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I just realized that I haven’t done a real, proper blog entry about the comic!  Today, Issue #2 comes out in stores, and as a very cool twist, Dark Horse is releasing issue #1 as an iPhone/iPad app for 99 Cents!!  So if you haven’t caught up, read the comic on your phone, or iPad (which I think is the best way to read a comic now, but that’s another subject 🙂 ).  (ADDENDUM: SOME STATES HAVE DELAYED DELIVERY OF #2!  BE SURE TO CALL YOUR COMIC SHOP BEFORE DRIVING OVER!!)  You can also order by mail from TFAW by clicking one of the covers above.

In issue #2 Cyd meets 2 more Guildies, and in fact, all the Guildies put in an appearance.  I had to go back and rewrite a lot for this issue, because being succinct is a challenge for me, haha.  I probably wrote 10 pages more than I needed to for EACH issue of these comics.  There is no appreciating the storytelling of comic form than trying to shove everything you want into an issue, and basically having to pare down to bare minimums.   At times I really had no idea how I would tell the story I wanted to tell in the room I had.  Thank goodness  Scott Allie, the editor at Dark Horse, was encouraging and patient when he was like, “Felicia, you have 3 too many words in this bubble.”  Arg!  I definitely figured out the hard way that comic writing must be spartan, efficient and visual.

Nonetheless, I’m SUPER happy with the way the comic issues turned out!  I especially like the introduction of some of the Guild characters we didn’t see in #1, I don’t want to spoil anything, but it tickles me to see their in-game characters in different outfits from what we know them in the web series.  And I especially like the in-game art in this issue, Jim did a fabulous job and the colors really make the world stand apart from each other, one stark and angular, the other watercolor-y and dreamy.  It was one of my motivating factors in DOING the comic to see the in-game world, inventing what that would look like and how it would operate for the out-of-game characters.  I feel like it really hit a stride in #2.

Hope you enjoy!  Now…back to Season 4 writing! 🙂

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