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Guild Episode #10



Episode #10 is posted and I have to say, I’m very excited to share it with everyone! I’m especially loving this episode because there are some great lines in this that make me chuckle. I’m not a piggy, if someone has a better idea on set we definitely shoot alts, and sometimes their line is better than mine. In this episode a few brilliant zingers by Vork make me laugh a lot. I don’t have an ego about it, I just am greatful to have such creative people around me who know their characters so well.

I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t watched (go do it!), but I feel like the cast is in top-notch form, and I love how all six characters really get some nice moments, all packed into our tiny web-series time frame. I like the scene between me and a certain newcomer (to avoid spoilers). It’s so passive aggressive at a certain point, dunno if girls will find it more funny than guys though. Sean Becker (the director/editor) and I kept the awkward moment longer and longer in editing, until it had us in stitches. Long silences make me laugh so much. It’s hard to be brave and keep them in, especially with the rocket editing pace that’s required online to keep ppl from clicking away, but that’s real life, right? I experience the agony of awkward pauses in conversations daily, why not spread the love? LOL!

Hope you enjoy!! Next week’s episode may very well be my favorite, but I guess it’s like your children: All of them have qualities that are the best and worst 🙂

  • Kelly

    Just watched! Awww, poor Codex, she breaks my heart!

  • Hehe, yes, awkward pauses in conversations are always funny! Except when it happens to us.

    And yes, some great lines in this episode!


    Some that I can remember now are:

    – “Gianormous Hot Chick Girlfriend”
    – “Women. Can’t live with them… they will not go out with me!”
    – “Have you ever touched Chuck Norris?”
    – “I hate people!”

    Can’t wait for the next episodes (but at the same time, sad Season 2 is almost over…) !
    But episode 8 is still my fav so far. =]

    Anyway, awesome episode as always!

  • Mondo

    Great episode. My favorite part this season is when hot guy compliments you and you level up. *ding*. That was brilliant. It was kinda like an easter egg for the gamers.

  • “Women. Can’t live with them… they will not go out with me!”

    That line made me literally laugh out loud. Which was a little embarrassing, because I was watching at work over my lunch break, with my headphones on. And Robin Thorsen is bloody brilliant. Love her.

  • Clara’s intense drunken gaze at the end was hilarious.
    Also, the dramatic slow-mo walk being interrupted by a passerby had me doubled over.
    “500 views, it’s practically viral.” Heehee.
    My sister-in-law says she’s going to just start yelling “Chug! Chug! Chug!” at random people now.
    Five stars!

  • There are so many great lines in this ep – too many to mention (and, anyway, I don’t want to spoil!). The stand-off between Codex and ‘the other’ was really well done – snobbery is everywhere it would seem!

    The way you have set it all up there is going to have to be huge confrontation somewhere – and I can’t wait. The only downside is there are only two eps left!

    Fantastic job, everyone 🙂

  • I LOVE this episode!
    And I loved Bladezz’s cartoon princess line. I seriously LOLed and then took it back a few seconds to LOL at it again.

    And awkward pauses are ace. I can related to the awkward pause.

  • The dialog really shone in this episode. It’s my favorite of the season so far. I find it especially delightful that it was a bit of a collaboration.

  • Jeff

    Have to agree, the zingers were great in this one. Vorktanomo Bay and women lines by Jeff were classic. But I have to admit, every other line was funny.

  • Oh, yeah, and the slo-mo where the three Guild women whip around to move in on stuntboy? Both hilarious and hawt!

  • Hilarious episode! So funny how Halo gamer girl has no respect for WoW gamer girl. Halo rules!

  • Robert B

    Oh, the love was felt! I was laughing awkwardly the whole time (amidst spurts of giggles!)

    The agony was briliantly captured and delivered, though I couldn’t tell what was going through Stuntman’s head when you ran off. Can’t wait till next week 🙂

  • Jann

    Super episode! May be my favorite yet! Had to watch it twice it was so good. Favorite parts – your single eyebrow raise in the beginning monologue, the three girls walking in slo-mo, and the WoW/Halo bit. Hilarious. Lol, literally! And your dialogue at the end was priceless. You projected such a perfect mixture of embarrassment, shame and fear. Excellent! Brava!!

  • Bel-Rand

    *akward silence*

    Best ep of the season so far, Dani doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


    I’ve been wondering all week what the deal would be with stupid hot tall girl, I did think she was just a roomate, så FPS versus RPG was awesome. “I kill things too, I just have prettier outfits”.

  • alienufo

    this was my favorite episode so far! 😀

  • My favorite zinger was that line of Codex’s, “I kill things too, I just have prettier outfits.” Defensive and assertive at the same time. Really great episode; can’t wait to see where it’s all headed!

  • Steve

    I make fun of my wife for ‘watching’ horror movies with her hands covering her eyes. The awkward silence had me covering my eyes the whole time. It was like a distilled version of My So Called Life, but funny, and with adults.

  • so fun I almost dropped my chocolate chips…wait…that sounds horrible…yeah, I’m leaving it. loved the show!

  • it just has to be said…I’d change that dorkoptamus pic of me if I could remember how…just so we’re clear…

  • Felicia

    Victoria, it’s a Gravatar, so go to I guess to change it. Ya, weird how you forget to update one profile and your face jumps out at you from 2 years ago and you’re like ‘Where the hell did that face come from!?”

    • ohhh, cool! Never knew that!
      I always thought that it only showed pics of people who use WordPress.


  • JimG

    In my opinion the awkward moment was just as funny for guys as it is girls. I’ve had it happen to me plenty of times. The old:
    “Hey you game too? What do you play?”
    “Call of Duty”
    “Oh yeah that games awesome!”

  • Heckle

    No one mentioned my fave line so here it is.

    “He’s mining my ore!!!!”

  • Whew…I feel much better about my gravatarded self now…..

  • Lots of great one-liners in The Guild. “He’s mining my ore!” You pick the perfect facial expressions sometimes, too.

    Watch the first or second season of the British show Coupling for ideas on how to make scenes about awkward silence. If I remember right, the “Giggle Loop” episode is completely about awkward silences.

  • Great episode, it was one of my favorites. Haven’t posted here before but am very impressed with the design.

    Keep up the excellent work Ms. Day.

  • Mike

    My favorite episode of the season so far. Can’t wait for the next one! I can’t be the only one rooting for Zaboo, right?…right?…

  • ruth

    woa! i thought series 2 only went up to ep 10! i just discovered the guild from the dr horrible singalong commentary and watched it alll in about 2 evenings.

    i love clara-CHUG CHUG CHUG!!
    and it goes without saying that codex rocks my socks.

    thank you so much for putting it on a site accessible to the UK! x

  • Hiiiiiii Felicia!

    Even as life gets hectic, there’s always time for the Guild, and #10 really made me laugh… just like you said, it’s got some good lines!

    On another note, I just finished reading Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law trilogy, as per the recommendation on your blog… what a great series!!

    Keep kicking ass!

  • ?! Try that again… (sorry if this dupes)

    Quick news flash… Rolling Stone lists The Guild among the top five best web series!

  • Okay, okay, I’m finally all caught up.

    “women, can’t live with ’em…they won’t go out with me”


    And wait a second..Rolling Stone? The guy up there said Rolling mother effing Stone! WHEE!

    That is all.

    • Douglas Eden

      Lovin your tude and your GORGEOUS Pic

  • Poor Codex! she suffers so.
    Vork-tanamo Bay cracked me up! And teh slo-mo with the girls and Codexs face at the randoms in her apartment mid slo-mo killed me! 😀

  • Douglas Eden

    I havent seen anything yo have done, BUT I love the sense of community connection in a good ensemble piece. ( Bones, NCIS, MASH, northern exposure, – etc etc ) ALL of my favorite shows tend towards that state.

    I am on disability and in a lower income so that my computer is limited ( for now ) BUT I plan to try to view guild soon to learn more.

    Its frustrating to me to read about your collaborative writing atmosphere on set, because I pften have that same kind of wit and feel I could contribute greatly to a show thru my life experiences and my ability to see fun and humor in everyday life with my friends. I am always the one ititiating new words and tales, as well as using show worthy lines in real life interactions.

    Would you have any idea how a guy from the midwest on limited funds and connections might help a show out this way ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Hey Felicia or as I and my friends at work refer to you (FDay). I am a huge fan of the show and your work in general. I work at a Video Game Studio in FL and found out about your prjs a year or so ago on Dr. Horribles, been hooked ever since and had many ppl here at the studio hooked as well. We have many female characters in our new upcoming game. Sry it isnt announced to the public till 09 E3. But I got to thinking on the fact that there are females as main characters in our game. If you are interested in doing voice work just let us know. As we love to make soemthing liek that happen ;P
    We are on the level.

    take care either way

    and cant wait for more GUILD

  • How do i get an avatar on this thing??

    • Go to

  • Ben

    Wow! Thanks for giving Vork ad lib time. Other commenting people/things seem to like those moments too.

    Other vague and specific compliments here, including comparisons with Diablo Cody going very strongly your way. Thanks for completing these two interesting and fun seasons!

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