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Guild Episode 5 is Up!


We’ve posted the latest episode of The Guild:  Rather Be Raiding!  Hope you guys enjoy it, it’s my favorite one yet, personally.  The cheese conversation makes me laugh so much, it’s one of the reasons I even wrote the thing in the first place!

But whew, it’s been a stressful week!  Every time I sit down and think, “Wow, you need to make a blog entry!”  my brain shuts off.  It’s just been a lot of running around, and 15 different things demanding my attention=stress level high.  I’m actually having a little Christmas party today, that’s like, stress +100 because when I do a party, I always overdo it!  There’s always food left over, and did I really need to be scrubbing my toilets at 1 am last night?  Are my guests really going to be peering under the toilet bowl?  Well if they do….sparkling! 🙂

Anyway, have a great weekend, I’m gonna go stress out about making cookies to make the house smell nice…for the 4 people who actually show up out of the RSVP list 😀

  • Courtney

    Haha… Best one yet. Very good job by all. I’ve actually had that very exact conversation with someone over the cost of cheese once, except it went over 10 minutes, and the pros and cons were weighed:
    “For how much they charge, you can put 6 slices of different cheeses on that burger”
    “There comes a point when you reach the cheese threshold. That’s why you only see 4cheese pizzas. 5 cheeses would just be anarchy”

  • Tad

    ok, the cheese bit was freakin’ hysterical. my only wish was that the cheese conversation had gone on longer.

    i love how these characters become more and more disturbing with each episode. the revelation that clara drives an suv just says so much about her character – not to mention the fact that she left her kids in the car…

    so did vork murder his grandfather? he seems just off his rocker enough to have done it.

    keep it up, i know i said this about the last episode, but i think this one takes top honors.

  • Dan

    Tink’s a hottie, and Zaboo makes me all sorts of stabby. It’s maddening really, and it’s probably because he reminds me of a chum of mine.

    Anyway, great job, and I am really enjoying these little episodes. I agree that this one was the best. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  • Hilarious episode! It’s amazing what a few talented people and the distribution channel of the internet can do!

  • Paul

    “Whaaat? I cracked the windows!”

    Comedy gold! I loved Blades’ sister.

    More! Soon!

  • Virginia

    Did anyone else find Tink’s “Ugly Betty” reference extremely difficult to hear? If not, it might just be me headset, but I had to listen over that section 5 times before I heard everything she said >_>

    Otherwise, excellent episode! “I lied to my webcam”…priceless.

  • Jen

    Awesome episode! This might just be the best one yet. Some of those lines are just pure comedy gold. “I lied to my webcam.” You have a great sense of timing with your lines. Do you ever do any improv?
    The cheese bit was also fracking hilarious. Keep up the good work!

  • Yes we had some sound issues on this shoot. They will be fixed next time through 🙂
    I’m so glad you guys liked the cheese!

  • Scrubbed toilets, cookie smell and tons of food. I wish I were invited! 🙁

    And as I wrote in the forum, the new episode is amazing. I love it. You’re a genius.

  • Oh my gosh…just fantastic! We have a post in our guild forums for The Guild and I just got around to watching all 5 episodes today. Scandalously good stuff! I’m definitely a groupie now. hehe

  • Carl

    Hi Felicia,

    It’s good to see the Guild back. Unfortunately, the sound issues were a big problem for me, too. Having to go back and listen to something again is a major disruption to the narrative flow.

    I’m glad that you’ve recognized it as an issue that will be addressed for the next ep. Any chance of doing some “looping” to rectify the problem in this ep?

    I wear the cheese, the cheese does not wear me….

  • Deb

    Hi Felicia:

    Love your webisode “The Guild”. I would say it’s prob one of the best in youtube! Being a WoW ex-player myself, I can definitely related to the story lol. 😀

    I think the sound issue could be improved but probably due to the fact that you guys were filming in the restaurant thus have less control for the background noise? Despite that, it’s extremely fun to watch. It just shows that you and the crew of “The Guild” are bunch of creative artists. Keep up with the good work girl!!!!!

  • Pedro Morelos

    woaa this episode was so good XD i had so much fun, thanks Felicia, you rock!!

  • Felicia, I love your blog. You are so funny. Ever tried to write short stories when you were kid/teenager?

  • hmmm, my invite to the party must have gotten lost in the mail…..

  • Carl


    Do these people hate their cat, or what?

  • Virginia, I second that. At first I thought it was because of my not being a native speaker, but yay, I’m not alone!

    Then again… I guess it kind of fits in with the character, doesn’t it? I can’t see Tink actually making an effort to be clearly understood. lol

    GREAT job, Felicia, the lines are ace. Not to mention everyone’s performance.
    Blade is such a typical rogue… I wish he’d show up more often. But… hm… sneaky as rogues are, random appearances like that one prolly make more sense. 😉

  • Tad


    ok, the kitty wigs thing is freakin’ hysterical! i work in marketing and research for a dog & cat supply retailer and i am totally sharing that with my coworkers when i get to work today.


    what is it that Vork is muttering under his breath after he yells at everyone about trusting widgets? it sounds like a spell or something, but i can’t make out the words.

  • i really enjoyed this episode… and how everyone can be so easily distracted. LOL hubby and i watched all 5 episodes in a row last night… and the outtakes, too. (i’ve seen them all as they’ve come out, but he has only seen the 2nd one.) each episode just keeps getting better and better!

  • I think the comedy works better when the Guild is gaming & are not face to face…it seems a little sedate.

  • edgar

    I was preparing for class when I watched it, and boy was it difficult going to class, and presenting my topic with all these quotes running through my head.

    I pulled through and had a great presentation, but I went back to rewatch the show again because its pretty funny.

    My current favorite!

  • Ronnie

    I could swear Vork was repeating “clear blue ocean” while he had his head down .. some sort of therapist calming ritual 🙂

    Hey Felicia, this is Ronnie from Hsv, AL again 🙂 I’d like to get in touch with your character artist, Eric McKenney. Could you write me offline?

    Thanx for all your work on The Guild! Great stuff!

  • Diego Junca

    Hi!!! Congratulations on the new episode. Reeeeally loved it. Huge fan!!!! I’m constantly checking the episodes, and waiting anxiously for more. Very good performance, I love the Web Cam sequences, totally hillarious. I am so very happy with your job.

    A huge hug 😀

  • Michal

    I love this show. I have few friends playing MMORPGs (WoW and MIR) and some of them are like characters from the Guild, really. And to be hones I also watch it because of You Felicia :).

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