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Geek and Sundry: Coming back for a Second Year!


Hey guys!

I’ve been more busy than I have ever been these past few months, and trying to take some time for myself to figure out what’s next (good luck with that Felicia haha) but I’m VERY pleased to announce that Geek and Sundry will be releasing content for another year!

I made this video below as a result of some of my journaling and soul searching lately, I hope it makes you at least think about Geek Culture, whether you agree with me or not.

Re-defining WHY I am doing what I do really gave me the courage and motivation to go forward this year with new eyes, and a clear heart. ย I’m actually really excited to change things up! ย I like rolling the dice ๐Ÿ™‚

Just for the curious and inquiring:
Tabletop, Space Janitors and Vaginal Fantasy are coming back this year (they all premiere next week). We have a BUNCH of new shows throughout the year, with shorter runs and more varied talent, to give you more variety (especially in the gaming area). The Flog will come back only sporadically while I am at conventions or travelling, I will be focusing on acting on the channel, developing content and talent searching for fresh voices to cultivate, and doing other shorter run shows like the one I’m starting on Monday, Felicia’s Ark (it’s about choosing which video game characters I’m taking with me after a theoretical flood happens, haha.)

I know this dialing back of The Flog is going to disappoint some, but I want to make it clear I’m trying to free up my schedule to focus on guiding the channel content, and perhaps creating another show, which takes a TON of time (it took me a year to come up with the Guild characters before I wrote the first episode). ย As an artist I need some space to figure out if and when I can make something new, that I’ll love as much as The Guild, that YOU will love as much as The Guild.

And FYI the future of the Guild is still up in the air, and since we ended it so well with season 6 I felt like it was time to take a break. ย I’ll see what happens, you never know!

I’m very excited to discover new voices and shift Geek and Sundry to really reflect what I love even more this year. Thank you for being on this journey with us, and I appreciate your watching!

  • Love it!

  • Sarah

    So agree with what you said in your video, and I’m excited to see the new stuff you come out with!!! Glad to hear that you’re keeping things fresh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joe Gee


  • Adam

    sad to see sword and laser go, but I’m super hyped for the new line-up, best of wishes!

  • Totally agree with what you said about “geek”. Personally I refer to myself as a “nerd”.

  • Sad about the Flog but i imagine all that moving around took up a lot of your time. Maybe something less taxing like cooking with Robin or playing with Ryon every now and again? ๐Ÿ™‚
    The new content and direction sounds exciting, here’s hoping you all roll a 20!

  • Josh

    Good plan Felicia. It is nice to see folks fearlessly challenge the status quo.

  • Chris

    aww, if we’re gonna get less flogs can we have more of you and Ryon playing games, those are just sooo funny!

    • Yes, Ryon is flying out in June to do a bunch more, so no worries there!

  • Yay for more Geek and Sundry, and especially Tabletop and Vaginal Fantasy. But why no more Sword & Laser? It’s my second favourite show on the channel, and I was so upset to hear that it’s not being renewed? Please can Tom and Veronica’s show continue? Pretty please?

    • I loved Sword and Laser and it was the hardest thing for us to not be able to go forward with of all the things we are shifting hears on. It was a numbers thing overall, if we want to do more than just another year of the channel we have to get more viewers, especially native YouTube users. Sword and Laser had an amazing hard-core audience, but the subject matter wasn’t growing into more audience. I believe in Veronica and Tom so much, and wanted to turn reading into a video show, but I feel like YouTube itself doesn’t have the demographic that can grow a show like that bigger and bigger. The great thing is Tom and Veronica have the podcast, and having the show on our network has helped grow their fanbase on the forums I believe a lot, many G&S fans found the show through the video show, and will continue to with the videos remaining on the channel. Bottom line, business decisions are extremely hard on me especially like this, and I really want to get to a point where I can just be dealing with creative stuff again. Because yes, I love Sword and Laser as well and they made an amazing show. I really hope to work with them both in the future again.

  • I’m so, so happy that TableTop is coming back. I’ve enjoyed it so much — and I’ve bought 3 games as a result (Castle Panic, Elder Sign, and Forbidden Island). (I also have Pandemic on my wish list, and a few others slated to consider.) I had no idea there were board games I could play alone, and I’m delighted that I can play tabletop games again instead of just computer games. There’s something very satisfying about handling the cards and pieces instead of just clicking a mouse.

    Good for you for trying to step back and decide what you want and recharge creatively. It’s not easy to do that (especially when you have lots of impatient fans) but it’s so important. Otherwise you get burned out and end up creating a bunch of stuff that isn’t satisfying.

    Best wishes & good luck with Year 2!

  • This is good news! I myself have only recently started watching G&S but am loving everything so far and am happy that there will be new stuff after I’m done catching up!

    … You know, new stuff to catch up to, because I’m still behind.

    Good luck from this geek/nerd/insert-other-arbitrary-label-here!

  • I’m really happy to hear TableTop and Vaginal Fantasy are coming back and so happy to hear that you want to write a new show! ๐Ÿ™‚ So excited.
    I don’t fit the regular definition of geek so I’m glad you made this video and can’t wait to see where you take the channel.
    Yay for a second year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John W

    Sometimes less is more.

    The Guild on blu ray?

  • sezshares

    I thought Robin was fantastic hosting the Flog, and of course the cooking segments. If there’s any consideration around it, I’d love to see her perhaps hosting the Flog more regularly…. Or another show that showcases her hosting talents.

  • Rebel Geek

    Dear Felicia

    I was impressed with your bold declaration in ‘State of the Sundry’ for I too have long felt the use of old symbols and icons from days of yore reduced to mere marketing catch.

    So yes I am a P&P snob and dislike the hogging of excellent PCgame or movie IPs by wealthy publishing titans who only seem to care about exploiting these for brutal marketing and greed. I think the focus on PvE grind in RPGs and MMORPGs is insulting to the intelligence and admire the few who dare break the patterns as well as initiatives that encourage people to be inquisitive and creative. Here I am given courage to express that without fear of being exiled and maybe I will be the one to restore balance to the force or bring great change to the Shinobi world.

    I love Sword and Laser and Storyboard so I hope to see them in a second season.

    Rebel Geek ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Emily

    I’m also sad Sword & Laser won’t be doing more video shows, but never fear, they have an audio show that doesn’t depend on Geek and Sundry so I’m sure that will continue (also, given that Tom just moved it would be harder to film shows).

    Yay for more Tabletop!!!!

  • Charles

    What’s the status on Written By A Kid? It was one of my favorites alongside Tabletop and The Flog. So glad you got a second year and are developing new shows!

  • Bry

    You’re such an insightful individual Felicia! I’m usually more of an observer on the net and don’t comment often, but I had to leave a comment on this video because I absolutely agree with you on the geek factor and what the formula is that defines someone being a geek. I hate to admit it, but often in the last few years I’ve noticed that being a part of the so-called “geek community” has become more intimidating and more mean and judgement than than the “mainstream” which has been so typecasted as being so judgmental of “geeks”. It’s so nice to see that there are still people out there like you who doesn’t like all of this labeling and trolling. So thanks for keeping the niceness into what community we’ve all created.

    Oh and I’m a HUGE fan of your work. Seriously, SO funny! And the final scene of the guild season 6 was very touching and

  • Bry

    Sorry, I’m typing on an iPad and accidentally hit post before I was finished. I was also going to give you applause for sticking up for the mass effect 3 team about the ending. Yeah, I bawled like a baby and mopped around depressed for like three weeks after haha, but I am still A HUGE fan and wether or not people liked the ending doesn’t give them a right to bash and troll the creators like they did. It was a beautiful series and people should leave it as such. So again, a you’re a very insightful and talented person so keep up the awesome work!

    • Bry

      Sorry about the typos. I’m not great at iPad typing haha

  • Manuel

    I’ve been wondering on the evolution of what being a geek means and I like your take on this ! Liking something unusual and assuming it however it is seen by others. Thank you.

  • gesikah

    Yay Geek and Sundry! Yay Tabletop! I will miss regular Flogs, but I get it. For what it’s worth, even if it’s not regularly, I would really miss the cooking segments with Robin and gaming with Ryon. It has a common element I also love about Tabletop, people who enjoy hanging out and doing stuff together, hanging out and doing stuff together.

  • Allyson (Toronto Gal)

    I adore your contemplative definition of what it is to be a geek, and I love that it’s about a mindset rather than a checklist of interests ๐Ÿ™‚

    As a fan of the amazing content that you and the G&S team create, I’m sure this year will be full of amazing things. That said, I do sincerely hope that you’re able to find some time in there to get some rest, recharge your creative batteries, and take time out for yourself! I’ve always admired how hugely dedicated your are to the happiness of your audience – the karmic flip-side is that we as an audience want to make sure you’re happy and healthy!

  • Charles

    Not sure if there is an age limit on geeks – but count me as a fan. I have been playing online games as long as there have been online games ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess working as a software developer helps. Anyway – I just wanted to say this in the event you see it – I enjoy your work. I am so proud of you. You have a tremendous drive to do what you are passionate about. Having played a number MMORPG’s starting back with Asheron’s Call – I love the guild. My daughter is almost 15 and both of us have played WoW off and on since beta. We both really enjoy the Guild. Keep up the good work. I wish nothing but the very best for you and yours.


    • Charles

      Just wondering if I said something wrong – I see my post is still awaiting moderation…



  • Jason

    Hey Felicia, love the work you’ve done. I ventured out and went to a big meet here in Melbourne for International Tabletop Game Day and had a great time! Yell out if you need any Aussie voice talent ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • Cecily

    Yay! So excited Geek & Sundry is continuing. Watching the shows is a little treat for myself everday. Can’t wait to see what you do this year!

  • I’m pretty excited for season two of Tabletop. I was a little worried that it wasn’t going to come back, but now I can’t wait to see which games you are going to play (and you beating Wheaton at all of them)

  • Viking

    Hi. Good to see that you are alive. Been so stressed out myself the last months that I have been on/off the G&S shows. I’ll try to catch up in october. Aye. FML…. But lets not think about that. Lets geek out while we watch the blue installation line slowly walking across the screen before it terminates in a blue screen. FMLFR!

    I have to say I totally support you when it comes to the Flog. Didnt understand a bear sh— of that ark thing, but thats not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about your health and your life. Pardon me for saying this, but you looked dead on your feets at that Tabletop broadcast. Beutifull dead on your feets, like a vampire. A vampire thats havent been feeding for months…. So dont get upset with me, but PLEASE take better care of yourself. It was so clear to see that you where thinking “The camera is on me. I have to smile and look good when I want to kick everyone in the balls and go home and sleep for weeks.” Been there, done that, hated it so bad that I never want to go back to that place.

    But instead of giving you all the usuall crap about “you are only one person, delegation, blablabla…”, I choose to think that you are a grown woman that know all this. So I just want to say that you have mine (and your fans) support in whatever you do to your show. Because its YOUR show. Not mine. And if this means we get a Flog once a month, its cool. That means we get more quality instead of quantity. And a ms. Day that dont look like she wants to kill everyone around here. Well, you got the same look in your eyes as I have when I’m beyond exchausted and on “New problem for me? No problem. EXTERMINATE!!!!”. And if that problem is a failed anti-virus update…. To throw the laptop out the window might seem like an overreaction, but in a sleep deprevaited mind it makes totally sense. So its very wise to back down a bit before you begin throwing laptops or co-workers out windows…. Good choice. “Two thumbs up and trying to smile”

    So with that sorted out, lets see whats happening with the other shows. Good thing you are keeping Vaginal Fantasy. You need to get drunk and talk smut. Thats good for your mental health. And I LOVE Bonnie Burton. That raven gets my celebrity crush before you. Ehh… I mean redheads rulez? OK. I’m dating a qute girl that looks like Bonnie. Only more evil and with qute freckles. And a 90 model. So dont listen to me. I have รฅ crush and I’m more insane than usually.

    And there are always tough, but right choices. Like S&L. I think I have watched three of those shows. The one with GoT, one with WoT and another about some retro fantasy. Was it the one with a reference to Elric of Melnibonรฉ? Cant remember. Anyway, the point is that some shows you get a too narrow audience to justify a weekly production. Vaginal Fantasy is one of them. Thats why you have a montly production (and to take care of your liver and hangover). So when S&L leave, you get more place to other, more varied shows. A montly S&L or perhaps a male version of Vagianl Fantasy? Imagen getting John Ringo and Tom Kratman dunk on Scotch and talking scifi and very political uncorrect military hardware p0rn. I swear, if they begin a discussion about AI avatars and the Blue Ghost, Daisy May, Bum-Bum and others, you have me sobbing drunk in from of my laptop. Its a male thing. Dont even try to understand. That path only leads to darkness…

    So to sum things up: The Flog and S&L with others are dead, long live the Flog and S&L with others. Because you now have the opportunity to look away from the MUST EDIT NEW FLOG TO TOMORROW!!!!! deadlines and explore mad ideas. Try something new each month. If it failes? Then dont do it again. If it works? Hurray for a new montly show? You are the boss and you decide.

    And try to have fun instead of freaking out and getting panic attacks (yeah right… Like you have a damnd choice when it comes to controlling that shit…) Travel! Do stupid things infront of a cheap camera while you travel. Publish it without editing and with lots of bloopers and cursing. Become sucess kid. Or girl. Or lady. Whatever… The point is that if you dont have fun and enjoy yourself while making things, stop making them. Dont think about us. We are in this for the long term benefits. Not what we can watch next week. And that means you have to think about yourself. So you can stay alive and keep giving us geek productions in many years to come. You shall serve us in eternety!!! Eh… You get my idea. Sort of… I hope…

    Have to get back to work, so that was my more or less sane ramblings for this time. And if you ever get really really down. Remember that it could be worse. Just look at how my mind works. When it works….

    Your stressed out and slightly unstable (but stotic at the surface and very functional) Viking.

  • Yo

    It’s probably time to change your ‘ABOUT’ page, unles you’ve been listening to the same 3 songs since 07.16.2011 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Carl

    So far I’m enjoying the new shows (Felica’s Ark, Player Ones and Fetchquest) Tabletop is awesome as always.

    As far as the speech, I have to say I found it inspirational in a different way. I never saw myself as having enough geek cred to be part of the community. That is probably mostly on me, if you don’t have the courage you can’t really tell if the water is too cold or not. (I don’t know if that analogy works or not.) So I guess I see myself as an outsider pawing at the window of a community of outsiders (now I’m mixing metaphors) but maybe I was inside all along and didn’t know it.

    Enough self-reflection from me, keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to more content. Perhaps a show featuring Cubby?

  • CLTran

    Felicia, when you wrote the script for the guild did you year Jeff Lewis’s voice when you wrote lines like NO!!!.Also, how did you come up with Codex’s line at the end of season 2 when she messes up things with Wade?

  • While you are procrastinating I have discovered a whole bunch of iPad/iPhone apps designed for organizing stories, scripts and characters. My favorite is called “A Novel Idea” and I’m using it to flesh out and outline an idea for a ongoing story I’ve had for a long, long time. It’s heartening (though probably embarrassing to you) to know that it took a year for you to flesh out the Guild characters. I will just have to be patient with myself.

    Thanks for being unrelentingly awesome in the face of adversity, and congrats to another year of G&S.

    Really surprised and saddened Written By a Kid didn’t make the cut…or did it?

  • Very nice! I do like it!

  • Dear Ms. Day:

    I apologise for posting this comment on an irrelevent thread.

    You might not remember me, but you reviewed my series of fantasy novels, starting with Resenting the Hero, a few years ago. I will be at the Ottawa comiccon and I hope to get your autograph and to say hello and thank you.

    Moira J. Moore

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this video! I like it)

  • You ridiculously brilliant woman! It is because of YOU and the fact that you chose to don ovaries of titanium & create The Guild that I was able to woman up and create my own youtube channel ( I have NO IDEA what I’m doing, but I’m doing something, so thank you. You’re my hero…ine. HEH You’re my heroine.

    I look forward to all your new stuff!



  • Hello! I love your speech. I think it says a lot about the state of Geek, and I’d like to take that topic further on a podcast a few friends and I share.

    I think your speech is a great place to start and would love, love, LOVE your blessing in using it to kick off a podcast about the very topic you’ve made an eloquent speech on. Yes, I’m butt-kissing, I abandoned my pride a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

    Thank you again for being an ambitious, talented entertainer. I’m looking forward to season 2.


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  • Dave

    “And FYI the future of the Guild is still up in the air, and since we ended it so well with season 6 I felt like it was time to take a break. Iโ€™ll see what happens, you never know!”

    Yes! Now I’m excited! =)

    “…perhaps creating another show, which takes a TON of time (it took me a year to come up with the Guild characters before I wrote the first episode).”

    Even though I’m a BIG FAN of the Guild, I would be really happy if you were to create another show that was like “The Guild”. That was some of the best original content I have every seen on YouTube. Also, the cooking episodes, with Robin, of “The Flog” are really kewl! I hope you’re able to do more of them. They’re not only funny and entertaining, but educational as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Moo

    Felicia’s Ark, eh? I’m sure you have a set of rules concerning numbers, gender percentile, etc., but I have two cents to contribute (figuratively speaking :/ ).

    -Frog from Chrono Trigger because he’s aquatic, a great fighter, very brave and the kind of guy who’ll stick it out no matter what
    -Luigi from the Mario games because of his plumbing background and the fact that he should get a chance to strike out on his own doing something awesome without his cocky older brother bogarting it
    -Rikku from Final Fantasy X (not X2… that’s an entirely different person) because she’s up to explore a new world and is a very inventive person
    -Chun Li from the Street Fighter games because if there’s no wind in the sails, her kicking skills could realistically be used to propel the ark.

    Between those four, you could breed some kind of super-race of video game characters. Or at least have no issues with plumbing and plenty of fight-based entertainment.

  • Ronin

    Tried to send you a message in G+, looks like it’s not the best way to make a shout-out to you lol. In a nutshell, just wanted to say, “thank you,” from a veteran who you helped in his darkest hours. Every one of your performances I’ve seen have been moving in their own way. I wish you the best of luck in your current and future projects; your contributions to our culture have been nothing short of brilliant. I look forward to seeing you continue to make the internet and, ultimately, the world a happier place.

    -Thank you!

  • Kendrick

    Congratulations on starting another season on Geek & Sundry. I am really excited about reclaiming geek – I have been really worried that “geeky” has been suffering the “Hot Topic” treatment that has been really walloping the counter-culture community everywhere.

    I just finished watching Felicia’s ark – loved the series (even though I found out about it too late to vote ๐Ÿ™ ), and I’ve loved so much of the stuff that’s come out of it.

    Thanks for taking the time to share the Feliciousness!

  • zyy

    Is it spam to post here trying to get Ms. Day’s attention for something unrelated?

    Recently there’s been some bad business in the gaming industry and one “anna anthropy” wants to speak with Ms. Day about some stuff but can’t find an email to privately contact her at. This is the letter copied to pastebin which they posted publicly in hopes of getting it to you through public channels. This is anna anthropy’s site with contact information.

    I’m not anna anthropy, though. I’m an interested party who saw the letter signal boosted.

  • Kurt


    I don’t mean to quibble over your broad definition of “geek”, but in what sense are you an outsider? Can you be a celebrity and still be an outsider? Can you be a partial geek, or a geek emeritus?

  • Colourmouse

    What’s with the Flog. Will there be a continued, because there it was a good Show. I like the cooking with Robin this was so funny.

  • KandL

    Hi Felicia, just chiming in to add moral support. Your hard work and creativity are an inspiration to me and to my daughter, who wrote about The Guild for a school assignment last year.

    And btw, thanks for introducing me to the completely amazing worlds of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, to author Lisa Shearin and to Sword & Laser, which I continue to follow via their community on Goodreads.

    Keep up the great work… we’re looking forward to more Geek & Sundry!

  • Sarah

    I believe this was the second video I saw of yours, out of everything, and it gave me a whole new perspective on who you are and what you do. I’m not sure I would label myself as a true “geek” (not right now at least, though I see myself growing more towards it), but I’ve come to respect those who are labeled as such. “Your judgement is not my problem.” I remember seeing an interview you did once and you said, “To me, preaching is ineffective; leading by example is the only way you can change minds.” This is what I admire most about you; you aren’t afraid to be who you are, to live the life that is unique to you. You live your life honestly, whether people agree or not. I can’t wait to see more of your work!

  • Acid Lion

    Gotta be fresh.

  • Jay

    You are the greatest. Great talent! You remind me of my daughter. Love your book club. Not too creepy right?

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  • Great article, I love the way you have described the topic in detail with examples.

  • Guest

    The second to last paragraph GIVES ME HOPE

  • Nickolas Bell

    Hoping the guild continues! Its not just a show, its a way of life!

  • mangosmangos

    I’m glad Sword and Laser continues on it’s own channel, but I’m very sad that it’s no longer on Geek & Sundry. I think it’s the best show to come from Geek & Sundry and it was more fun when they had more resources and a larger youtube audience.

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