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Guild Episode #12 "Collision Course"



I cannot believe it’s actually finished!! Please check out the last installment in the Guild Season 2 saga!

View it streaming on MSN Video download it in HD or SD off of Xbox Live Video Marketplace under “Independent Videos” or download it off the Zune Marketplace!

This episode was a MONSTER! Director/editor Sean Becker AND I had to ruthlessly cut EVERYTHING we could to get it under 9 minutes. It was jam packed and we shot on such a crazy truncated schedule with such a small crew, the fact that the shots go together at all is a testament to how amazing Sean kept us on track.

A few people made outstanding contributions to the finale, including special effects guru Doug Luberts from ILM of all places (@dougluberts on Twitter) and uber band “The Main Drag” who allowed us to use the last song in the show “Love during Wartime”. Check out their website or their MySpace page for the actual song.

AND to add to the craziness of today, two other videos were posted today as well! A behind the scenes video “Episode 4: The Stunts” edited by our behind the scenes expert Kenny Mittleider AND a Gag Reel for episodes 8-12! What a ride!

Ustream chat tonight. I should probably do a dry run to figure out how the angle of the camera looks, lol.

  • Today is super Guild day!! So much fun!!

    Already commented about the episode on the community, so won’t do it here.

    Just stopping by to say “Congratz” again, and can’t wait for Season 3!!

    Also, in case you haven’t thought of this already, it’d be fun to record the Live Chat, for those who won’t be able to make it.

  • Urui

    Episode 12 was great! When will Season 3 start?

    There is not episode 12 in Spanish Xbox Live Video Marketplace, They may be waiting for subtitles, I guess.

  • Mike

    Excellent episode to wrap up a great season.

    The scene between Zaboo and Codex in the bedroom was especially good! The “knaves of hooliganism” line also had me rolling.

    I guess probably the best part was that Vork was fully clothed during the shower scene. lol (got enought of Jeff Lewis nakedness in the superbowl ad)

    Wish I could make the live chat tonight, Hope it goes well.

  • Oh!! And to complete the Awesomeness of the day…. Subtitled episodes 2 and 3 are finally working!!!!! Yey!!!!!!!

  • Eva

    Psst! You mis-titled your blog entry. πŸ˜‰

    Other than that, the finale was great!! I soooooooo felt for Codex in the end. *sniff* πŸ™

    Can’t wait to see how Season 3 will pick up where this leaves off!


  • Roger de Flor

    @Urui, they release the “Iberian” version one or two days (usually two) later than the original.

    By the way, nice season finale. Great shower scene. Touching… And a little creepy… Well, more creepy than touching, but very funny anyway.

    Now waiting for season 3, although IΒ΄m a little ΒΏworried? about how Zaboo will show us his “charms” next time. I mean, in season 1 we see him in underwear, in season 2 heΒ΄s in shorts and sweaty.

    I like the guy, heΒ΄s funny and that. But I donΒ΄t know if I wanna see where this ends up.

  • The biggest disappointment was that the “Carol Burnett” clip didn’t have any footage of the show. Bleh.

    Oh, the finale? Amazing. Though I’m surprised that Cyd (am I the only one who watches and associates the characters with their “real” character names?) didn’t try to set up Sujan and Stupid Tall Hot Girl (which I hope is a registered trademark of the production company) before everything started a-‘sploding. That seems like exactly her sort of move, but instead…

    Heh. And the best part of the shower scene is that he obviously went HOME, rationed the water, then went back to the party. That tickles me in a way I can’t quite describe. Unlike making friends during a fistfight, which is just genius.

    So…what’s the status on the DVDs?

    Too soon? Should I duck? I should duck. You’re going to throw something.

  • The scene with Vork in the shower made my day; I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks. Awesome!

  • Soma+

    [/head splod’d]

  • Keira

    So I was sitting around thinking, and an idea sprang into my head. Mostly because I would do everything in my power to win such a contest, but also because im sure there could be good publicity there, I was wondering if you guys have thought of doing a contest for a guest spot on your show. As I said, mostly because I would kill (or perhaps something a little less violent) to apply for that contest!

    In other news, LOVED the finale, twitter’d that already though hope the ustream went well!


  • Hey,

    That was a little fun… but chaos and adhoc works for your fans, it was fun. You guys deserve it! that was a great season.

    What time are you at Wondercon?

  • wow… i meant little fun… in a good way! the fan chat was great…

  • mark

    felicia i know this doesnt have to do with ur entry, and u probably wrote about this a long time ago because i just watched dr horrible today, but ur singing voice is AMAZING. u gotta do some sort of album.

    i loved u in dr horrible and i’m def gonna watch your youtube vids next. keep up the good work!

  • Gareth

    Absolutley loved the Guild. Heard about it through Twitter and sat last night and watch the complete season 1 and 2, can’t wait for the 3rd instalment. Vork is a classic character ” Woman cant live with them, they won’t date me” lol. Need to check out Dr Horribles, can’t believe I aint seen it yet, big Whedon fan so I’ll need to hunt that down on the net. Miss a lot of stuff living over here in Scotland. I must say it’s very refreshing to read the blog of a witty smart gaming geek female. Loving the work keep it up.

    P.S What else has Jeff Lewis done?

  • Hey on the Guild website you posted the song title wrongly it’s “Love in Wartime”. Also, this episode’s title is Fight! not Collision Course!

  • Emily

    Loved the chat last night and loved Season’s 1 and 2. Cannot wait for Season 3 πŸ˜‰ You and the whole cast and crew ROCK πŸ™‚

  • Tracy

    the chat and after chat was AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for you time.
    I’m just sick that I won’t be able to come down to Austin to see you on the March 15th, but know that you are loved in Texas and I hope you’ll be back soon!

  • Tommy

    Ohhhh I can’t believe how amazing every second of this season finale was. If I tried to list all my favorite parts I would end up listing the whole thing! You are so cool Felicia. The best. x

  • Dan

    I just watched the video from last night. Unfortunately I could not attend, but the amount that you reach out to your fans really sets you apart from a lot of other actors. Please keep it up! One of these days I’ll get to ask you some of my questions.

    If I ever see you in a coffee shop, I promise not to twitter about you behind your back πŸ™‚

  • more animals

  • I’m going to be completely honest; I would probably be way too nervous to go up and talk to you…

    And I probably would Twitter about you behind your back. Because even though I didn’t actually talk to you, seeing you would be so awesome.

    Sorry, it’s just who I am. πŸ˜›

    I have a question though – couldn’t Tink just contact (let’s call them) Lizzard Entertainment and get her character recovered? I understand it’s more about the symbolism of what Bladezz did, but she could still get it back, right?

    • Dan

      I’m sure what he did is transfer her char onto his account so that he can blackmail her.


      • Hopefully. I realize this sounds horrible, considering she cheated Bladezz out of thousands upon thousands of dollars, but I feel kind of sorry for Tink…

  • AsianPride

    Hey Felicia. I don’t know if you actually think Asian guys are “smokin” or if it’s more about needing someone who can do stunts, but anyway that’s cool that you cast an Asian guy in a role that portrays Asian guys as less wimpy (which seems more prevalent in Hollywood, although thankfully things are a-changing), and more as “leading men” types, stronger and with some substance too. Mad props to you and the rest of the Guild crew!

  • ok first up he ep – Vork in the shower killed me. soooo funny! i LOVE VORK!
    Clara snogging the hottie? SO WRONG! my moral outrage is high…..cept its so Clara that you cant hate on her! lols.
    Bladezz messing with Tinks character – i was all ‘you so deserved that wench!’ i am glad he could get back at her hard but its still hella nasty – i am hoping maybe he transferred her character to his account like someone else said above.
    i wanna thump Codex. i mean i love her but she drives me crazy. i am right in assuming she has finally realised Zaboo may be an okay guy and is gutted he is now snogging tall Hot chick, yes? (as well as the trauma of hot guy being over her and snogging clara)

    anyways i couldnt be at the chat because i live in australia and was AT WORK! i sooo would have loved to have seen it live to see all teh stuff teh guys were laughing at in the chat window – but it was still fun to watch afterwards!

    i also listened to teh fan podcast. was cool too!
    I am so Guilded out now…haha

    • I just think she’s upset because it’s kind of special to have someone like (even if it is in a particularly creepy way), and she’s lost that now that Zaboo is making out with Stupid Tall Hot Girl. I don’t think she has changed her mind and has decided to like him; not after two seasons of trying to tell him that she doesn’t.

  • I missed the chat. BOOOO.

    This is what happens when I leave the house. NEVER AGAIN.

    /shut in comment.

    • Pssst! Wanna buy an O?

      Wait. That’s not right. What I meant to say was that the video’s still there. Recorded, I mean. Not like, showing us the inside of Felicia’s desk drawer.

      And believe me, that last sentence came out so inappropriately that I feel like I have to apologize for it even AFTER editing it…

  • Oh thank you @John!

    Tex, percentage arguments, pizza, cute new Felicia haircut, SF shout out, and hand peanuts.

    It was like a dream. My cat (Whiskey) watched it too.

    I am so embarrassed about typing that.

  • Michael in Milwaukee

    Nicely done, Felicia.

    I thought the second season started a bit slow and wasn’t as funny, but you ended strong. Great storytelling, writing, and execution, especially in the final four episodes.


  • Tim

    I love this episode. I mean you really did a great job this season, and with this season being my Guild “coming out”, I liked it a lot. Codex is less in need of therapy now, but all the others would make a psychologist blow their Doctoral wad. But overall, I really liked how in the end, Codex (as separated from ther RL character) just ran from it all.

    If you were taking fan suggestions for Season 3, I’d suggest maybe a two episode arc where Codex ostensibly shuts down her account because of how betrayed and upset she feels about everything, kind of like going on radio silence.

  • Great finale! How about a feud with another guild in Season 3?

  • *giggles* I have to say, I really love this screenshot Felicia… πŸ™‚

    Chatting was fun! Maybe we can turn on the slow-chat mode next time so reading the chatroom would be easier. πŸ™‚ Love you guys! can’t wait for season 3!

  • Brittany

    I had only seen most of season 1 prior to today; (and didn’t realize there was more) however, I decided to start a twitter account, and ‘followed’ you, found your site, and realized, ‘oh hey, way more of ‘The Guild’ than I had previously realized had existed.” So, I proceeded to watch all of the episodes I had missed, (and declined a dinner invitation in the process of doing so, just so I could continue watching…lol)

    Anyway, you are one of the reasons that made me come ‘out of the closet’ about being a geeky girl, and realizing that guys do actually dig that πŸ™‚

  • You’re quite welcome, Kiala. I had just found the link, myself.

    Sidenote: I originally only listened to it, because I was working on other projects. Yesterday, I watched while I was cooking dinner. Besides another thumbs-up on the new haircut, holy crap, Michele’s stunning! It didn’t quite come across in the episodes, for some reason.

    Sidenote, more relevant: My sister (a non-gamer, like myself) dropped by and happened to ask if anything new happened with The Guild, so that was a fun afternoon. The second season holds together really well, back-to-back. At some point, I think I saw Felicia mention that it was like shooting a feature film, and it really does work well in that context.

    Actually, regarding that second bit, might it be possible (on the DVD, maybe) to have a continuous cut of the season? I like the theme and all, but man, listening to it twelve times over the course of a couple of hours…it’s like going on the “It’s a Small World” ride at DisneyWorld. Eventually, you snap and want to leap out of the boat to slaughter little animatronic Dutchmen.

  • Sehson

    Oh great now I have to cyber stalk you (not that I mind, your cute after all :P) to find out that is woefully behind on episodes… It’s only got to ep. 9 Some one needs to flog the webmaster, or poke ’em with a cheap wooden sword or something.

  • Hey John!
    Yes, we will have a continuous cut of the show WITHOUT credits for the DVD, that is annoying tohear the theme 12 times, SHUDDER πŸ™‚

    And we don’t get the episodes on until 4 weeks after the other episodes are uploaded, so episode 10 will go up tomorrow πŸ™‚ Part of the exclusive run on MSN networks.

  • Ysa

    The last episode?

    The LAST episode?

    Awesome, as usual, but leaves me with an empty feeling. Is this the end? Is it ok if I cry? And if it’s not (crossing fingers, toes and – no, just fingers and toes for now), when can we expect more? Will you continue to make it more mainstream, risking it will be lost in the crowd, or go back to the initial WoW-niche, with a max potential of 2 million viewers (+8 million Chinese gold farmers)? Or is it too early?

    I missed the chat (dohh), but I’m never good at those things anyways, so… Have you thought about opening a forum to discuss ideas for the show with webgeeks living in other time-zones/other cultures? I am certain there’s a vast creativity out there (here?) to tap into – and once a creative forum up and running it won’t demand too much time managing. Or would this be like auctioning your baby at the local mall?

    Last: Take a look at the TV-series “Spaced”. I think you will like it.

    //back to stalking\

  • There is a forum on lots of ppl chatting and foruming it up! πŸ™‚ Check it out!

  • Sehson

    Oh sure throw cyber crack at us why don’t you…

    Lead us off to cyber stalk other people, sure I see how it is, Beneath that pretty smile and your really an evil person arn’t you… πŸ˜›

  • Felicia,

    The Guild is great! I have not missed an episode on XBOX Live.

    If you guys are still doing episodes I might have a funny sketch idea that ties into WOW and a new PC gaming app called Say2Play. (

    Say2Play lets you use voice commands to execute all your in game actions including emotes and common chat replies without touching your keyboard.

    Since your show revolves around you guys talking to each other online, I think it might be funny if you were using the speech recognition software and it was listening to your online conversation and your WOW character was doing all those things in the game.

    Of course Zaboo would think you were hitting on him and some other situation would arise.

    Anyway I would love to get you and your friends some free key codes, so shoot me an email.



  • Jack Jebedee

    Still trying to get my head past Clara’s adultery. I don’t know if it’s moral outrage or the picture of three kids and a father being betrayed. Yet, in the back of my mind, I know that Clara’s family would likely be far better off without her.

    I like the Zaboo rejection, expecially his response: “I guess my princess is in another castle.” Soon afterward, we find that Zaboo has suddenly become someone else’s prince… at least for an evening. Has he found his princess? I like the possibility. It’s life in a nutshell.

    Special effects? Blow me away!


  • funny, funny stuff. Bring on season 3

  • Season 2 ROCKED! But now I’m bereft — I want to know what happens next! I want Clara to have some sense knocked into her (preferably by Vork)…I want to find out that Tink’s toon is not gone forever, just transfered to Bladezz for a while to teach her a lesson…I want Zaboo to enjoy his fling but to still pine for Codex…and I want Codex to find some happiness!! I love The Guild, and it makes me laugh until I hurt, but my heart keeps breaking for Codex.

    How long must we wait for more???

  • Great ending!

    especially the ghost of you running away. Was that an idea from when it was first written or an idea from post-production?

  • Excellent job with this entire season! Earlier this week I downloaded & watched Season 2 from the xbox live marketplace. Keep up the good work!!

  • Miriam

    Social scientists are using MMORPGs to study as microcosms of human behavior. I immediately thought of The Guild πŸ™‚

  • len

    I sat down and watched some episodes last night. This is insightful. From the first scene where her shrink is firing her for not working on herself, to the last where her spirit flees from her, Miss Day reveals the irony of the online life that becomes life as her isolation in the game gives way to real problems, needs and people. In this story, what the shrink criticizes, her story justifies. Regardless of the games played, real people communicating draw closer and become real friends. This is life.

    Her character becomes her, not the other way around as critics of the gaming culture would have us believe. Her choices are good choices. Her shrink is wrong. She is of her times, in her times, growing up online becoming aware of just how much greater is the space she evolves in. Her day is of the day.

    Felicia Day gives me hope. The first generation of imaginative, professional, clever and innovative storytellers on the web have arrived and the medium is in good hands.

    Time to blog it behind the curve, but glad to so do.

  • len

    Congratulations to you and crew! Great win! Great talents! Great futures!
    Good storytelling and ensemble does it everytime. Heart of the sitcom…. it is shorter.

    Does that make it a FlitCom?

  • Ibaraki

    Just rewatched season two in its entirety and can’t help but jot down the following:

    It’s gratifying and instructive to see how the filmmakers have figured out a way to use their limited resources to maximum effect. Scenes are built around the actors’ existing talents (card tricks, martial arts), set designs are full of character, the plotting intricate and downright professional, and the jokes have more bite – the show now has the muscle and daring to explore darker emotional territory.

    Being a niche web serial, the filmmakers can go even further than, say, Kevin Smith and Simon Pegg with geek-world insider observational humour and an outrageous (yet sweet) narrative tone. This is exactly the kind of content we go to the web for: smart, alternative media we couldn’t get from the mainstream.

    Impressively, the show never uses the plot reset button – it depicts a screwball world where actions nonetheless have lasting consequences. The unexpected, poetic use of special effects in the closing scene – the heroine’s ghostly avatar escapes and breaks into a run while her emotionally crushed real-life self stands still – raises the series to whole new level.

    This is no longer a calling-card sitcom reshaped into downloadable chucks, but a coherent, self-sustaining artistic project fully aware of the quirks and potentials of its own medium. Bravo.

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