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Guild Finale! Episodes 11 & 12!


The Guild Season 3 Finale was posted today! We MADE IT!

Streaming on Bing Video
Alt Streaming MSN Parallel Universe Site
Zune/Xbox Download (You can also view the episodes here through the Zune Software PC users)
And Episodes 8-12 Outtakes!

And if you need a place to catch up on all seasons, Bing Video has a nice place to watch them all in a beautiful organized fashion.

Episode 11

<br /><a href="" target="_new"title="'The Guild' Episode 11: Battle Royale">Video: &#8216;The Guild&#8217; Episode 11: Battle Royale</a>

Episode 12

<br /><a href="" target="_new"title="'The Guild' Episode 12: Hero">Video: &#8216;The Guild&#8217; Episode 12: Hero</a>

Gag reel for ep 9-12

<br /><a href="" target="_new"title="Season 3 - Gag Reel: Episodes 9-12">Video: Season 3 &#8211; Gag Reel: Episodes 9-12</a>

Well, what to say. I guess I’m surprised that director Sean Becker and DP John Schmidt survived this shoot. It was pretty insane to accomplish coverage of such complicated stuff and make sure it edited together properly and was fast and funny. In two days. They did an amazing job due to impeccable planning and storyboarding. We were lucky to have the local LA Zune House (a party location) to shoot in! Kim and I had attended a few parties there and thought “Wow, that’s a cool coincidence, can we pull some strings and not shoot in a janky cheap warehouse?!” Thank you all the Microsoft people it took to arrange it. Pretty much the best location to shoot at EVER since there was SOOOO much room. Production value through the nose that we couldn’t have accomplished any other way on our budget.

So the episodes. Two Guilds. Fifteen Actors. 20 Extras. What a nightmare, who thought of this storyline anyway?!?! Well, for episode 11 it is the finest frenzy we’ve ever done. I was determined to give everyone a grace note in one of these episodes, and I think everyone got wrapped up pretty well. There were, frankly, too many storylines going on this season, but out of necessity I made them work, because I couldn’t think of any other way to do the season. I think for season 4 there will be a more streamlined story on my writing part, but due to the chaotic nature of this season’s storyline I’m really happy with how it turned out.

An aside: I know when the episode goes up on any World of Warcraft site the main comment will be, “A PRIEST survives 2 on one with DPS characters?!? STUPID!” Well, whatever. Artistic license and this isn’t WOW. I always picture Codex running and hiding, and then stunning Tink and Fawkes a lot. I feel like she’d be good at evasion as a player. πŸ™‚

It was a joke with me and Sean when I was writing the season, “What’s gonna be the Special Effect Shot in episode 12?” Well, I hadn’t planned one, but just because he was joking around I came up with the Codex/Cyd conversation. And I like it so much. They say you never change unless YOU want to change, and to get Cyd to grow a spine she looks inside herself. Or inside her monitor. Because, at heart, I believe we are a piece of our avatars online, whether actual or aspirational. Ok, I’ll stop being semi-deep now. πŸ˜€ Another reason was the costumes were expensive and it was another reason to use mine, LOL.

In episode 12 I also love…*SPOILER*

…the arc of Wil’s character and mine culminating into the season cliffhanger. When I wrote that down I giggled with GLEE. And coincidentally it was the first scene we shot, with a skeleton crew to prevent anyone knowing what would happen. Well, we always have a skeleton crew, but whatever. I wanted to keep it a big surprise. When I was planning the season I wanted to avoid a romance arc for Codex since she already did that with the stunt guy last season. I kept wanting to hook these two up though, I didn’t massage it to happen, I wrote it because it made sense. Every time I read the script through that transition from Zaboo and me to that last scene made me laugh. I’m so excited to see people reacting the same way! When I rewote the season (the MANY times) I kept trying to sprinkle sexual tension between them, but make it very subtle and not a give-away.

Another scene that I like is the Riley/Venom kiss. The line, “That’s a hell of a long kiss,” was so lame but made me and Sean laugh a lot, so we kept it in. Script-wise I originally planned that Riley grabbed and kissed ME, but as I was writing I felt like Riley’s nature and Venom’s nature would suit each other. I could see these two having a good relationship actually. Well, “good” is widely interpretable. Above all I wanted Zaboo to step up and get HIMSELF out of the mess of this relationship. I didn’t want Codex saving him, and I wanted that moment before Fawkes steps in between them at the very end to have a sense of possibility, because they’ve grown alone they might be able to be actual friends together. Oops.

What else, the cool conversation between Bruiser and Bladezz, Clara being pregnant, Zaboo’s hashtag #sweetburns, there are so many moments that we had so much fun with. All in all I’m so proud of the season, I feel like we stepped it up on every level. Our cast and crew this season were fantastic, thank you each and every one. And thanks to you guys for watching and commenting. It’s what we do this stuff for. πŸ™‚

We have lots of DVD extras that are being processed now, S3 DVD to be early next year. I’m working on the comic (the art is looking AMAZING, so exciting) and hopefully I’ll have time for more blogging about non-Guild stuff for a bit. I know I need a bit of a creative break because I’ve been downloading history books of World War I and enrolling in trapeze classes. I guess the strange stuff I do to shake my creative boredom can only go to more inspiration!

  • Mike Donatello

    I can’t wait to add the S3 DVD to the collection! It was an spectacular season and great fun to see the characters continue to grow so much. You’ve done some great writing — I think that a third of my Facebook quotes are Guild lines — so the bar’s set pretty high.

    With the success of this last year, I can’t imagine MSFT not wanting to pick it up again. I hope you can get a few months’ down time (e.g., do some DC-area appearances with the whole group), then chain yourself to your puter and write. Somewhere around elevendy jillion people are waiting for season four!

    Thanks to you, cast and crew for a wickedly good show.

    P.S. Please don’t break anything on the trapeze. Maybe you should try diving instead. πŸ™‚

  • Wildride

    The thing with Cyd being blindsided by ending up with Fawkes is that is doesn’t give her a chance to get in her own way like she did with the stunt guy. She seems like she’d be more likely to fall into things rather than get there by planning. Also: the kilt — Chicks love the kilt. πŸ˜‰

    Gotta love the way that one dude says, “Goodbye”. It’s no “motorboat hello”, but it’s got a thing.

    Kinda wonder if Clara hasn’t just done the Jerry Seinfeld thing and not learned a thing.

  • Brent

    This season has been absolutely wonderful! Your work on The Guild has been inspiring. I loved every episode. I think episode 4 sticks out as my favorite, that chat channel scene was hilarious! I’ve been a fan since the first episode, but season 3 (and the Music Vid) has made me a super fan. It’s all such high quality work. Now I own guild t-shirts, the dvds, I’m getting involved in the KotG community a bit, and I plan on going to Phoenix Comic Con next year for the guild (my first con!:)). I’m not sure what I’m going to do without having the guild to look forward to every Tuesday. πŸ™

    Thanks to you and the cast n’ crew for all the hard work on an absolutely amazing season. Can’t wait for the next one. See you at comic con.

    Also quick question when does the dvd come out?


  • Ken

    So satisfying. Wil Wheaton is delightfully sinister, as was the entire Axis. Really looking forward to the unbleeped versions on the DVD. I was starting to get worried when all the loose ends were getting wrapped up. It was feeling like a series finale rather than a season finale… until that last shot. Wow! Did not see that coming! What a great season. Incredible writing. Such rich characters. Do you think you might try writing a novel someday?

    Thanks for the Gag Reel as well. Gonna need that footage that Kenny shot of Riley & Venom to be on the DVD release.

  • Rachel N.

    This season was fantastic! Keep up the good work Felicia Day. (=

  • Dani

    After I watched the finale I was like “Holy Guacamole! What did just happen???” =P
    I just can’t wait for Season 4 now! hehe

    It was a great finale! You all rock!

    *sits and waits for the dvd*

    Oh, also, any chance of a Ustream chat any time soon?

  • LOVED the finale! Chuckled all the way through the avatar scene…enjoyed seeing confident Codex (although methinks that state of mind isn’t likely to last long) pwn the Anarchists, and the randomness of the matzah scene.* Grats to the cast and crew; great season!

    * Is Codex Jewish? Represent!!

  • This season turned out excellent, as expected. I’m still incredibly honored that I had the opportunity to intern on the set with the G&E crew this summer. It was a fantastic experience getting to watch the show come together from the inside, and to help out in my small way.


  • Al E.

    I loved it. Don’t stop.

    Bring Wheaton back, too. Cyd hiding a forbidden romance from her guildmates should provide lots of opportunities. (What if the Capulets and Montagues were gaming guilds?)

  • This was a great season and I loved the finale! I totally didn’t see the Codex/Fawkes hookup coming, but I loved it and hope it means Wil W. comes back for Season 4. The Anarchists were great characters, but Fawkes in particular was an amazing addition to the show. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Patti

    That was brilliant. I’d babble on about how and why I think so, but it’d be redundant. That. Was. Brilliant.

    Can’t wait for Season 4.

  • Jag

    I loved the whole serie, and this episode was AGAIN amazing.

    Best line was Subscribe! from Zaboo of course πŸ˜€

    I’m kinda disapointed about the whole Ending thing. Maybe because I liked the way Cyd was innocent and charming, now she feels more charming but not really innocent that much.

    You all did a wonderful job and I really really cant wait for season 4 to start. Best web serie ever and hail to the Knights of Good!

    See you next season miss Day πŸ˜€

  • This was a great season, thanks as always! Dumb question – Should I hold my breath for a Season 1-3 DVD pack, or just buy everything separately? I don’t really mind either way, I’d like to financially suppport The Guild, but I was just soooooo bummed when they came out with the Buffy all-seasons pack for far less than I paid for each season individually… and now I’m babbling. Sorry. Whatever, all seasons are going on my Christmas list!

    GREAT SEASON! That’s all I wanted to say. I really enjoy reading your comments about each episode, because hearing what you think about each episode and what went into each one makes the fact that all the storylines come together in the end and wrap up fairly neatly REALLY AMAZING. Honestly, well done! Love the cliffhanger ending, and I hope we see more of Wil in Season 4. πŸ˜‰

  • Kelly

    My shipper heart is so filled with joy! The fact that Fawkes could so easly handle being beaten by a girl…and a priest, no less, ouch… makes me love him all the more.

    Wonderful season. More please!!!

  • This was my favorite season so far, so don’t be too hard on yourself about the multiple storylines. Congratulations on being awesome.

  • NGWP

    I was so glad they hooked up! I’ve been tentatively daring to hope they’d get together, because there did seem to be a subtle chemistry going on whenever they argued. Fangirl squee! And I’m hoping this means Whil Wheaton will be in at least a few episodes next season.

  • Thank you so much for writing The Guild and congratulations on the wrap of Season 3! As many of the comments above have noted, we can’t wait until the DVD comes out and we are also eager to see Season 4!

    I’m a relatively new fan of The Guild and got hooked after seeing your Twitter post for Season 3 episodes and immediately fell in love with the gaming story line and the characters. I definitely can relate. The music video and the halloween special caught my attention and I said “this show is a keeper!” Now I have to find some other form of entertainment Tuesdays πŸ˜›

    @notreallyasuperhero – I think this series is worth every Penny (haha, play on a noun / proper-noun!). I say buy the DVD sets as they come out and support the efforts of this wonderful cast and crew!

    • OH! Two more things:

      The opening monologue in the finale really cracked me up. The nervous looks and cracker crunching (especially on the gag reel) was awesome. Also loved the chat between Cyd and Codex! Fantastic!

      You’re really enrolling in trapeze classes? Be careful!

  • We have a Season combo with Seasons 1 and 2 now. Season 3 will definitely be separate and available early next year πŸ™‚ You can also still buy each season separately on too, we have both versions still on the market. Thanks so much, so glad you enjoyed it!

    • I realise that this is unlikely but do you plan to produce a region 2 version of the DVD’s? I reheheally want to buy them but am concerned that they won’t play on this side of the pond. Oh, and you’re awesome πŸ™‚

      • Dani

        Phillip, the separate dvds are Season free! =)
        I’m in Region 4 and it works fine, and I know people on Region 2 that got it too and works fine.

  • Major props on finishing the third season! I juuust got into The Guild (started watching it a few weeks after BlizzCon, passed by the booth on Day 2 and could have probably gotten a photo op with at least some of the cast, but I didn’t really know what it was at the time! Regrets’d, but anyway), and I’m really glad I did; I think at least one of the Season DVDs is going to be a Christmas gift for another gamer who can definitely find the humor of it in my family. :>

    Quick question about the comic though, dunno if you can indulge us or not: is it going to be based on the real-life characters, or their in-game counterparts? I looked around the Interwubs and got a lot of confusing and kinda contradictory information.

    Thanks, and congrats again! :>

  • Felicia, you and all of the crew rock as someone can possibly rock. This season was so much fun in the end that I can’t say more than, take your creativity break and hop right into Season 4. I don’t know how it will be sponsored and I would help out a lot if I only could, but me being a bit far away… well it isn’t easy.

    Maybe it will help licensing the Guild Comics next year for Germany and I hope you get some money out of the licensing deals DH does.

    For now, thank you so much for all the fun and keep up the good work, but don’t get burn out syndrome. ;o)



  • DaNiel

    Long time watcher, first time writting. πŸ˜‰
    This was an other great Season, canΒ΄t wait the next one. Perhaps in Season 4 we will see an musical episode?!? Something like this hier from EVE Online:

    Greetings from good old Germany

  • David

    Loved Season 3 and am looking forward to the comic. If you are interested in World War 1, I suggest you check out a book called Russian Sideshow. It is about America’s involvement in the Russian Revolution. I, also, recommend the Pogues version of “And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”

  • I honestly don’t know what to say that I haven’t posted here before, that last episode was pure awesomesauce! I laughed from start to finish, every performance was brilliant and the story and suprise ending were outstanding. I could wax lyrical about every hilarious line but you know what I’m talking about. Oh and the matzah scene at the beginning had me snorting coffee through my nose, coffee’d. In fact that opening sequence before the music already told me that I was in for a real treat. The camera cuts of you looking around squirrel style was genius. Thanks so much for all the work, can’t wait for season 4.

  • Kudos on a brilliant season, rife with zingers and a fine array of facial expressions (the many faces of Vork in particular).

    Might I suggest that there be a special edition Season 3 DVD, complete with Guild Leader amulet and matza bread? And maybe one day, could we can see some merch that includes Guild bumper stickers? (please??) I would love to slap that kind of loot on my fanny…well, my car’s fanny. ^_^

  • Ibaraki

    Episode 311 and 312 highlight something I really like about the show – its casual cosmopolitanism, in which diverse ethnicities, lifestyles and body types are a source of wonderfully irreverent humour, and are not a series of labels that pigeonhole the characters. The effect is (a) true to life, and (b) true progress when compared to the obligatory quirky-yet-PC ethnic supporting casts of Hollywood products.

  • Luis

    Congratulations from Barcelona, Spain!!!!

    I am also a new recruit (I learned of The Guild in September – really don’t remember how) and I have watched every episode ROFL! Great job crew!

    I am eager to read the announcement for Season 4!

    One question: The Guild DVDs are region 1? Can anyone confirm this? Because it would be a problem here in Europe. Anyway I’ll probably order them and figure out what to do to solve the problem if there is.

    My thanks also to everyone transcribing the episodes (mainly Chris Stock)

    • Yes they’re region 1 but I’ve asked Felicia above if they could do a region 2 version.

      • Luis

        Thank you Philip for your quick response … but I already purchased them!

        I read some comments on wikipedia and will try some tricks to change to region 2 once I get them.

        Thanks again!

  • May

    Brilliant finale Felicia, I was really looking forward to seeing it and it didn’t disappoint! I LOVE the Codex/Cyd avatar scene, such a great idea!
    This is the first season that I have actually watched as it’s gone live and it quickly became part of my Tuesday morning routine (I’m in the UK if the times seem a bit out!), it will be missed next week!
    Can’t wait for Season 4 though! congrats to everyone on such a great season 3.

    Oh and that gag reel is absolutely hilarious!

  • Markus

    Hi Felicia. Just wanted to thank you so much for your hard work on The Guild (I’ll thank all the other peeps involved on FB and Twitter later :). The show itself has been truly epic and I think it has managed to induce pretty much every emotion in us as fans.

    The main thing I wanted to thank you for is the community you have helped bring together around your work. The Guild Family are the best bunch of people I know. Bar none. Most communities based on interests can be very cliquey and hard to get established in. Totally not the case with this one. Brilliant people following a brilliant show.

    Thanks for your insane dedication and levels of work on this show. Entertaining and inspirational in equal measures.

  • Nokomys — Angela

    What makes movies/shows w/e my absolute fav is when I have to pause and rewind a scene b/c I laughed so hard at it that I missed a bit. These last couple of episodes were so epic!! One of the biggest laughs I got was when Valkyrie revealed his other toons name. I used to be in a guild w/ a guy who played a female B.E. named Artemis.
    & I made the Muahahahaha my cell text tone. XD

    I can’t wait for Season 4!! Keep up the crazy good work.

    Happy Thanksgiving :))

  • Wow… just wow… I definitely think this was the best season yet. Everything just fit together so perfectly and characters, sense of jeopardy and the action were just really well balanced. Absolutely love the twist at the end, can’t wait to see what happens next season!

    The bit with the cracker was hilarious by the way and the facial expressions!

  • Corsair

    Oh dear. My Wil Wheaton fangirl friend may have another season of telling me how awesome he is. How will I ever survive?

    I loved Wiggly stepping in to take out the Ringer. The Codex/Cyd avatar scene was indeed brilliant. And don’t worry, Cyd, some of us do talk to our avatars too. πŸ˜‰ Generally, however, I find they don’t listen very well.

  • Melanie1001

    Woo! Ok that was epic. I’d seen the sexual tension thing between Cyd and Fawkes but totally did NOT expect that last scene! Still in shock (and awe) over that! And then it ended and all I could think was


    I don’t wanna wait months to see what happens πŸ™

    Anyhoo awesome work as usual, can’t wait for season 4 – forbidden romance – woo! fun!

  • ricknw17

    Season 3 was great Felicia!
    The cliffhanger from episode 11 had me on the edge of my seat!
    Episode 12 wrapped up everything very nice.
    I’m so excited to see the new comic book and looking forward to the Seson 3 DVD and Season 4.

    Keep up the great job.

    By the way, an chance there will be an extended version of the Guild theme song?
    I love it so much, but 15 seconds is way too short. You guys could sell it on itunes or Amazon.

  • Thank you so much your comments Markus πŸ™‚ I am most proud of what you’re talking about, that we have wonderful fans who can connect with each other OUTSIDE our show, online and offline. I think too often in media it’s necessary to try to please EVERYONE, and it becomes impersonal and general and doesn’t strike anyone in a passionate way fearing they will alienate others. I always hope to be able to share what we make in such a fashion. πŸ™‚

  • The separate seasons are region-free I believe, the compilation is, however, region-locked. We are working on releasing an EU version, it has been held up by contracts but should be available pretty soon online, will let you know!

    • Dani

      The separate seasons are definitely region-free, and there’s never been anyone in Guild community saying they bought the dvd and it didn’t work on their players.

      And to be honest, even being region 1 (for the compilation), most new dvd players (new like… from 2 or 3 years ago) play all regions…

    • Hi Felicia –

      I posted this earlier, but my comment didn’t appear in the comments list… wonder why. Anyway, I have the Season 1/2 combo pack. The encoding on both discs reads as: Region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. For all intents and purposes, the compilation on is region free.


  • The comic is a sort-of origin story, it will have RL scenes and in-game scenes.

    • There have been many ideas floating around and a lot of them never hit the young people like your show. Great job and the venue is right on the mark. You are a good actress and an excellent writer. Thank you so much for doing “the Guild” I truly enjoyed it and do hope to see more shows written by you. Side note I have six children all grow and college and beyond and they also loved watching the show. Super Job. If you need funding let me know, I would like to help you out. “The Guild” Season four…. I know, “I need a break” ok small one get back to work. Tell Sprint they are backing the right person.

      D Case

  • No it can’t be over. Lets take up a donation and get a holiday episode produced. I am now counting the days until the next season starts.

    Thank you for all the wonderfulness.

  • Jose de Segadas Vianna Neto

    First, nice work!!!!!
    I NEVER expected that Bruiser was feeling something with BladezzΒ΄s mom.
    That was really unexpected…

    The “you in the game, a.k.a. CODEX”, was really something, but Cid is way more cute.
    No hard feelings, Codex.

    It was nice to see that Zaboo finally grow some balls, but when the korean guy grabbed your boob i was, “What?!?!?!?!”.
    What was that?????

    Then when you wake up, next to the anarchist leader, i said: “Damn….”

    Ok, i surrender, the whole episode was a surprise-attack.
    IΒ΄m down…..

    What next?

  • Best. Season. Ever. It was great. Many wonderful lines but for some reason Zaboo’s piccolo line just cracks me up. Fun gag reel, too. DVDs are on my Christmas wish list!

  • I just want to say: thank you so much! It was great season and excellent ending.
    I was waiting for every episode and so were my friends. Our Tuesday mornings were happier.
    Waiting for more. πŸ™‚

    with regards

  • Scott

    Originally I was referred here by a friend who thought I might get a kick out of it. Working for so long for one of those big gaming companies the inside jokes really made sense. But what was more inspirational for me was that I saw a few talented people with an idea just push ahead and make it happen. No fancy publisher, studio, funding, or big production houses, just passion and talent. As I start my own venture, know that there is inspiration in seeing what others accomplish with their ideas.

    Smile, your cast, crew and you have a success in many ways on your hands. All the best, keep the series going as long as the stories make sense and don’t apologize to anyone for it.

    — Scott

  • Blair

    Loved the season. I have to admit though I kept thinking as I watched the episodes that one or maybe two members of the KoG were being written out of the storyline (Clara and Tink). I saw the redemption (of sorts) angle on Tink’s character, but Clara’s arc still has me guessing. Intentional or not, it was good for the viewer (well at least me) as it added that “oh no” element, because I enjoy both the characters and hoped they would stay.

    I have to admit as a WoW player, and one who has recently leveled a priest, my WoW brain went, “wonder how she is going to write how this ends” after the end of episode 11. I assumed Tink would have an attack of conscience and turn on Fawkes (in the battle royal), but how it was written was more true to their characters, so I was really happy with how you angled it. Perhaps you should acronym the game the KoG play WoF πŸ˜‰

    I have to agree with your suggestion that perhaps there were too many characters. Makes me think of Heroes. I like all the characters, but there just isn’t enough time for proper development of them all.

    I have to inquire, and I understand if you cannot properly answer this based on possible future story lines, but it seems like Cyd kept wanting things to go back to the way they were, and I can assume that some of your viewers would as well (Focusing on the KoG gaming as a primary form of interaction). However the stories obviously are angling the guildies outside of their gaming more and more to involve themselves in the world out of the game. Was this part of your own journey in ditching your addiction from a couple year past?

    I like the angle with Fawkes. Looking forward to next season. Thanks to all involved in this project.

  • Kirsten

    I’m glad that you squealed in glee when you wrote the Fawkes/Codex thing. I squealed in glee too and did a little dance. (And once again Im glad I have no roomates to watch me! πŸ˜› )

    These last two were so good! I love when Codex talks to her avatar. So good. Every loose thread was tied up in the best imaginable way!

    Can’t wait for Season 4 and the comics! <3

    • totally in agreement on Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Will reivew it at some point as well, along with the Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, have you read that one? Love his writing. I will point out for the benefit of others who might take you up on Animal, Vegetable, Miracle that Kingsolver and her fam had several years of practice before they took the leap to commit to one whole year of only eating locally, and they even made exceptions for say, coffee, during their one year of super strictness This is all a process peeps! So, want to see your garden sometime, and then you can come back over and visit with my chickens

  • Sean McPherson

    Absolutely great episode, to cap off another good season. Glad you’re still enjoying creating the show; don’t let it become a job! But c’mon, why do bad guys always wear kilts? I wear kilts, and I’m not a bad guy… (unless I just haven’t hit the life-altering event that causes me to head towards the side of darkness! Oh well, if so, at least I’m already prepared wardrobe wise)

    It was very cool to see Wil in a SportKilt, and great use of the prop. The look on your face as Codex goes “uh oh” whn she realizes what she’s pulled over herself in her sleep is perfect!

  • Hi Felicia, Phillip –

    I have the Season 1/2 combo pack. The encoding on both discs reads out as: Region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. These discs are region free.


    • Thanks dude, you are thuper awethome! Helloooo Amazon!

  • KatieQ

    Awesome work with the entire season. I was hooked from start to finish. My friend and I wait every Tuesday night for it to come out, guess we’ll have to wait til season 4 now ^_~

    Thankyou so much for the entertainment and joy.

  • Soma




  • Adelheid

    When Wil posted that the last episode was up, I had to hurry up and catch up from episode 5. The funny thing is that my husband was at his computer but was watching my monitor from where he sits. The episodes were kind of out of order on Bing and I couldn’t find the last one until coming to the Watch the Guild website. I was frantically searching for it and glad we finally got to watch it! We really enjoyed it! You can really feel good about this season. You took some chances with the added story threads but I think it was well worth it and nothing you did felt awkward or out of character for the characters. I love the AoA characters as foils for the KoG and hope we see more of them. And what a great season cliffhanger. I had to watch that episode a second time. Thanks again! Can’t wait for next season and more of Cyd and Fawkes!

  • Brent

    This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for an awesome season of The Guild!!!! πŸ˜€
    wow … I’m sorry… that was so cheesy.

    Happy Thanksgiving though!

  • Lara

    I’ll add to the chorus of congratulations! I’ve been watching since nearly the beginning of Season 1, and it just keeps getting better and better.

    This season especially has been so great for me. I had an injury just a few days before the season started, and have been stuck in bed since august awaiting surgery. I was in a lot of pain, and very scared because my spinal cord was crushed and I didn’t know what would happen to me. I was also bored to tears. A lot of weeks, looking forward to the show gave me something to think about, and I’d wait up until it was released and enjoy it the minute it was available.

    Now as the season comes to a fantastic end, I’ve had surgery, am on the mend, and can’t wait for season 4! Your work has been awesome, and never fails to impress and entertain. I hope good things keep happening for you, because you deserve it.

  • Robyn

    Ode to Codex:

    How much code
    could Codex code,
    if Codex could code code?


    P.S. Thank you for not
    aspirating on your

  • Elinor

    Loved the the finale, and the season was great. I got hooked on the show after my friend showed me DYWDMA on the bus one morning. I “borrowed” his iPod for the rest of the day to watch it over and over again. πŸ™‚

    Then I watched the first two seasons in one evening, just cos I could.

    The finale gave me heaps of stuff to squee over with my friends. Codex… and Fawkes? Yay! Clara, pregnant? Where did she find the time, what with all the gaming?

    And the Zaboo/Riley/Venom scene. And the Codex/Cyd scene. May I just congratulate you on the pure awesometasticness.

  • Codex is making progress. She still finds herself attracted to guys who seem “in control” (last time it was the stuntman, this time it’s Fawkes) even if it’s an unhealthy pattern for her. Vork is stil Vork, but with added self awareness. Tink and Bladezz have acknowledged their feelings; Zaboo continues to grow a backbone; Riley is paired off with an equally damaged individual; and Clara — to me she’s the worst of the addicts. She really has to come around next season, esp with another kid on the way. It’s a disturbing character arc for a parent to watch!

    Felicia, I had to watch the season twice over after it was done because you moved SO quickly, in so many directions, with so many characters. The one liners and character development was intense and quick and the jokes just flew! At the same time, there are so many memorable moments, too many to list – Vork’s car scenes will brilliant and stand out this season, Jeff is so funny. I totally understand what you mean by ambitious; this season could easily have been twice as long with so many arcs to resolve, but you and the brilliant cast and crew pulled it all together.

    In a nutshell: he Guild Season 3 is like a dark chocolate cake, rich, thick and nummy.


    I second Marcus on the great Guild community, who, like yourself, have created a supportive community for everyone from casual gamers and XBox watchers to creative professionals. The scene in chat is constantly in flux, you never know who will be there or not because everyone is so busy – but there’s always the assurance that whoever is hanging out will be quirky and interesting!

    Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving,


    • Hi Ann-Charlotte, The prices you quote for the cards are incaucrate. They are in fact SEK 200 for the seven-month season if you buy online and SEK 250 if you buy from a Stockholm City Bike retailer. It’s not entirely clear on their website, but the three-day card is SEK 125 with no price differentiation specified for online or retailer purchases.Either way, even better value than you indicate in your post.Best regards, Nick Chipperfield

  • len

    You show a quality of a writer best above others: you let the story grow.

    Great season, Felicia!

  • Jess

    Great finale! I understand that Cyd/Codex’s overall character arc needed her to grow a spine and kick some butt. As for a priest beating two characters at once, I bet Fawkes was the tank and was prot speced. He’s kind of a prima donna type to be the MT.

    And I loved the Cyd eating Matzah scene! Slayed me.

  • All I could find on was an American region 1 only 1&2 set

    Ain’t gonna work on my stuff. I patiently await the release of the EU version…Sorry to keep going on about this but I want to get the DVD’s because a) duh, they’re awesome and b) I want to contribute to the series in any way I can.

  • MeaganSue

    Amazing. Just really really amazing. You guys never fail to impress me with this show.

    I loved the scene where Cyd is talking to Codex. “I am you!” “You WISH!” πŸ˜€ And I really loved how Cyd stepped it up and beat Fawkes. I was laughing hysterically at the cliffhanger! I really wanted that to happen. Cyd/Fawkes have a kind of Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn thing going on. It’s SO much fun to watch! So thanks, for all the entertainment, laughs and well written scripts. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and I have one question… Where is the shirt that Cyd is wearing in the last two episodes from? I LOVE it!

    ~ Meagan


  • Sensational end to an outstanding season! Thanks to all involved!

    I especially liked just about everything, but I especially especially liked the bear in the background. I think a penguin might have been funnier, but tomato-clamato.

    Questions still unanswered:
    – where will Zaboo live?
    – was that a stunt boob?
    – who gets credit for the bear?

    Happy trapezing! And if you want to know what WWI was really like, you should watch Blackadder Season 4. It won’t tell you what WWI was really like, but it is great fun.

  • Mwall

    Oh dang!!!!!

  • Morgan9123

    I just finished marathoning seasons 1-3. Classic stuff. I loved the ending of season three & I hope to see a sprinkling of the Axis guild members in the next season. Perhaps a “Where Are They Now?” Guild special? I wonder who would host it? Hmmm…..

  • hoax

    Not only are you incredibly talented, but you are so goddamn adorable.
    The squirrel faces in ep12 are too cute. My girlfriend should be so jealous.. Crush’ed

  • Lilian

    Damn Felicia, you are so awesome, The Guild is so perfect, I LOVE IT *freaking out*… I hope you never give up from writing, even if one day you get bored of The Guild, pls, write anything else, but keep writing! You got a unique talent, I adore your sense of humor. Oh Lord, imagine you and Robbert Pattison walking on the same street, at the same time, if I would have to choose between running after you or after Robert Pattison, i would choose you, I love you! o/ *freaking out again* (this is so gaaaay… lol)

    *sanity is back*

    Ok, for real, you came out with so many good characters on season 3, I wonder if you plan to keep them all… Like Riley, she is so funny, keep her on season 4, and don’t give up from a Riley n Codex kiss, lol , I agree that she and Venom was nice shot, but Codex silly reactions in a situation like that would be priceless! (oh well, here I am again with some gay comment, lol)

    Changing subjects, your “semi-deep” reflection is really good, my main character on wow was human female paladin, I started as a dps, got bored, then healing, got bored again and then I took my chances on tanking and I was never so happy on wow. I guess it’s because I got a sort of protective personality, I never could see myself as a princess waiting for a shinning knight on a white horse, be the knight that protects the fragile lady from evil dragons is so much more fun! … oO… OMG… Ok, this is weird… I’m confused… I guess I’m having a sexuality drama right now… That’s a good subject to think about until season 4 is out, or maybe not… oO lol…

    (PS: Sorry about my crap english XD)

    • Varsha

      Must admit my bet was on Riley/Codex for the end of the season. I was already picturing Riley coming to the rescue seeing Codex alone vs 2 “dps”. =p

      Great season, Im curious what will come next though! Keep up the good work Felicia =D

      <3 <3

      Lilian – Need priest pocket heals for heroics? =D

  • Johanna

    It was awesome. My 9 year old son is in love with you (not from the Guild but from the Spitzer video and “do you want to date my avatar”).

    I had several things to say but I lost them all. Keep up the very good work. The season finale was awesome!

  • KellyTheRed

    I’m seriously in love with the Guild. Discovered it a couple of months ago after someone posted Do You Want To Date My Avatar on my Facebook (truly, that music video was an amazing marketing move). Each season gets better and better and this one was fantastic. I was rooting for Codex and Fawks to get together but never actually thought it would happen. And then! That last scene! I literally did a fist bump and yelled out “YES!” Then I laughed with delight. I don’t see how I’m going to be able to wait another YEAR for this to continue. The Guild dvds are definitely on my Christmas list this year!

  • This past season was absolutely hilarious. The fact that you managed to work in the Axis of Anarchy and pull off all of the different storylines was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed every single episode of Season 3, and the gag reels are too awesome for words! And I totally loved the bit where Cyd and Codex have a confrontation with one another, I was laughing so hard at that! And the ending, I totally did not expect that at all. So awesome! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for Season 4. Great job, Felicia! Great job to everyone in the cast and crew, as well, they were all fantastic.

  • Paul Barnes


    I have been a long-time (well, ever since Dr. Horrible really) admirer of your work and I absolutely love The Guild! It’s existence certainly enriches my life immensely.

    Now that that is out of the way, I have some recommended readings about World War I that you may like.

    Paris 1919 by Margaret MacMillan (

    This is a fantastically written book that covers the aftereffects of WWI and the various treaty negotiations that took place redrawing the European and Middle East geography.

    Myth of the Great War by John Mosier (

    Military history attempting to explain the considerable tactical and material superiority of the German military, particularly in explaining why the Allies had nearly double the amount of casualties on the Western Front (essentially, the use of artillery by the Germans was much, much more effective).

    Eastern Front, 1914-1917 by Norman Stone (

    Basic text on the Eastern Front, focusing primarily on Russia, but has significant information on Austrio-Hungarian matters. Somewhat refutes Mosier’s thesis that artillery played a significant factor in WWI, however, since this also deals with a different front, it may not.

    A Brief History of the Birth of the Nazis: How the Freikorps Blazed a Trail for Hitler by Nigel H. Jones (

    Interesting account of how the early Nazi movement was dominated by WWI veterns and how the war, frustration of its lose, and its romanticism (and of violence and ideology) created some of the conditions for Nazism to take root within German society.

  • KatieQ

    Just got my boyfriend addicted too xD

  • I have to say, Felicia, I wasn’t sure where this season was going….but when it got there, I cheered! That last episode was amazing, and made the whole thing come together for me. Fabulous job, lady!

    Also, Wil Wheaton needs to be a regular fer permanent. Seriously. I was so, so happy he was on this season.

    Lastly, I was really intrigued by the Riley/Zaboo story. While the relationship definitely wasn’t what Zaboo needed, I do love that you had a character on there with such brazen sexuality. That was really awesome. However – I have to take issue with the pink boa around Zaboo’s wrists in the closet. That wasn’t holding anybody! πŸ™‚

    Anyway, thanks for another great season!

  • Mike in Milwaukee

    Nicely done. The last two episodes worked really well. Good sense of storytelling. A bit slow and tangled early on this season, but loved Vork in the RV, plus the general ramping up of conflict across different phases and arenas of the characters’ lives.

  • I’m just getting into the show. I came across it through The Escapist Magazine web site. I’m absolutely loving it so far! It seriously hits home since I “used” to play WarCrack like everyday πŸ˜›

  • Hi!

    Thank you so much for your comments!!! Just want to make sure you know, the DVDs are uncensored, and there’s strong language this season πŸ™‚ In case you’re sensitive to that, I know some ppl are.

  • That shirt is from Madewell. I buy all my clothes for the show and NOT for the show there πŸ™‚ I tried to get a discount but they wouldn’t give it to me haha. Anyway, I love their stuff! Happy shopping!

  • The EU DVD should be out soon, I’m checking on an ETA now! πŸ™‚

  • So glad you’re feeling better, yikes, that’s pretty scary πŸ™

  • Chris

    Felicia. Don’t know if you will get this comment or not and this might sound a bit strange but…Thank you for creating “The Guild”. I have just recently discovered it after a prolonged time away from a Job that i well and truly loved doing. I was once, and soon will be again a class “A” truck driver. the major proablem, and reason I had to stop Driving 18 Wheelers is because it is a very loanly way of life and i am a big people person. I found that i was not able to handle not having a social life of any real kind for 3 to 6 weeks at a time while on the road. The reason I wright this in hopes that you will read it is because after finding and watching your show. “the guild” It showed me an all to obvious solution to
    my proablem. MMO’s. Many truck stops provide internet service to the cab of a truck that is staying the night. And as a result I am happy to say that i will soon be on the road again in a job that would otherwise cut me off from the social life I need to stay sane. eaven if it is only for 2-3 hours once or twice a week. And granted it is not the same as a face to face social life, it is enoughf to allow me to go back to enjoying the job I love, and so, at the risque of sounding corny, thank you very much for helping get back…On the road again.

  • Chris

    Felicia. I hope this dose not sound to strange or corny but…Thank you for “The Guild”
    The reason I say that is this. I used to be a class “A” truck driver. but after about a year of doing that i discovered that I could not handle being on the road for 4-5 weeks at a time with no social life of any kind. This was very sad for me because other than that, I realy and truly loved driving an 18 wheeler.That was about 2 years ago. Very recently i started watching “The Guild” And as a result began Playing WOW. The solution you and the cast helped me discover was this. Most truck stops in the U.S. now, offer in-cab- internet hookups to drivers who will be there over night or longer. That, combined with the different but still valuable social time one can get online, means that you and your “Guilldie’s have had an odd, and indirect hand in helping me get back…on the road again. 2-3 hours of social time 2 or 3 time a week makes all the difference in the world when you are a people person who drives a big rig. So thank you again. Yours truly, Chris

  • Ray

    Felicia, I love The Guild. I was so glad when I stumbled upon it during the last few episodes of Season 2. I am so sorry it took me till then to know about it, but as they say “Better to be late at the Golden Gate then to arrive in Hell on time”. You are a fantastic writer and using such an excellent medium to reach the core audience. I know it was Kim’s idea as you have said, but still, its amazing. Season 3 was phenomenal and I am excited and anxious for the DVD and of course Season 4. The comic in the new year as well will be great. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do. Simply wonderful.

  • Convoy2010

    I just wanted to take the time to say, thank you for “The guild”.
    I am an over the road truck driver who, thanks to your show has recently discovered MMO’s. I’m not going to tell you than “The guild” changed my life as that would be both sappy and fake. how ever thanks to truck stop in-cab-internet hook ups and having been introduced to a new and different way of hanging out with some of my friends and family
    something “The guild” did do was introduce me to a way of spending time with the people that i miss most while im out on the road for 4-5 weeks with out coming home.
    So at the risque of sounding corny. Thanks for making life on the open road a little less lonely.

  • GamesBond


    I do hope you continue with more episodes of the Guild. I saw the final two episodes and they were great!

    If you ever run of plots or ideas, i can certainly help out with that!

    Congrats to you and the whole team!

    – Ard.

  • Sarah

    Hi Felicia!

    I’ve never gone to any sort of fan site and posted before (I’ve always thought it was sort of silly to do that kind of thing, honestly), but all the same I just wanted to say… I absolutely *love* this show. Thank you for making it!!

    The finale of season 3 was the best episode yet (I was laughing out loud throughout – I *loved* the intro sequence, particularly rabbit Cyd). I’m eagerly awaiting watching season 4 (and pushing it on all of my friends as well, as I’ve been doing with season 3)! I’m a long time mmo gamer, and I relate to Cyd in so many different ways it’s just silly.

    Also, on a totally different topic, I’m happy to see the book reviews from you here in your blog! I need to poke around your site and see if you have a list of all your favorite books… I’m always looking for new stuff to read, and we seem to have the same taste.

  • Crispi

    Thank you so much for an awesome season! I laughed out loud I don’t know how many times, and the ending cliff hanger made me squeal πŸ™‚

    The season finale, and reading this awesome “choose your adventure” thread on the WoW forums has made my week pretty damn entertaining. If you’re wondering what I’m refering to, it’s this thread: – be warned, it’s 49 pages long, but you’ll have a new appreciation for amphibious shark pets and possibly want to have the author’s babies. Srsly.

    Have a great holiday season, and keep doing your magic!

  • Chris


    Congrats on a successful and fun season 3. πŸ™‚

    To the cast and crew: thank-you!

  • PJ Mac

    Fantastic Season Three! Fantastic finale! I hope Codex Avatar’s cameo was not a one-off (or evidence of a psychotic episode). She should come back, maybe breaking through the veil and stepping into our world.

  • Beth

    I really enjoy watching The Guild. I play holy priest on Wow and really enjoy the character of Cyd.

    The Bing site was giving me fits however. It kept taking me to season 2 after watching a season 3 episode and I couldn’t find the guild season 3 finale in a Bing search, luckily, Wil Wheaton’s blog got me here. Please put episodes 10 11 and finale at with everything else.

    Beth (Emery)

  • Christopher

    I’ll be honest, i’m new to the show, however I have to say that this is a stroke of genius! I am hooked, I want more, lol. I stayed up half the night watching seasons 1-3. strangly enough I found out about this from an MMO I play, lol. Encore Felicia!! hope to see a season 4

  • Q

    I’m a little late getting to these, but I just want to say that Episode 11 had some of the best dialogue I’ve ever heard. Laughed my ass off. Thanks for another great season. Definitely buying it.

  • Miker
  • Felicia,

    This season of the Guild Rocked! It is really amazing what you’ve accomplished.
    I believe I have figured out the equation that runs the internets:
    Day+Wheaton = FTW

    Speaking of accomplishments – is it this Monday that you’ll be on Lie to Me? I want to make sure I see it.

    Thank you for providing such awesome and amusing content in The Guild!

  • Felicia

    I’m a disabled vet and play WoW to help focus past the pain. I just started watching Guild episodes a couple months ago. The Guild helps bring a smile to my face when things get tough. The stories are entertaining, the outttakes are awesome. I just love the characters!

    Clara is one of my favorites as I have six kids that are clamoring for attention while I play and my wife in the background asking when I’m coming to dinner while I’m in an instance….LOL. Luckily, the majority of my kids play WoW as well on the other computer…LOL. (my wife still won’t I made a character for her that I play.) Codex is another of my favorites. I share the same “insecurities”.

    Please keep up the great work and know that you honestly do help make life easier. God bless you.

  • Robert

    Fantastic job on the latest season Felicia Day! You and the rest of the cast and crew deserve some major props for creating something so refreshing and funny. I loved the introduction of the rival guild this season and cannot wait to see what develops.

    Enjoy your time getting those creative ideas flowing. I am excited to see what next.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Kartel

    HAHAHAHA! I love these last episodes, and I love this show! You’re amazing Felicia! I laugh so hard at the guy with the 2 girl characters, saying how it makes him manly to stare at girl characters, I’ve ran into so many people in WoW who give excuses like that, and the scene where the Codex avatar explains what it means to game, that part is great! You are a true gamer! Thanks for these 3 awesome seasons and I can’t wait to see what else you bring to your fans! Once again, great work!

  • d13z

    I think we need a video of Riley kissing Codex just in case.

  • And what about English subtitles do you plan to add them to MSN videos like you did it for Youtube ones? Some phrases are unclear for not native Enlish speakers, like me for instance (I am from Ukraine). English subtitles (or at least transcripts if there is no subtitles functionality there) would be very helpful!

  • disappointed by the ending

    Hi Felicia,
    I liked everything except the end. The bed scene reminded me of what Tiger Woods is going through now. I hope it’s just a dream(nightmare).

  • Kevin

    Hello! Felicia,
    You have done a good job~
    I watched your movies and feel good.

  • Loves Bitch

    Hey Felicia. I am a huge fan. Vi was my favorite Slayerette. Sorry it took me so long to get around to the guild. However I now have the season 1 and 2 disks and have watched every episode (including the season 3 ones online) at least 5 times each including commentaries and features. Can’t wait for more.

  • Raphael

    Was I the only one who hated the Cyd/Fawkes romance? There wasn’t no problem with the Cyd/Stuntman romance, because he had no character defect, and he wasn’t unscrupulous. But Fawkes is an idiot, the fact that the way Fawkes lives (and treat other people, especially gamers) go against everything that Cyd believes and that she had sex with him makes her a whore and takes her all the traits of a nerd.

    • Socks

      I know a couple people who didn’t like it, and that’s certainly your opinion. But I think the Stuntman did have character defects, as most people do. He was arrogant and was really only interested in Cyd because she was interested in him. He’s too self-absorbed (not that Fawkes doesn’t have a high degree of that as well).

      I disagree that it makes Cyd less of a nerd to have slept with a fellow gamer – one who’s been the definition of an Elitist Jerk, yes, but still someone she has more in common with than the stunt guy. And I very much disagree with it making her a whore.

      Fawkes’s incompatibility with Cyd is precisely why the season ending was such a shocker and the ?!?!? reaction sounds like exactly what Felicia was going for. I know *I’LL* be back next season to see what happens with this!!

  • Nan


  • Helpful info. Lucky me I discovered your web site by chance, and I am surprised why this twist of fate did not took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

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