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Guild #3 is up!


Running out to work, but wanted to post that Guild #3 is posted and ready to be watched!

I haven’t even been online to check out how it’s doing, but whatever! I’m too busy eating chips and salsa on the set. Oh, and acting 🙂 I’ll have time to post more tonight.

  • Couldn’t you have posted a link? Please?

  • Joe

    Ok, so Zaboo doesn’t waste time.

    For those of you having trouble finding it:

    (fear the magic carpet ride!)

  • Excellent.

  • i finally got internet at home (new construction, have to wait forever and day to get everything installed) and i just watched EP3. i love the bloopers at the end! you must consider adding them to each episode… or just release an episode of bloopers alone. that was a great EP, Felicia!

  • Zaboo needs to get put in a bathtub full with ice – someones winks at him and he’s ready for bed action.

  • Cicatrixtwigs

    I absolutely adore the GM cooking at his computer. He should make things every episode. haha

    Plus, i want to feed Bladezz soup. Theres a guy in my guild who used to be exactly the same… until i carfted him a tux and sent him an offhand fish. How he’s always very polite to me. Bless.

  • Paul

    That’s 500% more Zaboo than I ever wanted to see in my entire life.

    Great episode. 😀 “Before I started breeding!” “I didn’t budget for social activities this month.” So many sig-able lines.

    (I didn’t make out what the bribe was, though – GameBold and 15 bucks?)

  • Michael

    Brilliant! Absolutely hilarious!

    Can’t wait for more! 🙂

  • Dustin

    Paul it’s 50 In game gold.

    Great episode Flog Girl, I wish you would come out with them faster. But I realize you shouldn’t because you actually get real jobs and you wish for this side project to keep up it’s quality. So I’ll just say, good job, keep it up.

  • Pretty funny.

    But really I hope you constructed that huge container of Miracle Whip because I think it might be a crime humanity to buy that… or ingest it.

  • Dan

    I started watching these on WowInsider (.com) and thought they were great.
    Thanks for the laugh today, I needed it…got a cold…
    Time for me to say hi to my guild…cheers.

  • Samantha

    Great episode. I think it’s the best yet. I’d put quotes, but I loved every line and I think you know the transcript already. And daysies, thanks for telling me there were blooper at the end; I admit I closed the window once the credits started.

    Felicia, great great job. 🙂

  • Samantha

    “Were blooper”? Um, “there was a blooper.”

  • Joe

    Yes, since you only see were bloopers only during the full moon. =)

  • OMG I can’t believe I didn’t post the link, what a frikkin’ idiot! Thanks for covering for me Joe.

    Yay, I love coming home to so many great comments, I’m so happy people like it, I have to admit, the bacon sizzling under the episode makes me laugh my ass off, and I might be the only one 🙂

    We have a blooper reel that we’re going to post, it’s very funny. So hard to keep a straight face when Zaboo improvs so many great lines.

    Dustin, I’d love to do an episode a week, maybe one day people will give me the money to do that. Until then, I have to work them between 18 people’s schedules and fit them in between riding in a prairie wagon and accidentally stepping in cow patties (Happened just today, yuckky!)
    And Guy, believe it or not, I bought that big mayo container, and they had one that was THREE TIMES BIGGER for sale. I wanted to use the HUGE one, but it was 20 bucks more, and I thought maybe it was too jokey. I kinda wish I had used it though 🙂
    So glad you guys liked it, can’t wait to get the next one rolling!

  • Paul

    Thanks, Dustin! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the blooper reel.

  • Courtney

    I really liked how it went back to more of an ensemble piece. I also really like the close up/talk to the camera shots. It feels much more natural in the context of gamers.

    It’s really beginning to look like you’re all hitting your stride now, so good job and keep it up 🙂

  • Edgar

    “Codex, slayer of masculinity.”

    I see you’re playing another slayer…


  • sigrid

    I love The Guild, not just because it’s funny as hell (because so so so real in so many instances) but because it led me to your blog. It’s always good to find an articulate blog. 🙂

  • Jen

    Niiice driver’s license photo! I was pretty nervous the first time our guild met IRL — can’t wait to see how The Guild’s meet goes.

  • Pi

    “The Guild” was great, all three of them… can’t wait for more! Tons of great lines, and you play the role of quirky, nerdy, anxious wreck perfectly (it’s a compliment, I swear)! Your little openings are great… and are well-complemented by an oddly appealing theme song.

    Two moments I enjoyed thoroughly:
    “Yeah, no, no, not really.”
    “Guys? I found Zaboo… yay~”

  • The “yay” was priceless. 😀

    I stumbled over “The Guild” on youtube and instantly fell in love… Can’t wait to see more and while I cannot afford to send you a lot of money maybe I could assist you with German chocolate? 😉

  • The OTHER Paul

    OMG love it. Even folks in other MMO’s can appreciate it, got my entire EQ2 guild cracking up and quoting. Keep it up.

  • Edgar

    The best part is that it isn’t really based on an actual game, because of legal reasons of course, and it could really be applied to any group of gamers.

    Also, the actors deliver their materials extremely well and I can’t wait for a blooper reel.

  • Cicatrixtwigs

    I dont know if you’ve seen, but episode 1 is a featured video on youtube today 😀

  • antraxa

    Hey, congratulations! Episode 1 is in the frontpage of youtube! That should give you a lot more views…

  • Tom

    Best show ever!

    I hear you are an ex-WOWer anyway but please don’t let this show swerve off due to the fame it will undoubtedly receive.

    The more accurate references and in-game memes you deliver the more people will love this show because it proves that you guys understand the gaming scene and aren’t just a bunch of outsiders mocking it.

    Anyway, i have subscribed and i am watching, just wanted to deliver this message before i am drowned by the masses of fans that will be flooding into your domain with regards to the show being features on Youtube. Great success!

  • Wow.. such charm, so genuine. I loved all the demo clips. I think I have a new favorite actress! Keep up the great work!

  • Edgar

    Awesome… I was hoping Felicia and the crew would think of this… Check out their official website:

    They’re actually now accepting donations through paypal towards production of future shows…

    This could literally be a viewer-funded show, until at least someone big picks them up…

    Just means how badly do you want to see the next episode… lol

  • Well you probably are aware of this by now, but you got featured on YouTube for the #1 video. The series is great btw. Prepared to get slammed though in terms of subcribes, messages, etc from being featured.

    I kept watching the videos going… this girl looks familiar… then realized from the description where I had seen you on Buffy.


  • Thanks for plugging the donation box Edgar! Saves me from begging for myself, which is always a little awkward, LOL.
    I came home last night to a million emails and phone calls about our being featured on the front page, crazy! Really exciting that we’re getting so much attention, all of my readers are now in the “cool” club for being ahead of the curve! 😉

    Welcome to all you newcoming posters, hope you stick around, we have fun discussions here!

    The cool thing is we have a few interested parties in funding the show now, some meetings set up, pretty cool! Will update if anything comes of it. At least I get some free lunches.

  • Courtney

    Very cool that we got to see the buildup for the recognition that you’re getting now. Hope the funding thing comes through.

  • Joe

    Oh, funding is good. Congrats! Hopefully, the duct tape on the headphones stays even with a bigger budget.

  • Do I get to be in cool club, too, even though I only found this a few days ago? I can bribe you with puppy pictures! 😉

  • Totally hilarious, please bring out the next one – this is something I could watch again and again…

  • Puppy pictures?!?!?!?!?!?! ZOINKS!

  • *points at to her blog where she posted a picture of her little boy* Ignore the language, it’s what we speak in Mordor, no need to worry. 😉

  • Matthew

    I didn’t hear any buzz about the Guild or anything prior to finding it yesterday in a completely unfocused session of net surfing. I’ve seen all three episodes and simply can not WAIT for the next installment. I can’t wait to see the misadventures and such of the neglectful mother. Keep up the amazing work!! By the way, were you in a Target advertisement pushing a cart? I couldn’t find it anywhere on the site, but I swear that was you. In addition, you have a nice site and you needn’t be so constantly self-conscious about it in your blog.

    With respect,


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