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Great Post on Women's Short Hair


I was inspired by this article to write a bit more on the blog here, because it touches on a lot of what I’ve encountered personally lately.

I have heard comments like those referred to in this article about women with short hair SO MUCH in the last few months since I cut mine, mostly on YouTube, the home of 12-18 year olds.

The ones that confuse and hurt me the most are like this one I got last week:
“Love your videos, will be back when you grow your hair out.”

Uh, ok? My hair doesn’t affect what words come out of my mouth, dude? But he can’t see me as anything else, I guess. Guys like him tune in because I’m attractive to them. Without long hair, I’m not attractive to them. Ergo…goodbye. The substance of my work doesn’t matter because my looks are the only context they have for me in their lives. And that makes me sad, because I’ve always tried to be more than that, without screaming it in people’s faces.

And it makes me sad for THEM actually. Because with that attitude towards women, they might be missing out on meeting an awesome girl/woman for themselves in their real lives. But we exist in a culture that only treats women as paper doll cutouts we can get aroused/attracted to. Our media does that to us, men do it to women, women do it to other women. I mean, how many animated GIFS of women are reblogged on Tumblr for their WORK rather than a dress they wear or a pretty pose? It’s an interesting question, one that even I might have a bad record with.

So part of me doesn’t even blame those YouTube guys. But it does make me want to show them that there are other ways to be, even if they cut me out of their online video lives, I still exist as who I am, out of their very rigidly defined parameters of “female-dom”. And maybe that’s enough. Just to BE.

Think I’ll be keeping my hair short for a long time.

  • As a woman with short hair that she has (cue gasps) decided to stop dying and let be gray, both the article you linked and your post resonate with me. Thank you for posting both.

  • Be Who You Want to be! Be How You Want to be! Look How You Want To Look.

    As long as you feel right with what you are doing and how you look, it really does not matter what anyone else thinks. And If you lose a couple of rude viewers because of your ‘new’ look, then that means they were only their in the first place for your ‘looks’ and not for ‘what comes out of your mouth’

    I’m a fan because of your work (and what I don’t enjoy – I don’t watch) I did like your hair long, I do like your hair short….And will like your hair and looks no matter what you decide to do…because what truly matters is what is behind those ‘amazing’ ‘looks’

    Keep up the Amazing work!

  • Gerald

    As a man, married to a woman who has cut her hair short. All I can say is that the hair ultimately doesn’t matter. I love my wife regardless of hair length, color, etc. However, I can say honestly that there is (for me) an optimal length I find most attractive on her. But, it is her hair and she needs to do what is right for her and I will still find her uber-sexy regardless.

  • James

    I am a man and I like your short hair. I liked it long too. In fact; the second best part is that it changes! The best part is that it is red. <3

    More on the topic, my wife's hair has gotten shorter as she aged and it has worked well and received compliments as it got shorter. The biggest change shorter was when she went natural grey (you can guess why). That change was well received.

    I don't believe the bias of which you speak is too extreme.

  • Larry Cione

    Haters are going to hate.

    Don’t worry or care about what other people think, Felicia. You did well by your career by not listening to people. That’s something no one can touch, which is awesome.

    These people who “hate” your hair aren’t your real fans. Your real fans will never abandon you.

  • Staffan

    As a male:
    1. I don’t see how the length of your hair affects my enjoyment of your work.
    2. Even if it did, IMO you look better with short hair. It makes you look more… confident, I guess.

  • I learned about woman hair stereotypes from the Little Mermaid. In the Little Mermaid 1, Ariel has long flowing hair. In the Little Mermaid 2 (straight to video) Ariel has short hair up in a bun, and her DAUGHTER has long flowing hair. I realized that this was done on purpose to make Ariel appear less “available” and more “domestic.” versus her wild “Child” past in LM 1 and her daughter being young and wild in LM2.
    In other words, Disney capitalized on the perceptions of women with short versus long hair deliberately!
    Within this context, it’s obvious guys want to view you as young and available, which is actually a compliment, though a superficial one.
    Personally I love your hair short or long – but there wouldn’t be annoying marketing people if there were nothing to be gained by catering to a demographic.
    The question remains: how much are you willing to sacrifice to not be a square peg in a round hole.
    The answer remains: more than me, but less than 90% of Hollywood.
    Guess this is just another perception you’ll have to rock everyone’s world on. And in the next Direct-to-video Little Mermaid film I expect Ariel to have long hair again thanks to you, and her daughter to have short hair!

    Also seconding the real fans never abandon you thing. Yup. That.

  • Alan

    ‘In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ This has become not unlike a mantra to me when faced with the contemptuous nature of others.

    To invoke such a powerful quote from Dr. King in response to the topic of short hair on women might seem ill-considered but it has served me well in that it reminds me to speak up in the face of hatred. No matter how insignificant or harmless it may seem, the ridicule and condescension of others may be causing more damage than we know.

    So don’t just Wheaton’s Law, speak up against those who break it.

    AFA FD, I like you for you.

  • Not that it matters, of course…

    …but you look good with short hair.

    Not that it matters!

  • Jean

    When I first saw your haircut, I loved it. I’m sorry now, that I didn’t comment then. Even my husband said that it suits you! (He’s a big fan BTW). Don’t let the haters aka idiots get to you. You are awesome!

  • Kim

    Casual sexism (or just sexism)! How fun! I take the subway daily and see men claiming public space as their own compared to women folding into themselves to take up as little space as possible; it makes me want to scream “take up space!” With that being said, thank you for taking up space.

  • Henry

    People watch what you produce and read what you write absent seeing you and it’s just as good. This post is a perfect example of that.

    People can’t grow out of themselves but that doesn’t mean they should take it out on you. Twitter makes us think pithy answers are in vogue when in reality sometimes they’re just glib and hurtful without thought.

  • I love short hair and long hair-and hair should really have nothing to do with ones personality, content, and artistic merit.

  • Brooke

    I’m shaving my hair off for charity in a week, and the responses I received when I announced what I was doing was mostly “Why would you do that?”, “What a shame, you have such nice long hair.” I was so discouraged, and my confidence took a plunge and I considered pulling out until I remembered that I’m not doing this to please anybody shallow enough to judge me on the length of my hair.

    You are amazingly talented, and you hair long or short isn’t going to change that, and if anyone is going to stop watching for such silly reasons they are missing out!

    I just hope when my hair grows back in I can rock the short cut like you do!

  • Rach

    I shaved my very long hair off last year to raise money for charity, and was lucky enough to have only positive encouragement and comments. It really is ridiculous though that so much work seems to be placed on the length of a woman’s hair, rather than what she does.

    P.S love your work, Felicia! You are one of my inspirations, really hope to get the chance to meet you one day!

  • Shawn

    Typical double standard. Felicia would not date an ugly guy. She miss out on tons of great guys because of that.
    Its exactly the same reason why men tune out from her program. Don’t blame them or feel sorry, its logical.

    The quality of Felicias program makes people continue to watch. But why did many man-geeks start to watch? Because we think Felicia is attractive, fun and competent.

    I won’t stop watch the channels. I do however miss the long hair. I like a gorgeous Felicia. Same reason why women watched George Clooney. If he put on 200 pounds you would tune out.

  • Jon


    Long or short hair, you are still a beautiful, talented woman that I will continue to follow. Well, not “follow” as in stalk! To tell the truth, after seeing your awesome new hair, I told my wife (also a redhead) she would look great with hers cut that way as well.

    She’s wanted to go short (again) and has an appointment next week! She’s even taking a picture of you with her to show what she wants.

    Thank you for all the wonderful moments you’ve given your fans. Your hair won’t change that!

  • TobyTucker

    You had such lovely long hair it seems a shame to cut it. BUT… you look really nice with short hair as well. I especially like that tousled look. And I would think it’s easier to maintain, giving you more time to go do stuff, so a Win-Win for you!

    That article you linked to is a bit deep, but with the emphasis that’s put on a woman’s appearance, there’s an idea out there that women with short hair are not interested in attracting men, implying that short-haired gals are somehow less attractive. I don’t agree, but judging from the reactions you’ve gotten, it would appear that view is still alive and well.

    You’ll just have to stand strong and put up with the ignorance as I don’t see that attitude changing anytime soon. I could go on a rant about the evils of superficiality, but maybe later. In the meantime I eagerly await your latest project, whatever it may be.

  • Jim

    For what it’s worth, Felicia, I think your new hair style is adorable.

    I really don’t understand people who base a woman’s value (or the value of her work) on the way she looks. It’s a horrible, demeaning perspective to hold on to, and it makes me sad (and angry) that sexism is still such a significant part of our culture. We’ve made great strides in that area over the last several decades, but it’s pretty evident (to me, at least) that there is a not-insignificant demographic that still needs to just grow the hell up. The whole ‘double standard’ mindset smacks of sour grapes to me. That level of stupid makes my head hurt.

  • Ralph

    You can’t please everyone, people being what they are, but, good news, you can please some of us ALL the time. Focus on those “some of the people”, the fans who know you as more than face and eyes and red hair, that adore you no matter what you do superficially. Shiny bald or impossibly long locks, I can not imagine a lovelier person than you. BTW, your hair looks fabulous short.

    If it’s not too much trouble could you do a top 25, 50 or dare I say it [gasp] 100 favorite books list to your homepage? I and others, I’m sure, would love to compare our own to it and read yours. Something official, linked off the main page perhaps.

  • Jason

    For me it’s your personality that enjoy, you could shave your head for all I care. You’re quirky, funny and thoughtful and that’s enough for me to enjoy your content. Just “Be” people will always take away what they want, not necessarily what you want them to take away but you no control over that.

  • Eric

    You’re great, no matter what length your hair is; witty, way smarter than I am, and talented. People that cannot see past the length of a woman’s hair are missing out.

  • Rob E.

    Even though it is not surprising to receieve hurtful comments from the internet, I am still sorry that they happen. I am glad you intend to keep your hair however you like, and I will continue to be a huge fan (becuase you are absolutely Awesome)!

    fan from Huntsville AL

  • Rom

    Honestly, I think your short hair is cute. Internet trolls will continue to be internet trolls.

  • Kyle

    I’ve never seen your work, but I always thought you were cool when I heard you on podcasts. I just wanted to let you know I think that’s an amazing haircut, really suits you. I just wanted to speak up because I hate seeing all the online abuse, whether its to you or entire development teams that is so common online, it’s not warranted.

    Keep on being amazing!

  • Vlazno


    You shouldn’t have to deal with all that bs. But like the others have said, trolls will be trolls. Your work is awesome. I first saw you on Buffy, then on Lie to Me, then I got to The Guild and Dr. Horrible party late, but still glad I did. You have always seemed like a very friendly and happy person. I’ve been able to see a lot of the wonderful things that you do, and sometimes they are the high point of a crap day. (Unless I’m talking to my kids; always #1!) And you know what? Absolutely none of it, in my opinion, has to do with your hair length. It’s yours. Do what makes you happy with it, and don’t let the negativity get you down. If you like it, keep it. Just keep being the supremely terrific person that you are, and have a nice day!

    Thank you,


  • Galen B.

    As a man, I fully support women who choose to cut their hair short. Hell, I find it attractive even. I will always put more value in a woman who has a commitment to individuality and the wherewithal to stick to her guns in the face of adversity. (in this case traditional gender expectations)

    It’s always confused me that many men seem to feel uncomfortable around a woman that is willing to stretch out her horizons and try new things.

    Good on you Ms. Day. *brofist* Fight the good fight!

  • Jack H.

    Short hair does not fit Felicia, but that’s just my opinion. Still a great person, naturally.

  • Sam

    Felicia Day you wear your hair anyway you want. You’re great no matter what. As a female who also has cut my hair short, I think that it creates individuality. Besides, it compliments you greatly. At the end of the day, WHO CARES what anyone says! It’s your hair and you do what you want! Why is this even an issue?! I don’t understand. Besides I’ve seen men with long hair (Jared Leto comes to mind) and it doesn’t have the same great debate…..society sometimes!

  • Hans

    Easier said than done, but you really shouldn’t let youtube comments get you down.

  • Your short haircut is amazing! It’s so flattering on you, you shouldn’t listen to what any mean haters on the internet (especially YouTube) tell you. I myself prefer a shortish bob haircut, and have for years, I wish I had the sort of face and build to pull off a pixie cut like yours. Alas, that is never to be.

    I would also like to say that you are a huge inspiration to me (as are the other three ladies of Vaginal Fantasy) and it doesn’t matter in the slightest what you look like or how you do your hair (although all four of you seem very blessed in the hair department). You are great women and you need to stand strong in the face of pointless and meaningless criticism, so that other girls and women out there have visible and good role models.

  • Sarah

    I think your hair is awesome.

    Having cut my hair short countless times, I’ve heard some of those types of comments from men and women. “It’s cute, but grow it back” “Too boyish” Blah blah blah.

    For the comment of “Love your videos, will be back when you grow your hair out.”
    Commenting on the internet makes some people brave and stupid all at once. If you sat across from him at a table, those words would never come out.

    Keep your hair in whatever style you like and your confidence will shine through and make you more beautiful.

  • Short hair? Long hair? Who cares? You are THE Felicia Day! You could shave your head bald and tattoo a giant, scaly, green penis across your scalp and you’d still be beautiful… Although I would ask you to wear a hat if I took you to meet my mother.

  • Christopher

    Also: when I had long hair, I was often told (by mostly women) that I should cut it short because it would be cuter. I guess what I’m saying is that I can relate and that it isn’t just “the patriarchy” necessarily (not that I’m saying it doesn’t exist), but rather just “people” in general expecting that your primary goal in life is to be as attractive (presumably to the opposite sex) as possible (which is mostly stupid).

  • I may have to second shawn on this topic. Ms. Day, I do find that your strong, independent woman aspect is respectable. However, it may be pointed out that there is a bit of conflict of interest here. I will admit that the idea of not appreciatin ones hard work because of a haircut is sophmoric at best, it must be said at some point in your life you may have once discounted someone based on the same type of generality.
    I find it interesting that you seem to not acknowledge in part that you are guilty of the same societal archetype that you are working quite hard to abolish. I am sure that you have declined to date men who you found to be un-attractive to you. Maybe you based that idea on the fact that there had no 6 pack abs or no chisled jaw or that they were short and a tad heavy or since you are a celebrity, you would not even remotely think of dating a non-celebrity personality.
    Point is, faulting someones work based on a physical attribute is ridculous. But when one isn’t consistent enough to acknowledge they are guilty of the same idea throughout life, isn’t that worth maybe taking a step back and thinking about what exactly you are trying to admonish.

  • Felicia, in my eyes you can do no wrong. Personally, I love the new do. I think it’s sexy, stylish, and, of course, very cute. So tell the haters to stick it and do your own thing, baby. You rock!

  • Lynn

    I can relate to how hard it can be with short hair, I shaved my hair twice for fundraising for leukemia.. All around me I heard the most disgusting things, relating to my sexuality, being told I should die, I was told I would die alone, these were common things.

    Had what I done been that bad? I have raised over 3000$ for leukemia, and I am proud of that. However as a hairstylist I lost my job, despite buying an overpriced wig they insisted on me wearing.

    It made me prioritize my life, and strengthen my own beliefs. I now aim to follow my heart and work in the medical field. I hope your experience will strengthen you. you may have made an external change to yourself, but in the end, I deeply believe it will help you grow internally.

    I think you are fundamentally a beautifully spirited woman. I love watching your videos, and how you seem very comfortable with who you are, please continue being that way. Don’t let naysayers bring you down, keep strong and know that you are you and that’s a beautiful thing.

    I miss that freedom and liberation of a fuzzy head.

  • Michanikos

    We are human beings, and everything that entails, but we should strive to be beyond that. As human beings, we are born slaves to instincts and cultures that tell us what is attractive. It is inescapable. I will not deny that my humanity tells me that long hair is attractive on a woman and short hair is not. I am also highly intelligent and powerful and I have full control of my own reality. I know that hair is not beauty. Hair is not intelligence. I don’t need to be told what is attractive. I can come to my own conclusions.

    So, what does short hair, or any hair style, on a woman tell you? It shouldn’t tell you that she is unattractive. It doesn’t really tell you anything. At most, it gives you questions. Questions that can only be answered by building a meaningful relationship with her. Don’t answer those questions for her.

    I won’t address those who are slave to their innate realities. They must truly and critically take a long look at themselves in order to escape their savageness. If they seek help, help them. Otherwise, ignore them, they are about as important as hair on the salon floor; they will never amount to anything.

    Those of us who do understand. There is always room to grow wiser, more powerful.


  • Adam

    People respond to hair in an almost instinctual manner. I’ve found this from going overnight from hair down to my waist, to completely shaved bald. (and now just a little short buzzcut). The initial reactions from people went from “oh look at the artistic hippy guy” to “who’s the scary biker dude”.

    After reading your article I must say I completely agree with your viewpoints. And after scouting around and finding many pictures of your new haircut compared to the old. Your new do comes off as more spunky, energetic and in a very fun way more aggressive ‘go get’er’ kind of style. I like it.

  • Emmanuel Garcia

    It’s really sad how judgmental and superficial people can be, especially on the internet. Please don’t let comments like that stop you from smiling for one second. I have way too much feelings about this topic and I have a hard time putting it into words, but honestly, you said something once that I felt was really important.

    How To Deal With YouTube Trolls (Ft. Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Tom Merritt)

    I’m sure it’s not easy to put yourself out there like you have done. You have given us so much and I can only hope that you get the same satisfaction from your loving fans that your fans get from you. Don’t let his criterion of what a woman should look like deter you from being who you are.

    Thank you for sharing so much of what makes you special.

  • Damon

    On behalf of stupid men everywhere I’d like to apologize.

  • jj

    Honestly, I guess it makes sense. When you think about actresses in the past who’ve had short hair but were still considered attractive, it was people like Halle Berry, who couldn’t be ugly if she tried and also was still a sex symbol; Mia Farrow, who has the face of a doll; and Audrey Hepburn, who was chic – and feminine- in every way. Don’t get me wrong, Audrey is my idol and, while not being “girly”, am still very feminine. There’s nothing wrong with being feminine.

    But my point is that unless a woman is very sexy or feminine in all of her other qualities, the evidence suggests (lol) that short hair on women isn’t very attractive to men. It’s a pity because I personally find shorter hair attractive on women… then again, I’m a woman who likes both men and women, so there’s that, haha.

    That common you received truly shocked me – that the viewer will be back when you grow your hair out. I’m just sitting here baffled. I just don’t get it, man.

    **One thing I did want to say is that women objectify men, too. You said that women objectify women, men objectify women… but it’s probably a good idea to point out that, in this day and age, men are just as objectified in the media as women are. (Calvin Klein ads, anyone? lol) However, the past is a very different story.**

    • jj

      ^^^ So. Many. Typos. @_@;; sorry ’bout that.

  • F – You’re a gorgeous person, inside and out. Your talent makes us laugh, cry, cheer up, think about the world and enjoy this comic and game universe of ours so much more by reflecting what we feel in your art. Your hair couldn’t make the slightest difference into the content you put out, but even if it did, you look great. You look great with short hair, long hair, and probably with no hair. And even if you didn’t, the true beauty of someone is reflected in what they do, and how they interact with people – and in that sense, you’re one of the most beautiful people in the world.

    Thanks for everything you do.

  • Christopher Lee Seaman

    Like Jack said you are still gorgeous.

  • Joshua Ditty

    Silly people thinking Felicia isn’t adorable no matter what.
    “Oh hey I like how you’re adorkable etc. but how dare you cut your hair.”
    Oookay then.

  • Kelly

    From a Vogue 1988 op-ed on short hair by Joan Juliet Buck

    “The shape of your skull is commented on, so are its contents….But your face is no longer a flat screen surrounded by a curtain: the world sees you in three dimensions.”

  • Nicole

    LOVE your hair. I am thinking of cutting mine! I think that sadly these issues do exists. The roles we have been forced fed for how men and women should be instead of how they just are. I think the lines of what’s male and female and everything in between should be blurred. It should be about the person. We should be valued for our work, philosophy of life and what we do in the world. Does it really matter what our physical bodies look like? I like to be pretty just like the next person but my own version of what I think pretty is. I know its been clouded by what society tells me is pretty.

  • Richard

    You cut your hair? Sorry, I didn’t notice – I guess I was distracted by the awesome that is your talent and wit.

  • Jeffp

    Just to add to the chorus…

    You looked great with long hair.
    You look just as great with short hair.

    What really matter, though, is what you do. Your work is what sets you apart, and what makes people like me your fans. Keep doing that and ignore the loonies who can’t see past the length of your hair.

    Thanks for being you!

  • Lily

    This totally makes me want to cut my hair!

  • Amy J

    I visted your site today with the sole purpose of seeing if you had any additional pictures of your new short hair! Because I love it so much! And really want to see what the back looks like!

  • Thank you for this! I’ve worn mine short, long, shaved, curly, straight, whatever, and my husband loves it all. Because he’s not a shallow dolt. It’s sad that so many gauge a person’s value on how attractive they find that person, but honestly, their loss.
    Also, the short hair is adorable on you.

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  • Ric


    It is a shame about that comment…. I can understand how it must hurt, but sadly these morons do run amok in the world. I can only let you know that not all men are like that.

    I just finished watching the latest Table top and you were all awesome in it. Funny, spirited and clearly having heaps of fun, and that is what keeps me watching many of the things you do.

    So please don’t worry about the people who have only one thing on their mind (such as that mind is) for they ultimately lead a very stark life and will be miserable for most of it.

    Take courage in the fact that you are doing many great things with many great friends.

  • Dan

    I’m curious what those people would think if you suddenly revealed you’d been wearing a wig for years…

  • Rob

    For what it’s worth, first time I saw you was on BTVS with short hair, and I loved it then, as I do now. Long hair or short hair, you look great with both, but the way you look, and as beautiful as you are, it is only a small part of why you keep people coming back. Hope to see you at Inv4sion.

  • Jon

    It seems that you’re intelligent and aware of your appeal, it is surprising that you don’t understand this as you work in an industry that is entirely based on physical appearance. You got to where you are today by portraying an approachable nerd girl next door, you don’t think that Joss Whedon would cast Robin Thorsen as “Penny” in Dr Horrible do you? It is understandable that you’d be disappointed that people don’t appreciate you for work. That comment seems to bother you though, as it implies that the criticism of your work is valid and you don’t offer anything besides your physical attractiveness to the community that constitutes your fan base. You can compare the content you create to someone like Ashly Burch of Hey Ash Watcha Playin, which offers similar views but manages to be funny and insightful of issues in gamer culture regarding women. If you’re attempting to market yourself as a more political personality taking on feminist issues, it is probably a good idea. Just don’t be surprised if it seems a bit disingenuous as your most popular video has you in a short skirt getting spanked by a giant sword. What reason are we given to “date your avatar” besides your physical attractiveness? You should know by now that character you present has little to do with the person playing it, I doubt Tink’s background dancers were asked their opinion on female character arc development. Of course you’re free to do what you will, you just can’t complain if your fans don’t follow.

  • Eisbär

    Women have narrower faces than men do (an attractive feature to most men), and women’s longer hairstyles tend to accentuate that. Shorter styles — like yours now — can have the same effect. I actually like it better than the longer style. To me, it makes you look more daring and adventurous — even mischievous — and less inhibited and conventional. If that’s what you were going for, it works!

  • Yogol

    Looks only matter to a degree. Sure, if someone is so extremely ugly that you run away from them, okay, that can be a problem. But other than that, pfffft.

    Besides, you’re mainly a writer, who cares if your hair is long or short? True, you also happen to be an actress from time to time, but that’s not your main strength. There are plenty of people out there that can act. But very, very, VERY few people can take an empty piece of paper and create something worth shooting. That’s your main strength. No one cares if the writer’s hair is long or short.

  • Alexander

    Do not get upset by such comments, people are different, just the nature gave you beautiful hair and is a pleasure to watch. Certainly the case in man and not in style, but do not be offended and do for revenge (like a little kid =)), if people say that it is better to have short hair you will not grow them specifically? you’re just a beautiful and interesting with any hair style
    PS sorry for my english (or rather Google translator)

  • Matthew

    I take you anyway you would like to present yourself. But you should know, and maybe have noticed that the short hair makes you appear more mature. And beautiful in your maturity. What’s inside is what really counts. I’m breath taken by your achievements and intelligence as much as your looks.

  • Logen Ninefingers

    It’s kind of ironic you are looking for affirmation on who you are as a person, while everybody makes (I’m sure) well-meant comments like “you are still beautiful”… lol. Honestly, I think you should lose the make-up next. Just to get people’s panties in a twist! Do it Felicia, and when you’ve lost all but the true fans (me), and your producers cut you off failing to understand why you are making such bold statements (their loss), feel free to visit me here on the old continent. We’ll have ice-cream together and discuss all that is wrong with society! And do not hate us men, for we are but simple-minded, (generally) ugly and hairy creatures, fascinated with the beauty of the other sex.

  • I find both this blog post and the responses equally amusing.

    *shrug* Cut your hair if you want. Shave your head if you want. I’ve shaved my head every few weeks for probably 10 years. It has nothing to do with any statements of any kind. It has to do with being low maintenance. Yay! I never have bed head, and showers take half as long. Now, being 6’1″ and 230# I sometimes get sideways glances, but whatever. I can never control what other people think. But I can laugh at it.

    The most attractive thing a girl can do is be happy. I’ll take a happy bald girl over a long-haired bitch any day.

  • Peter

    Hi Felicia! What I like most about you are your intelligence and your wide-eyed enjoyment and wonder at everything. Anything that makes you happy just adds to my enjoyment when I see and hear you.

    Every time I see you with a different look, it always surprises me how you make *that* look good, too. Like an opal, which is beautiful from every angle, but always in a different way!

  • Charles

    Dearest Felicia, It’s amazing how such a simple act as you cutting “your” (it’s yours do what you want” hair can generate such debate. I had to stop and think quite a while about it myself and maybe rationalize a few things. Just some observations I came up with:
    1. Men (in Particular do not like change). We’ve watched you so long on youtube that our image of you with long hair was set in stone. We got comfortable.
    2. Some are just beotches and like having a reason to gripe.
    3. Your hair is extremely lovely and there is less to see now.
    4. Some people take longer to adjust to any change, they don’t like anything moving them out of their comfort zones.
    5. You are an awesome performer, extremely witty and very funny. You are also very beautiful and that can’t help but be noticed.
    6. Your talent will without a doubt rule the day because even the trolls can appreciate a true artist. ( I know might not want to hold your breathe on that one).
    ok I’m done. Don’t stop doing what you do.

  • Bob

    I look in every so often to see what you’re up to. It’s often interesting.

    The way you present yourself, with hair, clothing, and makeup, is communication. You choose what you want to say, and to whom. If you want to say something different to someone else that’s your lookout.

    The post you linked to had rather vehement scorn for “The Patriarchy”. In my view it has never *been* about men, but instead about opening another front in the status competition *between women*. Intrasexual competition can get really rough, especially if you threaten to change all the rules. The poster you linked is *so* ’60s. That ship has already sailed.

    You are an entertainer. Your appearance is part of your audience appeal. Your appearance may now appeal to a slightly different audience. So be it.

    Audrey Hepburn managed quite well with short hair. So do Annie Lennox and Sinead O’Connor. I’m sure you will too.

    The picture that comes up on the google search is cute. Please update the website so that it’s easier to figure out what all the fuss is about.

    All the best.

  • Ted Stewart

    It amazes me that while you’re pioneering a entirely new business model for the entertainment industry and demonstrating how to run a Youtube channel as a commercial venture rather than a sole proprietorship, people are focusing on your hair.

    Please keep putting this into the public eye, as it’s so utterly ridiculous.

  • Such annoyance being human. I’m always getting tripped up by my reactions to things and wondering if I really think something, or am I being driven by my hormones, or is it spiritual? I’m always trying to be better,and try to keep in mind that we are all wherever we are on out path, and just because I think that someone is an unenlightened idiot doesn’t mean that they don’t have value in the universe.

  • I have been a fan of yours since you appeared on Buffy the vampire slayers as Vi. My first memories of you are with short hair and honestly you inspired me to cut my hair cause I thought it was awesome. I rock my short hair now, and when I saw you cut your hair again I was so excited cause you look adorable. People are people and we all have opinions, but it is sad that a person will judge you based on the length of your hair. If those people who are hating, took a moment to realize that the length of your hair hasn’t taken away from the awesome work you have done, well that is to bad for them. Keep on rocking what makes you comfortable, after all we only have one life, we should live it like we want to.

  • I just shaved my head last night. It is your body and your hair. What you do with it should always be up to you.

  • At no moment in history have we, as a world society, been more connected than we are in this age of instant communication. We are an infinitely diverse community and I find it heartbreaking that people are still clinging to petty bias instead of embracing our differences. I beg, ignore the obstreperous minority. Those who truly love you care only of the ‘who’… not the ‘what’.

    ‘Til paths meet again…

  • Dan Palmer

    I think you are adorable with the short hair, it fits your general ‘Elfin’ appearance. That said, I can’t recall seeing a picture or video of you when you look anything but beautiful.

  • Peter DeLuycker

    People always judge other people based on their looks. Look at how many actress’s get criticized because people think they’re too fat or too skinny. The band Metallica got a lot of crap when they cut their hair. Like that’s gonna affect how they play music! That being said, you look beautiful with short or long hair and I will always continue to view your videos and anything you appear in.

  • James

    I will enjoy your content regardless of how you look. I do think this topic shows bias we have towards are own opinions. I think in the PC world we are way to quick to pigeon hole issues. Since video is your medium your looks are a part of the content. This means we need to separate haters from people giving honest opinions. Example giving of the person who said he wouldn’t watch your content again until your hair was long again was just giving his opinion on content. Clearly for him your looks was part of the draw of your content. This is neither good or bad this is reality.

    Studies show looks do matter. People are more likely to believe lie from a person they find attractive. Most people treat people different base on looks that’s reality. People also find different things attractive. To make comments on how unenlightened it is or how wrong it is just as bad as the haters. It might even be worst because it’s hypercritical, too.

    Felicia, your content is amazing. I enjoy it because of the subject, quality, your personality and looks. The quality and subject matter being the main reason. I have to admit I am slightly bias because you majored in Mathematics since I am in grad school for math. I think more importantly for me as a father; you are a great example I can use with my daughter. You stayed true to who you are as a person and with a lot of hard work succeed doing something you love. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this because we can never have enough examples of this.

  • Paul

    Hair is hair, short, long, present or not. As a man and like most men, my current crop on top of my head is getting a bit sparse – but do I care ? Does it change me or my worth ?

    No – it may make me feel insecure at times, but that is only when I try to think what others think of me – and that is a trap put there by society in general and covers everything physical about me from my weight to whatever I grab out of the closet in the mornings to struggle into.

    I could waffle on about how it reminds me that I know who my close friends are because they don’t make me feel that it is important, which is how it should be. But in short, I’ve watched a fair bit of your stuff and the attractive bits of you are plain to see. Its not hair length or how pretty/slim/tall/nerdy/etc you are – its not a contest – its simply that what you do makes me smile and that is all that matters.

  • Crystal

    It’s sad people base their opinion or like on a female/person especially ones in the entertainment field based on the length of the hair. Men are super bad about it. They do it to non entertainers too. When I cut mine everyone was like, “why did you do that? I liked it better long!” Well it’s not what they like it’s what I like, I honestly don’t care what they think and I tell them that too. I’m trying to find a style that fits me the older I get and doesn’t take much effort on a daily bases. If these idiots want long hair they can grow their own long. Until then they need to leave us alone. I love your hair style especially of you like it yourself. It’s your personality not your hair, clothes or makeup that defines you!

  • Paul

    I (Paul) agree with Paul (not me, the other Paul)

  • sara.

    Nice to see a proper female role model walking around, kudos to you.

    I had my hair as short as yours for a long time, and heard it all. People can be nasty, sometimes I think it’s just because they can be. Keep rocking whatever the hell you want, you’re damn good at it no matter the context.

  • Willem.

    It’s a shame to hear some people are that shallow.

    To be perfectly honest, I do prefer long wavy hair on women. If they take good care of it, its really something I personly find attractive.
    You do look great with your new haircut too by the way, but again to be honest, I would say that I did like the long hair better.

    But I still like you just as much for what you do, and will keep following your work just the same. Your most attractive features to me are your mischevous smile and your enthusiasm.. You have a lot of charisma and its not in your hair.

    You have a certain spark, as long as you keep that spark, I’ll always keep following your work even when you are old and grey.

  • Li

    Felicia – yes, your long hair was gorgeous but so is your short hair. At the end of the day it’s your friggin’ hair and you can do what you like with it. If people are really so shallow they’ll stop following your work because of it then good riddance; do you really want to interact with people like that? It’s not even like we haven’t seen you with short hair before.

    In the reverse, I’m a man and a few years ago I had long hair reaching half way down my back. I’ve heard all the nasty comments and seen the funny looks people give you. Amazing how when I cut it off suddenly so many more people who didn’t know me would treat me like I was an actual human being instead of some alien creature with gender-defying hair. It’s crazy in this day and age that people are still stuck in those long hair/short hair, pink/blue mentalities.

    But enough ranting. My point? If you like your new do, stuff everyone else. =p

  • I met you yesterday Austin Tx in a health store and you made my day I was like on cloud nine the rest of the evening. I remember you with long hair which is a rare thing to see, a beautiful red head with long hair or maybe I don’t see it that often. At any rate yes some of us guys wanted to be Fargo from the TV series (Eureka loved that show btw), anyway I got wrapped into your character and you found your way into my memory, but yesterday it was your face that I recognized and I had to meet you, I never thought in a million years that It would happen to me. While you are an attractive women even with short hair I think you are a good actress and I would watch any work you do. I think your photos don’t do you justice you are beautiful face to face and not a lot of actresses can say that. Short hair long hair your good in my book. I hope this comes across as me sticking up for you not weirdness lol, “now it’s weird”.

  • Tim

    I think I’ll reply by posting a link to a song.

  • Ty

    You can’t change those that limit themselves. Thank you for being you and allowing people the opportunity to grow beyond their self imposed limitations through your example. Maybe some day they’ll grow into appreciating authenticity instead of their expecting others to meet their expectations.

  • Personally I like your long hair better, but then again what I like or don’t like doesn’t affect your personality or your intelligence or whatever else you bring to the table. You don’t make videos for people to objectify you. I think people are too hung up on looks. That said, I have been a longtime fan and will continue to be and I think you’re one of the cutest women on the web. Rock on.

  • Hi!

    For me, The first thing I see when I meet a girl is the hair.

    Hair must correctly surround the face and allow harmony between the eyes (very important because they are “le reflet de l’âme” as we say in French) and down along the neck. If it is long, I find it better to have long hair and otherwise.

    I notice more easily a woman in the street (or other) if she has long hair (back is what you see).

    Now everyone can find his haircut. This also applies to men!

    PS: shaved head, clearly, I do not like, but this is my personal taste.

    (s’cuse my very bad english, I come from Switzerland and speak french.)

  • theSylver

    The ball rolls both ways, women are just as guilty as men are. There is so much duplicity streaming from the female internet camp on this stuff, but the fact of the matter is, there are just as many women who will stop following am actor fur the same or similar reason. I’m a man who is bald so I instantly fall of of the radar or potential radar of women for a genetic thing that I had no control of. Any women will understand another woman not being attracted to a bald man if flowing hair is her thing, but when a man points out that a women with sorry hair is unattractive to them then it’s because men are shallow. Personally I don’t care if your hair is short or long your creative works are amazing and yeah those who aren’t going to tune in are at a loss.

  • Richard C

    You’re still cute, you’re still funny. If some people were tuning in for only *one* of these, I can’t see you being too cut up about losing them.

  • Henry

    Eventually they will grow up, maybe.

  • Sarah

    For a long time I wanted to get a pixie cut, but held off because I was too shy, worried about what people would think, and worried men wouldn’t find me attractive. When I saw you, Felicia, had gotten your hair cut short, I decided right then and there to cut mine. I can’t believe how stupid I was in being so materialistic. I adore my short hair and feel like I was born to wear it. Sure, I’ve had people pretend to like it but their face clearly says different, and in opposite, I’ve actually had a male stranger compliment me (something that has never happened before). But neither of those really matter to me. To judge someone based on their looks, whether good or bad, is a low blow and completely disgusting. I wear my hair short because it makes ME feel good and confident. I actually feel less like I have to please people with this short hair because it’s there, it’s simple, and it’s me. Thank you for being who you are Felicia, and you short hair doesn’t define any part of that. Think I’ll be keeping mine short for a long time, too.

  • Jacob Loper

    It’s not the hair that’s the reason for the virgin uproar, Felicia. It’s just you… lol.

    You could be a bald cancer patient, and you’d still be the most attractive female on the planet. So, really, don’t let the Internet get you down, ever.

    Also, you’re kinda generalizing saying YT is home to only adolescence. As far as you know, it’s mostly anonymous. I’m not saying take trolls seriously or anything, but c’mon, kiddo, they’re words on a screen.

  • jscarper

    Consider that your looks are part of the reason you’re where you are. I know we’d all like to believe the world is an egalitarian place where everyone can be Felicia Day as long as they’re as bright, cheerful and talented as she is, but believing doesn’t make it so.

    Part of the reason people like Felicia Day is because Felicia Day is pretty, in addition to being bright, cheerful and talented. Should people be ignoring the fact that you have wonderful, flaming red hair? Perhaps. Are they unaware of or ignoring it? Unlikely.

    Some people like you better with long hair. That’s really their prerogative, because the looks are a significant part of the package. They’re viewers, and they’re looking at you. You do appear onscreen, after all, and you know the value of looking good for the camera. You shouldn’t be defined by it, of course, but don’t be disingenuous and pretend that how you look is unimportant.

  • Melissa Tucker

    Felicia, you are so beautiful and I for one love your haircut. But that is such a small part of who you are. Your work speaks for itself, and what you accomplished on your web series and your youtube site are so impressive and should be inspirational to women and men alike. In an industry that functions within very limited parameters, you have created your own career, on your own terms, and that is amazing. You seem to be very intelligent and “tuned in” to how pop culture affects society. And to top it all off, I had the pleasure of meeting you, albeit very briefly, at Emerald City Comic Con last year, and of all the celebrities I met, you were the most personable and took the time to engage and interact with each fan. The impression I came away with is that you are a very sweet person. I am very proud to be fan and look forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future. No matter what length your hair is when you accomplish it.

  • Robert Babcock

    Wait…you have short hair? Next thing you’re going to tell me is that you have red hair. Please God no…not short hair AND red hair…time to kick the neighbor’s cat.

    I watch the show because of the intellectual smart things that are intertwined (yes I spelled that right on the first try) with the intellectually goofy things. Your hotness or such is a secondary character to the overall brilliance of the show.

    I salute you for not caving into the “Marketing dynamics” and to simply be who you are cause as soon as you change who you are you are no longer who you are and you’ve become someone else and since we like who you are it would be unfair to us to change who you are just for the sake of changing to please the boys because we all know boys will be boys.

    Short AND Red hair…..??

  • Lindsay

    First, you look absolutely stunning with your hair short.

    More importantly, it makes me both sad and happy that you have shared this. Sad, because there are still men out there like this in 2014, and happy because, since there are still men out there like this in 2014, it is something that needs to be addressed–you did so quite eloquently.

    Thank you

  • Rika

    I think this is so spot on and amazing since I have the same problem on a daily basis. I’m in the military, and in my job its just way too much work to have long hair. More power to the couple of other women in my career field that do the job and maintain the long hair, but I wouldn’t want to and it I prefer the easier to maintain shorter cuts anyway. Still I work with new people on a regular basis and about 86% of them are men. If they don’t accuse me of being a lesbian simply for having short hair, they tend to treat me like they don’t need to respect me since if I respected myself I wouldn’t have cut it off ever or something. Most irritating is the rare times I work with another girl in my job and they treat me like I must be lazy or just embracing ugly by keeping my hair short. You’d think in military culture this would be different since, men have extremely strict limits on how long their hair can be, but god forbid if a woman cuts hers for the same reasons the military finds it simpler for the men.
    I happen to like short hair, and I thought yours looked amazing Felicia, but I wouldn’t use it as an excuse to not watch your work, or think it ultimately affects anything but how you wanted your hair to look. At most I give you props for doing something that most women in the public eye don’t do, and that it’s one more woman willing to do what’s best for her. I’ve kept my hair short for 14 years, and despite the judgments of the people around me, I still love it that way, and have no plan to change it. Whatever you plan to do with your hair in the future I will still watch your work, and plan to rewatch my favorite stuff again and again.

  • Felicia,

    Let me first and foremost applaud your efforts to reduce racial profiling, and note that I had been a fan of yours for years starting with the Guild, and seeing you on shows such as Eureka. My family, albeit “White” for the most part, also consists of those of Native American, and African. With this in mind, I’d like to offer you some insight into racism done on a higher degree to which most aren’t aware.

    I apologize if you’re not “religious”, however as most can note, people whom appear to be religious seem to be the most offensive of what is suppose to be peace minded. To prove modern perception of Christianity as being wrong, you can look at the simple verse from the New Testament; John (Yochanan) 4:22 where it states clearly “Ye worship ye know not what, we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews”. First off, with the same context in mind, most “white people” have been set to replace “Black” people in biblical roles. Israel themselves were originally black, and whether you believe in evolution or the Bible, we all derived from Africa. The modern concept of “Jesus” is actually a name that has been changed since his presence on earth, with the real name being YahShua (he was black). As with most names, each have meaning, and to change the name changes the meaning. In this case, YahShua means “YAHWEH saves”. I can validate this easily, however time is of the essence with the majority of what I do (I can practically disprove evolution with simple crude mathematics). Albeit I have enjoyed the fantasy realm for a long period of my life, my devotion to the truth is ever prevailent, and my goal to eliminate hate all the more so.

    With this in mind, the modern conception of a “Jew” is also inaccurate, as per Deuteronomy 23, it states clearly what the Holy Days aught to be, and hte Ashkenazi Jews follows Kabbalah more than the 10 commandments. This is simple truth, to which looking at the names of their months it can be clearly seen that they are derived from their Babylonian exile. YAHWEH does exist, and he is a faithful creator. We are much more devine that what we would like to believe, and this is not fantasy, but a true reality. With the inherit acceptance of the commandments of YAHWEH (all 10 at all times) maintaining a pure heart, one will receive entrance into the kingdom of Elohiym. Now, keep in mind that Israel themselves transgressed a great deal, which is why the Jews at the time also killed YahShua (he preached of his father, and a matter of love to which none wanted to accept being more money minded). To this you can find Deuteronomy 28 which states what will happen to Israel if they transgress (it looks quite similar to what happened in African slavery).

    Easter = Ishtar = Semiramis, mother of Tammuz and wife to Nimrod in the Bible; all of Babylonian fame. Most Christians in reality worship these deities without knowing what they truly are worshipping (hence Yochanan 4:22). Nimrod and Tammuz were considered to be the Sun God Baal, lord of heaven, and you can find most “Native Americans” and other places (including Egypt) which in same way, shape, or form worshipped the stars, moon, or the Sun (Semiramis was considered to be the Moon Goddess as well).

    It’s a truth most don’t realize, which is why many are called, but few are chosen.

    All the best in your endevours.

  • Leviticus 23

  • Lisa Desaulniers

    I love your hair! I know I am female, but I have always thought short to be sexy. It also makes me think of pixies, like I should have pointy ears. I just got my hair cut short for the third time (I am lazy when it comes to getting a haircut). And my husband likes it. He actually prefers it. So if hair bothers others so much then oh well there loss.

  • harryornot

    Wow. That article makes me feel deranged myself because I love girls/women with short hair! My all-time favorite beauty is Jean Seberg in “À bout de souffle”, next to Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow, all with “Pixie” haircuts. Maybe that was a 1960s phanomenon when gender roles where dissolving but I do believe it is more a cultural thing than a biological “necessity”.

  • Silly people thinking

  • greybirdtoo

    I read your post a little while back, then went and read the article you referenced. I wanted to think about it for a while before I commented. I just re-read both and find my opinion the same as before. Flabbergasted! I know it’s probably naive, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that “men” (and I use the term loosely, boys would be more accurate) have such opinions about women’s hair length. My late wife had short hair when I met her and, even though she started to grow it out a couple of times, for as long as I knew her and I always though she was beautiful! I’ve never thought that women looked better with long or short hair, just different. To me, smart and strong women are sexy and beautiful. You, for example, look very different with long and short hair, but no less lovely with your hair short than when it was long. As far as I’m concerned, keep it short as long as you want. As long as you keep doing what you do I’ll keep coming back.

  • priobe

    Cutting ones hair is a very direct way to alter the way you look and the way you feel and it can be empowering; when I cut my hair very short a few years ago, I remember feeling like I had control. I think that is part of what spurs sexist reactions like you experienced. By knocking you down and tying your current success to the way you look and implying that these people can take that success away, it makes them feel like they have control over you.

    Like greybirdtoo, I will always watch stuff you write, produce or act in.

  • Emily

    I cut my hair after my Mom passed away last year and I was really worried that would happen. I was so surprised when my conservative Dad told me I looked like Audrey Hepburn (thanks but let’s be realistic Dad….). So far I’ve only had positive feedback from people but I’m sad to hear that for someone in the public eye you have been getting negative feedback. Your short hair looks super sexy and cute!!! Here’s my question: how many times a week do you look at ladies with long hair and think “I’m growing it out” only to look in a mirror and think “nope. keeping it short, I look amahzing” ?

  • Seethe Seraph

    I follow you because I find you interesting, creative, smart and funny. The fact that you are attractive regardless of hair length is just a bonus. It’s a shame that so many people value attractiveness over intelligence, uniqueness and the ability to be yourself.

    • Forrealz

      Barf. You don’t know Felicia Day at all. You are intimate with a small sliver of a persona projected online. Stop groveling…

  • JD

    Two weeks ago I was out with some friends that I did not hang out with for a while. We are having a beer and obviously guys were looking up at the cute waitresses. I don’t know how the conversation turned around but suddenly they were talking about how I look. I am a thin women, I believe that I am in good shape, I love to work out a lot. I have a short square haircut and I love it. It’s me, just so me. But according to one of my friends well I would be much more attractive with long hair. I did not know how to feel about this comment. I felt hurt a little.

    • Mark

      Dont feel bad JD, its just your friends opinion. As for myself, I prefer long hair, but for some women shoulder length or shorter hair works well. And I think if someone (guy or girl) hair is too long, its just a danger to them. An opinion is just something that makes each person unique (preferences), but is not necessarily to be taken as what you should do. As for Felicia, my wife and I think she’s the bomb, hair length not withstanding…Aloha…Mark

  • Jim_in_Denver

    There are some women who look better with long/shirt hair… same goes for men, some look awesome with either length (Felicia being one of them). I’ve always thought Felicia was beautiful but that’s not what attracts me to her work. I admire her push to help make us nerds more mainstream, while still being self aware of our nerdiness as in the Guild. A celebration in self parody. Keep up the good work.

    Anyway. People, in general aren’t perfect some are shallow, while others are thoughtful and empathetic. Some are petty while others are worldly and others are judgmental while others are accepting… Try not to be too harsh 😉

  • I’m high-fiving you so hard right now. I’ve had short hair for… pretty much my whole life. And that isn’t about to change. All of the hell yes ever.

  • Samuel Wright

    I am a regular guy with a ponytail and a goatee. I hate short hair on everyone, not just women. If G-d wanted us to have short hair, why does it keep growing? Let it grow!

    • greybirdtoo

      Using that argument, why bathe? We naturally get dirtier, and if G-d wanted us to be clean it wouldn’t stick!

      • Shrike

        Great reply and awesomely accurate (the G-d issue notwithstanding); Herr Wright’s choice is merely a personal preference matter; however, had he left it at that, there wouldn’t have been this opportunity for a clever response.

  • James Alexander

    Don’t listen to them! Your Beautiful with your short hair! And….’…..’…..Your long hair too. But like someone else said the content of your videos are what put that beauty over the top. You just be you 🙂

  • TracAttack

    I follow you because you are awesome, period.

  • Brian

    With less than 1% of all 7Bn people on Earth anyone complaining about your haircut is just jealous that it still looks better than their captain hammer hair cut! I know this because my Ubber Red hair faded to brownish blond (stupid SUN) and now I’m jealous of My wife and my daughters red hair too… Short or long, Natural Red Heads are Nicer, Smarter, and Better than non Gingers…… Keep up the Geek! and will be well my fellow Ginger!

  • Draciron Smith

    It is interesting in a psychological perspective to read the replies on this post and the initial post. The reality is short hair makes a woman look older, thus less attractive. Short hair also tends to make a woman’s face harsher, at least most women. There are some women who can pull off a short hair cut quite well. Felicia is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong she does not look ugly with short hair, just less beautiful. There are also social stereotypes which tend to go with short hair on women below a certain age. They tend to be perceived as angry and hard for example. As for her talents. Felicia is a great singer, writer and actress. Being pretty is not necessary as a singer or writer. It is however a great asset as an actress. I love the guild, but I suffer the same prejudice most people do. Attractive people are more interesting. If Clare had been the central character the Guild would have still be funny and interesting, just a little less so. The interesting thing is not actually short hair as a topic but the way it is perceived. The very anger that is stereotypical of young short haired women is embodied by Priobe’s comment which calls it a “power statement”. She empowered herself by cutting her hair, which is a rather odd way of saying her looks are still the most important element in her self schema, however she intentionally vandalized them in order to be in “control”. Which ironically shows she is no more in control than before, she just switched what/who was controlling her. Real control would be ceasing to worry about such trivia and just be yourself.

  • John

    It’s your decision. Who cares what people think.

  • Ren

    I’ve had comments like this even from my friends. It’s none of their business what I do with my hair, and in fact I think it fits me better. I really respect you and all your work, keep it up!

  • Da sh&@

    I agree with you on all your points I think you are really funny and fun to watch and you are avery smart an talented girl/ woman but you as codex avatar is so sexy I vote for the long hair but I’m a guy I like long hair
    I will continue to follow you even with the short hair But you better reconsider making season 7 of the guild I love that show

    • Mark

      I agree with the above comment regarding Season 7 of the Guild, or at least a sequel. The comradarie of the guild reminds me of the Star Trek, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings Characters, and I loved watching them interact. Also, would be nice to see Dr. Horrible Continue, I like musicals.

  • Da sh@&

    So I saw some more pics of you with short hair at first I was not for it but now I’m digin it I’d still do ya ha ha
    But seriously what’s up

  • Priscilla Lei Garcia

    Hi Felicia!

    I just want you to know that you inspired me in so many ways to be more open about who I am ^_^ I decided to open my own business 4 months ago and it has completely taken off all because of your inspiration. I would love to send you a gift especially after reading this post. I’m am not looking for an endorsement or anything but I make geeky hair bows & I think it would look amazing in your new hair ((: I would love to do this for you and I hope to hear from you! P.S. I’m not going to post the info here because this is meant as a nice gesture and not an advertisement.

  • Michael

    This behaviour towards people is gender independent.
    I can tell you, being a man with long hair and a beard isn’t easy as well in our society.
    I think you shouldn’t let yourself dictate to keep wearing short hair as a rebellious reaction, but to do whatever you want with your hair, because it’s YOUR hair!
    I mean, it’s ok if someone says he/she doesn’t like the long/short/whatever hair on a person. That’s taste. BUT it’s not ok to demand / force a person to change her/his look. That’s non of others business.

    Greetings from Germany! Keep up your awesome work. Lovin’ all of it.

    • Forrealz

      Buddy, long hair and a beard? Why? Do you like picking food out of your facial hair? Rocking a pony tail? Tangled knots? Excessive amounts of shampoo if you even bathe? Bro, being clean cut isn’t a bad thing…the Romans were clean cut. Perhaps you just want to live with the pigs in the hills and call yourself an “Old German”?

      • GirlyGirl

        What a wonderful argument for women to cut their hair! Thanks!

  • David C. Jensen

    Personally I like Women with short hair and think that many women (such as yourself Ms. Day) look much hotter and dramatically increase their sex appeal with short hair as opposed to long hair
    I have been criticized ridiculed by several of my male colleagues for saying that I think that short hair is sexy on women! Never understood what their deal is!
    The other day my girlfriend was talking to her best friend on the phone and I overheard her saying that she wants to go short but she was afraid that I may freak out if she does go short (she once cut her hair from mid back length to shoulder length and her now ex boyfriend nearly lost it when she did that). Needless to say I surprised the heck out of her when I told her that not only would I not freak out if you do short but that I actually think that she should cut it short cause I think that she could totally rock short hair!
    This has actually brought us closer and we are deciding together as a couple on what style do we think would look best on her and how short should she go (she has the final say obviously but no haircut/style is off limits) 🙂

  • ixalmida

    Hair length aside, you’re a young hottie (as well as smart and talented). That said, your hair is beautiful and I think if you’ve got it, you should flaunt it. Still, cutting it short does not diminish you in the least. Keep doing what you do so well!

  • Josie Lawson

    Funny, I found my way to your blog via an article at The Mary Sue re #YesAllWomen, and now your tumbler “stuff” is one of my autotabs on Chrome. The FIRST thing I did when I saw your photo was text the url to my husband, adding, “She looks even more awesome than ever!” May I please adopt you? 🙂 You can call me your “Gaming Granny”

  • Josie Lawson

    Addendum: The first thing that always strikes me about your photos is your face – the smart, funny, interesting person behind your facial expressions is always crystal clear – and your short hair just plays that up!

  • Terri

    You rock! Thanks for being such a good role model by just being you.

  • Joe S

    Everyone has superficial traits to which they are attracted. Fortunately, there are many people who look beyond the superficial for attractiveness. Neither is better than the other, but superficial attractions tend to be fleeting, while the latter possess a bit more staying power. My personal feeling is that if you look hard enough, and get to know a person well enough, you are bound to find some attractive qualities. Where am I going with this? I’m not entirely sure (SQUIRREL!) Being in the position you’re in, and receiving the additional attention you might over the ordinary average Charlie, (ha!) I’m certain you’ve had to learn to let things roll off your back (however, I’m not certain personal criticism ever gets easier to digest or ignore.) I suppose it ultimately comes down to being true to yourself and ignoring the rest (vaguely reminiscint of the final few episodes of The Guild.) Apologies for the disorganization and rambling, this was typed as train of thought….

  • Chifans

    Hi Felicia, I asked my 14-year-old daughter to read this. She recently cut her hair short, inspired by Binx’s cropped ‘do.

    She’s been feeling pressure from friends to grow it out again, so I asked her to read your post 1) because she admires your creativity and love of gaming, and 2) I want her to know that she should take peer pressure of any kind with a very large grain of salt.

    I think it helped. I’m a single mom, and I’ve been relegated to dork status since she turned 13 :-), so it helps to have independent and intelligent women to point to and reinforce positive messages.

  • Utah Whitcomb

    Your individuality and personality are way more attractive than your hair, even though the color is awesome just keep being your self and the veiwers will love you for it.

  • You are awesome, long hair, short hair, bald, doesn’t matter :3

  • Jesse Beech

    The short hair really suits you, I personally love it and I’m not normally a “short hair guy”. To be honest, I couldn’t care less what you do with your hair, I just LOVE all the content you consistently put out.
    (Many) People on the internet are trolls and not representative of normal society at all. I hope stuff like this doesn’t get you down and just makes you laugh instead. Thank you for all of your hard work, just know that it is very appreciated, regardless of hairstyle.

  • graueMaus

    All this backlash is ridiculous. My wife is a redhead and when she cut it short (it was down the middle of her back, she donated it to charity so they can make it into wigs for cancer patients. If you have not done that this time, you might consider that in the future. All the best. I am a fan (not just because of your red hair). Geek and Sundry is the best, a home at last for fun intelligent entertainment.

  • daiikaiju

    Cut my hair because I felt like it. Now I’m pictured as the “kid” (masculine) of the crew. Good job, society. I love how the short hair makes my face’s shape even more attractive yet it automatically makes me childish, or unattractive or fun. I think I’ll be keeping my hair short too.

    Good job on yours. Your features really welcome this cut.
    do cvidanja!

  • Forrealz

    Rich people problems…

  • Marie Lim

    I will be honest and say that when I first got to know about you, I wasn’t interested to find out more. I mistakenly assumed you were just popular because you are pretty. (Also, I secretly hated you because you got to hang out with Jensen Ackles, but that’s another issue.) Anyway, my friend was surprised that I wasn’t more impressed with you, made a comment about you being really talented and intelligent. So I went back home to google you, and I’m here to apologize for being one of those to write you off as just another pretty face. You are so much more than that, and I’m sorry that I used to be one of those people who couldn’t see past that.

  • Garulfo

    It is a shame that people just judge value of people on this kind of detail -_-” (on my side I find short hair suit you very well … ok, but it is not the actual topic ^^”). I think their reactions are due, for a part, to our society that make apparence all and forget the real value behind people. And if they just stuck to this way of thinking, I’m sad for this people that are slaved of the apparence. Their live should be sad too ! So, don’t worries about this, even if it hurts : whathever you do, there is always people who will not be agree with what you make ! Just go on to be you and forget this dudes !

  • Guest

    this is a reply to an old post. but was passing by….and I like women with short hair….

    now, as a fellow who has been on the planet for 6 decades plus, and working for 30 years in marketing and sales….

    here is the thing. Felicia, there is a bit of hypocrisy in your statements. (bear with me here)

    here is why. …you got the opportunities you got because you are good looking. its not a crime. its is in fact, an advantage. so acknowledge it. do you think you would have been on your tv shows if you were not? nope. there are a ton of smart talented people out there, you take your advantages and run with them.

    I am 6’2″ tall. and good looking fellow back when I was young. that was an advantage over the guys who were 5’5″. and fat and lumpy. its true. its sad, but its a fact. it helped get me in the door.

    but if I was not good at what I did, that really would not have mattered to the corporations who signed my paycheck. or the customers who bought my goods. yeah, I might get in the door easier, but if I did not bring problem solving abilities to the table……so what. it is a hard world in some cases.

    now your beauty attracts people. but…… if you did not have something of value to add they would move on. and do so quickly. beauty is just another commodity and one that has a very short shelf life.

    its marketing. the better the packaging, the better the sales level. again, a fact.

    people buy the sizzle, because cause face it, steak is pretty much steak. and between the steak at bonanza ( a lower end steak chain) and the steak at Mortons or Peter Lugers (for example) is not a hundred dollars worth of difference. but people will pay the difference for peter lugers.

    finally, beauty is only skin deep. truly. it has been my experience that no matter how beautiful the woman, after you have lived with her for 6 months, the beauty is not a factor any longer. and she has seen all of your warts as well. its how she is in the morning, how she puts up with the raised toilet seat, or how you put up with her always being late. and how you learn to know each other and so forth.

    its how she is as a human being that counts, the pretty is just icing on the cake

    as for denigrating those 15 year olds on the net, hey, they are your bread and butter. surely they deserve a little respect. they will eventually grow up, and those who dont, who cares.


  • Casey Livingstone

    I always really struggled with my short hair! It just never seemed to suit me! I decided to purchase hair extensions from Minque Hair and the brand really helped me to get my confidence back! I bought them from

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