with longer episodes πŸ˜‰

  • xch

    Hopefully The Guild will eventually make its way to blu-ray. Doesn’t matter if the previous seasons haven’t been in 1080p. There’s still something to be said for the smaller form factor and less hassle that comes with fewer discs.

    • Unfortunately, Blue-Ray production costs thousands of dollars and since we’re a small independent operation we just could never make our money back on a venture like that πŸ™ It will always stream in 1080 on Xbox and be purchasable in 1080p from iTunes after the season rolls out on MS portals. Thanks so much for watching!

      • xch

        Ah. Well, files on DVDs, or thumbdrives would work too. :3

      • Diesel

        You have just given me a really good idea, Felicia and guy with the radical idea to put The Guild on blu-ray. Oh and you are hot Felicia. Thanks for the idea! πŸ˜‰ <— Yeah, I winked. lol

      • Roland Z. Hayes

        “Unfortunately, Blue-Ray production costs thousands of dollars”

        It really need not cost that much. I believe you have sold burned DVDs before…You can burn HD video to a DVD+-R, and it will play in any Blu-Ray player. Of course, run time is reduced, but what’s the total length of Season 4?

      • Zach Ginnever

        I noticed the sharpness of the new season and entertained the thought that you were going the DSLR route. Nice to see these cameras at work. I have some shooting experience with the 5D and even the Standard Definition DVD of the footage looks amazing. And seriously, $7-$15 for one blank Blu-Ray?!?! There’s no way thats profitable unless you got some connections. Anyways, love The Guild and seeing these cameras at work gives me hope that I can get a Web Series going soon.

  • Jeff

    I first read about The Guild on Patrick Rothfuss’ blog. I hadn’t had a chance to watch any of them, however, until last week. I read the comic books, then watched all three seasons in one day. I enjoyed myself far more than I thought I would. It’s rare to find a show that is this entertaining and intelligently written. The humor feels natural and the characters grow with each new episode. The Guild is also unusual in that I like every character in it thanks to a combination of good writing and solid casting. It will be hard to wait for new episodes this season after the marathon viewing I did to introduce myself to the show, but I’m looking forward to it.

    • Thank you so much, I really glad you enjoy the show πŸ™‚

      • Jeff

        Episode 2 was every bit as good as Episode 1. I love the posters on Tinkerbella’s wall.

  • Fanboy

    “achievement unlocked” so funny. Looking forward to some serious Fawkes douchery, I am sure he won’t disappoint.

  • John Spigner

    Felicia Day… will you marry me?

    Seriously though, I love your brain, and the whole series. I’ve only watched through season 2 so far, but I will be watching season 3 tomorrow, and then watching as season 4 unfolds.

    You are such a broad actress, and I have loved all your roles. From when you were just an insecure Potential slayer to a kick-ass Actual on Dollhouse. Can’t wait to see you in Red. And I cant wait to see how seasons 3 and 4 unfold on the Guild. Keep up the amazing work.

    And really.. will you marry me?

  • so happy to start the new season!!!!! you are smart to break conventional tv story telling and get the relationship out there. And, lol, no one does “disgusted” like Tink.

  • Eve

    Genius! Bladezz sneezing was funny, but for my money Zaboo’s repeated collapsing (and Vork’s halfhearted attempts to revive him) were just as good. Not to mention Codex’s justification for why she had to tell her fellow Guildies about Fawkes. Okay, pretty much the whole five and a half minutes was made of awesome.

    I so love this show. And I love Wil Wheaton (just watched his episode of Criminal Minds recently), so when I learned he’d be back this season I was delighted. I can’t wait to see how things progress for our intrepid heroes!

  • Anne

    So much humor in just five minutes! I especially loved pretty much everything Clara said…”That unacceptible!””He’s reprehensible!””I’m hungry!”
    I got my parents to watch the first season of The Guild–they liked it, and were sure you must be a professional comedian.
    Looking forward to the rest of Season 4!

  • It’s a great season-opener Felicia, and don’t give its length another thought, ’cause the episode just flies by. Really nice writing, directing and editing; plus your performance totally sets the pace.

    I’m thrilled to hear that Bladezz figures prominently this season. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I think Vince has really come a long way as an actor. He’s always had a natural flair for the part, but his performances last season and this have gotten stronger and stronger. Scene-stealing must run in his family’s blood.

    Mr Squidly (as I call the hat) is utterly inspired, and I can’t wait to get mine. I think Dani is right – it could quickly become a Guild icon, like the Jayne’s hat and Dr Horrible goggles. Kudos to you and Kim for kick-starting the newest must-have fashion accessory. I expect to see Lady Gaga in a squid-hat any day now.

  • I don’t think I will ever be able to eat out again. Thanks for that! It was funny though.

  • tonewaugh

    This seasoner opener is just so densely packed, I’m glad you didn’t cut anything. Not sure what you think you “probably could have cut.” Every line works, every character is so perfectly… in… character. So well written. There’s something funny in every moment, and funnier on repeat viewings (takes my mind a while to keep up with the pace – of course this keeps it fresh and addicting and leaves us wanting more). So in other words – this is just effin great!

    Oh, besides the writing, everything else is brilliant to. Beautifully filmed, good costume, prop and art work, A SPECIAL PRACTICAL EFFECT!, everyone’s acting is spot-on, and looking at the work she’s done on her IMDB, getting Tymberlee Hill is a coup and I’m hoping for more fun with her. Even if Sean actually throws her fastmeatballs. (Who knew he could spot his pitches so well?)

    I wish MSN didn’t dim when pausing, makes it hard to read all the credits. Yeah, I should get an XBOX. Someday.

    A bit hoarse? Oh noes. Means gotta get used to a slightly hoarse Codex in all the webcams, or at least the first half of the season, if they were all filmed the same day. Well, it’s not a real Bad Horse. Not a terrible… death… whinny.

    In sum (finally), wow. Blown away. Didn’t know if you could really top it, but it’s like this whole episode matched the perfection of the final seconds of Season 3.

  • Markus

    After the cliffhanger of S3 this was SO eagerly awaited πŸ™‚ And What a Series opening! I must say the new camera makes it look really shiny when streaming in HD on xbox. The sound and picture is so polished. The MSN stream sadly doesnt do it justice.

    Cant believe how much happened in 5 mins! I’ve got to go back and watch it again a few more times to pick up all the subtleties that the people on the forums spotted πŸ™‚ (I think I was too busy listening to the inner geek-squee about Series 4 finally airing)

    To pack that much in and leave a cliffhanger in one episode is brilliant. Utterly enjoyed it, and the companion podcasts by Kenny and Jenni ( will add even more depth to the season!

    Thanks Felicia. The only other series to get me this excited (and eager to re-watch episodes to spot more things) was the recent Doctor Who πŸ™‚

  • I thought this was a FANTASTIC opening to the new season!! I’m so excited to see more! Loved it! <3<3

  • Loved the new ep. You are allt so great.

    Look what I found on Etsy today :o)

  • Vlada

    Hurray, watching it made my day!!! Cant wait to see how it goes between two of them! πŸ˜‰

  • Jon C

    Sorry if this posts twice.

    Ms. Day Thank you for your entertainment. I started watching the Guild in 07-08 when I was stuck in Iraq for 15 months and have followed it ever sense. Comedians like yourself and others help out a lot during the long days and nights. Being in the Army we need the laughs or we would go nuts and for me your gaming humor hits right at home.

  • korkster

    Ah, the first episode was exquisite! Although I see the humor in Bladezz’s sneeze, I just can’t laugh at it because it disgusts me so… I’m a person who prefers burgers without snot. πŸ˜‰

    My two favorite parts (besides everything I saw), was Zaboo’s scream of despair and Clara’s all-too-knowing of “achievement unlocked!”. LOL. I’m still laughing at it, a day later. πŸ™‚

    I actually like the progression of the film quality; it seems to reflect not only the early development days of the Guild Season 1, but also the slow progression of each character finding themselves- new levels of hero’s journey = better resolution.

    I can’t wait for the Guild panel this year. I was one of the hundred that almost made it inside last year, but I’m not taking chances this time around. Nothing is scheduled in advance of the panel. Hopefully I can get a squid hat before then.

    Even Codex’s affirmation of sex by not verbally announcing it is hilarious. The eyes to the bed… as if facial expressions and non-confessions would hinder the Guild’s shock. tee hee

  • Ronny

    Hi felicia!
    Iv’e seen all episodes of the guild on youtube! and i really adore you!
    i would love to discuss some things with you, so if you would be so kind to add me @ msn it would be really appreciated! πŸ™‚

    Grettings from norway.! πŸ™‚

  • Hannah

    I only discovered the Guild about a week ago and I watched all three seasons three times (some episodes four times) because I just couldn’t get enough! I am beyond excited for Season 4 and I can’t wait to see the Codex/Fawkes relationship (?) evolve. Any hints as to what direction they’re going? Can we expect a Felicia Day/Wil Wheaton kiss? :O

  • Theguildlover

    Ok so im confused is this suposed to be based on world ofwarcraft? and felicia do u play wow? if u do tell me ur relm/name! πŸ˜€

  • Theguildlover


  • Nitpicking, the camera model is “Canon 5D Mark II”. The mark II part matters as there is an older version, the “Canon 5D” which does not shoot video at all.

  • Hey Felicia, long time lurker. I read your blog religiously, I think you’re absolutely gorgeous while being real and down to earth, and you (like me) don’t deny your inner nerd, which I LOVE. I’m literally thinking of going redhead because of you πŸ™‚

    SO, the delurking is selfish. I’m 1 of 20 contestants to be MTV’s first Twitter Jockey (… and my 4th “challenge” along this journey is to get a celebrity to follow me on Twitter. Basically, I want someone I actually like and look up to… so here I am.

    You can totally unfollow me when voting’s over (7/22) if you want… but a girl’s gotta ask. I’m at, and yes, it would make my life if you would follow me!

  • IneedFeliciaDayinmywebseries

    I so need you in my web series D: You are so awesome words cannot describe it.
    Contact me πŸ˜€

    I need your awesome.

  • Chris “Logan” Walter

    the guild rocks my face off. really i have no skin on my head right now. I’d hire you for the web series im writing… but cant afford to pay you or fly you to philly, so maybe when i make some money. hahaha. love your work, youre amazing

  • Chris “Logan” Walter

    Also, if you’re inclined or have time to give it, I would love some input on a skit I’m going to write about how you’re in everything and I want it to look Guildesque. Since The Guild is your baby any input you have (especially permission) would be MUCH appreciated. Feel free to contact me at

  • Felicia, your show is brilliant. Great job. I watched all three seasons a couple of months ago and I’m hooked. You clearly have a bright future. Keep up the great work. “Achievement Unlocked” indeed.


  • Zabbo pressing the button to scream publicly was hilarious… The Guild is awesome and reminds me a lot me and my friends playing WOW (and sadly, many times the moments off the game too)…
    This show is the best funny gamers’ thing since The Gamers (of Dead Gentlemen Productions) and is just improving since the first season.
    Congratulations and I hope this 4th season even better than the third… Mr Wiggly should keep trying to play… The guild still needs an off-tank and play as a Paladin is kind of easy to learn.. ^^

  • Navajo87301Fan

    Felicia, great episode, love the kitchen scene.the very 1st thing i watched was the music video and love it. it was about four months before i found out it was about a web series. after watching the dvds, everyone from my little sister to my grandmother loves it. My 6 year sister love Bladezz, and. thinks Tinkerballa is cool.
    hope you have many more seasons to come. i think my family and i are your only Native American fan you have. but we how be bring you show to many more people in our Nation. πŸ˜‰

  • Luvsbitch

    Great first episode. Made it well worth the wait. I am so glad that the quality of the show has been so consistent. Every episode that I watch from every season is literally as exciting to me as when I saw the very first episode. I think this first episode really needed to run a little longer, rather than as you say trying to set an arbitrary limit. It never feels stretched. I Love that Codex is becoming more confident and outgoing, but that there hasn’t been a giant leap where she is truely a self confident person now. All the characters have evolved and grown, but are still the same characters. Perfect!

  • NodNod

    Hi there Felicia. I have to admit until the other day I hadn’t heard of The Guild. One of my band mates and I have a ritual where we have to take a break from recording each day and watch Dr. Horrible. It started when I kept bragging about it to her and then played it. After looking up information about Dr. Horrible I found that you were making The Guild. I have to tell you that I am extremely happy that I found it. I watched all the episodes and outtakes in a day and cannot wait for more. It is very intelligently done and all the actors (including yourself) have a certain charisma about them. Your productions have made my life a little bit better. Thanks

    Tim a.k.a. NodNod

  • James Joseph Emerald

    Just discovered this show today. Stayed up ridiculously late watching the entire 3 seasons + this episode (good morning, incidentally…)

    The writing is great. How much of it is you? The dialogue is always very sharp, with a great attention to character voice. I love how each of the Guildies has a fully distinctive personality and perfectly appropriate set of mannerisms. A lot of shows neglect that aspect (e.g. as much as I love Joss Whedon’s work, all his characters tend to be quick-witted smartasses at their core)

    Girls always seem to be better at writing comedy and/or drama. Maybe it’s because they’re better at keying in to the emotions of their characters to drive the jokes, rather than just making random pop-culture gags.

    (P.S. Favourite dialogue exchange was early on when everyone overhears Zaboo talking about his overbearing mother and they respond:
    Clara: “That’s Awful!”
    Tink: “Awesome.”
    Vork: “Awkward…”
    I was like “Aww”
    Love subtle alliterative wordplay for no reason.)

  • James Joseph Emerald

    Bah. I wrote a nice, long, insightful comment, analysing (and complimenting) your writing style. But alas, it seems to have failed to go through. And I’m too demoralised to write it all over again.

    Now my elaborate plan to seduce Felicia Day with my pithy remarks will never come to fruition. Woe is I!

    (I do remember the post-script though: My favourite dialogue exchange was early in Season 1 when the Guildies overhear Zaboo describing how he’s treated by his overbearing mother, and they respond:
    Clara: “That’s awful!”
    Tink: “Awesome.”
    Vork: “Awkward…”
    And I was like “Aww!”
    Love subtle alliterative wordplay written for no reason other than linguistic glee.)

    Discovered the show today, and stayed up waaay too late watching it all.
    Good morning, incidentally…

  • Patch Mac

    You just keep setting the bar higher and higher!

  • Jeremy Cole

    So I thought the episode was well done, but one thing stood out to me. It may not be the first episode, but it always strikes me as odd when I see Codex wearing makeup in her own home. I’m sure there are great reasons for it from an acting standpoint, but Codex strikes me as the non-makeup type at all, and I know very few girls who put on makeup so they can sit around the house.

    • NodNod

      It’s best just to enjoy it and not get picky over things. Besides, if codex decides to have an impromptu video chat or blog she is all set.

  • Nicolina

    I absolutely love your show!! You are amazing! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait for the next episode!

  • My vote goes for longer episodes – to be as clear as codex.

  • carlos

    Thank you for sharing part of your life on the internet. Discovering these pages has been like been introduced to a new witty, inteligent, charming friend.. and those are always welcome.

  • ningauble3020

    In Ultima 5, I think of the middle Shadowlord as their leader…but why? Because he’s in the middle.

  • ningauble3020

    I want Greg Benson on as the nemesis/foil to Vork. PLEASE DO THIS. I love Uncle Greggy’s work and his Vork was substantially over the top…which was superlendiferous.

  • ningauble3020

    LEATHER PANTS! I’m leaving now.

  • pic test

  • Pego

    I’ve loved the series so far with the exception of Riley, who displays a horrible sort of boundary – free predatory form of BDSM Bisexuality. Torturing Zaboo without permission or safeguard. This character manages to slander 2 groups at once.

    Since I am familiar with these 2 communities (Being a Bi, not actually any part or interest in BDSM except for the really hot outfits) I have to say that Zaboo is precisely the sort who fall into the BDSM community as a Sub. I’ve seen a number of people with a horrid, boundary-free pattern of life-experiences turn to the rigid but simple, overt rules of BDSM to learn how to make and keep safe boundaries. A rather funny thing to watch, really.

    I hope not ALL of the Bi’s in your story line are rapaciously predatory? Is Cyd going to make herself any guiltier?

    • James Joseph Emerald

      That’s a fair point. It seems like the underlying message coming from The Guild is bisexuality = evil, and BDSM = unhealthy.

      Now, the second part is debatable (just because a subculture exists surrounding a certain practice, doesn’t mean it’s psychologically healthy. There are heroin and paedophile subcultures too. And the whole idea of being pathologically submissive strikes me as something people may need help with. Then again, if it’s an isolated part of their life, and doesn’t bleed into other aspects like social or occupational submission, then it’s probably harmless. But, there’s always the risk of wearing people’s self-image down through repetition alone) and that parenthetic aside was so long I’ve forgotten the rest of this sentence.

      Oh, but yeah. It strikes me as a bit… telling, that one bisexual character is a sadistic, sociopathic vamp (Riley), and the other one is a bilious, bitter bitch (Venom). And the only other (apparently) non-heterosexual is a (presumably) closeted gay who’s the joke-butt of almost every scene he’s in.

      I’m not condemning. It’s probably not intentional. Because freedom of sexuality directly threatens male dominance and/or the patriarchal nature of society, so it’s usually shown in a villainous light, if at all, by male writers. And most writers outside of the romance arena are male (though I’m happy to see this slowly changing). Which has caused it to become one of those subconscious tropes that most writers are barely aware of.

      In conclusion: write what you want, but try not to rely on stereotypes and stock characters. It’s easy enough to give them a twist, to keep things fresh. And, y’know, not potentially offensive to large, vocal communities…

      • carlos

        Zaboo is part hindu. Does Zaboo character imply that all hindus are cyberstalkers? Does Claras char imply that overweight people are neglectful parents? Does Vork imply that people with OCD are dishonest cheats (he cashes social security checks for his dead grandfather)? Does Codex imply that all fiddlers are arsonists? Does Bladezz mean that all teenagers are whtever bladezz is? (it cant be good) Dont get me started on Tinkerbella. I understand your points but i also hope you understand mine. Extreme rationalization can spoil anything.

        • Pego

          To my knowlege there are no steriotypes currently evincing any of those points. There IS, however, the aforesaid two steriotypes about Bisexuals and the BDSM group. It’s kind of a common ploy to directly conform to a steriotype instead of what Felicity has usually done, which was to reference a steriotype like a sexually ambivelent son of a sexually and physically overbearing mom and unpacking it in an unexpected way like making them Hindi. That sugests that Hindi peeps have just the same problems and families as the rest of us, good and bad in the mix. I’ve REALLY liked that about her writing and am bothered that she has not done so as yet with this one.

      • KockofAges

        What a pretentious comment. Like you know how other LGBT viewers feel about the show. I bet half the viewers see the stereotypes and have a sense of humor about it. They’re stock characters because they are funny. Most of my lesbo friends love to muff dive. Most of my fag friends like a good ass pounding. Does that make them stereotypical? Hell yeah! Stereotypical means so commonplace we recognize it and that’s what makes it funny. Myself I plow the pussy, but hey as Shakespeare said, Fuck It As You Like It.

        Why don’t we all just relax and let Felicia make whatever show she wants. If her audience likes it, great. I’m black. I’m writing this at KFC with a drumstick in my mouth and a watermelon pip in my butthole. You were offended and sounded your self-righteous bugle and that’s ok. I welcome stupid asshole viewpoints and espouse many myself. Welcome! Go blow off some steam (AKA jizz) and unclench a little.

      • Pego

        Heh It is an oddity of my personal history vollunteering with help groups but I’ve seen people who were tortured as children and as adults go into BDSM for just that “Needs help” reason and I must admit that practices that encourage people to take cotrol of their own boundaries are usually more successful, even more successful than some therapies. Tho, for the most part BDSM people are more like Gamers, in that they like to construct fantacies and dress up, theirs are simply more physical and tittlating than most. Lot of people have a hard time distinguishing sociopaths from them because of the dress up but the reality is far different.

        Personally, I’ld like to see Clara get a load of those costumes, teehee.

      • len

        practices that encourage people to take control of their own boundaries are usually more successful, even more successful than some therapies.

        That is insightful, Pego.

        A problem of too much analysis of the story line in terms of realized stereotypes is The Guild is a comedy and an overserious attempt to map the stereotypes to real situations runs afoul of the needs to keep it short and funny, so The Guild characters are cartoon characters in a sense reflecting mostly surface attributes in the episode even where illustrating growth over the arc.

        As I recall, there were complaints here about Air Bender: The Movie not staying true to the originals with some racism implied. I think it problematic to hold that production to a standard and not or try to hold The Guild to the same standard of accuracy. A cartoon is not a scientific depiction. On the other hand, if over an arc there is not some fidelity to the stereotypes as they evolve, the storylines would ring false. One could say The Guild is in some way a depiction of stereotype breaking as the players have to interact more in the real world and attempt to both maintain stereotypes where a character wants to control the relationship and to break them and apply new stereotypes where characters want to change those relationships.

        That is, in response to the quoted comment, stereotyping is a form of boundary maintenance.

        • Pego

          “I think it problematic to hold that production to a standard and not or try to hold The Guild to the same standard of accuracy. A cartoon is not a scientific depiction. ”

          I say boycott them all….

          When film-houses hit the ground they were expected to make money so they pandered to the rampant prejudices of the white paying producers and public. Almost all our common dialogue of screen stereotypes were invented in that first couple of decades and people of other ethnicities literally rioted when seeing themselves slandered so violently on film. Over the decades these stereotypes have been worn down, disguised in more PC appearing, back-handed versions, defended as being “artistic” or “just entertainment”, but the reality IS that through American film, American bigotry has successfully been imported around the world. I don’t suggest that other racisms weren’t available elsewhere but it’s a bit shameful to find out that African people have come to believe that African-American American people are largely a gang-ridden menace, tho they have never met one.

          So, no, I do not bother to watch things and people that make me stupider than when I started. I DO send blistering commentary when right-wing propaganda has been given a thin veneer of historical names, like 300 was. I DO find it a bit insulting to all our minds that a Persian looking man can’t be a iconic screen hero so we get a Jake Gyllenhaal in “Prince of Persia”. I liked him better in ‘Brokeback Mountain’. David Ackert or Dominic Rains, who are both quite hot looking come to mind.

          Let’s just say, I find it problematic to swallow stupid, when simply moving and demanding more on will get us a better diet altogether.

        • len

          Boundary creation and maintenance are hallmark behaviors of elite emergence. While we may not like what results, we do have to understand the social processes if we want to change what we see to our own liking. Just keep in mind that we will be replacing their stereotypes with our stereotypes because we are creating new boundaries. There are issues of scale and locale when one tries this kind of directed cultural evolution. For example, The Guild is not a product of the Hollywood elite which is a fairly local elite regardless of its cultural reach. Felicia is a member of a transnational elite. The Guild is a transnational cultural phenomenon.

          Social structures route institutional controls for adjusting power relationships by setting and evolving sharable precedents and values which can alter the relationships among those structures that affect selection behaviors. For the geek modelers here, values have types; precedents establish rules.

          How are boundaries set (e.g.; communication boundaries: group creation with typed members to constrain communication and limit control incursions from other groups or the environment)? Are boundaries responsible for elite emergence or do boundaries emerge from elite sustainability behaviors (self defense against non-self-directed modifications)?

          The game isn’t changing so much as the dominant players are based on their tools changing in cost and distribution changing in form and system. How they use that to self-direct their evolution and therefore the evolution of the non-elite who rely on them for entertainment resources is up to them. I would hazard a guess one reason for Felicia’s dominant status past her talents is her moral choices for lack of a better phrase. Her values and the precedents she sets are attractive so one gets a co-opt elite effect instead of a counter-elite effect with her audience. The tough decision she has to make every day is how she works with the existing elites (Hollywood) in which she is temporally embedded. Likely doesn’t think of it in those terms but I’m model theorizing, not trying to read her inscrutable mind. So far she appears to be thriving on the “we got our own stuff” value which, IMO, is a good thing given the VF6 kerfluffle.

        • Pego

          Only a shrink would think that simply boundary maintenance is that special πŸ™‚ Elite emergence indeed.

          Our stereotypes, sadly, have NOT changed that much. They are very solidly based in the bigotries of the turn of the last century. You might get a good chuckle out of watching “TV’s Illest Minority Moments” that runs every Black History month on VH1. The corporate money that drives the industry is conservative in that it keeps and pushes those easy formulae. Every one of us grew up with them and, by thoughtless habit, maintain them ourselves. It takes a little thought to stop that silliness.

          If you think stereotypes should have changed more in one century just think, AndrΓ© le Chapelain created our ideal about interpersonal behavior, love and romance for Eleanor of Aquitaine’s court. The guy was a real jackass and by my read only invented all that romantic fluff to get laid. Once laid and bored, or thoroughly rejected, they were all whores. Real gent, that one.

    • sam

      It’s funny, I thought the exact same thing and was a bit disheartened by that.

  • Johnny

    I am not entirely crazy about the new camera BUT I will force myself to like it cause you are digging it πŸ˜›

    YAY for season 4!!! I am soooo excited for you guys.. totally love everything you do!

    yay yay FREAKING yay!

    *end spaz…

  • Congrats! I’m looking forward to spending an afternoon and catching up.

    I want your camera!

  • shadowspy

    Glad that the show is back on. It reminds me of a few friends of mine. The whole cast is great. It great that codex might actually have a relationship.(about time) Seriously, no love for the Vork? I couldn’t even imagine the date he would have. Keep up with the great show and hope there is further success to all.

  • Kaung

    I think Ep 4.2 is the best written one yet. I LOL’ed more than ever, and really enjoyed the dialogue. Looking forward to more of that in the future.

    P.S. Please come back to Dragon*Con. Crossing fingers for 2011!

  • Daley

    I’m very interested in your statement “I probably could have cut some stuff…”.
    I’m always fiendishly desiring more and I can’t think of what you could of possibly left out.

    I’ve stayed up until 3am EST each Tuesday and I will do so for the rest of the season.
    I appreciate and love your work and blog. You make my day. Well, Tuesdays mostly.

  • Beanie

    I love Clara’s squidy hat! Does anyone know where I can get one like that?

  • Jenn

    The squid hat made the episode for me. As a former FFXI player, I know people who have homemade Mandragora hats.

  • carlos

    “at some point in the evening you farted on me to make me taco-flavored. It was cute”
    Im still laughing at that one.

  • Yokan

    I love the completely causal way Vincent says the line: ‘You are a part of the public.’

    A minor quibble: the colours on the new season Bing videos don’t pop as much as they did in the older ones. May be worth looking into.

  • Spenser

    I am really enjoying your new season! I am surprised to hear that you don’t trust the new camera. I prefer Canon’s, because of the high quality of their equipment and reasonable ( and I use “reasonable” quite loosely) price.
    Taking the plot away from the usual “sneaking around with another guy” path is very interesting, and a very good way to segregate from the norm.
    Once again, I am really enjoying your show, and your acting is wonderful! Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more of it in future episodes!

  • M

    Let me be very clear and upfront, I am a HUGE fan of The Guild, all the characters and Felicia Day. As a female gamer I can appreciate all the little stereotypes, the guild drama, the nuances of β€œirl” vs. β€œthe game”, I get it.

    I have to be honest though when I tell you how disappointed I am with the Codex/Fawkes development…It seems like an overused dramatic ploy I’d expect to see on a soap opera. I want to see Codex get some lovin’ as much as the next fan but Fawkes? The same guy who treated her like sh*t, antagonized her friends, verbally bashed her on vent and prides himself on being a complete ass? I just don’t get it. Not only does it make Codex seem weak but it’s entirely unrealistic. Yeah so Codex suffers from some confidence issues etc etc….but really? Sleeping with Fawkes after he was a complete dick to her and her friends?

    It would be different if there was some development between them, but instead he throws some positive attention her way and a few hours later she wakes up in bed with him?

    A little more character development would have been nice. There’s a difference between comedy and the total dismissal/destruction of character credibility. – This was submitted by a fellow gamer who shares my sentiment.

  • Andrew

    Hi Felicia, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the new season of The Guild for awhile but annoyingly it’s still not appeared on XBL in the UK. Do you know when it will go live here?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • It should definitely already be there, have you checked on the Zune Marketplace? I had the Xbox ppl check and it’s there, I promise!

  • Bill Edwards

    Epi 1 was a little over the top. I love this show, but CPR? Characters are funniest when they deliver their lines and slapstick humor in a believable way. Felicia, not trying to be mean, just honest. Everyone was just a little too over the top and amped up. The show is wickedly clever and funny without adding cartoony stuff.

    • Daley

      I didn’t get that feeling at all. To me, it was just as awesome as it usually is. If it ain’t broke…

      • Thx for all the comments all! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Clearly I put what I really feel creatively the show needs on the screen, and makes me laugh. To debate all the finer points of the episodes, because I’m not gonna address issues like this directly, feel free to discuss with fans over at!

    • Pego

      I dunno, I’ve found several of her MOST cartoony moments pee-in-your-britches funny. Remember “Boss Fight”? Hysterical and yet disturbingly reminiscent of some really dysfunctional Mom’s I’ve met over the years. That was a serious ROTFLMAO moment. I think that is still one of my faves.

      It’s also not like Cyd hasn’t been looking to get laid from day one, nor is it fair to say that the idiot plot of dating Just Exactly The Wrong Guy/Gal isn’t based on reality.

  • Andrew

    Hi Felicia, I went into the Zune marketplace and checked and Episodes 1 and 2 are in there and am downloading now!

    All the previous seasons are available from the Independent Video section of the Xbox Live dashboard, so I had been looking there.

    Many thanks!

  • Roland Z. Hayes

    Watching the latest episode, a thought strikes me: You should ‘take a meeting’ with Sprint, and pitch the idea to make some 30 second spots for them, to run before your shows.

    The ad that starts out with the stone wheel, and dominoes through technological time was interesting/engaging the first few times I saw it, but it’s stale to me now, and just a little annoying if I’m watching a few episodes back to back.

    I have to believe they spent a lot of money creating that ad; it probably plays ‘better’ on traditional TV, but it seems a bit out of place as a front end to a webisode. They should send a portion of their ad budget to you and Kim, and let you create something that fits better with the new medium. Am I making sense? Anyone else agree?

    Yeah, I know, like you need more on your plate right now…

  • that’s OK. but i am wondering what your purpose for recording this video is.

  • Hi Felicia,

    Big fan of The Guild. Watching the series inspired me to create an independent web series of my own. Check out the trailer if you get a chance. Looking forward to a new season of The Guild.


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