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Guild Finale Now Posted!


Sorry for the lack of updating, I’ve been working on House all week, it’s a great role and I’m having a blast! Just been too busy to post, will do so this weekend. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the season finale of The Guild!

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Thank you so much! Will update again this weekend!

  • Loved the deadpanned pudding comment! Have fun working on house. Bring us more guild-y goodness soon!

  • The Finale is awesome – and special effects, too! Congrats to all the team on a brilliant Season 1. And congrats on the House role – I guess Edgar was right, after all… 🙂

  • Cameron Standring

    Excellent! CGI, Bladezz’s redemption, and funny. I look forward to the second season – are you guys going to jump right into that, or take a break from filming?

  • Ooh, yes. Can’t wait for more of those good pudding. BTW, your dressing-style, so cool. I love it.

    This was an awesome season one final. And the best season one of any web episode ever seen. Can’t wait to see you in Dr. Horrible, and can’t even more wait to see season two of The Guild.

    Thanks to all of you.

  • Loved it! I’m really sad that this is the end of the first season though… Lost is almost over for the season, and The Guild is over already… all I have to look forward to is It’s Always Sunny, but I don’t know when it’s going to be on. I hope you start up with The Guild season two soon!

  • Zach

    By far the most cornball episode of the series, but that is what made it so fun! Now damn it, where is my season 1 DVD. Great job Felicia 🙂

  • Clara rocks my world. tehehe

  • HOUSE!! I love House, I will be so excited to see you on there! Hope you don’t have the plague.

  • That was a sweet end of Season 1! I can haz season 2?

  • Formaldehyde

    Hey, congrats on getting the gig on House. I love that show, it’s the only show I watch religiously every week.

    I loved the final episode of the guilt. I can’t wait for the next series.

  • Formaldehyde


  • Favorited, Rated, Commented, Blogged, Discussed, Dugg, Watched Thrice.

    Did I miss anything?

  • edgar

    @worldofhiglet I never mentioned her House role… I may have deflected it a little by saying “No, Felicia’s tweet was more of a ‘working from my House’ tweet…”

    I’m sneaky like that…


  • congrats on your fianle 🙂

    hope you enjoyed making it as we did viewing it.

  • Temple

    Great! I loved the facial expressions from Codex and Zaboo when Momma Boss got back up!

  • Tim

    Great finale!

  • P.S. – Outstanding.

  • Hey @feliciaday, How did you score the sponsor?

    Did you blog about that and I just didn’t look deep enough in your blog?

    I want to know so I can blog about it.

  • Funny! And a cliffhanger ending with a near swearing! A good little web series; can’t wait for Season 2.

  • Benmused

    Absolutely hilarious conclusion to the first season! I absolutely lover writing style Felicia, and all of you are fantastically hilarious.

    P.s. I’ve loved seeing you in TV spots ever since I first saw you on Buffy way back in 2003. So happy for you that you’re still going strong (and looking so gorgeous too!)

  • Thanks XDPaul for all that work, it makes a lot of difference!

    Tim, we didn’t get the sponsor 🙁 I’m totally regretting it now, but I put the pre-roll on the show because we won that money from the Greenlight Award Prize. Now, I’m pretty sure YouTube is not allowing us to monetize, or at least delaying it a lot, because of it, and we haven’t gotten a feature like I had hoped for. My theory is that it’s because of that.
    I took MUCH pains in constructing a preroll that made it as clear as possible that they weren’t sponsoring the episode, they were presenting us as the winner of the award, but clearly that wasn’t as successful as I had hoped.
    I live and learn I supposed. 🙁
    THanks so much to everyone for all the great feedback, I really appreciate it!

  • Yes, we all live and learn. Even you. 😉

    Don’t be sad. It will all work out.
    The Guild has to much power by now. 🙂

    We are with you. Forever! 🙂

  • The best part, in my opinion, is your costume–I wear a similar one around the house, or when greeting foreign dignitaries.

    Here is a pic of exactly that.

  • Felicia,

    Could you contact me directly? I’d like to chat more about what happened with the preroll and blog about it if possible.


  • Felicia,

    Loved the season finale of the guild. Your going to be on house?!? I look forward to that because house is one of my favorite shows. Their season finale is a mind trip. Any way, the line “life is so much easier measured in experience points”, I loved. Mainly because its so true in some regards, lol. Maybe because I had just had one of the worst days at work in a while. Anyway, just wanted to pop by and comment.

  • Yay, season finale!

    Guess I have to wait till my husband gets home to watch it. Or I could watch it and then put on a surprised face when we watch it tonight.

    Exciting that you’re on House … will look forward to seeing that episode when it filters down to New Zealand a million months from now. 🙂

  • conDion

    I finaly had the time to watch it…
    And it was again a good look, awesome

    Nice Boss fight, and a good cliffhanger to keep me looking forward to next season 🙂

  • Hurrah! That was so much fun! Thanks for providing chuckles and giggles for a whole family of gamer and gamer-enablers 🙂

  • when are you on house?!?!!?!? i am a huge fan but due to living in Australia and I very behind on episodes.

  • Mauro

    It’s probably not gonna be until sometime in September, when the new season starts.

  • Virginia

    I feel like a dick for not watching it within the first two days, but seeing as how I finally graduated from college that may have been a bit more impor… nah fuck it, I shoulda been watching The Guild! Loved the finale, the special effects were an especially nice touch.

  • Hello Felicia!

    For a reason unknown to me I stopped watching The Guild from episode 3.

    Now I know…

    I have sinned.

    Grinded the remaining 7 today. It’s awesome. Legendary. Can’t wait to see more. Also, a role in House sounds like a big thing. And we geeks all have Joss as our god, so won’t miss DH’s S-A B either. Best of luck for the future. 🙂

  • Tim

    Felicia, Thanks for the Patrick Rothfuss book. It arrived today! Awesome. Cheers!

  • Little late to the party, but grats on finishing season 1! Here’s hoping that with all the success, season 2 will be less stressful.

    On a side note, for the “Popular Searches” section for the blog, it lists “pictures of floggings” as one of them. Kinda curious what it would bring if I clicked on it, but I’ve learned my lesson after 2 Girls, 1 Cup.

  • Razielthesarafan

    Gratz on the first season and im looking forward too many more, as a new lifelong fan i would just like to say THANK YOU !!!!!! best show ever EX #1 Fav show Flight of the Conchords New #1 Fav show THE GUILD!!! LoL looking forward to many more season. Btw love your toons name all hail Codex;)

  • Kev

    Hey Felicia, I hope its not the be all and end all type finale! Love the guild…reminds me of a slightly crazier version of my life half the time! Keep them coming, they are fun.

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