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Geek and Sundry Off-Site Space AHOY!



If you are at Comicon, come by the @geekandsundry off-site event space today or tomorrow! We have tons of panels, signings and activities around our shows (just check Geek and Sundry website for the schedule!)

AMD Gaming has set up awesome stations where you can play Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer, Pirate 101, Sleeping Dogs and more titles. You can come by and get lunch in the space too! Meet other community members 🙂 We wanted this to be a place to socialize as well as participate in events around our shows.

Also check this link for AMD giving away a TON of APU processors during the day. I mean, A TON.

Belo Lounge
919 4th Street (entrance on E street)

My meet and greet is tomorrow morning, 10-12pm, come help me kick off the event space!
Ok going to bed now 😀

  • Sounds awesome, sadly I’m on the other side of the pond and those damn physicists haven’t invented a teleporter yet 🙁

  • Thx for the update. Sounds like…(i’m trying to think of a word that combines geek and nirvana…geekvana? nope. wait! nerdvana!)

    Sounds like Nerdvana!

  • Griskard

    Nerdvana, Awesome, haha.

    I WOULD come. But the whole being in emergency services thing means that you only get holidays when they say you get holidays, and I live in Australia so it would require flying over etc. xD

    But anyhoo Miss Day, when are you going to come to Australia? You probably have at least 20 fans here.

    Sincerely, your probably-too-big-of-a fan, Griskard

    (PS: Do you prefer singleplayer games or multiplayer games?)

  • Jerry Berglund

    Sigh, why is no one ever going to sweden. 🙂 I was so sad to find out that your carachter in Eureka killed out. You were one of my favoritecharachters on the Eureka-show. Hope you will take a trip to Sweden some time in a close future. That would be awsome!!! Cheers!!!

  • Jorge A.

    greetings from Cuba! I’m your only fan here as far as I’m aware of, but I’m working towards teaching other. I would love to see you live, but I’ll have to content myself with geek & sundry.

    And I will spread the word in my country. You got yourself an evangelist 🙂

  • Michael

    Hey, I just watched your one on one with Elliot Morgan for Source Fed and decided to write you. You were probably joking about the comments bothering you, but in case they do I wanted to let you know I great I think you are. (Sorry for grammetical errors. I am typing on my phone and don’t normally leave comments at all.) I was amazed by your job on Eureka (though at the time I saw it I didn’t know who you were) and I have now watched a few episodes of The Guild via netflix. You come across as a tallented, intelligent, attractive, and down to earth person and I wish you all the success in the world.

  • Jim Walker
  • Clark Kent

    Im sad I wasn’t able to come by for the meet and greet, it sounded super awesome! Hope to read more from you in the coming days. *hint hint, post more on your blog* 🙂 I like the G+ updates, but this seems more intimate, guess it could also be that I don’t have to try and post in a place that gets 3,000+ comments in about 3 hours time. 🙂

  • Saw your most recent FLOG (July 23 ish), and two things. 1) That is such a cute shirt!! and I say this as a straight man. 2) THANK YOU for the DragonCon shot out. Can’t wait to see you there again! I wore a Penny Fan club shirt last year, basically your head cut out on a blue shirt. I think I’ll come see you in a costume this year, in hopes you’ll take my picture for once.

  • Shane

    i have spent a week trying to figure out a way to say this without sounding weird….i figured what the hell…..Hi Felicia, my name is Shane and i absolutely ADORE you…….introduceded =)

  • Stephanie

    Please, please share who made, or where you picked up, the amazing comic covered shoes you wore to Comic-Con. Two of my favorite things combined – LOVE.

  • Stephanie

    Never mind. I found them on your Pinterest page. Thanks!

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