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I have been doing some gaming lately, because I miss it and am trying to be on brain hiatus to get some creative regeneration going on, (and I’ve been enjoying myself IMMENSELY), so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you here!

Dead Rising 3

Got an Xbox One (please don’t start with the rivalry, it makes me soooo tired, lol) and am enjoying it, except for when the ever-listening Kinect starts to do a task without me meaning it to, chatting over headsets can be a bit of a landmine, lol.  Anyway, this was a launch title for the console and it is FUUUUN, especially playing with friends online.  I have not played any of these Dead Rising games before, and I feel sad because of it. This thing is like a Tarantino movie in gaming form.  You’re fighting zombies in an open-world environment, but it’s so over the top bloody and ridiculous, you kill SO MANY ZOMBIES in SO MANY DISGUSTING WAYS, that you can’t help but giggle at the ridiculousness. I can see why this game got banned in Germany, and there’s a part of me that REALLY needs to be offended by the sexism and the weird offensive bosses, but there’s a visceral satisfaction to getting in a steam roller while wearing a tuxedo and a lego head (you unlock tons of outfit options) and crushing hundreds of zombies.  The fountain of blood spurting is so ridiculous you can’t take it seriously.  Recommended for Left 4 Dead fans, and Skyrim fans.  OMG a game like this set in a RPG setting would be my DREAM GAME.  And if I could play a girl character 🙁

Oh, and here’s a nice Easter egg I found: An upscale woman’s clothing shop with my name, I got a FABULOUS women’s button up shirt there, SO CHIC!

Felicia in Dead Rising


Long Live the Queen


This is a weird Japanese game that is SUPER similar to a game I loved many years ago called “Princess Maker” except it’s less offensive since you’re playing the actual Princess, and not a nebulous “ward” raising her (and possibly marrying her in one outcome, WHAT?!)  It’s a life simulator game, where you train the princess in certain skills, and she gets bonuses on the skills depending on her mood.  As she levels, problems arise, and if you didn’t raise her right, basically she dies in a litany of gruesome outcomes.  It’s kind of amazing.  I have YET to beat the game, I’ve gotten far, but time and time again I’ve come upon an encounter that requires a skill I don’t have and BLECK I’m poisoned or executed or whatever. It’s totally excellent and odd and a style of game that is unique and definitely worth checking out.  It looks SUPER girly at first glance, but I think people will enjoy the strategy, woman or man!


Papers Please


Even weirder than Long Live the Queen (and that’s saying a LOT) is this indie game that has won a ton of awards. Ever dream of approving passports in a virtual communist state?  Imprisoning people in order to not have your kids starve to death?  Well, this game can make that wish come true! It has a big strategy element in that it’s almost a memory game.  You’re assigned to a border crossing, and have to let people into your country based on checking an increasing number of criteria in their paperwork, and if you mess up you make less money (and your family starves to death).  And you need volume in order to get enough money to keep the lights on, so you have to go quickly, which increases your margin of error. Within the sessions of passport approval are a few sub-games, like a conspiracy you can join, serial killers and a few other fun things.  It’s a struggle to juggle all of it, and that’s part of the fun.  And the sound effects are really weird, my dog was quite disturbed when I played it, haha.


Lemee know if you’re playing something you recommend, I’m counting the days until Peggle 2. MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY!

  • Aleshia

    I’ve enjoyed Dead Rising 3 so far myself. It’s quite satisfying to saw a zombie in half or my favorite to get in a steamroller and just run over entire packs of zombies. I haven’t played it a whole lot yet because I’ve been replaying the Mass Effect trilogy but I’m looking forward to playing more of it soon.

  • Mathligator

    I have been “XCOM Enemy Within” expansion quite a lot. If you haven’t played “XCOM Enemy Unknown” I would recommend that one up first, though. The gameplay quite different from the original X-COM, so you should be able to enjoy it even if you didn’t play X-COM: UFO defense. Also, play on it “ironman” for maximum tension.

    I also recently enjoyed “Brothers”

    • I want to try XCom, it looks like it has a high learning curve but will be fun when I dig in and learn the ropes. Brothers looks cool too, I loved Limbo and Braid and Bastion, and it looks to be kind of like those, artistic and small and indie.

      • admin

        I’ve been playing it. It is crazily similar to Shadowrun controls and strategy. The only difference is Shadowrun has a story and your character(s) level up, but in XCOM it is only through items you build and some minor class leveling (with a talent hierarchy). XCOM is random encounters with a loose story/progression. Both generally squad/party based. You’ll get attached to the soldiers and if you lose one, you will mourn them lol. It makes you cautious, especially after the first death.

  • Curse you! That Long Live the Queen game looked fabulous so I downloaded the trial last night. Then purchased the game. Then was up until 4am playing…. and have died by poison three times and arrows once.

    I will prevail.

  • Matthew not Matt

    First off I think I love you in a non creepy manner. K now thats out of the way I just wanted to say I recently read up on you a bit and even tho im a guy I really appreciate all the things ur attempting to do for gaming. I actually agree that games are leaning too far for male customers without taking female players into consideration. My last gf was more of a gamer than me and thats saying a lot. Ithink all big and small games would be better with optional male and female characters especially Dead Rising games if only because why r there soooo many girl clothes in the games but never a female char to wear them? One outfit would make sense but there is lots as if they meant to have a female char and said screw it. I have been playing an oldie but goodie called Okami, it’s like a japanese Zelda game that uses art as a game mechanic. I have xone but am waiting for new games. Any more suggestions on good indies to try? Also just watched Dr Horrible and loved it. Im sry for ranting on ur blog after seeing how long this turned out (xone controllers need a chatpad!!!) so I will leave my gamertag ( ExiledMorDread ) and say goodbye. ps im not so obnoxious as to think you will actually add me but theres no harm in leaving it anyway.

  • Bow down commoners! I am the Queen! Thank you / damn you for introducing me to that game. I’d be satisfied with my crown if I didn’t just find out I could have ended up with Briony at the end. Now I need to make that happen. Curses.

  • James “JY”

    X-com (on PC) has an easy mode that walks you through it. It also doesn’t throw you in the deep end (yes the tutorial is bloody but that doesn’t affect you negatively). Highly recommend it (yes I was a fiend for the original, but I think I’m somewhat objective still).

  • Amanda

    I was a little skeptical about playing a game that doesn’t really have any gameplay, but Gone Home absolutely blew me away. The interactive story-telling pulls you in quickly and it’s just superbly made. It’s definitely not the same kind of fun as steamrolling zombie hordes, but it’s engaging and enjoyable in its own way, I would highly recommend it!

  • Meow

    Long live the queen isn’t a japanese game, it’s just that the creator is obsessed with anime

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  • Phil

    I will probably catch a lot of flack for mentioning a Wii U title as it is quite taboo to most gamers. It won’t help that it is an older title at that, but ZombiU is probably the most “realistic”(concept wise) and frustrating games I have ever played. Zombie is by far my favorite genre and this game was my white whale. It’s approach is unique (in that when you die you become a zombie and have to kill your former self if you want what you once had). You play equally as male and female characters with no bias placed on either. Having said all that it is a completely different kind of game to Dead Rising.

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  • Dan PDX

    Woah woah woah…. there is a Peggle 2 coming out? I played the heck out of the first one. I really don’t get why I get so addicted to those games. I think I’ll get back to Banished once I’m done with work, and also get some Kerbal Space Program in. It’s super complicated at first, but a whole lot of fun once you get a hang of it. Highly recommended.

  • James Alexander

    Nice! Do you play 3DS? Shoot me your Friend code so I can see you post on MiiVerse or just play Heroes of Ruin or something 🙂

  • Hybrid_Prime

    I enjoy Final Fantasy 14 a lot.I’m preparing to try Elderscrolls onlonline as well.Only prob is you seem to find jerks of every catagory.Other then that gameplay is great!

  • John

    Nice. I have a PS4 and then my sister got me an Xbox One for my birthday. Haha. I haven’t played anything significant for about 10 years since they changed the rules on Ultima Online and I got super pissed because I was a God in that game. Anyways, I have played Dead Rising 3. Fucken great! Right? The only problem was that I missed the plane by 5 mins after playing for weeks straight and I got nuked (I binged on the motorcycle of doom and mayhem ;-). I went on Hiatus after that. On PS4, I highly recommend Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. The ship battles are just amazing! I beat this game in about a week. I even banged in from work, I.e. called in sick, but I’m going to get the expansion pack. I’m waiting for Wolfenstein. If you have a DOS emulator, you can play an old game called Ultima 7: The Stygian Abyss. That will take you a month to beat. I’m also waiting for “The Elder Scrolls” to come out. Lastly, I want to play “Papers, Please!” I saw this awhile back and it’s gaining popularity. Anyways, I had taken a hiatus due to work and my personal life and that game pissing me off, but I think I’m ready to return to this world 😉

  • I would like to know what game you _want_ to play? By this I mean what features or combination of features would you like to see in a game that you have not seen before?

  • Daddio

    Hope that is you on, If it is Thank you for following me, I feel very honored! Sinceraly Daddio66

  • Socksy

    Risk of Rain is a wonderful indie platform game. The level of difficulty goes up as the time goes by, haha. It is on Steam.

  • Gill Slane

    Papers Please is evvvvil – it forces you to compromise your ethics in the name of, y’know, not doing in your entire family from cold, disease or hunger. 😀 On the other hand, it’s a lot of fun when I want to spend half an hour playing a game, and I always come away from it very grateful for the roof over my head and the food in my refrigerator….

    That princess game sounds….um….unique. I’d want to subvert it by making the princess turn out to be an astrophysicist, or a political activist. 😉

  • Caiti

    Love life the Queen is amazing. Trying to convince my male friends to play is difficult though some have conceded to playing while steam shows they’re offline so no one will know they’re playing it.. they love it though, close enough

  • Thought you all might be interested in this:

  • Chris

    I’m sure you know about this. Walking dead: The game! One episode is two hours of game play. Steam had it on sale for 6,29 for season one. I’m sure thats over and its back to 29.99 it has season two and it also has downloadable contect as well. If your worried about it being short its not. your choices effect what happens down the road. People you meet and all that stuff it ever ties into the first season of Walking dead the TV show. Its pretty fun.

    I also love Sim type games. building games are a must for me. Minecraft and anything like it with mods. Totally recommend if you can get over the graphics and love building things collecting things and other stuff Minecraft is a blast. graphics suck but its the content that matters. You make things happen there is no following a storyline. The crazy things you can make its insane.

    ok thanks for reading this if you do. I loved the guild!!

  • CES 2005 from V.F.D.

    #MassEffect. I (sort of) maybe shouldn’t be playing it (oh yeah? I already BEAT it!) at my just barely (by one year) pre-teen age, but (in my and many others’s opinions,) it is a great game. Especially for experienced gamers (like Felicia).

    PS: I use parentheses () too much.

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