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Hey all!
So I’m on a hiatus, of sorts. Meaning I burnt out after book tour due to lots of factors and I’m taking time for myself starting next week to get my head back in a good place. So if you don’t see me around I’m basically cleaning my house and organizing my projects and seeing friends and trying to get my spark back a little to take 2016 by storm. And Fallout 4. Lots of Fallout 4.

Anyway! Posting this here because my book is a finalist in the 2015 Goodreads Humor category! Your vote would really help me, the book is a piece of my soul and a two year venture for me, so to have it win would be amazing. So if you read it, or enjoyed it, please click here:

Have a great holiday!

  • Frobie

    Voted! Loved the book! Good luck πŸ™‚ Enjoy your much-deserved time off! Xo

  • Josh

    I loved the book! I never knew how much work and limited resources you had for The Guild, very inspiring stuff. Enjoy your holidays!

  • Daisy D

    I just finished listening to you talk πŸ™‚ I got your book through Audible. I feel all inspired an stuff… although I’m not sure I’ll be able to follow through. Are you actually selling mugs with those quotable bits on them? I need one with ‘you can attempt anything’ on it. I’m gonna try to adopt a ‘just do it’ attitude instead of waiting for permission. at least I’ll try.
    I love you Felicia Day!

  • cfscott

    Voted, shared to get others to read and vote. Your book was a fun read – it really resonated with me. Hope you have a great time on your time off. I can imagine it is easy to get burned out as active as you stay. Did you get to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 yet? Have fun and see you back on the interwebs once you get back.


  • Farce Master

    Congrats on making the Final.. I voted a few days ago … just found the comments section now.

    It has been an amazing year, like finding your content! Like going to my first Dragon Con. My first panel at DCON was yours! You seem to choke up when I told you that. Got to ask you a question about getting thrown in a pool during the We are the Ones that are Cool now music video. People would tell me all weekend, that they heard me off camera say this was my First Dragon Con, and yours was my First Panel when I asked that question broadcast in the Hotels on DragonCon TV.

    Got inducted into The Colonial Fleet at Dragon Con that same weekend, went to their great Fleet party (I heard you have crashed it in the past). It was the best weekend I have had in 10 years! So I am both a member of #teamhooman and #thecolonialfleet , all in the same year! Now I have friends to hang out with at future Cons, thanks in part to your online content. Amazing, just amazing year (except work wise, but other people said I have been happier this year, then when I was in a soul crushing job).

    I even got to be an extra on a show (watched the Guild’s DVD extras with your brother Ryon and you all said he looked right into the camera, when you told him not to do that. I did not do that when I was a background extra). My scene[s] will air early next year.. so I can’t talk about which show until it airs. Thanks again for that “pro tip” not to look into the camera πŸ˜‰

    Started reading/viewing your content just this February. Besides the Guild and Dragon Age Redemption, I re-watched Eureka (didn’t even recognize/realize that was Wil Wheaton with a beard), to make sure the redhead I remembered in it was you! I should submit your name and Wil as possible guests for next year, to a con your Eureka co-star Neil Grayston has attended, it is Shore Leave, see held 5 miles north of a con Farpoint that you have attended in the past… this one is in July (not February!)

    You said at one of your Dragon Con Q&As to someone that hasn’t seen any of your content, to read/view it all! Funny how people go to panels that don’t know who they are watching. That was funny to me, because since February, that is what I have done! A year of Felicia Day content. Including Rock Jocks. I even drove through the “toxic wastelands” of Northern NJ to meet you on the first official day your book was published back in August!

    Like you, I need to recharge my creative batteries, and start a new chapter in my life. Hoping for something that would be truly wonderful to be part of, or start on my own!

    My hiatus is lasting longer than all my friends are comfortable with… but it [Life] is strange, I can pay my bills (from investments), not worry about that part of my life , but we all need a reason to wake up the next
    day/night πŸ˜‰ If you ever need another intern (just saw Anne Hathaway’s movie about Interns πŸ˜‰ I’m available but geographically “undesirable”

    Kowabunga! Have plenty of sopaipillas πŸ˜‰ during your “hiatus”.

  • Eric

    Your book is excellent, thank you for writing it and sharing it!

  • Craig Chrissinger

    Just saw the announcement you will be part of the rebooted MST3K. I am psyched! Really, it is going to be awesome. And, again, it was so great being introduced to you by George RR Martin in Santa Fe this past September! Really enjoyed our conversation. Have a great holiday season – and keep relaxing. You deserve every minute of your break!

  • cesar rebolledo

    Haven’t met you and probably won’t be able to, but this is the only way (although you may never read it) to write about something, since I wasn’t able to find any fan-email or something like that, just a physical fanmail. Thanks. Just found about you with your role in Supernatural (didn’t notice you were also in Buffy) and kept watching until the season ten finale and, although you’re not Misha Collins, you’re most likely the true angel of the show. Also found that article about the gamergate and felt really uncomfortable about how it went, since I also work in the industry and saw that thing from the point of view of a videogame journalist. I hope to see you again in many, many more shows. In many, many more videogames. And in many, many upcoming top tier films that let you shine even more.

    Guess I’ll try to get some of those books at Amazon or something, since in Spain is kinda hard to get them other way around.

  • Jackie

    Thank you for writing your book. I very much enjoyed learning about your background and the struggles you had to get where you are today. It was a very inspiring book to read and your message to embrace what you what to do no matter what other people might say really stayed with me πŸ™‚

  • Liz McAmis

    Thank you for this!
    Just finished your book and absolutely loved it! It is amazing to know that if I ever want to write an autobiography I could just copy your chapter on homeschooling, complete mirror of my life. I get it, completely, weird but lovable mom included! I’ve always been a work-a-holic, pushing myself because I know I have to do this thing (whatever it is) otherwise no one else will do it. So you speak to me just like if we were across the table from one another.
    Last but not least, my partner is an incredibly anxious person with panic attacks so listening to your side of things is fantastic. I don’t always know how to help but I know that it’s something that can be dealt with. I try my absolute best to be all the support I can and I can see the triumphs each day from knowing that while I don’t have the same anxious end of thoughts I can help find the answers to making functionality a reality.
    So thank you, you did awesome and I’m glad I got to share this with you! I hopefully will get to see you at a convention soon ( I’ll get to San Diego comic con one day, universe!) Or just be super excited for new things from you, especially looking forward to Mst3k return πŸ˜€

  • Jessica Jones

    I just finished your book last night and I’d like to say thank for the chapter about anxiety. I’ve been dealing with severe anxiety since the spring of 2013. Your description of it was spot on. Thanks for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Jennifer Tarr

    I just finished your book. I’ve decided we’re best friends who just haven’t met yet. If you’re ever back in the Boston area I would like to take a Fallout 4 tour with you. I’m not sure if it exist or not but I know all the tour guides in Salem and a few in Boston. We’ll make it happen.

  • Know Stuff Is!

    I wrote the following as part of a book review I posted on Tumblr:

    “Felicia’s story about creating the Guild has inspired me to do the things I’m good at, writing, drawing, singing and playing the guitar. I am going to create and send my creations into the void and let whatever happens happen.”

    I have some pretty crushing self-doubt at times and it can take me eons to get started. I know about seed-planting though, like Felicia did in her breakfast support group. Eventually, those seeds mature.

    Felicia’s book was a touchstone for me. It helped me see that my weirdness is unique and people might be interested in knowing about it. It’s okay to self-publish. It’s also okay to panic, as long as said panic doesn’t consume you. I’m a man, a combat veteran man, so getting me to even admit that what I’m feeling is a panic attack is a major breakthrough because only whimpy whimps have panic attacks, right?

    Thanks, Felicia, for using this book to show me that it’s okay to be me. I read it in one marathon sitting, and it’s literally rewired my brain in a kind of mountaintop super-aha experience. I love this book like only a few others I have ever read.

    Gratitude, Ms. Day.


  • Njel

    Fallout 4!!! I know this was ages ago, but have you shared any of your thoughts online? Would love to see your take on the DLCs πŸ™‚
    And the new Survival Mode πŸ™‚

  • I were voted.

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