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Gasp! I own a Mac!


I did it. I’m sorry. From the loins of a MS-DOS prompt I was sprung, a wee child weaned on Windows, and now…I have a MacBook Pro laptop.

I was justified! I need to learn to edit so I can film all these sketches I’ve written. Don’t look at me like that, desktop! I saved your life so many times! I formatted you and compressed-aired you and I made you smarter with RAM, opened you up myself and did it with my own little hands, one of my proudest moments. I made your graphics better with an Uber card, I scanned you and groomed you and pirated music on you, then felt guilty and bought the same stuff on itunes that was DRM which was stupid, it’s just…we can still be friends. 🙂 Desktop?

I didn’t even have a fire wire connection in my PC, and my family heard my pleas and I got some Apple Gift certificates for my birthday, and after I waded past the line of desperate iPhone buyers I bought a 15″ MacBook Pro. It’s silver and shiny and I hooked up my printer in about 10 seconds to it through the network and…it’s soooo beautiful. A pair of Marc Jacobs shoes got nothing on this sleek baby. It’s GOT A CAMERA IN THE TOP OF THE ACTUAL COMPUTER! For some reason that makes me so thrilled. I hope I don’t become one of those skanky YouTube Vloggers. “So, like last night, I got toooootallly wasted and…” it’s so tempting though, with the camera right there, ready to use. Must resist. Don’t be skank.

Anyway, the point is, it’s beautiful, but I still feel guilty. I can even run it parallel with Windows to play games but I don’t want to sully the purity of the happy little Mac icons by installing it. Maybe I’ll do it later. I’m still adjusting to how the heck the thing works, it’s almost too simple. I can’t wait to go to a coffee shop and open it up and…look like I’m working. It’s ok desktop, I’ll still use you at home, I promise baby. 😉


I wanted to share what I just found that is additionally kicking ass:

Bruce Lee Laptop Case


  • Stefan

    Well, it is a whole new world full of interesting new icons and.. stuff. Mac is around for a long time, and most of it, MS is just laughing… so I gues your desktop is less angry and more amused ;).
    So, just have fun with the Mac.. since you are a gamer the chance that you complete abandon MS is pretty much.. well.. not there ^^. But as far as I’ve heard you can do many worky things way better on a Mac.. (which makes it tempting ;)).
    So hf with it (and spend the brakes on your desktop snuggling with it).

  • Josh

    “Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends.” –Papa Palpatine

  • Edgar

    So um… I have a Mac… on it right now…

    Work laptop…

    WoW totally works on it. That’s very dangerous, if I were Felicia.

    I can’t let go of my home PC though.

  • Macs are ok, but if the camera is the most important thing to you, your wallet just got raped.
    I got a little Acer Aspire one for less than $300 and it’s got a webcam too. Also it runs linux, windows or even OSX. Just don’t tell the apple fanboys 🙂

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