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I hadn’t noticed how long it’s been since I updated this blog, so sorry. The last two months has been very challenging for me. Geek and Sundry launched, with 3 women at the helm and a SMALL but dedicated crew of assistants and interns helping. It was a monumental task, that went FANTASTIC thanks to you guys’ help, so THANK YOU!! 🙂 Unfortunately for me, who is used to wearing MANY hats, this was just a BIT much. I came down with pneumonia after being very sick for weeks and not taking care of myself. We made over 120 videos in 4 months or something, and I guested in Supernatural as well as over a dozen other collaboration videos, PLUS doing press and social media…yeah, my body was definitely saying “EFF YOU DAY! TAKE A BREAK!”

So the last few weeks have been just trying to recover my health and figure out the mess that is my personal stuff, I mean I haven’t gone to the doctor or dentist in WAY too long, my closets are a disaster, friends have had babies and I haven’t even talked to them, etc, etc. So…still working that out, that balance thing, haha. Also the weekly show The Flog I’m doing is super fun but more work than I thought, so writing has been a challenge to fit in. BUT the balance is happening slowly but surely. Digging out bit by bit. Playing Diablo level by level.

This week on The Flog we did a bit more elaborate segment and released a country music video. Why? Because I wanted to do a bit of everything, it seemed like something that would amuse people, be different from what we usually do. We did it really low-fi, quick and simple, but we had fun doing it.

SOOO I guess some unnamed internet sites got wind and thought it would be cool to troll and basically flood the video with the nastiest comments ever. After a day of really hurt feelings (I have never had something THIS bad, so I’ve been lucky on the internet for YEARS!), I backed up and tried to figure out WHY it sparked so much hatred? I mean, sure, it’s low-fi, yes my eyeshadow is TERRIBLE (bad choice yeah), BUT I finally figured it out, I THINK. In all my years of championing gaming, I have ALWAYS avoided the title “Gamer Girl”. I always just said I’m a gamer, and left the gender unsaid. I don’t mean to disparage anyone who uses that title, to me, you change minds by being who you are, representing, and not pointing out you’re different from anyone else. That was just always my unconscious choice, to avoid that. But for THIS video in particular, I decided to portray a few stereotypical characters, I PLAYED a “Gamer Girl” and Jason Charles Miller PLAYED a “Country Boy”. WE WERE PLAYING CHARACTERS. But that didn’t really come across to some people, and I guess that gave them an IN to attack me, or attack the IDEA of “Gamer Girl” in that video. And the attack…thousands of Ouch.

Backing up, I feel like most of the hatred wasn’t even directed at ME personally, it was at this general IDEA of some “Gamer Girl” type, who, in the perceived mind of these guys, disenfranchises gamers? I dunno. Clearly a segment of guys on the internet HATE “Gamer Girls”. This is the part I don’t understand, why they are so frikkin emotional about it. They hate on this type of girl who “pretends” to game for attention. This archetype they can somehow factually attribute to a few women (then paint the whole gender with the brush) that exploit them for attention, cheapens their hobby with “casualism”…who knows. The irony here is that the “Hot Gamer Girl” is there because….guys click on them/watch them more than non-hot girls. So yeah, talk about creating their own problem, lol.

I know, for ME, when I started this road with The Guild, I had NO women to look at who were not wearing bikinis while they gamed. There was no “relatable” woman/girl figure for me to look to, and that’s why Codex, Clara and Tink are EXACTLY NOT THAT: Because that’s not who I personally gamed with, that bikini-chick. I gamed with moms and angry college students and shut-ins. So to be accused of pandering Girl Gamer, of BEING A CASUAL (whatever the EFF that means)…well, it hurt. But the comments from MY viewers, who didn’t wanna be bullied, that made my night. So thanks to all of you who commented, even if you didn’t like the video, who defended “casuals” and “girl gamers”. Whatever label you slap on it, it’s just another way to hate.

Thank you for standing up for me. Even if you HATE COUNTRY MUSIC 🙂

  • adelaide blair

    Please do not let the haters get you down. All public endeavors are open to criticism, but there is a big difference between “I don’t like that” and “I want someone to hit you with a brick.” You are on my list of younger women that I find inspiring; please keep making your work and having fun. You’re making the world a more fun place to be.

    • adelaide blair has expressed what many of us feel. Please please please, don’t get discouraged. You speak to more people than you know.

    • Typically I do dislike Country especially the male singers but this is a very cool video. Certainly doesn’t look “Low Res”. The clever editing takes it to another level with the Comic Book panels and Comic Style wardrobe. Nice transitions too. MUCHO better than any Rap video I’ve seen with swinging butts everywhere. The color scheme of the video had a great 70’s vibe. Oh and btw the yellow eyeshadow is AWESOME!!!

    • Hypatia_Star

      You represent us well, don’t worry about what people have to say. I personally hate country music but I thought you were adorable in that video 🙂

  • Owen

    Felicia, you can do no wrong. I watched the video, but had not idea you were getting a !@#$%p-fest in return. Let me stand in the silent majority who enjoy all that you do without worrying about what sort of “statement” you are making.

    • Rachael

      I agree. I’m not big on commenting, but sometimes it just needs to be said that you support someone. I hate yellow and I actually really liked that eyeshadow on you 🙂 Like others have said, keep doing what you are doing, because you are AWESOME!!!!!!

  • I don’t think the term “Gamer Girl” has anything to do with it. Haters gonna hate, and that was just an easy target. The song and video were great (yellow eye shadow not withstanding), and it looked like you had fun doing it! What is more important than that?

  • Aaron

    Personally, I detest country music. But mostly that’s because the themes don’t resonate with me and mostly are totally opposite of who I am. But I saw this video as two people portraying caricatures of the genres (and so I felt the eye shadow was fully justified). It was a humorous take on country music and gaming, and I found I actually liked it. I hope you continue making things (especially music and videos, and music videos) that both entertain and fulfill your desires of what you want to make, because when you get down to it, that’s all that really matters.

  • I loved the video, and I’m not a big fan of country music.

    Like you, I gamed a lot, became reasonably successful, and now I don’t game so much. I still love games. They are part of what makes me me, even when I’m not playing them very often. The vitriol over casual vs. hardcore, as well as male vs. female gamers drives me up the wall. Even as a kid I was baffled by the “games are for guys” assumption, and I’m thrilled to see that stereotype crumble.

    Keep up the amazing content, and ignore the idiots!

  • Eric

    Felicia, keep doing what makes you happy. It’s making a lot of us happy, too.

  • Masauso Mtonga

    Do wat u knw 2 please God n thr z a reward 2 hardworkng.I see u 2b a woman wth devotion n comtment 2 ur works.may th almyt b wth u n guide ur projects!

  • Bob


    Some people are just wound-up to tight and will find negative in anything. You can’t do anything about that.

    My wife and I watched the video and we had a good laugh together. We thought it clever and in good fun. Our advantage was we didn’t go looking for some deep life changing meaning in the video. Chill people, if you can’t have fun why bother. That’s like looking for an Epiphany moment while watching the new movie Battleship! Sometimes it’s just dumb fun for the dumb fun of it!

    Enjoy Life People…Quit sweating the small stuff.

    and Felicia please keep doing all that you do, because you have created many moments for my wife and I to share laughter together.

    So thank you very much.


    • Chris

      To Bob…and his wife.
      If there was a way to like or for that matter love your statement, I would do it a million times over! Felicia HAS provided countless hours of laughter over the years and I will continue to support her and her work. Plus she has a great singing voice.

    • Ken

      A good friend of mine called it “bubblegum for the mind.”
      Don’t sweat the “underlying social commentary.” It isn’t there.

  • Jonathan Patt

    Man, some people can really be jerks. I thought the video was great and funny.

  • Keri

    Okay, so, here’s the thing… as a girl who games, one of a growing few, I think it’s important to acknowledge that there are girls out there who are so desperate for love that they will pretty much pretend to be whatever the boy they want to be with wants them to be. And it may be that the emotion, the anger, that gamers (both male and female) feel about these stupid bimbos is related to feeling like they’re being lied to, trivialized or straight up mocked.

    I actually know several guys who met their current women *in* gaming situations, and now that those women have their “hooks” into the men in question they are not “allowed” to go to games with other more serious gamers who happen to be women.

    There are women who suck in every sub-culture. *shrugs*

    • Alexandra

      There are also men who suck in every subculture. Just because there’s a group of people (regardless of gender) out there who “mock” the “serious” world of gaming, who cares? Brush them off and game on!

  • Andrew Suffield

    You’re overthinking it. Some people are just jerks.

    The video’s a giggle and it doesn’t need to be more than that.

  • Ok, so I suspect that the issue may be even more subcontextual, Felicia. Think about it this way: Gamer “boys” are usually portrayed as nerdy, smart guys who can’t get laid. Let’s be honest. So, when you hooked up your “gamer girl” to a “redneck” you effectively bitch-slapped the collective, nerdy-boy consciousness–cuz smart chicks never want to be seen with someone as uncouth as a redneck, right? So, ok, these guys are thinking, “great! we can pwn TWO things we feel superior to! Vaginas and dumb hicks!”

    To utilize a really bad joke (and forgive the insensitivity, but it is to make a point), “How is having sex with a fat chick like riding a moped? Both may be fun, but you don’t want your friends to know you do it.” In this instance, you have country music and rednecks equating to mopeds and fat chicks. And to be clear, I am, personally, both a fat chick and a moped and scooter owner/rider. So before the comments start, pay attention, folks.

    So, as so many people have previously mentioned, I would bet the majority of the twatwaffle 4chan losers who posted their inane drivel all over your vid have no idea a) who you are, b) anything else that you do/work on/work with and c) that you could most likely KICK THEIR ASS at any game challenge-gauntlet they would care to throw down.

    I, for one, thought the song and the video were AWESOME; parodying and complementing both genres: country music and gaming. So, keep your chin up and take the high road. Cuz God knows enough morons are already rolling around in the mud and excrement of 4chan.

  • Colin

    I personally hold your work on Geek and Saundry in high regard. It is fun, interesting and at times gets you to look at things in fresh new ways. Definitely a fan of your work and definitely a huge fan of Geek and Saundry, Flog’s great, love Table Top…just cannot believe that no one came up with the ideas earlier…glad you did. Keep it up!!

  • Wow, I see nothing wrong with that video at all. I thought it was great! I agree with the people above, and I think some nutjobs just must have gotten ahold of your youtube channel address. Remember, those people are both stupid and wrong, and we should feel sad for them, but I prefer apathy.

  • Spencer M

    I’m not a fan of country music, but that video was clearly all about fun and nothing to be ashamed of. The internet sucks sometime, but you’re adored and you know it! Keep on trucking and avoid reading negative comments. They don’t matter.

  • Edu ….

    Well, my english sucks, i´m from Brazil, and, i watch you and your shows a long time, and, i realy like this video, is funny and make me laugh a lot, i realy understand, you playing characters, and is that you do, you are a actress, the video is great, you are great, and you work is amazing, so, dont give a fucking care for this haters, and do what you want, because this make you what you are…(and sorry, i´m really stinks when i write in your language^^)

  • FlickinYourSwitch

    Felicia, don’t let them get to you. Just do what you want and know you have lots of fans who appreciate that you share all of that with us!

  • Jack

    Felicia, me and my wife have followed you since the last season of Buffy and I can say while we both really don’t like country music this should in no way be something you shouldn’t be proud of, I say “do everything once and twice on a bet” and if that means a country music video, then more power to you. Also those who take titles to seriously can suck it, gamer, gamer girl, gamer boy, geek, nerd, dork and the like can get over themselves. I know that irrelevant arguments are the foundation of geek culture (who would win in a fight Batman or Ironman, seriously you know you want to know) it doesn’t mean we should tear someone from our community down especially if that someone works so hard to move our culture into the daylight (only for a few hours though, we burn easily), we should all be united behind you so that our kids aren’t picked on because they play DnD and watch anime. Thank you for what you are doing and I look forward to the great things you have next for us.

  • hanzidrown

    Guys get mad at the “gamer girl” persona because it’s aimed at them in particular. They think those girls are only doing it to attract the recluses living in their nest of pixels out to spend money or provide worship. It’s mostly the “you don’t know me” reflex. It’s a thing. Just now it became a thing… lol. People like to believe they’re deeper than people think they are. When that image is attacked it’s hard to cope with the possibility of not being who you thought you were or someone trying to bring you down for their own gain. Both equally infuriating things.

    @Eric’s post +1 and liked. Shared sentiment.

    P.S. (Why am I the first to do this?) Hope you feel better and fall into your groove.

    P.P.S. Watch Almighty Johnsons (I have no one to talk to about it). It’s in Australia…. so you could fly there… or… .g.o.o.g.l.e. the episodes. That was code. Was it cool? Liar, that was lame. But thanks for trying lol.

    Best wishes in all your endeavors,
    Somedudewho’sbored Andbadatmakinginterestingnamesandramblesabit too…scratchthatalottoomuch McLovin

  • I’m pretty sure it’s because you made music in the most reviled genre ever: country.

    • Laura

      This. I think you’re looking at it from the wrong angle. Country is the favorite whipping boy of the music world. It’s stereotyping and discrimination, yea, but based on class and not gender. I can see why that might throw you, as I’m sure you spend a lot of time fighting gender-based stereotypes! Game on! 🙂

    • Jen

      Agreed, claytonian. Even the most benign haters come out of hiding when country is in play. Felicia, in the past two months you have joined the ranks of Pat Rothfuss and Wil Wheaton in my heart. That is a cherished small space within my worshipping soul for the talented of this world. Keep doing what you do. You looked totally hot as Lara Croft! As a minority gamer / girl, I think the guys need to take a rest on the labels. Just enjoy the game, guys. And enjoy all the awesome content that these folks spend time and heart on. (PS> I married my husband after reconnecting in a WoW guild. It happens.)

  • Chris

    Sheesh. The video was fun just like it was meant to be.

    What you guys are doing on G&S – particularly the Flog and Table Top – is going to be studied and emulated by others once they understand the direction that internet content is taking.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Clark Kent

    I’ve never left a comment for something like this before, simply because I have a hard time believing you’ll actually see my post or even respond, but for what It’s worth, forget the morons who hate on you, I’m not a country fan by any means, but I enjoyed you video none the less. I can only hope that my kids will follow your example of geekdom. Please take care of yourself, I know its an easy thing to forget to do with all the work you’re doing, but a lot of people care about you and want you healthy. Live long and prosper.

    • Thanks all of you. I really didn’t actually think people were reading here, I needed a nice place to summarize the experience and leave it behind, but your words are 100% the reason I face today with a smile, excited to make new things. So thank you.

      • Clark Kent

        And thank you, for putting a smile on face for the return comment. 🙂 simply made my week. You are awesome!

      • Clark Kent

        Sorry, my phone likes to auto correct and take out things I’ve written.

        And thank you, for putting a smile on my* face for the return comment. simply made my week. You are awesome!

      • Fortunato

        Wow! You actually go through the comments? I kind of found this site today and thought it might be like an agent actually runs most of it or something.

        Sorry I didn’t just make a new comment to say this but I watched the video and I don’t see anything for anyone to truly get strung up over. I’m sorry you had to deal with an ugly side of the internet but I hope you don’t let it get to you too badly! There’s just some people who, despite it not being their cup of tea, feel they must continue to lash out their opinions and make them spiteful for twisted purposes.

      • Peter Richter

        So here I am, a day late and a dollar short.. uhmm make that a month late! Guess that makes me a “casual” web-ster. Just watched the vid, I did see it before but wanted to see the fuss. As to the tune, more country/rock than twangy country, which is fine. Miss Day is cute as ever!! Didn’t go thru the rants, but assume it’s the usual idiots. When they are scared of the unknown , they’ll only make fun of it or worse! Lots of posts here to go thru too ;-P

        This goes with the Nerd HQ 2011 Q as well that you’re not geeky enough, or what defines a geek. It’s like saying who’s a trekkie or trekker etc etc We are who are. I personally don’t spend all day gaming, need to work to pay the bill and pay subs so I can play games and pay my ISP lol and can’t remember line 32 in Ep 47 of Dr Who

        *Gives Felicia a big long bear hug to soothe and help her along (while wearing a bear “furry” costume haha) Just learning more about you now and thinks you’re cute, sexy, amazing etc.. but you probably get that comment every day anyways (checks for a blush) Wishes I knew of you in 2010 when you visited FanExpo in TO (was looking at an old prgm, and there you were, just like I’m seeing you everywhere on the Web lol) I would of said hello, got autograph etc, but was too busy geeking out in the 60s Batmobile on-site! Oh well…

        Hope SDCC will be good for you and maybe you’ll make your way to Toronto one day again. Another big hug (hug’d) XOXo “Be seeing you”

        (Gee another long rant/speech.. maybe I should try my hand at writing… I have some good ide…..*wanders off, mumbling to myself* )

  • denzel

    Felicia, don’t let the haters get you down. You’re too long in the Internet to understand it better: It’s different here. 🙂

    BTW: It looks like it was organised (reddit/4chan?) and aimed to get you response. If so, it worked somehow…

  • hanzidrown

    P.P.P.S. I like country. It’s fun, it can be relaxing, helps you through hard times, makes you remember that someone you like a lot, and is fun to dance to. The only reason I’ve ever thought of that would make people not like country is either the bible-ey stuff or they really don’t want to remember ex’s.

    And I didn’t mention it before but I liked the video. It was fun, had an interesting concept, had a cameo, and was a little catchy.

    Live long and prosper,
    Theguywhowon’tstopcommenting Nohejustdid… Ithink

  • hanzidrown

    Arg, Clark Kent stole my outro. >..<

    Yours truly,

  • GhostWolf69

    Gamers (I count myself as one) can be such elitist snobs. They (we?) make an art out of being exclusively nerdy and different.

    I think wires get crossed when sex-appeal is added into the mix. Because in that department we (gamers, regardless of gender or preference) want pretty much the same as everyone else. So we rebel against the “mainstream” hotness, whilst we are envious and really coveting the very same thing.

    Our brains try to combine these two irreconcilable concepts and as a result… things break. And we lash out in rage. We start to think we are goaded on purpose. “Just leave us alone.”

    Not all of us react this way though. But some, it seems, do.

    Keep up the good work! (But maybe slow down a little so you don’t get something more serious than pneumonia?) You’re doing an excellent job so far and try not to mind the trolls too much. I’ll support you! 🙂



  • hanzidrown

    Ahhh it cut out my comment. Oh well lol. Have a good day.

  • Brian

    I am too biased to leave a honest response to anything you make (in a good way) Felicia… but at the end of the day, doing what makes you happy is all that matters. Take in what criticism you get, both negative and positive with a grain of salt. Just keep truckin’… you can’t please everyone, but you can please yourself (that sounds dirty sorry lol).

    Keep doing what your doing Day, and don’t stop having fun, your life is blessed with so much good you can’t let the bad keep you down 🙂

  • Eric

    As someone who frequents places where many of these “Guuuurl Gamer” haters congregate, I like to feel that I know, but not condone or support, some of the reasons why they hate this stereotype. I’ll try to not discuss the average bias towards misogyny on these select parts on the internet rather than the stereotype haters.

    The two words “girl” and “gamer” put together on the internet have the connotation of deserving special treatment or attention. This happened when the internet discovered select unrepresentative YouTube videos and personalities that used these two special words to generate viewership. As categorizing and labeling goes, these qualities were generated to the whole demographic (and added to the internet’s misogyny). It’s not justified, but it has been this period’s hot topic. For the most part, the internet could care less about women that play video games. It just hates those two words and the special attention it feels they generate.

    But why do these people get so angry over personalities generating viewership using these words? I believe, along with some other minor things, they feel biologically exploited into watching undeserving content. I say undeserving content because the internet, whether true or not, labels women as ‘below average’ in gaming. Secondly, they get mad because this ‘exploitation’ is generally free from criticism. Along with the other point, ‘white knights’ are generated that defend the personalities’ content to no end.

    Or something along those lines.

  • Yeah; I’m pretty much agree with Hanzidrown above, I think one of the gut reactions some people have to the term “gamer girl” is that it feels derivative and makes ‘gamer guys’ feel marketed to and targeted.

    Also, I think there’s a general backlash right now with lots of people being in the “I was a geek/nerd/dork before it was cool”, and a feeling that Geek Culture has been co-opted by people who don’t really belong in it. I think it’s a silly standpoint, as (sub-)cultures evolve over time and change is the only constant, but there you go.

    Also, of course, there’s the perspective that (some) men feel intimidated by (some) women as they are the gatekeepers to (some) sex, and therefore react negatively when (some) women enter a field or (sub-)culture that was previously owned by men. Some theorists claim that this is why women have been oppressed by men historically; (some) men fear the power that (some) women have over them and therefore oppress them.

    Wow, that comment quickly took a turn for the stranger.

    Love your work, Felicia; keep it up!

  • Martin

    Hope you are better health-wise. Those unscheduled maintenance windows s*ck. Going through my fourth this year actually and requiring an antibiotics hotfix probably ranks as low on your popularity lists as it does on anyone else’s. I will not give you the “take it slow” line; it would have too much “do as i say not do as i do” in it ;-).

    Concerning those trolls: there is a reason why they have to live under bridges and not you. I would rather pity them for their lacking sense of humor. You should just continue doing what you like to do and you’ll usually end up as lovable as humanely possible.?

  • Frank Pettingill


    most of the feedback you hear (or at least what I have read myself) from your music videos, flogs etc. you do is fairly exaggerated because of an invisible filter people think their monitor gives them. I personally would have thought that those who watch your videos would do so because of a similarity they felt with you, your personality or your views. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me though because I have been playing mmos since there was such a thing and these same people crop up everywhere in the cyber realms.

    Your work, both personal and professional, show a person who is immensely skilled in her craft and who takes each project and fills it with as much of herself as the role will allow. Adding your own personal quirks has worked to breathe life into characters who would have otherwise been rather dull and boring. To be honest with you, I actually cried when you died on eureka and still feel very sad when I see the hole left in the show by your departure.

    That stated, I wanted to pay you a real compliment you may not hear as often as you should.

    You are a wonderful person who is quirky, fun and just a bit geeky. Despite your fame and possibly because of your awesome personality you have stayed levelheaded. You have not turned into a self centered, egotistical monster like some of those who rise to the top of society by either fame or wealth. Never lose this about yourself. I thank you for staying true to yourself and to humanity in general.

    A very grateful fan and fellow gamer

    Ps. Besides video games, what is your favorite game? ( I am personally an avid 2e AD&D Gamer/DM)

  • I’m reposting this here because I think you might actually read it here (YouTube is ‘tarded now.).

    I don’t really care for country music. But I love what this [video] stands for. Also. Felicia… you fucking rock and you really do have a GREAT voice. KEEP SINGING. and? Keep Fraggin’. Don’t let the trolls nerf you. The internet is now officially full of retards.

    Anonymous Internet Love (Not the creepy kind),

  • Ryan

    Hey Felicia,

    I just wanted to offer my two cents on the subject. It was upsetting to hear on Twitter that you had felt hurt by the comments, and now reading your blog, I feel I should apologize for the people out there who can’t enjoy creativity and art in it’s purest form. I met you recently in Ohio, and you were nothing but kind and friendly, despite waking up early in preparation to meet a few hundred people. It is a pleasure knowing you can create such amazing material with Geek and Sundry. Despite the reasons for the negative comments today, that’s just opinions, not fact. The fact is you are an amazing person, inspiring others to do exactly what you get to do on a weekly basis. I’d rather game with people like you than those others who seem to know it all and feel the need to be de-motivational on the internet. You are the cute, quirky “gamer girl”, and I know the fans love you for that.

    Take care of yourself. Know that the fans will be here for you. I wish I could work with a site like Geek and Sundry because of all the awesome, relevant programming. For now, it’s just nice knowing people like you and Wil are doing amazing things. Be well!


  • I don’t get the hate. It’s beyond me why someone would go out of their way to shit on you. I’m damn proud of you.

  • Jason Galt


    I can’t say I like the video, I agree that the eyeshadow is more than a bit much – yellow – with your complexion and hair??? And that as a one off it should have been evident to anyone who plays any games that you were a character or parody for much of the video (Lara Croft for 1/3 of it anyone). But I have watched big budget videos that seemed to take themselves more seriously that were worse (for eyeshadow remember some 80s videos).

    Now having said that I think 90% of the people who make some of the most worst statements and enjoy trolling online are people who are so dissatisfied with their own life that they think they can’t get any lasting happiness into it. So instead of trying they work at upsetting anyone and everyone else they can in order to try and make other as miserable as they are. So the comments they make are from jealousy and spite. Jealous that you are doing something that makes you happy and spite because they can’t figure out how to achieve that happiness on their own. So please carry on being who you are and making yourself happy and sharing that happiness, hopefully by doing so you will continue to bring happiness to the rest of us and yourself.

    A fan of your bravery and talent.
    Jason Galt

  • Grif_E

    My best guess is this comes down to feeling unauthentic. The title of “gamer girl” is marred by a lack of authenticity and pandering. If there’s one thing that has driven your popularity it is getting across that you are authentic. It comes across in the writing and acting you’ve done on The Guild and The Flog especially. People don’t like to realize they’re being pandered to, and unfortunately there’s a lot of details of the country video that get some crossover into these sort of feelings.

    More or less what Hanzidrown said.

  • Josh

    It’s another sign that video games have come of age when the males who play them are likelier to use the medium to indulge in their sexist bullshit than to anxiously covet female companionship, as was the more common problem back in gaming’s earlier days when true geeks, and young male ones at that, constituted the primary constituency. Today, in this country, “gamers” is just another word for “Americans,” and all the country’s usual problems with bigotry spread into the gaming culture with XP-flavored frosting.

    I didn’t know you blog, too, Felicia, until somebody linked this post on G+. It’s really readable, thoughtful stuff! What ~don’t~ you do??? I really admire your hard work. It’s an inspiration to me. But you definitely need to take some time and rest into your life. I suppose, after pneumonia, you understand that. Erf. Feel better! It can take months to really get over pneumonia.

    The world will still be here in a few months, and we’ll still be here to enjoy your projects.

  • Kevin

    Love you, forget the haters.

  • I really hope you read this. Look you can’t be perfect at everything, that would be totally absurd and its not your EFFING job to please everyone, not all people have the same sense of humor, I for one crack up at all the zany things you do and thank you for pointing the ‘eye-shadow’ out I could not think of the word, I was going to compliment it on G+, but it would sound like this, I like the color that you applied in your eyelids, it just sounded silly. And you should definitely rest, escape, just drop everything and go, I can tell in your eyes that your tired. I can write more, but chances are your probably not going to read this so I’ll stop right here. I’ll just end it with a question, you only live once, so how many chances can you get?

  • Gary

    Holy cats, that was awesome!!!

    Silly, and fun, with what I thought was just the right amount of tounge-in-cheek humorous commentary on the stereotype splits and the absurd aspects of the division, not to mention the damn funny places where such stereotypes would intersect (“at the shooting range” no less).

    Grant’s cameo was extra-awesome. 🙂

    I’m bummed to hear that you have gotten so many targeted attacks, but I suppose that partially means you have struck some nerves & gotten a reaction out of people, it just sucks that they were heartless asshats with their comments.

    I thank you for pursuing & expressing your genius with such wild abandon! You are always inspiring and satisfying, so much fun to watch. I hope you get well soon, especially where finding a good balance is concerned, as I really look forward to more of the Flog, so I hope it will turn out to be sustainable and not wear you down too much.

    Thank you!!!

  • David

    Felicia, I think you may appreciate the sentiments of this song:

    “Thank you Hater”

    • Locklyn

      Do your thing in ways that makes YOU feel proud and good about the work you do and remember that there will always be those who find it easier to hate and troll than actually try and understand the work that goes into building a career like you do. You are not only one of the sexiest women alive (my wife is THE sexiest, its in the contract) but you are funny, commited, hard working and extremely talented and we enjoy your work and energy, remember this when things like troll forums try to get you down. I hope you make it on to the big screens soon, cause they are seriously lacking you.
      Love and energy your way from Sweden

    • Brian

      Love this video! Don’t feed the trolls!

  • Tim

    Felicia, I hope your strength increases and your life gets on an even keel. Being a creative is not easy and I suspect that your immense popularity has aroused some counter-reactions. I am sorry that you were hurt. People tend to think that the famous are somehow no longer human and impervious to cruel words. You have made me laugh and smile many times and you have made me more comfortable with being a geek guy. I am certain that you have made the lives of many girls and women easier by your example. Keep creating, but also look after yourself.

  • Bori

    Yeah, I was watching that flame-fest, and it was utterly disgusting. I don’t understand how so many people seem to get their kicks from being so nasty and mean-spirited…but you’re right, I think it was much more an attack on the ‘gamer girl’ tag than on you as a person – it was obvious from a lot of those comments that they didn’t know the first thing about you, other than that one video – which, while it is still petty and stupid and cruel, maybe isn’t quite so bad? Though the culture of sexism STILL inherent in gaming is just plain disgusting.

    Anyway, people are jerks, and you seem to have been targeted basically at random, but that doesn’t stop you being pretty damn great and your work being some of the best you can find in the (for want of a better way of putting it) geek-culture around right now.

  • Bori

    And for the record, I thought the video was HILARIOUS. Especially the eyeshadow 😛

  • William

    People who don’t create, will go to great lengths to tear things down and apart.

    What you have to really understand Felicia.. you’re become successful doing the geeky things, that they all do in their own lives. Whether it’s gaming, or listening to their own musical choices or well actually anything.. that would normally get a nerd collar attached to them in any other arena.

    And as Kurt Sutter (creator of the Sons of Anarchy) would say, their all just being a bunch of salty *unts.

    Folks joke about haters will hate.. well guess what.. you’re defying the stereotypes.. your literally carving success with a smile, an acceptance of who you are and your demographics, and using that genius brain of yours.

    F*ck them all. It’s so easy to hate, it so easy to tear down something instead of being positive. It’s a form of evil. And really.. being evil is EASY… it takes almost no effort. Even when you’re not involved in the realm of good vs evil. Evil can show up and kick your sand castle into oblivion. It doesn’t care about how you feel, or what you say or do.

    Just remember, the people who watch your videos, who enjoy the hell out of Tabletop, who love the Guild.. who come from every cross stitch of life.. may not tell you how much you’ve shared with us and how great it is.. but for those of us who can do care.. Thanks Felicia! You and all the team at Geek & Sundry. And thanks to all those others of you out there who stand up.. and tell the douche’s to go home.

  • You are a great inspiration and are very fun. Try not to listen to the net dirt. Just like in any community/game, some segments are best descibed as dirt. The video was great! Remember that you have and are helping a lot of people either directly or inspirationaly or just uplifting through entertainment, like this video 😉

  • Wulfenhertz

    I love your work. I’m a huge country fan, and guess what? I’m a gamer too. Thus, when I saw your new video I was amazed and happy. Really made my entire day. And I bought the song. So what I want to say is, thank you Felicia Day, for your amazing work, your beauty, talents, and charming personality. I hope you read this 🙂 … Although I don’t think you will :(..

  • sharrow

    Felicia I just wanted to say thank you. You’ve made it easier for me as a parent who has a gamer girl and a gamer boy who are now in their teens. We watch geek & sundry as a family and they know while no one who lives on our road are gamers that there are more gamers out there you’ve brought good gamer role models into their lives. Thank you.

  • The hate stuff was just Trolls being Trolls. Seriously. I flippin’ despise country music, and I enjoyed the video immensely.

    I thought the eye-shadow was ‘ironic’ and funny. Sure made me smile. Laura Croft may not have been the best cosplay since that’s typically been seen as a game with a misogynistic slant, but you pull it off well… perhaps too well for some. Meh, who gives a damn what other folks think, really?

    As for the “gamer girls” stereotype I think some of that has to do with the fact that you actually are an attractive gamer who is female. Guys are really just jealous that they’re not as desirable within that sphere. “Gamer Guy”, yeah, I’m not sexist, but that’s really not a qualification most girls I’ve met find attractive… When I’m out on the town in wranglers having a slow gin and I’m mistaken as a “Cowboy” I get a much different response than when I’m wearing my Galaga T-shirt passing around a DS with my own homebrew games to the bar-patrons.

    So, you take two attractive stereotypes, add anonymous comments, and you’ve got the perfect storm: A jealous inadequacy furnace reinforced by silly eye-shadow. Think about all the teenage “gamer boys” who think about you… You’re their dream girl and you’re with the type of person they’ll never be. Think about all the “girl gamers” who find Tomb Raider games misogynistic and you’re pulling off the Croft Cos-play better than they think they could… AND manage to attract a hawt cowboy?

    I know the unlikeliness was supposed to the point of the song, I can see that because I’ve got a wide open mind and no blinders — However, Let’s be realistic here: guys of any breed will go for gals with a nice bod regardless of what they’re into. Reverse the roles and you’ve spotted the issue: Gamer Guy and hot Kicker Gall? Yup, it’s sad, but that would have gotten the point across to better to most folks.

    You didn’t do the vid to spark the flamer furnace, but there you go girl. It’s like Grand-Pappy says: “Dynamite don’t care if you didn’t mean to light its fuse.”

    On the Web (not Internet, your average Neck-beard the Gray on Usenet is an OK guy) you’ve got to have rhino-thick skin. Anonymity brings out the worst (and best) in people — I treasure honesty, but just remember: The depraved immature ones are like sharks. If they even THINK there is blood in the water there will be a frenzy of fools in a heartbeat.

    That said, I’m a better person for coping daily with my hateful, insightful, beautiful, ugly, loving, mean-spirited, kind, sentimental, nihilistic, religious, teary-eyed, shout-faced, anonymous Internet family. When you remove the pleasantry BS and consequences of action, and get right down to the raw nerves of a human you get it’s reactionary obscene core. You just saw some of that core that’s been hidden from you thus far because, well, lots of geeks think you’re sexy, (hey, let’s be honest, we’re a primitive race). I love the brutal emotional responses you can find online. If you know how to filter against the angst filled crowd mentality, you may discover the honesty hidden within.

    Take my opinion with a grain of salt. You won’t find a more atypical person. I’m an indie game dev in Texas (born as a Yankee) who hates country music but loves riding his horse, has solar panels while neighbors have an oil derrick, goes home with the smart chunky gal over the shallow bombshell, never checks any email (except, and enjoyed being raised on a farm but loves the big city, esp. at night.

    I just can’t fit people into molds as well as others can. The most important thing in life is to have fun doing what you love. Everything else is inconsequential. You looked like you were having fun, so that’s all that should matter to you.

    As Gramps would say: “Screw ’em if they can’t take a joke”

  • Dan

    33 comments in, I’m running the risk of just repeating everything that’s been said before — but I’ll try not to!!

    If you take nothing else away from this experience, remember what you wrote in your blog post above:…”but we had fun doing it”. I think those six words sum up why I (and I’m guessing a large percentage of your community) love Felicia Day. We’ve been tuning in, week after week, because you have fun, and it shows through all your work. Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious. It makes people want to go out there and smile about all the things in our life that make us who we are. It gives our inner Geek a big ol’ cuddle. More importantly, it makes people enthusiastic about getting out there and following in your footsteps, making the internet a generally happier place. So don’t ever change 🙂

    And don’t even get me started on the whole “Gamer Girl” subject. Guys above have pretty much nailed it for you. You used a term that a bunch of socially-inept, vitriolic morons have assigned as their “nemesis” because they feel a threat against their “boys club”. If only they realized how ridiculous they were being. I mean – can you imagine just how absurd it would be if ladies formed an internet-wide hatred for men, just because they… oh, I don’t know… labelled themselves as “New Men” because they moisturise and show an interest in exfoliation?! DAMN THE NEW MAN!! BURN THEM!!! BURN THEM ALL!!! HOW DARE THEY CLAIM TO LIKE MOISTURISER — THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW THEIR SKIN TYPE!?!?! THEY’RE JUST DOING IT TO PICK UP GIRLS!! SNORT SNORT!! FLAME EM’!!! anyway, I digress….

    Keep doing what you do, Felicia Day. Because, simply put, you’re brilliant 🙂

    Dan, UK.

  • Alan MacDonald

    Looked at you.

    Looked at what you do.

    Looked at them.

    Looked at what they do.

    Started laughing my head off.

    Felicia. You Rock.

    That is all.

    • Cunamara

      +10. What he said.

  • Bori

    OH OH OH and I forgot to say that I hope you’re feeling better, and congratulations on the massive successful awesome-fest that G&S has proven itself to be!

  • So… first, i must do this joke about the video: So, it is true, size matter!
    I know, old joke is old.

    Second: i like the video. Including the guest starring of Grant. Lol.

    Third: I think you’ve made an interesting consideration… Im think you are right. Wich is sad because they are “fighting” against a topic, “gamer girls”, as “world” scoffs about “gamers”, “geeks” or other “freaks”… I think is a inside reaction against reallity… But its sad anyway… because, obviusly, people have the right to be however wants to be… Gamers girls, gamers, even (no so righfull but still possible) antisocial people with a lot of freetime to bully good hearts actress…

    So, dont let them hurt you… but keep using things that happend to think, good stuff pop up from shit.

  • Morelos Barros

    Dear Felicia,

    I have been a gamer since the Pong days and now I can say that never in life I have seen such beauty, smart and willing to get things done like yours.

    As a graphic designer and writer, I know how it feels getting criticized when you launch something hoping to make people smile or think. Sometimes we just don’t hit the spot.

    I think it’s good that you stop and think why people raged with your video, but at the end of the day… did you have fun doing it? Did your relationship with your friends get stronger?

    Both answers are YES, of course.

    Don’t get any of the haters get you down. Ever. People are cowards when they are protected by the wall of anonymity and will say anything.

    It takes courage and will to do the things you do. Being creative means not always get understood by people. Still, you have by your side thousands of people who smiled and sang that country song with you.

    Like me. And I don’t even like country.

    So, chin up, lady. Take a few days off to get your health back to normal, call those friends who miss you and keep creating awesome stuff.

    With all my heart, thank you for being in this universe.

    Morelos (from Mexico!)

  • For the record, I loved the video. I was funny and that was the point of it surely? 🙂
    Don’t worry about the negative comments, let’s face none of those commenters has been able to publish a video that they are willing for people to comment on 🙂
    Don’t e disparaged, which you clearly won’t be anyway, keep doing more of the same please Felicia!

  • Bob F.

    Felicia, I thought that video was a lot of fun, and obviously tongue-in-cheek. Also, you have a GREAT singing voice and don’t need a bikini to look gorgeous. So don’t mind the idiots; they weren’t your friends, fans or customers to begin with. Screw ’em. We — the people who post here — are, and we are the ones who matter.

    Just take care of yourself and make sure to rest. Glad you’re on the mend.

  • Gravy Boat

    In all my years I have learned several things:

    1a. People on the internet aren’t real. I mean, no real person is that much of a idiot-hole, right?
    1b. People on the internet aren’t real. You can say what you like and you won’t offend anyone, so say what you like!
    2. Nobody ever goes out of their way to do anything nice on the internet. If a page is open, they might leave a positive comment. They will trawl through pages of crap to say something nasty.
    3. Don’t read YouTube comments. YouTube created a filter to get rid of any well structured, reasonable comment. If you really must look at the comments, either, look at comments about stuff you don’t care about, or get Adam Buxton to read them out.

  • Martin Barker

    Send me your battle tag for D3 lol 🙂

    i need some one to play with 🙂

  • Alphonse

    Felicia, you are a wonderful lady! Keep doing your best and take care of yourself. I think your recent video was very fun. I have known gamer girls of all descriptions forever. Some are fat and some are hot and most of them are sweet friends even though I have only met a few of them in person. I game most evenings where half if not most of the gamers are women. They take their gaming seriously and they can kick this gamer boy’s butt most of the time. BTW I am an engineer and most of the engineers I have knwon are not Dilberts and most of them, women included, are athletic types.

  • Sebassis

    You pretty much said it in your post but you went on a bit too long:

    “Clearly a segment of guys on the internet HATE”

    There’s no need to continue that sentence. It’s great that you care so much and it clearly informs a lot of your work but what I’d say to the haters is “meh”. Don’t let a vocal minority spoil something you love doing. Get well soon and keep on doing what you’re doing no matter what anyone else says.

  • Trevel

    Why ever would a nerd-boy like a movie where the gamer girl is wooed by the country boy? Where her true love isn’t another gamer? Where the one hope of understanding him thinks her perfect match wears a ten-gallon hat?

    I mean, your hordes of male fans KNOW, deep down, that they’re never going to date you. A music video about how you don’t really want to?

    Yeah, I’m not surprised at the backlash. Disappointed. Not surprised.

    (I didn’t care for the video myself; don’t like country music. But I applaud the trying of different and unusual (and hopefully fun!) things — bravo!)

  • Jon

    Dear Felicia,
    ignore the negative creeps. It smacks of misogyny, as you implied. Maybe you’ve seen it, but there was this thing on the Beeb: that you might find interesting. Basically, Gamer Boys can say the fugliest things….or, as quoted in the articles, “This is just guys being stupid guys”.
    Stay gold!

  • Meghan


    Don’t be hurt by what a bunch of lame haters think and don’t stop producing the creative things you come up with. Don’t censor or mainstream your ideas. You’re one of the most artistic/intelligent people I’ve seen these days and you’re a great role-model for my sisters and I. Not to mention my husband and I get some great laughs out of G&S. We all think the world of you and have great respect.


  • David

    Absolutely loved the video. I’m not a big Country fan, but this wasn’t “heavy country music”. with the country twang. Even though it was “low-fi”, it was very well done, and was very humerus, and made me smile. I thought your outfits were fun as well. I think too many people spend their time looking for things they can trash, not because the item in question is some how”bad”, but that the people doing the trashing want to feel better about themselves and they get off putting people and things down (these are the same people who want a dislike button on facebook, or a -1 button on G+). Keep up the great work.

  • Matt


    I can only reiterate what’s already been said. You’re an awesome and inspiring presence on the web. Unfortunately anything and everything that gets published is going to be both praised and criticised, and a lot of the times the criticisms will be unwarranted. But I guess that’s just human nature?

    You have many, many fans, though, and we all think you’re great. So focus on the praise and ignore those who have nothing constructive to say. They’re not worth your time, and they’re certainly not worth your health.

    Be proud of who you are and what you do. No matter what I or anyone else says, just remember that’s you’re one awesome snowflake! 🙂


  • J4N3M3

    I think the video is cool. Don’t let some butthurt people get to you. I know that’s not easy. People have felt the need to comment repeatedly about how my one Shepard looks. I mean, seriously? ITS A FREAKING VIDEOGAME! anyway, not of importance here. well yes maybe it is because FFFs freakin’ HATE everything. It’s what FFFs do. It’s their only purpose in life. To make other people’s lives difficult. They are not worth it.

    You’re awesome. You do really great things.

    and take more care of yourself 🙂

    PS: not to pressure or anything, just curious, when is The Guild coming back???

    • pasmith

      I just watched the video for the first time and I found it to be typical Felicia music. Kinda catchy and really funny once you parse out the lyrics. Loved it.

      Don’t let the trolls get to you. Tearing down people and trying to make them miserable is how they try to build themselves up. And you’re a success so you’re a nice, juicy target (wait, that didn’t sound right). You get what I mean. They see you as someone who has a long way to fall.

      But you wouldn’t be as successful as you are if you didn’t have a legion of us fans out here consuming the content you produce. We’ve got a TON of choices when it comes to content these days, and we choose you. Focus on that, and not the trolls.

      And I hope you feel better soon!

  • Bob F.

    Almost forgot to say…….as the song goes: YOU’RE the one that’s cool.

  • Alan

    This might help explain a portion of the backlash against the “gamer girl” trope:

  • Alain Pierre

    Hi I’m from Brazil. And I love all the things you do. I found your videos few mounths ago and just love it all. Sometime is quite difficult to follow the lines. After all, English isn’t my main language. So please, use subtitles in more videos. Even though they are in English, I and many others around the world, will better understand what is spoken. Take care!

  • dan

    Haters are gonna hate!
    don’t let the b#st#rds get you down!!

  • Tumakhunter

    I don’t often get enough internet time to watch your videos, sadly, though I do follow you on G+, FB and Twitter, so saw this video come through my feed. Personally, having just watched this one, I loved it. Great song, wall performed. If I were looking to criticize anything (and that requires me actually looking for something, not just reacting) it would be the eyeshadow. Pretty minor, huh?

    Even though I don’t get a chance to watch most of your videos, etc, I do still hold you as an inspirational ideal for my six year old daughter to be able to look up to, geek-wise. You work hard on things you are passionate about, despite them being “traditionally boy things” (I’ve always taught her that there are no boy-toys/girl-toys, only toys and that one likes what they like). You are unabashedly a fan of all the things you are a fan of, and you are a performer – song, dance, acting – much like her (just after her recent dance competition, she and I half-joked about designing a solo jazz routine to Kirby Krackle’s song Ring Capacity).

    So keep your chin up, don’t let the haters get you down, and keep doing what you do best – creating great entertainment for geeks and gamers of all genders. And don’t be afraid to foray into country music again – you did great with this one. ^_^

  • Rebecca

    Felicia, I am not a gamer and I can only stand country music (not the biggest fan). That being said, I loved your music video. It was funny and well produced even if it was low-fi. Thanks for putting it together. Thanks for The Flog and Geek & Sundry. I have found you to be fun to watch. I love Eureka and will miss Holly and the rest of the characters. I hope you are getting plenty of positive comments. Remember, most people are just jealous that they are as talented and successful as you are. Have a great day!

  • Rob R

    Constructive criticism is one thing and I’m willing to wager you accept and value that, Felicia. Hating just to hate is not worth your time and attention. I know that is easier said than done. Life is short and these haters are trying to make their mark by flaming, while you make your mark by producing wonderful things that entertain millions. Let them wallow in their stink while you walk on by.

  • Thank you for posting so candidly about this, Felicia. You’re a great role model and a wonderful personality in your own right, and the world would most certainly be a less sunny and enjoyable place without you.

    There seems to have been a massive upsurge of disgusting sexism directed towards women tangentially related to the games industry recently. There’s been a sexist undercurrent bubbling away for some time, but this has really exploded with the recent Hitman trailer, the foul comments on Anita Sarkeesian’s YouTube video pitching her “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” Kickstarter, similar abuse on Sarkeesian’s Wikipedia entry and now this.

    Keep doing what you do. Keep being strong. And keep it up with Geek & Sundry — I am absolutely loving the content coming out of that channel.

  • constantfacepalm

    Shake it off, Ms. Day. Success attracts trolls. So take it as a compliment.;)

  • I think, after analyzing by own ambivalent feelings, it boils down to one word: jealousy.

    In “Dr. Horrible” and “Eureka” and many other projects you are the love object of a nerd. This time the love interest was a studly cowboy, the kind of guy who made life for us MISERABLE in high school. And while “Captain Hammer” was also that guy we could see that your character had been deceived into the relationship. Apparently not so for the cowboy. In short, your character in the music video ‘betrayed’ us with our arch enemy.

    That’s why the reaction was so strong. Our dream game girl dumped us for our worst nightmare. We were sad, even those of us who got the joke and liked it. Some of us didn’t handle it well and ‘acted out’.

    All that said, I quite enjoyed the video and I really don’t care for country music at all.

    Please keep taking chances with your creative projects and shaking your audience up from time to time. We NEED it!

  • RolandZHayes

    I liked the music video! I like that you’re willing to work ‘out of the box’, or however you put it, Felicia.

    But, yeah, that eye shadow should have been put back in the box at the makeup counter.

  • I don’t see anything wrong with referring to yourself as a gamer girl. It’s a title that I personally wear with pride myself. I do hate country music, but I thought the video was cute. Especially where I live, where I’m surrounded by country boys. SURROUNDED! LOL

    The next time someone gives you any issues, just tell them “Well, did YOU get to be a character in Dragon Age? I don’t think so. So STFU.” At least that’s what I’d do if I were you. 😛

    And on the behalf of ginger gamer girls everywhere, thank you – for making us all look so cool.

  • Paul

    I’m not a big fan of country (although it is my wife’s favorite kind of music), but I’m a HUGE fan of yours, Felicia. I loved the clever concept, the execution, and even though the genre of music wasn’t my fav I appreciate the song for its musicality and fun. The part where you look in the back of the truck and see the big screen TV made me laugh out loud 🙂 Nice cameo by Grant too 🙂 Please take care of yourself and feel better soon, and keep the fantastic content coming! I only wish you had 3 clones so there was more to watch!

  • tar.GZ

    Ignoring the eyeshadow, it looks like you all had fun making the vid. So ignore the idiots who can’t appreciate this. They simply aren’t worth it. And scanning the comments on youtube it definitely seems like the likers where just a little bit slower it catching on than usual.

  • Kirk Foote

    I know I am just another random person on the internet who stood in line for two hours to meet you at GenCon along with hundreds of other people so you have no idea who I actually am, but let me say that you are amazing.
    Don’t let the haters and internet trolls bring you down. They belong to a class of people that should be forgotten and left behind. I have loved everything you have done so far and I push it all onto my friends. My 10 year old son even asks me about the Flog every Monday, so you have a future fan as well. He won’t let me watch Tabletop without him either.
    Everything Joss Whedon said about you in a magazine article I read seems to be true. Have you invented that color yet?
    You are one of a few people who inspire me to be a better person and to fly my geek flag high and proud.
    Keep doing what you are doing, take care of yourself and ignore the haters. If you need a few people to take them outside and beat them up, I bet we could round up a pretty good sized posse to defend your honor though.

  • James

    Felicia, never let the anybody get you down. somebody will always find something to dislike, which is a sad state of affairs all around. You do amazing work, you don’t limit yourself to one “thing.” You embrace the idea of creative and the best way to explain it is a favorite quote by one of my inspirations, photographer Nick Vedros, who said “put four walls around an idea.” From the Guild to Geek and Sundry, you’ve taken your idea, your passion, and just gone with it, given it shape and great things have happened because of it, not just for you, but for all of us fans. So, don’t try and analyze too much, don’t let the haters get you down (their gonna hate because they don’t know how to be happy and just want the attention) and keep creating, keep challenging. You’re awesome!

  • Kev

    Hi Felicia!
    Congrats on the video – I thought it was a lot of fun! Each week on the Flog, you pull out some crazy new talent, and it has made for a lot of enjoyable videos 🙂

    It’s easy to complain on the Internet; to do what you are doing – not so much!

    Keep having fun,
    – Kevin

  • Hahahaha

    I hate country music (I think Satan invented it halfway through a bender) but love a lot of your work, so do what makes you happy. I’m sure it’s rough getting blasted, but you still have a lot of fans. Unfortunately, a lot of gamers are elitist assholes, which can kill a session very quickly for a casual like me.

    PS – I threw up a little when I saw that eyeshadow. You’re a vampire – embrace it!

  • MickeyMainer

    Shame y’all won’t be playin’ the Windsor fair this year here in Maine.

  • Charles Davies

    One thing you HAVE to realize is that 4chan will jump on any bandwagon that they think is amusing and will be able to have a large impact just due to numbers. They have nothing to do with the people that like what you do and are unlikely to do anything other than give you some great publicity, I grantee all the shows will be getting more hits from now on as people come to see what all the fuss is about and actually enjoy what you do.

    Being hurt by 4chan is much like a Mario cart 64 fan criticizing the simulation racers out there for not being fun. It’s a totally different audience, full of people that get their kicks from being ‘seen’. As do most trolls.

    Keep doing what you do and ride the wave of publicity 4chan is bringing you at the moment. In the long run it’s only going to be a good thing that this happened.

  • Casey

    So people actually bitched about a video with Felicia in Lara Croft cosplay? What the &^$#% is the world coming to.

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  • Daniyar

    The video was great! It made a lot of us smile and don’t let haters get to you, as they hate because of jealousy for your awesomeness and they aren’t creative in a way as you are and don’t enjoy the work that that they do.

    • Chris Kammersgaard

      Dear Felicia.

      I think you looked hot in that Lara Croft cosplay. And that eye shadow or whatever that was, is nothing more than a good laugh.
      Sad to hear that they hurt your feelings, but keep up the Great Work.

      I will be cheering for you 😀

  • Aurora Celeste

    I think it just goes to show how far we still need to go. Now it’s ok for girls to be gamers, but girl will always = casual because there can be no serious gamers without a penis?

  • -B

    The thing I’d hate would be for you to keep putting new content out there for me (oh yeah, and the rest of the world). The only thing I’d hate even more is if you let life overwhelm you and affect your health. Get well soon.

    BTW: Eureka? Really? I thought for sure you were a goner when they unplugged you. Kudos on the Mr. Spock comeback. A shining star among stars.

  • Gegolian

    I don’t really enjoy country music, but I always seem to enjoy everything you do. Keep up the great work.

  • David Randall

    I would hate if these trolls stopped you from doing fun and offbeat things in the future. Please don’t let the idiots stop you!

  • Julie

    Wow, how can people hate on something (and someone!) so awesome? Chin up Felicia, I’m confident I speak for thousands of others in saying you’ve helped me come to terms with my gamer side and that you make my day every week with the Flog!
    Don’t forget to take time for yourself though 🙂

  • Honestly I am not a big fan of country music but I got a great laugh out of that video.

    Don’t let the idiots beat you down, keep up the good work. I love that wife is a gamer girl and not one of the bikini wearing show offs. This is one of our little “things” that we do together. Be proud of being a gamer girl and thank you for showing there are more aspects to it than the traditional “oh look at me I am a real girl who games”.

    Whether the gaming is casual or hard core raiding, a gamer is a gamer and we should not beat on our brothers/sisters for not being elite enough.

  • Cornelius413

    Trolls be trolls.

    4#c#h#a#n# feels like it has to cause misery to the entire net and declare victory for every successful bout of cyberbulling. You have plenty of fans that adore you and love whatever projects you undertake.

    Reminder to all: Do not feed the trolls.

  • Tim

    I wouldn’t judge you or the video based on your use of the phrase “gamer girl”. The song was just terrible 🙂 I’m sure my wife will love it!

  • Gabi

    I hope that hateful comments don’t diminish your passion for creating new things. I just wanted to express how much I like the show you put every week in geek and sundry. There is a lot of people who disrespect the work of others without even knowing how hard it is to produce material of their own. Thank you for your hard work, I (and my friends) really look forward every week to see what shows will be on!

  • Shane

    I enjoy everything you do, from trying to figure out who that red head was on buffy to the craziness that is the guild. You have proven that high quality great entertainment isn’t limited to the big screen and television. I am so very thankful for all of it and I honestly don’t know how you get it all done. You throw Wil into the mix and then your outing with Colin you keep thing fresh and everyone guessing what will she do next.


    There are plenty of loyal fans out here that look forward to your blogs and videos. There will always be people that disliked stuff, as the appointed queen of the geeks you keep up the awesome work.

  • chance

    Those who refuse to work for a dream are always quick to tear down those who do. I am not a country music fan, but I thought it was a fun video. Keep up the good work.

  • Matt

    Keep on making stuff. You obviously love doing it, and there is an enormous amount of people who enjoy the stuff you make. Make it for them. Ignore the rest. They don’t count.

  • David

    For me, it was combining two of my favorite things: country music and video games. Personally, I smiled all the way through it. Glad you made this video specifically for me. 😉

  • Martin

    Keep having fun and making lots of different stuff! I didn’t care for the video, but there’s no way anyone can make as much content as you do while pleasing everyone.

  • Jim dJ

    Eff You Day should be a national holiday. Or an international holiday. Or a WEB holiday!

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  • Pat

    Hey dude.
    I’ve watched pretty much every show and every special feature you’ve put out there. It easy to get hurt by people trolling, but it’s not like it’s your best friend, or your parent, or some super rad celebrity like Patrick Stewart saying you suck. You don’t suck, you are a public figure, and that just means there’s a target on your back, front, and everywhere else, including eyebrows. You have more fans than haters, but haters always speak louder. Keep up what you’re doing, take time for keep yourself well, and sincerely (even though I’m a total stranger) I really enjoy you and all the work you do. So thank you for your hard work and excellent results. I’ll keep watching. Fuck the trolls.


  • It’s terrible that you were the target of 4chan assault. I think of those guys as a mindless collective of assholes. They just mill about in an angry stew until someone finds a target and calls out for an attack, then BAM! Asshole-cannon fired. They don’t mean it as a personal thing, even though they do find some very hurtful things to say. Just shrug it off and they’ll get bored.

    Anyway… keep it up. You can’t be as awesome as you are without making some group hate you for it eventually. Just know that there are people out there who love all that you do just as fiercely.

    • Kirk

      that was fun… nice work!

  • Magpie Mae

    Your Music Videos:
    Low-fi is campy and fun! Those who don’t get it (Gamer Girl and Country Boy) are soul-sucking trolls projecting their own self-hatred. While you can’t please everyone, you definitely please my husband and me. Just last night, I was feeling unwell and my husband played the “Game On” video to make me laugh.

    The Flog:
    So excited! Watched every episode. I’m loving your Fave Five and have become addicted to Drawception. (BTW, You and Will have figured prominently in some of the games I’ve been in)

    Table Top:
    So fun to watch! Have rediscovered my drawer of board games and started playing some–thanks to you and Will for the inspiration.

    Thanks for all you do. If you didn’t chance the disapproval of others, you wouldn’t have achieved all you have thus far.

  • Walter

    I just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Video!
    I commented in G+ too, but just to reiterate, PLEASE take care of your health!

    Your health is more important than our crazy devotion to your art.

  • James Joens

    Obviously some people can’t take a joke. It was obviously meant as a funny music video. Just like do you want to date my avatar. I’m pretty sure you don’t have some guy/boyfriend come over and dump gold coins all over you every couple of days. Some people can’t help but find something to complain over. Every time somebody will post a joke, or a funny fake picture there will be at least some people saying “That’s not real.” or “That guy should be (Insert action here)” Just remember this quote: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and a lot of bitching.”

  • Anne

    Not a huge fan of country music, but I loved the video. It made me laugh, and I like how it looked like everyone was having fun. Have a great day!

  • Dave

    You have made a career out of challenging and playing with gamer stereotypes. You have also given the mass of geeks something we can share in across borders (geek & sundry). So no matter what, you rock to more people then could possibly hate you. Your country video was an obvious stab at stereotypes (yellow eyeshadow and all) so if they can’t see that, well… just consider the source of those negative comments! Your numerous fans love you! The end!

  • Elizabeth

    Dear Felicia,
    I stand firm in my belief that the internet is a magical place. The content you produce on a regular basis helps build my case, not to mention make me laugh and smile. I’ve found more joy online than I ever thought possible and it’s because of people like you, who follow their passion and invite the world in to celebrate with them. For every horrible comment you receive, just remember, there are probably a couple thousand people who didn’t have time to comment because they were too busy spreading the joy you helped to cultivate. I’ll do my best in the future to send more positive feedback your way. You’re doing some amazing things and I hope you know how much it’s appreciated.

  • As they say in (fake) Latin – “Illegitimum non carborundum” – don’t let the bastards grind you down. I certainly hope you saw the new YouTube video “Thank You Hater”:

    This video was *great* and I’m not much of a country fan. Can’t believe anyone would get their undies in a bunch because you used “gamer girl” in a c&w song. Jeez. I love everything you do and esp. all the energy you bring to it. Keep it up!

  • Joe

    After years of conforming as a mainstream “professional”, pretending to be an extrovert to make necessary waves in different social environments, and wrestling with what does and does not have to get lost in the process of “growing up,” I had come to a point of denying my inner geek, and was very good at passing for something else, even to myself.

    Your work has inspired me to reclaim my truer self. This video isn’t my favorite thing that you have done. (Country… *shudder*) So what? Thank you for doing it, and for continuing to take the risks to creatively explore what interests you, despite the trolls. 🙂

  • Joshua Causey

    Felicia Day is a creative, brilliant, hard-working person who also enjoys games and happens to be a female. Gamer girls are awesome any way you slice it. Country music sucks. MOAR GUILD VORK IS R00L!!

  • Moonpie Nobit

    Funny, none of the comments are about how they hate how “country boys” are attention seeking man whores ruining all of country music

  • Man I missed the flame wars because of conference. I just watched this twice.

    I am a gamer have been for years. I also spent 3 years (when I was young and cute) as a DJ in a multi-club complex – I started as the DJ in the Country Club because I knew country music inside out (grew up in TN & went to college in Nashville). Part of my job as a DJ was to review “New Music”. This is right on par with some of the early hits of people who are BIG in the business now. I left DJ’ing when my son was young to have a more “normal” life. I work as a programmer. Why does this matter – because I am both gamer and country.

    There isn’t a single part of me that doesn’t like this video. It’s fun, it’s original, it’s got a great social message, a pretty good southern sound, and boy the guy and girl (Felicia) are great to look at.

    If you hate country or hater girl gamers then you probably should have listened closer to the message. Really the point of this song seemed to be – don’t close yourself off from getting to know people just because they don’t fit your “type” or you’ll never know what you are missing.

    Great job Felicia and Jason

    I enjoyed it more than most because I got to see both sides of my real life represented in one fun video.


  • Gameinatrix

    I posted something similar to what I’m about to post here on your G+ page. We (and I think we speak for all women/girl gamers in our community) have always been proud of you and how very well you represent us. Even if you never donned the title of “Girl Gamer” we still very happily claim you as our own. You’re a brilliant and talented woman, anyone who says otherwise is simply jealous. Much like your character on Supernatural idolized Hermoine for being strong and kicking ass, we FEMALE gamers feel the same about you. Keep doing what you’re doing. And if you’ve never watched comedian Kat Williams, do so and pay special attention to his segment on haters. You need them, so don’t focus on the fact that they hate you, make them hate you MORE. Love from your girls, we got your back.

  • Chris

    I feel sad for the people who couldn’t see this was a fun tongue-in-cheek video and turned it into some sort of social statement. Some people just look to be negative and trash others for their success. It’s a low self-esteem, and anyone looking to try and build themselves up by knocking others down is to be pitied.

    Whether I enjoy (and I mostly do) or don’t enjoy your creative endeavours, I will always respect your drive, passion and the fact you’re doing what you want to do, and it inspires me to do the same.

  • Declan

    Fact: You get off your arse every day and create something and dare to put it out there.
    Fact: You inspire others to do the same.
    Fact: You are forging new ground and trying new methods of creation and distribution. Testing the waters for others. Brave.
    Fact: It is hard not to read comment sections (where souls go to die). And very hard not to be hurt by personal comments and outright nastiness.
    Fact: Any of these people would not dare say anything like that to your face. It is a way for weak people to try and gain some power for themselves (however misguided) whilst hiding behind the screen.

    I have stopped reading all reviews of my work years ago and avoid comment sections and my life is FAR happier. Just keep doing what you are doing, creating, experimenting, playing and enjoying yourself. It doesn’t matter a fuck what people think, good, bad or indifferent. All that matters is that YOU are happy and enjoying the process.

    Me and my wife have chatted with you a few times at the cafe and you were nothing but down to earth, genuine and excited about the creative process. So keep going, listen to no one but your creative gut and as Brendan Behan said “Fuck the begrudgers.”

  • Grace

    I’m not into gaming, but I thought the video was very cute. I respect you a lot and was honestly wondering how the heck you were doing so many things! I hope you feel better!

  • MKGirl

    I think you should take the FlameFest as a compliment. When you become so good at something in the public eye there is always a a point when the tide turns and the insecure rise up to attack.

    You still have the best fan EVER!

    I giggled through the entire video because you’re so adorable (eyeshadow included).
    And…. was that Grant Imahara in the drive by car??? You attract brilliant people to you!

  • Anders Carlsson

    I have pretty much seen everything you have ever done and I have yet to see something less than brilliant. That includes “Gamer girl, Country boy”. You, Ms Day, are the queen of internet and no one else comes even close. Don’t let some assholes get you down. I for one can’t wait to see what you will entertain us with next.
    Best wishes from Sweden XOXO
    Anders C.

  • oraymw

    Hey Felicia,

    You are the best. Don’t let the hate get you down. Remember that there are a lot of people who love who and who support you in whatever you do.

    I’m guessing the biggest problem was that gamers generally hate country music and they generally hate “gamer girls,” so seeing a video with both things they hate combined just really upset them.

    But don’t worry about them. You have every right to be what you are, and there are a lot of people that love you, and will stand up for you.

    I loved the video by the way.

  • I watched the video and it left me feeling a bit, i dunno but it definitely triggered on something that made me not like it. Then it hit me. As a male, I like most of my gender, grew up idolizing musicians… a major portion of wanting to be that dude is all the hot chicks you will score. Sounds bad but it’s true, it’s just in our make up. So, in your video with the gamer chicks and the choice of your wardrobe ect, you came off as girl next door average. Which isn’t true, I think you are very beautiful and have a personality to die for. But the image is what I’m trying to convey. So, guitar God gets the images of the video instead of Rock n Roll/Country tramp/sluts in lace… doesn’t wash for most males and it makes us cock our heads like little sheep dogs and go ” this sucks”… not even understanding why we feel that way. It’s embarassing to admit but it’s how our brains work. A+ on creativity, I think it was a great idea but you kept it too real to gamer girls ( which I would expect !) Keep your head up and keep pumping out material, you have plenty of support.



  • Luther Dog

    Felicia –

    +1 from those of us that:

    – hate country music
    – thought your video was kinda funny and demonstrated a lot of talent. I enjoyed it and I’ll continue to watch everything you make online. I was very impressed with your voice, especially when you hit those high notes to harmonize (…are ALRIIIIIIGHT).

    You are talented, smart, fun, and pretty.

    Keep your dobbers up.

  • Jaime

    Screw the haters! Felicia, you are so creative and you do awesome work. If people are too stupid to get it and just want to hate, well, that’s their loss. They are too stupid to understand it.

  • I’m going to sneak in here to say–trolls take themselves way too seriously. (Maybe they’re lonely and overcompensating by being self-important jerks?)

    I normally dislike country music but that song totally won me over. You guys had a blast making it and it shows. I’ve shown it to my friends and family and they all love it.

    Take care of yourself. Don’t let them get you down. Look how loved you are!

    Feel better. <3

  • Andratte

    I <3 you. Im 36 and I play video games. Im a girl. Im not hot. Im not ugly. I just am.

    I love your Flog and the Guild. Your work is lighthearted and fun. Overall the world in general could use more of that.

    Screw the boys and their epeens.

  • Leon

    I don’t like country music but I was entertained, you can’t ask for more than that.

    As for the flaming, unfortunately there are people on the internet (looking at you 4chan) that delight in doing stuff like this. Usually when they target generally accepted dbags (like Westboro Baptist) we applaud, but sometimes these groups target friendlies and innocents. Sorry you had to go through that.

    In consolation, you’re living the life 99% of us muggles dream of having. You play a mean violin, got a crazy good webseries, act in television, hobnob with stars (cameos from Grant Imahara? you must be royalty!) and are cute as a button (really ultra cute kitty with big soulfull eyes button).

    Next time you cash your paycheck with all those zeros(six or seven?), pause a moment and laugh at those internet haters. Then use your money to find out who they are and drive a bulldozer over their house. You know how to operate one, go wreak your cute vengeance.

  • Chrys

    I thought it was cute. Unfortunately, it seems on the internet these day you can say the sky is blue and get people who will rip you a new one, just for shiggles. People are a-holes sometimes, well, pretty often. Pretty much everything you do makes me laugh or gives me enjoyment, even if it’s something I don’t enjoy myself. Keep on keeping on, just don’t make yourself sick anymore 😛

  • Jens

    Sometimes I literally couldn’t even understand what they were saying. I couldn’t follow their train of thought. And that whole casual-phobia is so daft I don’t even know where to start
    The song wasn’t my cup tea (I do enjoy some country like Townes van Zandt) but it was a fun video.

  • Chad

    It looks like you had a lot of fun making this, and I know a number of people in similar situations (gamer/non-gamer relationships), myself included.

    Ignore the haters, you were awesome. All of you!

  • I happened to be activate in the fine video’s tubey comment section before the blowup. All was copasetic. Returning a few hours later it was like a flash-mob remake of DollHouse’s Epitaph [awesome cast btw].

    Surely there was more going on than this one thing, but I replied to one of FD comments [“I hate country music”] saying that was bad tactics, esp when posted in the face of a sizeable C&W audience. Blame the victim?? No no no, those creeps are the bad guys.. but the H word wasn’t helpful, very rarely is.

    The only longstanding grudge I’ve got with good old boy music is the terrible vengeance the powers that be (radio stations boycott, hostile press, fellow artists) brought down on the Dixie Chicks, over politics.

    Anyways, all the best to my 2nd most favorite redhead, behind wifey.

    NPH: “I love your hair.. .. i mean, The Air”

  • Haters, as they say, are going to dislike certain things that you do.

  • Nathan

    Guess I’m in the minority that actually liked the eyeshadow, then. >.>

  • Ann

    I’m neither a gamer nor a country music lover, I am however a musicologist (so I’m kind of an expert when it comes to music and music videos 😉 ), and on top of that a music- and tv-/movie-geek, and I must say: Gamer girl, Country boy is priceless!! From every possible artistic p.o.v. absolutely brilliant. As is pretty much everything what you create.
    So, never mind the dumbheads, and keep doing what you’re doing! You’re doing amazing things!

  • Just thought I’d add my own thoughts that this video, like most of the Gamer Girl based videos I’ve seen, was great. Anyone who takes issue with it is really just being an asshat.

  • Adam W.

    Hi Felicia, sorry to hear about your bout of pneumonia – I know how that goes. Thanks for a fun song with a cute clip. In my book, it’s just another example of how talented you are (same goes for the other people involved). I think you make consistently interesting, entertaining choices in your work. Don’t let the haters cause you to second-guess yourself. All the best and stay well – Adam W.

  • Daystorm

    “Gamer Girls and Country Boyz are all right” I agree 🙂

  • VT
  • Ben Michaud

    I’ve very sad to hear this video got so hated and it sadden you so. I would offer you a cookie, but it’s a bit of a bother to send cookies all the way from Britain. 🙂 It’s doubly sad that to think that to probably most of those people, on any other normal day you’re probably someone they’d be looking up to. You’ve done so many brilliant things to do with gamers, gaming, and general geekery goodness that this kind of hate cannot be their honest views, otherwise you’d have heard it before (and I’m guessing you haven’t, as you’re actually a teeny weeny bit awesome). Instead it’s just them jumping on a bandwagon, a fad, the latest vogue. They are acting like the sheeple, lashing out at otherwise creative, brilliant, fun, different, kooky, spooky and altogether ooky people like little miss you.
    Stay you, I don’t follow you much, but it means when I read or see something about you it makes me smile – this was the first thing that didn’t make me smile involving you. But seriously, what ever made you think of country music?? :p Us Brits just can’t get seem to get it… that said, I actually quite like it, especially your awesome tights! 😀

    (PS No other way of saying this, but Insanely excited about getting Bastion as part of the humble indie bundle after it first came out, but not for macs, and you raving about it years/a year ago!! V. Excited! :DD Here’s an imaginary cookie for your digital soul as thanks!)

  • leitadala

    My favorite philosopher, Simone de Beauvoir, started out as a philosopher and then turned into a female (feminist) philosopher. What I mean is that she was an extremely intelligent woman who wrote some great stuff, and whether she wanted to or not she became the voice of women because she was a women (writing in an area that was made up of only men), which lead her to publish existential philosophy on feminism. She examined the idea of equality, and the idea of “Other” that men create for women. It’s interesting to see how this can translate to the online world. In the gaming world it’s like going back to a time when women were much lower in the hierarchy, where they refer to us as “Other” (be it “gamer girl” or “casual gamer”) as an excuse to not allow the same respect and equality. Of course, this is a big generalization (as I’ve met slutty girls trolling for rich guys and also a vast amount of men that could care less about my gender as long as I play well), yet I still find it interesting.

    Anyway, much like Ms. DeBeauvoir you’ve found yourself a champion for the female gamer, not because that’s how you see yourself but that’s where they are putting you (“We are not born gamer girls but we become them” ie: you feel the same as everyone else online until you say something in the microphone and people freak out when they realize that kick-ass player is “Other” than a male). Keep doing what you are doing. Fuck them. You are changing the world and you will go down in history. Don’t give your precious energies to them by letting them get you down or hurt your feelings. You have much more important things to do with that energy. Between WebTV and helping girls find equality (by changing the perception of girl games) in the male dominated gamer world, you will be going down in history.
    I don’t know if this made the sense I wanted it to make, but I have to finish cooking dinner and get to a google hangout. I just hope you receive the positivity

    Previously angsty college kid / WoW addict who refused to speak on vent for a long time because I didn’t want to be treated differently for being a girl

    Current “casual” gamer since I have to find time to work, workout, roller derby, teach knit and crochet to military wives, travel, visit family, play Magic, READ, and more (the “casual gamer” title only hurts because I do miss more serious gaming).

  • You are my relatable role model, and I am deeply appreciative that you recognized the lack of great, non-bikinied role models for the genre and that you became one for people such as myself!

    Also, excellent point about the guys who hate ‘gamer girls’ perpetuating their own problem because the half dressed girls talking about video games get the vast majority of the video hits!

  • Decker

    Felicia, you are a pioneer of geeks finally getting some mainstream recognation. Heck, you helped make geeks feel badass.

    I am not one that really does comments normally, but the work you do is saving kids in glasses with a paperback or rules book from getting an atomic wedgie or swirlied. You very well may be preventing the development of a supervillian!

  • sarCCastro

    Sorry you got so much flak for the video, Felicia. I love and respect almost everything you do, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t like the video. But, that doesn’t mean I’d go onto a site, much less the youtube page the video’s posted on and flame you. As I said, I have too much respect for you to do that. I always look forward to your projects and try and watch them as soon as I can. This one just disappointed me. So, since I’ve enjoyed everything else I’ve seen that you’ve been a part of, I’d say that’s a pretty amazing record you’ve got going. Keep up the good work, and don’t let the random haters get you down. You’re still loved many times over. (You were right, though. I don’t like modern country music.)

  • Will

    I hope you find your balance-I and many of your fans are excited to see what you continue to do with Geek and Sundry, but we don’t want to see it burn you out! And as far as the trolls regarding your video, don’t let it get to you. It was clever and funny (I literally lol’d through over half the song), and haters, well, they’re gonna hate.

  • I think the reason that some gamers hate the stereo type of a “Gamer Girl” is because some women in recent years have used the Gamer/Nerd stereotype to try and build their popularity, when they weren’t gamers at all. The idea of using a subculture for their own benefit without actually really being one is what annoys people.

    In this case the anger isn’t warranted because you really are a gamer. Youtube commenters have a tendency to leap before thinking however. Ignore them!

  • Greg

    Felicia, I don’t get the hate either. I’ve been searching for a gamer girl for years and still haven’t found any one. You have become one of the pillars of that particular group of gamers and it’s really nice to see such inspiring work come out of you. The world would be so lucky as to have more gamer girls. Heck, the world should have more gamers period. Perhaps slightly less country boys… more country girls wouldn’t be bad… Perhaps i should broaden my search… I’m getting off topic.

    On a side note, I did have a friend over who had never seen Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog and so I had to show it to her. Totally made her day, and even though I have seen it countless times before, mine too. Now that I’ve totally derailed my own post. I’ll just say thank you and be gone….

    Thank you.

  • In the vernacular “Haters gotta hate”. Nature abhors a vacuum after all; and without hate these vacuous personages could implode – messy.

    I’m continuing to enjoy the Flog and Vaginal Fantasies. You are a delightfully fun person, and are very genuine in your videos (which may also contribute to your Threat Rating(tm) – you’re strong, witty and unafraid).

  • Elizabeth


    Your work matters. Their petty comments don’t. Please keep doing what you are doing!

  • þorfinn

    post the link to the video on my FaceB
    comment in reply
    Larry: Someday soon this girl is going to rule the world 😀

  • Mophab Podunk

    Illegitimi non carborundum. (Don’t let the Bastards wear you down!)
    Your video was an entertaining idea well implemented.
    I was quite entertained and everyone did a great job.
    I loved the cameo.

  • Cat Purcell

    Felicia, You are such an inspiration! As a gamer of the female persuasion ;), I LOVE country music and I though the video was fun, quirky and loved it because of that smashing of worlds. You obviously had fun making it and that’s all that matters!

    As a fan who submitted my silly Invilsalingua drawing just with the hopes of knowing you’d see it, KEEP DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE DOING! 🙂 There are going to be haters, no matter what. Don’t make things for the masses. Make things that make you happy. You’re so successful at it and you clearly have lots of fans who support whatever you do because it’s what you want to do. Don’t worry about the others.

    Now take a week or so off and get back your health. 🙂 We’ll all still be here for you. You’re one of the very few non-bikini gamer girls and we need you exactly as you are!


  • Lisa

    In my very busy life (mom of a 4 yr old & 4 month old, full time job, plus freelance work I do at home), I don’t have much time for entertainment. Forget having the time to game or read a book. Therefore I must choose my outlets carefully. I like stuff that doesn’t monopolize my time, yet provides quality as well. The Flog and Tabletop are shows I’ve come to adore because I am always amused. And they’re short, so it’s the perfect break from copyediting college textbooks. I’ve enjoyed every single project you’ve had a hand in, and I admire your talent and dedication. Take a break, don’t give those assholes a second thought, and keep doing whatever you feel like doing, because we your audience will continue to come back for more.

  • Greg of Longmont

    I have a friend in art school right now. He and a few other people are working on projects that they want to put up online. They have ideas for web comics, serialized shows, music videos and other things that I don’t remember because, honestly, I’m a horrible friend and wasn’t listening very closely. But do you want to know who all of these people cite as an inspiration to what they want to do? Can you guess?

    Felicia Day.

    Nothing worth doing is ever easy, but what you and your friends do is inspiring people to use the Internet as an outlet for their creativity. All those nay-sayers, you don’t want to know what they’re using the Internet for, but it sure doesn’t inspire anyone to do anything.

  • Arili

    Felicia, you’re one of my favorite celebrities. I follow your work, subscribe to your online channels, and buy all of your stuff on iTunes AND Amazon lol. One of my favorite things about you is that you let your geek flag fly and your gender is just irrelevant. I game and get involved in geekery and it pisses me off when someone calls me a “girl” gamer and then intimates that my ovaries make it impossible for me to legitimately be part of the culture. Whatever people. First of all, we haven’t been “girls” since puberty, and secondly, why must you qualify my hobbies by discussing my gender like it matters? I guaran-fracking-tee you that my keyboard (or mouse :P) responds to my dainty girly fingers plenty fast enough to kill people in PvP, tyvm. You’re a role model for my kids and for me because you show your talent and entertain us, and that’s what matters. My family will continue to throw our money at whatever you do, so flip the idiots the bird and keep being awesome.

  • nathan dickson

    All your work is great including this video!!!
    I hope you feel better keep up the good work you make my days a little better,
    if that is worth anything to you.
    your loyal fan,

  • John W

    I generally don’t like country but that is a catchy tune.

    That video is cool.

    Don’t stop what you’re doing. Haters gonna hate.

  • kck

    Please to not spend one more moment worrying about the haters hating on your video. It was probably 3 dudes spamming in their mom’s basements. Some people have WAY too much time on their hands and should invest some time in developing a sense of humor and/or working on world peace.

    We LOVE this video! HILARIOUS! We’re all singing that catchy little ditty over here and damn, where can I get me some tetris leggings? I have my geeky gamer homeschooled children singing it too. You’re amazingly funny and creative. We just love everything coming out.

    Take care of your health! Top priority! I bet I know a dozen people who got pneumonia this spring. Nasty stuff.

  • Travis Stewart

    Being in the field of entertainment you do have to worry to a degree what people think, but sometimes you just got to stop reading the reactions and do what you enjoy. Some things are done for yourself and not for others. There will always be negative people out there. You just don’t always have to pay them any attention. I definitely am not big into country, but I must say I enjoyed the video because it was fun, done with a sense of humor, and watching it it is easy to see that all involved were just enjoying themselves. So never second guess your first instinct when it seems to turn out pretty well more times than not.

  • Gregory R.

    Ugh, haven’t been to the dentist in a while? Well, if you end up getting a root canal and a crown, harsh comments on a video won’t feel like anything. It will be like Minecraft: Dentist (you are in agonizing pain) Edition. And yeah, get to the doctor darn it! I enjoy you being Felicia Day, no need for people to be in dismay because Felicia past away. Here is to you *clink* (wine glasses), and your health.

  • Anhaga

    I cannot believe people flamed you, YOU of all people, like this. I need to go watch the video, to be honest (I am on “vacation” and my in-laws connection is being wiggy about YouTube), but still to be nasty at Felicia Day? That just blows my mind. The characters you’ve created for The Guild, and everything I’ve seen from you, just makes you the best ever model for those of us who ARE female gamers. Ugh. From one woman gamer (with a full-time job and a 2-year-old) to another, I am so incredibly sorry to hear about this. *hugs*

  • Becky

    DO NOT let them get you down. Screw them! We need you, Felicia, just block it out and keep on pushin on. Like others said, haters gonna hate.

    Look at the BS the Oatmeal is dealing with, maybe that will offer some inspiration. 😉

    You inspire me immensely. To see your passion and ferocity and also your transparency has been so wonderful to watch. From your FLOG post, I decided to read “If You Want to Write” and it’s changed my life. Literally. Blew my mind.

    You have made my whole life better!!

    That matters way freaking more than any foolish whining in youtube comments. Don’t you forget — that’s what it’s all about!

  • Stephen Alexander

    As a professional lyricist, the names “Gamer Girl / Country Boy” are exceptional. The rhythms of those two titles mirror each other & fit the melody quite well. The G/G alliteration gives a hard edge to your character. It’s quick to learn & sing along with.

    Lyrics score = 96%. (4% off for near-rhyme, although it does fit with the C/W genre)

    My Alliance in Lord of Ultima (EA, online MMORPS) would be NOTHING without my lady leaders. Oh, and RaiderWren says hi, too. He’s a little smitten with you lol 🙂


  • Todd

    Great Blog this week and great shows. You always do a fantastic job of putting things together with a great cast. I was sorry to hear that you have been sick for so long I hope you get better soon. The way you addressed the haters here is great. Thank you for taking the high road and showing them they will not change you with their hate speak. We, your fans, have always and will always support you and defend you no matter what. Well you have a birthday coming up to get well for so you can have another gaming party with more Pina Colata’s just drink plenty of water this time to cut down on the hang over. Take care and keep up the great work even if you have to cut down on the amount of it to get better. We want you well enough to be able to keep doing this for a long while. Remember that you and only you can decide who you are and how you represent yourself to others and so far you have done a Great job at both. We are proud of you and your acomplishments.

    P.S. Sorry for the spelling issues. I have to stop blogging after Midnight.

  • A.H.

    I read about 7 pages of comments on the video and while the trend definitely seems to be turning I was still shocked by some of the hate and anger spewed your way. It’s a fun, tongue in cheek video that looks like you all had a blast making. And it was country? So what. A lot of people seem to forget is that there is a strong likelihood the person driving the semi delivering your precious games and consoles to your local retail store of choice is listening to country while spooling along the blacktop. If that’s what helps them get my copy of ME3 or Borderlands 2 where it needs to be safe and sound then more power to them! As for the “casual” issue that many seem to equate with some sort of plague epidemic, I will claim that moniker with pride. It’s what I’m listed under on my XBOX live profile, and fail to see how that’s destroying the industry. I play to connect with my friends on nights and weekends off, drink an adult beverage in the comfort of my own home while co-op’ing through whatever we feel like doing. Wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been said many times above that being in the public eye as you are does open a person up to those that enjoy criticizing for the sake of just being mean. There really isn’t much you can do about that. However, I hope that between the posts here and on your various other pages you will also realize that there are many more people who love what you do, not simply because of your looks, but because you are intelligent, witty, and articulate. You are making a living on your own terms, and for that alone you deserve nothing but respect. And personally, I love your singing voice. Whatever the genre, I look forward to more videos. Take care of yourself, and keep up the great work!

  • Delvan

    Not really a big country music fan other than some Cash here and there (karaoke, woo!), but the video was fun, well executed, and most importantly entertaining! How these flamers don’t understand you’re playing a character is beyond me. I suppose next they’ll flame you for dating that super shallow Captain Hammer? 😀

    Glad you weathered their storm. I still need more Flog!

  • Patrick

    I am truly discouraged toward those who would like to shove you into the corner and make you out to be the “different” or “odd one out’. I am a man who has gamed nearly his entire life. I started on the Atari and have continued on my Mac and other gaming platforms. I may not be a girl, but I understand the difficulty in dealing with those who don’t want you in their gaming world or those who can’t comprehend beyond their own life of gaming (or real world situations). I am gay and I love the gaming community (and yay to those who have been opening gaming to all genders and all types of sexuality). However, I am appalled that those who say they love gaming would attack others who express something outside the “norm” of gaming (your wonderful country music/gaming video)! I have truly appreciated your many talents ,Felicia, and I hope to continue to do so in many future endeavors. I have to ask the question: “When will people learn that the world is not about being what everyone expects, but what everyone needs?”

  • Keith

    I really did not enjoy the song. I love everything else you have done, but here is what i did like:
    1. You have a gurl drummer on a hot little electric set and he has a typical drummer on drum set and that’s a great counter point for the theme of the song..
    2. You and he have fitting sets with you in your front room… him in an overlook (Nashville?) 🙂
    3. I love the Clint Eastward look,
    I think it is the song just grates on my ears, yes I like country music. None of that matters every artist makes things we love and also some we don’t. Keep innovating! You are not being safe and that is awesome all by itself.

  • I am constantly fascinated by the fact that you’re a real person. Lol. I know that must sound weird. I guess what I mean is, just hearing someone that I’ve seen on tv for years (Buffy! Yeah!!) talk about ordinary, everyday occurrences like not going to the doctor (that is so something I would do) is very refreshing. I also applaud you for figuring out how to produce/write/star in your own show(s) because it gives me the encouragement to try to bootstrap my own projects. There’s so much of a romanticized notion that Hollywood movies/shows/videos just sort of “happen”, but you make it seem very real and achievable, so for that, I thank you. Thank you for being transparent. Thank you for being yourself. And thank you for daring to break out of a stereotypical Hollywood career. You’re a very good role model for any creatively-inclined person.

    As for the video… I can’t believe people would hate on that! I’m not even a country music lover, but I found it quite entertaining. It’s obviously stereotyping two characters, but not in an offensive way at all. Haters will hate, so try not to take it personally. Just pretend they’re all 12-year-olds who haven’t learned the art of being nice on the internet yet. ;P

  • KeithAllGamer

    I just read your blog entry. First of all, take care of yourself and keep your health up so you can continue to delight us with awesome content. Know you’ve been crazy busy lately and it’s exciting to see all the stuff you are doing. I think it’s awesome.

    Liked the video. Not a huge Country fan (even though I a native Texan), but I do appreciate all sorts of music (I know quite a bit about Classical). I don’t understand the whole Gamer Girl issue either. I personally have a special place in my heart for anyone who loves to game, as it is one of my true passions in life. I recognized the Team Unicorn shirt because I know how passionate they all are about gaming (as are you) and I think it’s wonderful. If people like to game, great, if they don’t so what? I’m too busy having fun gaming to worry about who isn’t really into it. Besides, there are SO many different types of games out now, I think it’s much harder to categorize gamers. I enjoy many different types and genres.

    I didn’t post in the YouTube comments or really get involved in the discussion because I was too busy leveling up my own characters in Diablo 3; have all five class types in their late 30s in Nightmare now. Enjoying them all.

    Anyway, I think the problem really comes down to people trying to impress their ideals on others instead of accepting them for who they are. Don’t get too bothered by those negative comments. It say far more about the commentors than what you have done. They really only care about themselves. The rest of us really love your work and believe in you.

  • Johan

    Keep up the good work Felicia and stay strong!
    Country music is not something that i listen to but that song + video was the best i’ve seen in that genre 😉 You were awesome as usual!

    The Flog is a perfect way to start the week and always makes me laugh, thank you for this Felicia! 🙂


  • viking

    Dear ms. Day. I have to admit that I’m not your oldest fan. Hell, I’m not even a fan since I think its stupid to get obsessed about things and especially people. After all, todays social media is a stalkers (and haters) paradise. So I prefer the cool, laidback and “have seen it all before” attitude. While I curse myself for not discovering your shows before….

    Anyway, it seems like you are experiencing what I usually call “mondays”. And yeah, it sucks. So I hope that you can stress down a little and take care of yourself. It hurts to hit the wall, but its even worse when you dont slow down and go straight through the wall. Been there, done that both during my military service and as a civilian with daytime work as system administrator, running two companies as side projects, training martial arts 20 hours each week and sometimes playing computers games for 40 hours straight during a weekend. Add some scary sh— like driving into the sea and beeing trapped underwater…. Even if I’m cold blooded and always find a solution even when I’m stuck inside a car underwater, it dont mean that I like it. And it takes it toll. So it becomes a question about the last drop that makes the glass overflow. For me it was the swine flu. I was only away from work for 2 weeks, but I have used more than two years to get back in shape. With weekends where I have just slept for 16 hours straight and felt just as exausted when I finally woke up. That is just your body and mind telling you “Please!!! Dont hurt me any more!!!! I surrender!!!!”. Then its pretty smart to do just that: Surrender a day or two and just sleep, eat and sleep even more. So even if I’m now more sensible and respect my limits, I guess its about another year before I can try a regular martial arts training. I think there is a evil conspiration thats called “age” that is also making problems. And I wont give in to it and belive that I can do just the same when I’m 35 as when I was 25. And then I try to get out of bed the next morning…. Yep. Its a very, very evil conspiration….

    But hey, I’m a norse. We are though (that means extremly stupid and with a defunctional long term memory), so I wont have any long term damage of taking a hit and getting back up again. The only problem is that when you look at the sum of what you have accived over a decade, you suddenly realise that you didnt have to work so hard. Or taking all the hits. Its the old fable about the rabbit and the tortoise. Slow and steady is way better than working your a— off just to have to take a break to recover. So now I’m working only 8 hours a day with computers and I even take a “power nap” after dinner! (Yeah, I know I’m getting old!!!!) But I still achieve my daily and weekly goals. Hell, I’m have even begun doing my paperwork and tax on time instead of spending hours finding excuses for not doing it or worrying about it. The trick? Paperwork, push up, paperwork, situps, paperwork, pull ups. In that way I get the boring work done and get excercise at the same time. Without having to waste time going to the gym. So its a question of working smarter, not harder. And using the time you save to take care of yourself and your family. 🙂

    Well, a least that is what I try to tell myself. Strangly I seem to manage to fill up my summer vacation with work like cutting down trees in the woods on my familiy farm. Instead of going on a romatic and damnd boring vacation without any logical purpose. So I’m not sure if I’m the right person to preach about slowing down and take a break. Its damnd hard when you love to work and your worst nightmare is a sunny beach without nothing to do. But I can preach about working smarter and achiving the same without always burning the midnight oil. So my best advice is to sleep when your tired, eat when your hungry and work with something that dont have mondays the entire week. You dont need more to have a good life.

    And if some overachiever or random troll at the internet tell you something else…. Just flip’em. Because its YOUR life! And its YOUR decissions! So you did a country video with Blade Runner makeup. Big deal! I ordered tequila shoots last weekend and ended up on a dance floor trying to impress 20 year old girls with my dubstep moves. Skirtless and with one champagne bottle in each hand…. Belive me…. You have to do far, far worse than a country song if you are going to compete with me when it comes to EPIC fails! And even if you do screw up (like I do all the time…), you still have the guts to screw up! And by doing that, you both show more courrage and achieve more in your life than all the haters on the internet have done in their entire life. Because they spend more time criticising others than they do to improve their own life. No wonder they are jeallous of you…. So dont dare change anything about the flog or the other weird things you do. Just make sure that you adapt your life so you can continue to deliver them without getting stressed out.

    But honestly: That country video…. I have begin question my sanity because of it. I have played it +20 times and I am humming on it! No normal person would do that! So if you read this, remember that I’m probably insane. Or Norwegian. You know, as Sig Hansen says: The right way, the wrong way and the Norwegian way. But humming on “Gamer girl, country boy”? Thats pure nightmare fuel even by norwegian standards….. “Well, I was driving home with my brand new tv, sitting in the back of my F150″… This it not good. Not good at all…..

  • Dori H.

    Keep looking forward, Felicia my dear, and don’t let the idiots get to you. The width and depth of your creativity and the purity of your spirit is dazzling. It is so difficult to forge a new path as you have done and the brighter you shine the more noise you get from the shriveled losers who cower in the shadows.

    It is interesting that you mention the use of the term “casuals” because that seems to be used by a particular brand hardcore MMO player that represents the worst element of the game. The have spent an insane amount of time grinding for the best gear and stats (usually with the help of a raiding guild) and think that somehow makes them better than those who play for entertainment. They just can’t see over their big swinging epeens and can usually be found trolling the chats in WoW and other MMOs.

    Pay them no heed, sweetie, because they are pathetic little people and you are a shining star. It is easily seen in the response to what you do that the haters are vastly outnumbered by those of us who love your work and are cheering you on. Please don’t take them seriously.

  • Azzie

    *internet hug*
    Just ignore the haters, Felicia. You can’t please everyone, right? Your real fans know how hard you work every day, delivering us some of the best web-based content out there.

  • I was just thinking that as much as I enjoy The Flog, I missed getting to read your writing. I am sorry that it was a wash of negativity that brought you back, though. I have always wondered how you and others who have careers that expose you to the brutal analysis of ever-y-fuckin’-thing manage to keep sane. I couldn’t imagine it wouldn’t hurt, but I had hopes that maybe, just maybe, the trolls couldn’t touch you. This post is proof that isn’t true, and I am very sorry. No one deserves to be torn down for their creations. Sure, no creation will be loved by all, but criticism should be delivered with compassion. It should be given out of love for the craft, and out of hope that we can elevate one another through art.

    I hope you are recovered from the pneumonia. I am also pretty sure that your friends – even ones who have had babies – will forgive you for your recent lapse in attention. As far as the messy closet goes… hmmm, I’ve got a case of that, too. 🙂

    Happy Writing!

  • Jens

    Looking at the statistics of the video it seems like you got hit by 4chan windowlickers. No need to analyse why they do what they do.

  • constantfacepalm

    Hm, I think if you wrote this blog entry for some reassuring reactions, you got it 😉 (But what about me? My comments are waiting forever for moderation. Sigh.) 😀

  • Pete

    Felicia, the internet is full of haters. So many individuals that say there are no girls on the internet. No female gamers. This isnt true. I see you game, and I have played with many girls on the internet and games. You cant let the haters stress you out. You have done something big with Geek and Sundry as well as The Guild. You’re a wonderful person, and a great actress.

    I absolutely loved “Gamer Girl, Country Boy”. I grew up around country music, and its what I listen to today. You will hear more Rock and Pop, and mainly Classic Rock, but I go nuts over tracks like ” Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?”, “Game On”, and “I’m The One Thats Cool”. I really enjoyed Jason Charles Miller’s “You Get What You Pay For” because its a good song, and because you were in the video (in one on my favorite trucks, btw) it made it even more enjoyable.

    Never stop doing what your doing, Felicia. Stay healthy, and take care of yourself. You are a very talented person, and I love everything you do. Remember, for every hater out there, theres about 1000 fans who cant get enough of you. I am one of them. Keep up the great work, and I will keep plastering my Facebook wall with your videos and spending way too much time on Youtube.

    Thank you for your devotion, your talent, and all you do. I hope to meet you at a Con sometime. Now, back to Youtube and Geek and Sundry!

  • PirateRo

    I stumbled into you accidently one day surfing the web for geeky Trek chick porn. Your picture popped up and I thought, â??Oh, wow, whoâ??s this?â??

    I loved The Guild â?? I watched it on a quiet Sunday afternoon and I thought it was terrific. I love your work and I love the fact that you did not like the roles you were getting so you went out to find things for yourself. It shows courage.

    I also enjoyed this video and that you had the idea and strength to cross so many lines with it.

    I think that had more to do with it than this â??Gamer Girlâ?? thing. Authoritarian personalities like things to be in nice, neat packages that start here and end there and they cannot really think outside that framework, at least not independently, and certainly not as a deliberate exercise to see where it might lead them. And this is the source of your trouble.
    They like you but they want you in their box and they become uncomfortable when they sense drift.

    And you know what? Fuck them. If they donâ??t get what youâ??re doing, they become baggage. Flotsam. Ballast you jettison at your earliest convenience and load up cargo of people who do understand and cheer your success â?? for actually doing something with your life, for moving yourself forward and for exploring that vast unknown.

    Whatever you do remember to do it for yourself and not for someone else, especially if they want a puppet on a string. And remember, too, that as long as theyâ??re talking about you, good or ill, youâ??re living in their heads rent free. So just keep doing what youâ??re doing. Youâ??re fine.

    I, for one, look forward to seeing more and I hope you get to do it.

    Take care of yourself and your health. As Count Rugen admonished Prince Humperdink, â??If you havenâ??t got your health, you havenâ??t got anything.â??

    Regards to the Guildies, too. I think youâ??ve got a great group around you.

  • Steven F.

    You probably have more gaming cred to your name then most of the hateful jackasses that troll you for having fun making a funny video; and hey, it’s 4chan think of it as an achievement that you kicked over the ant hill. I’m one of those that falls in the category of “HATE COUNTRY MUSIC” but it was at least a fun video to watch even if I don’t like the style. Great job on your launch of G&S and all of your recent endeavors, but really rest up and take care of yourself.

    Cheers and Namaste

  • Zagadka

    Just watched the video…

    In honour of Gamer Girl/Country Boy I will be wearing yellow eye shadow today.


  • Marvin Conn

    Haters will hate. Everyone HATES Felicia Day. I just don’t get it or perhaps they don’t get it.

    Love the song, very comical, I’m still laughing about it while I write this. Love Felicia, she keeps coming up with awesome stuff.

    Let the haters hate, its easy to snipe from the sidelines. Felicia is putting herself out there doing things, so she is a big target. People who love Felicia don’t read the comments on sites like that anyway!

  • The internet is full of hateful people who live to break people down. I don’t care for country music but I enjoyed the vid and the song. As simple as it was it was a lot of fun and you did great in the singing and the production side of it.
    I like that you try different things and hope that this doesn’t cause you to avoid it in the future.

  • Someone might have said this already and I apologize that I don’t have time to read all 120+ comments…

    No matter what you do on the internet (or anywhere for that matter) someone is going to make something of it. You’re a celebrity, that’s what people do. Some do it to get attention themselves because in our eff’d up society those that hate on things get more publicity than the ones who quietly love it (who are usually the majority of people that consume the thing).

    First rule: Always be do what makes you happy, make things you like.

    Second rule: No matter how bad it stings, ignore the “boldly” anonymous that have nothing better to do than troll.

    Third rule: Remember for every troll, there’s at least 100 of us that rarely, if ever, comment but love what you do.

  • V2

    Hey, i thought your eye shadow was nice. it was different, and i liked it.

  • I’m sure I’ve said it on the Internet somewhere before and I’ll say it again. Felicia Day, you are role model material. If there had been someone like you around when I was a teenager/graduating high school/trying to figure out life (is that 15 years ago now?)…. I would have been a much less confused kid/young adult… And probably had better self esteem!

    too many people hate out of ignorance and not enough people play Games!

    – just another woman (not girl! – another pet peeve) who visits the Internet and plays games

  • Jer

    Hey Felecia don’t let the haters get to you. I thought it was hilarious. Internet trolls are gonna troll so pay no mind to them. Keep doing what you do best, being fun, and creative. There are people out there who love ya for it.

  • This video sparked a huge debate on Facebook yesterday (and I tagged you in it, if you want to read it), where I vehemently supported you and everything you are doing. The notion that a girl cannot be as good at games or as smart or nerdy/geeky/insertanythinghere as a guy is insulting and demeaning, at best. Put attractive on top of that, and it is completely unbelievable to most people, and that is a shame.

    I am a huge nerd, and I had to hide that, growing up. Being a nerd wasn’t “cool”, and I was bullied and made fun of. But I love books. I *LOVE* college football. I love playing games – and I’m good at them. I love Star Wars more than most things…probably too much. 😉 And yeah, I’m not hard on the eyes. People can be attractive AND well-rounded. Why is this so unbelievable to guys?

    Yes, I don’t like the “fake” girls who “pretend” to like gaming…but now, who am I to decide who is fake? What if I’m wrong? Why do people always assume if a girl is “hot”, she can’t like nerdy things?

    I recently started a project that focused on this very issue – a magazine featuring ACTUAL geeky/nerdy/whathaveyou girls IN the industry, promoting what they do, showing the world – yes we are here, and we are real. The magazine (and especially the Geek Edition) was founded on the principle that it is ok to be female AND be a geek. That we DO exist. That we are strong, smart, sexy and positive role models – and that we are not fake marketing ploys.

    So please know, Felicia, that we are here, and we support you.

  • Jeffery Sargent

    I’m sorry about the eyshadow comment – but I DID say positive things about the rest of the vid! As to worrying about disenfranchising these future geldings, I think you were likely to be the next target anyway. Major female figure involved in gaming. Both you and Anita Sarkeesian are high profile targets for the psychotic gamers (the Legion of D.I.C.K), particular since neither of you give off that false booth babe version of a gamer girl vibe. You’re not sexually dismissible, and you hold power, and are therefore a threat and target.

  • Felicity… I don’t even know you but I think you ROCK!

  • Last night I watched the video and thought it was full of awesome, especially that it was low-fi. I really can’t imagine anyone hating on you for it, other than they are jealous, perhaps. By the way, the yellow eyeliner was rather adorable. Yeah, kind of awkward, but still adorable.

    My father used to tell me, “When you do what you love and it pisses people off, you are doing something right” (a horrible paraphrase but it gets the point across). I can surmise that for every hater, there are a handful, if not two hands-ful of people who love you and your stuff.

  • Laurie Atwater

    What fun! And this from a 52 year old mom with a level 68 Draenei Paladin! Heehee…and the eyeshadow was just cool, frankly. Had that cosplay kinda look. You are made of awesome, ladybug.

  • Vicky

    Felecia – eff the haters. The video was really fun to watch. Your eye shadow was so hideous that I actually LOVED it LOL. You are such a talent that you needn’t waste your time on some idiots that have nothing better to do than whine about something that you’ve obviously put a lot of time and effort into. So eff em. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll continue to love you for it.

  • Stephanie

    Hoping to add my positive two cents – Felicia, you are an inspiration. We all know that the internet has plenty of stupid people who hide behind their computers and make themselves feel better by mocking others. However, NONE of them could do even a small part of what you do every day. This 25-year-old, married, “casual,” GAMER-GIRL thinks that you’re one of the most amazing people ever, including in person! (Thanks for the soda, btw.) Keep doing what you’re doing – the world is a better place for it.

  • Molly


    I, too, am surprised that this hasn’t happened to you before. After all, you are so many things that people inevitably hate:

    Talented in MANY aspects (What a voice! I didn’t even realize it until I watched this video)
    Unafraid (To be yourself. To make a country music video if it pleases you.)
    A Visionary.
    Inclusive (It seems to me you constantly SHARE the love, rather than exclude others. I think this is a big part of what struck an ugly chord in some that watched this video. Unfortunately.)
    And to top it all off…you’re beautiful, too.

    No wonder people who are jealous, who are unsatisfied with their own lives and selves, lash out at you.

    But I’m sorry it happens. Like everyone is saying, don’t let them get you down. Keep doing what you love–we love it, too. 🙂

  • Felicia, Katie and I recall as if it were yesterday how you spoke up in support of Katie when she was taunted for being a little girl who wanted to bring a Star Wars water bottle to school. Now it is our turn to offer YOU our wholehearted support and encouragement, and we want you to feel that the waves of support coming at you dwarf those of hatred. With love and admiration, Carrie and Katie

  • karen

    Just wanted to pop in and give you a little bit more positive reinforcement. We’re big fans of you here.

  • Tao

    Saw your tweet about this and wanted to find out what the problem was. I have to say Kaja & Joanna who do game reviews for us too on Youtube gets some flack for being female gamers too. I don’t get it myself, but glad you are holding up well.

  • Ah dear Felicia,

    To address your current issues:
    First, you obviously need the stabilizing effect of an unstable man such as myself to help you wear your numerous hats to better effect, organize your closets, and also to tell you to stop (and wrestle you to the ground if needed) every now and then so you can take time for yourself.

    Seriously, we all want you to stay happy and healthy, even you are less cute with pneumonia.

    Second, I suspect that the hate isn’t against women (although there are a lot of idiots who hate women for some reason) but rather against the idea of country music.
    Personally, I am not a huge fan of country, but that stems mostly from the content of most of it. Were more of the offerings like this – funny, related to my life somehow, and engaging, then I might be swayed.
    Hell, I have a couple songs written that would sound better with a country tempo.

    So in short, deep breaths, and as others have said, ignore the trolls. I am shocked and relieved that you have not had flames like this before. The former I am thinking might be attributed to you being both very cool and attractive. The latter to you being overall good at the things you do.

    Looking forward to attempting to woo you at some future convention.
    Yours in world domination,
    P.S. Your eye shadow would have been awesome if you had had some green highlights or outlining done to compliment the yellow.

  • Zagadka


    Yellow eye shadow a HIT with my 2-year-old nephew.

    Ever since I enchanted him with my metallic lime green liquid eye liner I’ve used a huge palette to teach him colours. Now when I see him I close my eyes and ask him, “What colour am I?” He knows all the basics now, and I’m going to have to up the difficulty level.

  • Rich

    Well, my completely unprofessional advice would be that you stop spending any more time trying to figure these people out, because it probably isn’t that complicated. While a few out there may have chosen to be sincerely offended by the use of the phrase “Gamer Girl,” I’m sure a great mass of those spewing toxic comments were just jumping on the anonymous bandwagon that is the net. It quickly became a troll flash mob.
    Have you been to some of those video sites? People there spew some of the most awful racist and misogynistic crap all for the sake of entertaining themselves and other visitors, which is why I prefer to only see videos on youtube anymore.
    That people are willing to be so cruel says nothing about you or the fun and creative video you posted. The problem isn’t yours to figure out. It’s THEIRS.
    Anyway, you clearly have a great, supportive fan base who adore you and the work you do. And THAT’s certainly something you need not wonder about. You deserve it.

  • Lauren

    Felicia, I’m so sad to hear these lowlifes attacked you. I can’t help but wonder if it’s related to the targeted outburst at Anita Sarkeesian’s video project about sexism in gaming. She received a staggering amount of vitriol from the masses, all centered around how women don’t belong in gaming and that they should just be quiet and accept all of the misogyny that is generally practiced.
    (More about that here: )

    Keep doing the great work that makes all of us adore you. And take care of yourself, please, that’s the most important thing! We’ll all forgive you if you scale things back a little bit to get those important moments of rest.

  • Paula

    I got to thinking about the absurdity of all the haters comments about girls pretending to like games for attention. The argument seems to be that everyone is jumping of the Geek bandwagon now because it’s so popular. Well, with all my internet friends the whole popular geek thing is true but not so much with the people I know in real life.

    I’m an oddity at my job. I’m a girl who’s into gaming and other Geek pursuits. If I bring up names like Nathan Fillion, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, or any other awesome Geek celebrity type I get blank stares from nearly everyone. Just to be sure I asked everyone I worked with this morning if they had any idea who Felicia Day or Nathan Fillion were. None of them did – which makes me really sad.

    Anyway, this is just one way to show that being a geek isn’t as popular as these guys like to think. They seem to have forgotten that the internet isn’t the mainstream. Unfortunately most people I know are unfamiliar with anything on the internet that is not Facebook – which really sucks for me but that’s why I have internet friends too. That and there are a few guys at work that I can talk to about gaming, The Guild, and other things I just don’t work with them enough.

    I’m not into online gaming. I don’t feel like I have the time to put into it and I don’t want to let people down by being available sporadically so I’m not familiar with how girls act in that situation – plus who’s to say they’re really a girl? All I can go by is personal experience and in my experience the idea that any girl would pretend to like video games for attention from a guy is just absurd. Most of the girls I know either don’t play video games, or play them casually. They hate watching their boyfriends/husbands playing games. They don’t understand how they can sit there for hours playing a game. There is no way they would pretend to be interested. They’d be more likely to break up with a guy for gaming than to date him for that reason.

    Which isn’t to say I don’t know any girl gamers in real life. The ones I do know I no longer live close to but they are real gamers. One of them isn’t even into guys so she would definitely not fake liking games for male attention.

    Now I suppose this stereotypical “Gamer Girl” could exist, I’ve just never met her. I’ve been luck that alll the guys I’ve met in real life who game haven’t treated me any different than they treat any other gamer. We just discuss games. There’s no talk about sex, they don’t acted shocked that I like video games (except with the possible exception of my age since I’m 43 and a Mom), they’ve all been excellent. I had heard that guys were being sexist jerks about girl gamers but I hadn’t experienced it until reading the comments on your video. I just can’t believe how hateful they were. It’s insane how offended they are over the whole concept. I can see girls getting upset (sort of) over the stereotype of “gamer girl” but guys getting offended – well, I just don’t get it.

    When I told people at work about the whole issue they all pretty much said it sounded like those guys needed to get out of their parents basement and get a life. I know, that is another stereotype but in their case I think they kinda deserve the comment – if anyone deserves someone saying something hateful.

    I just want to say that you shouldn’t let those guys get you down. You are awesome. I hate Country Music with a fiery passion but I thought your video was cute. I’m a girl that loves to game, and my boyfriend is a country boy. We shouldn’t work but somehow we do. Thanks to me he knows who Nathan Fillion is – I got him into Firefly. I would have him watch The Guild but since he’s not familiar with the internet or gaming culture I’m not sure he’d get it – though he could surprise me.

    I think you’re real. You’re definitely a real gamer. That’s not something you can fake. Even now when you’re so busy you take the time to respond to your fans. You once DMd me on Twitter and it was the coolest thing ever. No matter what new experiment you try I’ll be watching it. It’s awesome to see people try new things.

    Wow, this ended up practically being a book. I’ve just thought way too much about this, I was one of the girls insulted on YouTube over this whole thing. I just thought they were dumb jerks, but I hated that they made you feel bad. Just keep doing what you’re doing and remember that your fans love you the way you are. Don’t ever change.

  • Allyson (Toronto Gal)

    Felicia, as you’re a person who seems to go out of her way to be kind-hearted and accepting towards people, I’m really sorry to hear you were hurt by the unnecessary trolling. I myself watched as the pointlessly cruel comments started racking up, and struggled to comprehend why people enjoy such jarringly mean-spirited activity. It really smacks of underlying insecurity.

    At the risk of sounding like Fawkes, there’s a quote that floats around in my head – ‘If the idiots hate you, it proves you’re not one of them’. I mean, people that take perverse pleasure in tearing others down – can you imagine if folks like that actually *liked* you? The fact that they’ve shunned you from their ‘awesome’ club is actually kind of a great compliment 🙂

    I’ve already said a flavor of this in the Flog comments, but I’m just really super-appreciative of how hard you work to be a counter-point to folks like that.

    I’ll put it this way. Picture a girl standing in a field. A game is about to be played and she’s in front of two teams, hoping that one of them will pick her. Being kind of gangly and awkward, she’s not really destined to be anyone’s top pick.

    First up is ‘Team Troll’ lead by Captain ‘Core Gamer’. He looks at the girl with a sneer. There’s no way they want her on their team. Because their reason for playing the game is for the Status, Acclaim, Power, and Elitism. They certainly don’t represent all passionate gamers. They’re merely the folks that use gaming as a glorified ego-pedestal. In this arena they’re dominant and it makes them feel special. And they enjoy rejecting others to further emphasize just how ‘elite’ and ‘special’ they are.

    Next up is ‘Team Geek and Sundry’, lead by Captain Felicia Day. She looks at the girl with a welcoming smile, and waves her over to come and play. Because to her credit, Felicia’s reason for playing the game isn’t to boost her own sense of status – it’s to see people enjoy themselves, build friendships, and form a community. Kind of like the underlying theme of this show I dearly enjoy. What was it called again? Oh yeah – ‘The Guild’.

    The point? For my whole life, I’ve been that girl standing in that field, hoping to be picked. And I’m hugely grateful that there are people like you out there – its people like you that make people like me feel welcome 🙂

    And I dearly thank you for that!

  • Rob

    Hi Felicia,

    Hope you are feeling well now — that is enormous work. I am seriously in love with all your recent work and looking forward to more of your creations in the coming days/weeks/months. But, please do stay safe and healthy.

    I always look forward to the FLOG and I am probably among the ones who first watched it. And I thought it was really fun and enjoyable. At the start, there were minor constructive comments. But when I went to the video again, I saw a lot of hate in the comments — which I particularly didn’t understand. I guess the saying “Haters gonna hate” is true; they’ll simply find something out of nothing just to be able to hate and put people down.

    The fact to you got to blog about this means that you got really affected with all the “flaming”. But, the fact that you got to write about this means that you want to address it and face the issues. I really admire you for that. You tried to explain your side and I think that clearly enough. Whatever other negative comments you will receive from this is definitely not your problem anymore.

    We love you and love your work! Please continue to make yourself happy and make us happy too!

    Your fan,

  • Yeah, I don’t hate “gamer girls”, but if someone calls themselves that I take it as a good indication that gender is a priority over gaming (aka casual and/or AW). Not bad to have around chat/vent for amusement, but for raiding I’d want a girl that considered herself a straight up gamer.

  • Elizabeth

    Haters gon’ hate, Ms. Day and those who hate this way are less than stellar. You are an inspiration to us all– gamer girls and gamer guys. Thank you for being vocal about who you are and what you love.

    Please take care of yourself and remember that you have many fans who adore you. Sending positive, happy thoughts your way!

  • Volgeek

    On behalf of the rest of my gender, I’d like to apologize for the trolls. We try our best to keep them isolated in their parents’ basements but they keep managing to gain access to the internet.

    Some of their reactions were the result of a visceral hatred of country music. I get it, that genre doesn’t appeal to every one. That doesn’t mean that the song and video are bad, it just means that it did not appeal to them. And to claim that you can’t sing shows that they are just being mean for the sake of it.

    Others reacted to the phrase “gamer girl”. I expect most of those to either be very young with limited experience dealing with females or girls who object to the stereotypical image that the phrase conjures up. Just look at the hate Team Unicorn got for their “Geek & Gamer Girls” video. I would not be surprised to see that some of the same people who are attacking you also attacked them.

    Please don’t let them get to you, for every one of them, there are thousands, even tens of thousands, who enjoy and appreciate what you do. You are an inspiration to many boys an girls, men and women. The world of webseries is expanding in quantity and in quality largely because of the work you have done. You keep raising the bar higher for yourself and that forces others to try to do better too.

    Thank you for the hours of laughter and smiles you have provided me, I look forward to many more.

  • People get angry at the strangest things.

  • Don’t let the hate get you down! You’re wonderful and talented and a pioneer in entertainment. Keep it up, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. 😀

  • WH

    I thought the song was great… It let me show my F150-driving partner a little bit of what’s cool about you and Geek&Sundry. It’s kind of a gateway song. 😉

  • Jessie

    I think part of the issue really is that there’s been a paradigm shift, and it’s not quite complete.

    When I started out in tech, like you said, you didn’t refer to yourself as a geek girl or a gamer girl. For both the reason you stated – changing minds by being who you are – and also for the less pleasant fact that in order to get people to start seeing you as a geek or a techie vs. a girl, pushing the girl label was something to be avoided. Which meant, at the time, most people you saw labeling themselves as a ‘geek girl’or a gamer girl were the type of stereotype that they’re referring to.

    Then in the last little while, there’s started to be a push towards geek girl power & really identifying as that, and for the longest time it didn’t feel right to me too. What did it matter if I was a girl? But then in the last little while I’ve seen some of the amazing stuff coming out of the community, & out of that kind of togetherness, & it’s kind of thawed me to that idea, & got me starting to embrace it. (& weirdly this embrace isn’t only in the geek community itself – I ended up getting dragged into public speaking recently because of the desire to encourage girls in tech & what that represents)

    But the shift is still a work in progress, & I think a lot of that residual stereotype still ends up rearing it’s head – especially, sadly, in cases like your lovely video.

    Well, that and of course the truest adage of the internets – haters gonna hate.

  • Scott R.

    It was OK, but I don’t really like country music. It was an interesting experiment, but I hope you don’t do another country song.

    Beware! I have a friend who was a gamer, but then he got into country music. Now he no longer games; he’s a country music DJ. (I don’t really think it was the music that corrupted him; perhaps it was just time for him to move on.)

  • Hessmara

    Great song- very entertaining! Keep up the good work.

  • Matt

    Felicia, I have to say your work is funny as hell, both the video and g&s. It’s one of the things I look forward to after a long day. Don’t let any of these jackhole comments get you down. It’s usually the ones without a creative bone in their body that like to try and tear one’s work down. You and your crew are amazingly talented, never forget that! But don’t work to the point that it causes your health to suffer. We can wait…most of us are somewhat patient to see what else you come up with. So keep the faith and slainte.

  • OT question for posters in the know..

    How did you get a picture associated with your blog comments here (logged in to what / where??) and are there other benefits accruing from membership.

    I looked around FD’s blog (more than once.. honest) and couldn’t find the secret keyhole.

    Bonus shout to the divine but headless Ms Mary Higgins, of immortal ELE application office fame.

    #DrH turned me on to Guildies.

    Signed, Jealous Bear

  • Alex

    To focus on the first part: please take care of yourself. I’m the first guy to beg for more Felicif.. Felif.. Feliciafi… Day-y goodness and videos, but I think none of us could truly enjoy them, if we knew that you’re burning yourself out to make them.

    I hope you will find the right balance, where your work can give you satisfaction without damaging your health or spirit. Seriously, I’d rather deal with a Felicia-free period than having to worry about you (and I generally start doing that after 24h of you not twittering 😉 ).

    And the rest. I don’t know why I got involved in the comments (YT is making it impossible to really follow a discussion with the way comments are laid out… but I might just be too dumb to find the right switch to flip).

    It just annoyed me to see kids who didn’t even exist when you were already gaming, thinking they have any right to decide who gets himself a gamer. I’ll repeat it here: that’s like Michael Bay telling Spielberg or Scorsese that they aren’t real film makers.

    I missed most of the comments, so I guess coming late might have saved my sanity. By that time there was focus on gamer girls in particular anymore. It just felt like a bunch of people being all bitter that “their” thing was getting popular and they couldn’t feel all special about it anymore. It would explain the silly need to decry everything as “casual” and point out how everybody else isn’t a “real” gamer.

    To be honest, just because of people like that, we are getting close to the point where I would feel ashamed to be called a “core gamer” and would rather associate with “casuals”. At least they don’t feel a need to constantly attack others for their imagined lack of dedication to a HOBBY. (Seriously, do I have to pick between being a gamer and not being unemployed?)

    Anyway, I guess you faced and bested your first big sh*t storm and held up well. Take comfort in knowing that it will never be as bad as the first time.

    About you being lucky. You truly have been (though you being really good and talented might have to do with it).

    Success -> attention -> fame -> troll hate.

    A sad and simple rule of life (that didn’t matter before the Internet gave everybody a voice). You have been pretty successful and getting a lot of attention for quite a while. It is a bit of a miracle that it took them so long to find an excuse.

  • Greybeard

    I smiled. Then I laughed. Nothing there for a sane person to hate. It was just pure fun & long may you continue.

  • Felicia – as a gamer girl who just met you at Origins (I was the one who blew you up in BANG! Oops. My bad.), you are awesome and do not deserve any of the hate thrown at you. I thought the video was cute and fun. I liked it. I love your singing voice. I love your humor. I say keep up the joy and keep making good art. ~Jenn

  • Daniel

    I guess the backlash was inevitable. I am a huge fan of your work, especially on the guild, and I’m not even that much of a gamer. You seem like a genuine artist trying to do good by your talents and bringing a lot of people joy along the way and you have the complete support of people like me who value substance. You are a beautiful person in many ways and I hope whatever hurt the idiots-with-a-cause caused you was minimal.

  • Loopsie

    Some people just like to be mean. F*cl them. I liked your eyeshadow.

  • I just hope Ms Day realises that for every moronic, mouth breathing, fleshlight owning idiot that decided to post something insulting about her latest video, there are hundreds of people who think she kicks ass and produces highly entertaining material.

  • Kris


    I really hope you are doing better, as much as I love your stuff you need to take care of yourself.

    Personally, the video was not my favorite that you have done, but I still enjoyed. You took a risk and produced something new. It looked like you had a lot of fun doing it. Don’t get caught up in what other people think; do what makes you happy. They didn’t flame you cause they hate country or term gamer girl; they did it because they can.

    The internet allows for people to remain anonymous and therefore they do not have to take responsibility for their actions. Ignore them and keep doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

  • I may be in a miniscule minority, but I actually *liked* the yellow eyeshadow – but it made me wonder if I’d missed that this make-up trend was coming back again. (For a hot minute about 35 years ago, colors like these were popular. Zsa Zsa Gabor had a short-lived make-up line – and one item was a yellow eyeshadow compact, which I kept for its kitsch value. It’s nowhere near as vivid as yours, though.) It made you look as different from “country” as possible – and a bit exotic. And anyway, lady, no make-up can make *you* look bad.

    I’m sorry that you’ve been sick, and that some folks have been such vocal dicks to you – even after Whil Wheaton ; ] has told us all not to be. You’re a talent and a leader, and as such, a lightening rod for attention, both negative and positive.

    Rest, relax, restore, do what you do best, and consider the fact that the creeps that are filed with such bile have to live with themselves. Karma, baby.

  • Shane

    I called out one of the haters on his/her/it’s comments and the reply I got was so incredibly stupid it made me realize none of them could even legitimately back up what they were saying. Some people are just so insecure, Felicia, that they will take any opportunity to attack someone that intimidates them. Someone like you who is beautiful, smart, funny, creative, talented….and normal. It’s easy to say “don’t let them get to you” and probably impossible to actually do just that.
    So I say do two things: One, constantly think about your fans, the ones who follow you and support what you do. And two, honestly, look at those complaints…and consider the source.
    You’re awesome Felicia. This household loves you!

  • Matt

    Miss Day,
    Thank you for combining two of my favorite things. The “Country Boy – Gamer Girl” video was like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for the other senses! Bonnie Burton sent out a message on Facebook telling us of your trouble with some people tanked up on too much Haterade and I just had to come over and show my support for your endeavours. I grew up on a 120-acre farm in southwest Ohio and discovered pen-an-paper RPGs in 1982. Still love country music (was country music DJ at one point in my life) and still love gaming (eagerly anticipating the new Patfinder RPG book due out next week and currently playtesting D&D Next). Keep up the phenomonal job htat you are doing, but for the sake of your health – slow down. Sorry I missed you at ECCC in 2010. Hope to meet you sometime as well as the other cast members of The Guild.


  • Len Sessions

    You’re a damn gateway drug.
    I’d been hearing about The Guild for a few years but, as I’m trying to curtail my viewing commitments, the last thing I needed was a new show to follow.
    Then a few weeks ago I was at my brother in law’s house when he watched season 1 (I’m from the UK – & was in LA while you were in the UK).
    Since then I’ve watched all 5 seasons and every Guild convention panel & interview that You Tube has to offer.
    Then I watched everything every actor in The Guild has done. Except Jeff’s 5 Minute Comedy Hour – watched that twice,
    Then I proceeded to The Guild comics, most of the Geek & Sundry shows and a couple of the web series you said you liked (especially Awkward Embraces). And all the VagFantasy discussions.
    Then I checked out other web series, like Husbands & Fresh Hell.
    I hate country. And after Monday’s Flog I watched 2 other Jason Charles Miller videos. YouTube’d.
    Never underestimate the impact you have.
    Just listen to Wil and DON’T READ THE COMMENTS (but I hope you read this one).

  • Kat

    I actually liked the video (I’m a geek girl/gamer girl *and* a country girl, as it happens) but I really agree with the others: don’t let the haters get you down. You’re awesome

  • Jen

    you’re my hero!

  • Lukas

    Please don’t overthink this. There are a lot of gamers who think it’s okay to treat other people (especially women) like crap. Often, there’s no real reason behind it, it’s just a mob of morons looking for a victim (see also: the reaction to the “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” Kickstarter project).

    I know it’s not easy to do that, because they’re very loud, but I think it’s best to just ignore them, and not let them bring you down.

    Also, the video is awesome.

  • Chris

    You are a talented, creative, beautiful gamer. Keep doing what you’re doing, you will always have people who love what you do. If people have a problem with something you do, it is their problem, not yours.

    “EFF” em if they can’t take a joke.

    Your fan,

  • Roy

    Jumped here from Bad Astronomer tweet.
    This was a great video, good song, and wow – an after school special worthy ‘moral message’ to boot.

    Haters need something to fill up their empty lives..

  • Mark


    You are one of the most frenetic, fun, fanciful people I have ever seen on tv/internet. When you do your flogs, and make things that are creative I don’t understand how anyone can flame you for that. I mean ok country is not really my thing, but I thought the video was funny and creative. If people can’t see you were just having fun… They need to get a life!

    Keep on creating,


  • Shinobi

    Can I, a total stranger, just be outraged on your behalf for a second?

    After everything that you have done to promote the idea that gamers aren’t a strange sect of men in black trench coats? After giving gamers a real voice in social media? After all the awesomeness of free entertainment you have provided for our nerdy minds? They do this shit?

    What the ever loving fuck?!

    I’m envisioning these assholes trapped in video game hell where they are being constantly being ganked by girls, and I’m enjoying it. (This sentence could read wrongly if you don’t know what ganked means, but trust me, it’s bad.)

  • So why aren’t these guys getting horribly flamed for being ridiculously serious about “being” gamers in the first place? Why so proud of such a “vocation,” anyway? What they’re doing is getting defensive. and people are only defensive when they feel threatened, exposed and ashamed.

  • Will

    Well said, Ms. Felicia. Never let some folks’ hatred cause you to hide your light under a basket. 🙂

  • Matt M

    I liked the video and thought it was fun. Can’t imagine anyone getting upset about it.

  • Jenn

    I’m not usually the commenting type, but for what it’s worth:
    Thank you so much for doing what you do. You are the first person on screen I can actually relate to. My fiance (and the rest of my family for that matter) laugh at me when we watch the flog or one of your other shows, saying “no wonder you like her, shes just like you!” And I love it. So forget the mean people, and remeber the rest of us, who admire what you do and can’t wait to see the results of your next project!!

  • Kat

    I love everything you do– your rampant curiosity is so much fun!

    I think you are right identifying the word “girl” as a trigger. Think about “throw like a girl” and “scream like a girl”… these terms are not meant as compliments. They are putdowns. Couple “girl” with the word “gamer” and you threaten their gamer identity by trivializing it.

    The attacks had everything to do with misogyny and nothing to do with you or eye shadow or country music… or bikinis.

  • I’m sorry you had to deal with garbage from losers. People so often miss the spirit of something, and women are far too often the targets of online attacks. Get well, keep your health and remember that for every 100 psycho assholes, there’s one of us who thinks you’re awesome.

  • Hi Felicia,
    Thank you so much for making this video. For all that some people may gripe about the stereotypes of “Gamer Girls” I think it was well done and I identify heartily with it. I am a girl who started playing tabletop RPGs in the 90s and met my Husband of 14 years in a gaming shop. But before that I dated one of the biggest country boys you will ever meet and it was awesome. Who says gamer girls cant like country anyways. I like all types of music!

  • Leslie

    I’m so glad there’s someone like you to look to in this crazy world of male dominated gaming. Those hurtful kinds of comments are the reason why I don’t even think of online gaming anymore, it’s purely campaign mode for me now. Every video/flog/what have you that you make, makes this world a bit more happy for people like me!

  • Felicia, You are such an inspiration! As a gamer of the female persuasion , I LOVE country music and I though the video was fun, quirky and loved it because of that smashing of worlds. You obviously had fun making it and that’s all that matters!
    As a fan who submitted my silly Invilsalingua drawing just with the hopes of knowing you’d see it, KEEP DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE DOING! There are going to be haters, no matter what. Don’t make things for the masses. Make things that make you happy. You’re so successful at it and you clearly have lots of fans who support whatever you do because it’s what you want to do. Don’t worry about the others.
    Now take a week or so off and get back your health. We’ll all still be here for you. You’re one of the very few non-bikini gamer girls and we need you exactly as you are!

  • Gary

    I have followed your work for years. Buffy, the guild, dr horrible, g&s, etc. I have to say that you always put out amazing stuff. I am sorry there are haters in the world. Don’t let them get you down, just try and ignore the trolls. You fans will always support you.

  • Steve

    Hi Felicia,
    I just wanted to add my support for all the work you do. I only found Geek & Sundry last month, so it’s been a crash course in Day studies but well worth it. I’m certainly a fan and look forward to seeing what you’ll do next as you clearly make a lot of people happy.

  • When I saw this, I thought of you. Illegitimi non carborundum.!

  • Evergreen

    You made me like a country song; that is an accomplishment!

    I don’t know why there seems to be so much hatred and venom towards women lately. It’s seems like any time a woman stands up for herself, or women, or just tries to represent herself as something other than an object, all this hate springs up.

    Between this:

    and this:

    and this:

    And now this (here). And that’s just what I’ve seen today. Why do some men hate women so much? I don’t get it. Is it because they think we are supposed to look/act like this?:

    Treating someone as an equal doesn’t make the first person any less (whether gender, race, etc.); why is that so hard for some to understand?

    Anyways, you are awesome, and the haters aren’t worth thinking about! I haven’t seen you do anything yet that wasn’t worth watching!

  • Cam

    As Lukas mentioned, you are not the only one who has sparked the Ass-hat Gamer Boy hatred:

    But maybe you don’t want to read that – makes you want to just turn off the internet.

    Actually, Geek & Sundry is one of the few reasons I still use the internet, so thank you, take a break, and we will be here waiting when you are ready to continue making the wacky, hilarious, clever, entertaining, over-the-top-yellow-eye-shadowed morsels of grade-A indie-geek entertainment that we have all come to love.

  • Jane

    Since seeing you at Origins..I have viewed all of Geek and Sundry – and your You Tube Channel – you are an amazing talent. Just know it.

  • Evil Ian

    Would not an endless amounts of posts of nothing but adoration, praise and devotion just be plain awful? If not for the “Haters” there would only be one color. Life would be quite boring with only one color. Yellow Submarine would never have gotten made.

    Just say’n….

    • Pommefrites

      No, @Evil Ian. There’s a difference between “I’m not a big fan of country and your video doesn’t do it for me” and “OMG ur sux I’ll merder yr cats and get back n th kitchen NOOOOOBZZ!” Acting like a troglodyte isn’t a legitimate point of view.

  • Flicia, I love that video. I was actually raised country. Chickens, turkeys, open land and wide spaces. I’m also a girl, and I game.

    You are doing something incredible for the “gamer girl’s” out there. Keep it up. You’re amazing, and we need more real girls instead of bikini girls and booth bunnies visible so the next generation will know they don’t have to hide what they love, or be something their not.

  • I thought the video was hilarious. Country music, Tetris tights and all.

    Heck, I even liked the yellow eyeshadow. Though my taste is often questionable.

    As to the backlash: ugh. Sometimes it’s genuine hate, sometimes it’s just trolling to see who can say the most inappropriate thing (how many different insult bingo squares can I squeeze into the character limit?) but either way, it’s nasty and upsetting and it shouldn’t be tolerated. I hope YouTube comes down hard on the hate speech and threats.

    Either way, stay classy, Felicia. You rock.

  • Claire

    You’re just creating things. Fun, random things. Thanks for being willing to put your art out there!

    That is all…

  • Meelana


    I really enjoyed the video and have enjoyed alot of what you do. Both my husband and I game and have for years. I appreciate you and I like how you are willing to work with the cliche’s and sterotypes and poke fun at ourselves. Thank you.

  • celticchrys

    I thought it was an amusing video. I also thought a gamer girl to be a girl who plays games. It must be a new connotation brought about by these whipper-snappers under the age of 30. I grew up a gamer all the way, since the arcades of the 80s, and most of my friends who pulled all-night PC/NES/Genesis sessions were female, and sometimes called ourselves gamer girls. I thought the new video was great fun. Don’t let a lot of hyper young males get you down for not taking their stereotypes seriously enough.

  • Felicia,
    You are always enthusiastic, positve and fun in everything you do; so I (like many others) always look forward to seeing your new work. I enjoy everything you do.
    Keep up the good work and look after yourself. Thanx for being you.


    P.S. You must be doing somthing right, this is my first online post ever … and Ive running internet companies in AU for 14 years now!

  • Northwind

    Hello, Felicia

    Apologies in advance for the long post.

    I think you have it about half right regarding the hate. I also think you may be missing two elements as well as to why this experience may have been such a miserable one. I might have missed comments about these in comments above (lots of them to read!), so if I am redundant on it, sorry!

    I suspect some of the haters may have been attacking the gamer girl label, but I think the country music choice was also a target. For whatever reason, some people think country music and gaming have about as much reason to be together as an ostrich and a tire iron. Throw in a generous dose of self-importance (which many haters have in their personality) and an alarming lack of a sense of humor — well, what happened this week is the result. Since I am still alive (I game and I have an extensive music library, including country music from Hank Williams Senior all the way up to Carrie Underwood and a lot of things in between), enjoying country music while rampaging through a virtual adventure is not that incompatible. I’m cautiously optimistic that there are many other closet-country music gamers out there as well 😉

    The elements I think you might have overlooked in your thoughts about what happened are your health and the apparent rigid “fan comments” that were flamed off in your direction. First, the health problems. You mentioned you were quite ill — pneumonia. That plus exhaustion equals a diminished capacity to handle stressful situations, such as unfair attacks against your work. Very few people are in their best humor or spirit when sick or recovering from a recent but significant illness (pneumonia counts here) so the attacks sting a bit more. Add in your kind, fun, sharing personality and OUCH! I think if your health were near optimal, you would have been able to put this aside sooner with less pain — and, no, this is not a critical comment, just an observation based on personal experiences.

    The other element I think were some of the so-called “former fan” comments I read. Some people posted to the effect of “you lost all of my respect for this” or “you sold out!”. Really? One misstep in your mind, Mr. Alleged Fan, and it’s zero charisma? Felicia, you do not need “fans” like that because you can never please them. They have you framed into a perfectly structured habit of activity in their minds that you must always adhere to (never mind you are not aware of their rules, nor should you care) and will do nothing but criticize you if you step out of it. Forget those alleged fans. If they want to be that controlling, they can go buy some marionettes and practice puppetry.

    Hmm… now that might be a Skill Set moment for the Flog… learning to make puppets work…

    For the record, I loved the video. Shared it with a friend who works at a radio station. He thought it was funny, cute, and enjoyable, too. Yellow eyeshadow was oddly fitting for it, although I felt the need to find my sunglasses…

    You have a gift, Felicia. Thanks for sharing it with the world. Get well, get your life in order (closets, friends, etc), and know that you are greatly appreciated by the people who know what the word “fan” means. 🙂

  • Pommefrites

    Felicia, sorry you were trolled so hard. Maybe it’s somewhat of a rite of passage? Video didn’t really do it for me, but who cares? (That’s rhetorical, trolls.) I had “I’m the one that’s cool” stuck in my head for a month–damn, there it is again, or yay, actually–and I generally like most of what you do (The Guild, Eureka, Dr. horrible, etc.), but even if I wasn’t a fan of this particular video, I’d never lash out and attack you personally for it; that’s ridiculous. I’m fairly sure that the haters came from elsewhere just to cause you grief. It’s unlikely they’ve been longtime fans or anything, and they were unlikely to be swayed by anything you do, so ignore them. They deserve nothing but our pity.

  • Mike

    I just wanted to let you know that you’re probably the most talented person I’ve never met. Everything you do impresses me: your work as a writer and an actress; your championing of internet video and ceaseless, innovative labor in its evolution; your unremitting efforts toward the recognition of the intrinsic equality of the respective
    sexes; and the grace and demeanour with which you respond to fans and critics alike.
    I imagine having your work held up to the scrutiny of millions can be difficult at times, but you should think of how many people’s lives have changed for the better as a direct consequence of the work you do. It’s all but effortless to make an abusive comment on youtube, and the people who do so suffer no detriment from having viewed (assuming they even do so) something they didn’t enjoy. The people who have seen your work and are inspired to write or act or do practically anything that they were previously too afraid to are people you’ve given the opportunity to become truly happy in their work.

    I won’t say don’t let it get to you when things like this happen because it’s an inescapable facet of human nature to do exactly that, but perhaps you should look at some of those negative comments and think how you’d appraise them if they were posted on someone else’s video. If you wade through all the comments and see how many were nonsensical, irrational or malicious for the sake of it, you notice fairly quickly that they were written by people who you need not waste time communicating with or trying to understand. They’re the type of people who start a fire just to watch it burn, and whilst they may pretend aversion to the term “gamer girl” as a justification for their attacks, in reality they’re just a bunch of bored, misogynistic dicks doing what bored misogynistic dicks do best.

  • Jokayhn

    Why in the world would anyone be hateful of you playing a gamer girl. You are a girl, you are into gaming, you just happen to be attractive. That doesnt equate to that girl at game conventions pretending to be a gamer in booths or whatever the hell the point is. As if there really is anything wrong with that. I see women go in to Gamestop for games, not just to follow along with their boy friends. Whats the big deal. I thought it was a fun video. I didnt really care for it like I did your other recent songs/videos. They arent all going to be perfect. Point is to keep taking chances. Low-fi? Seriously, I couldnt tell. Looked fine to me and if it looked fine and didnt cost much and if that meant you were able to get it done and out there then so be it. Its this thing called jealousy, you were able to just throw a video up and get attention and they are stuck in some game waiting room dealing with little kids verbally tea bagging them even though the kid couldn’t play worth crap. OMNG I hate that! Anyway, your fans love you, even the ones that have never said a thing before in one of your comment threads like me.

  • John

    One of the basic rules of the Internet is that responding to trolling and harassment only exponentially increases that trolling and harassment. This blog post was a bad idea.

  • Laura B

    I just assumed you might be dating that guy and so that’s why you picked country. Is that wrong?

  • Simon

    I dunno why anyone would would want to troll and flood your site with nasty comments, you are a kind person and the people who have been nasty obivously have nothing else better to do. You said about your eyeshadow being a bad choice, I don’t think it was bad at all. Don’t take it the wrong way Felicia but I thought you looked really cute with you choice of clothing, makeup and the different facial expressions through out the video.

    I’m not really into gaming but I do like your work and I also like country music and when I saw the video on your Facabook page I watched it and I really do like the song, to the point that I’ve got it bookmarked so I can watch it. Are you going to release it as a single?

  • Jeff

    Speaking as someone who waits eagerly for each episode of the Flog, I just don’t get the haters. You brighten my day and make me laugh. Trust me, that’s a HELL of an accomplishment!

  • James

    I haven’t read through all the comments here, so maybe someone already made this point, but I think part of the reason for the flaming is insecurity on the part of the “male gamers”. I know gamers are a diverse group, and don’t physically conform to the geek stereotype, but an attractive “gamer girl” falling in love with a hard working country guy has to be jarring to those who have built their identity in a culture that does not emphasize physical size or strength. I am a physically fit tradesman and gamer. I interact with people on both sides of this social fence. In my honest opinion, I think this video triggered their insecurities by showing them that they now have to compete for “gamer girl” attention with guys who they may not be able to compete with physically. Just my two cents on it.

  • Stay CREATIVE Felicia!!! I love watching your creative output… what I find in today’s world haters/trolls are always jealous of a successful and happy people.

  • Michael

    I just wanted to say, I love pretty much everything Felicia Does. I decided to let my money do the talking and I went to amazon and purchased the mp3 of this song. I loved it. Living in Wyoming, I am a country boy/nerd. And gamer girls are awesome. This is a nice mixture of country music and gamer/nerdiness. I look forward to the next musical hit. Maybe it should be a song about trolls and how they suck. I would buy that one also.

  • Liz

    <3 I've always looked up to you! Anons on the internet are like douchebag drivers on the highway. They think because their windows are tinted and they don't know the other people on the road that it gives them the right to make their own pathetic life seem better by being rude to others.

    I feel sorry for them. People like this obviously weren't lucky enough to have someone as awesome as you in their gaming circles. They are deprived. They think, oh, my gaming circle was filled with awkward people who did literally nothing but play Tetris all day, and not a one of them was an adorable, intelligent girl with presence. Felicia Day is beautiful and talented, she must not be a real gamer, because it doesn't fit into my pathetic understanding of what a real gamer is. *nose pick*

    Feel better, you are awesome, and no decent human being would ever write nasty things about you.

  • Ellyce

    Felicia, I think the eyeshadow was FINE for the video. And I am a woman who almost never wears makeup!

  • Don’t worry about the trolls.

    I think you hit it on the nail about why so many people were “hating” though. The reason why you are so loved by so many gamers is that you are a real gamer, that actually understands gamer stuff. Not JUST (because I enjoy these things too) a “boom, head shot”, rock band-playing girl, and that stereotype does exist unfortunetely.

    Anyways, keep up the great work, but don’t work too much. Take a breather, watch some movies, play a game that you can beat so you can feel that satisfaction!

  • Samantha Jane

    *hugs for you* Get better soon! Enjoy Diablo … its soooo fun! Enjoy a cup of tea and know that by and large you are loved!

  • Axel

    Sorry to hear about the hate (haters gonna hate sadly ;P) and you coming down sick.
    I don’t personally enjoy country music and I think that the issue was as you mentioned the term ‘Gamer Girl’ which compared to just being a ‘Gamer’ (gender unspecific) or a ‘Female’/’Male’ Gamer (gender specific obv).
    ‘Gamer Girl’ seems to have been mainly misconceived as someone using ‘Gaming’ to seek attention though. (Which is sadly true in most cases so there is a basis for why it’s come to be seen like this)
    And as I follow you and I know that you yourself catalog yourself as a ‘gamer’ (I completely agree with the statement).
    So I think it’s mostly those that don’t follow / know you that misconceive you as belonging to the other category. (or it could just be a general ‘call to troll’ by four-chan or the like) <- which could be for any reason -_-

    So just take heart and ignore all non constructive criticism, because the internet certainly has a lot of trolls / haters and general @holes ;D
    And since internet also makes everything global, there is just no way you can ever make everyone happy so just do your best to complete your goals/projects to your own contentment/satisfaction.

  • Stinkingrose


    First: I love your work, please keep doing what you do so well, and thank you for doing it.

    Just adding my voice to the throng. I’m probably old enough to be your mother, and I played D&D with “the guys” on graph paper “wayback” before it was cool to be a nerd. I definitely wasn’t wearing a bikini then, and I’m not about to start wearing one now.
    I’m now a middle-aged, middle class, married, and a mother. I am embracing my inner geek, and refuse to apologize to anyone for it. You are an inspiration to me and to young women everywhere.

    Do what you enjoy. Do what you love. As for everyone else? Screw ’em.

  • I’m sorry to say that for about 2 years ago I was one of those people that thought you were a fake just using your geek cred for popularity, and then I read more about you, watched the Guild, learned about how you created most of it, etc.
    Now you’re one of my absolutely most inspirational people on the net, and one of the few people I look up to and want to be like.
    I want to thank you for putting yourself out there, for doing what you love, and working so hard to make entertainment for all of us.

    I’ve grown and learned so much about both the internet and shallow websites since then, but I still feel bad for judging without knowing.

    You give me so much hope and inspiration; as a geek, gamer and general internet user, but also as a woman who would love to work in the entertainment industry some day, as a writer or director or other creating venues I can only dream about. Especially with all the backlash against women that has arisen lately.

    Thank you!

  • Staffan

    Felicia, I’m going to agree with all the other people here and say that the video was awesome. YOU are awesome. As for why people would write horrible things in the comments, I invite you to google “john gabriel’s greater internet theory” for an answer (or just go to – it explains everything.

    As for the pneumonia stuff… take it easy. I can’t believe that out of almost 200 geeks here I’m going to be the first one to quote Count Rugen: “Get some rest. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” While the man was completely evil, he did have some good advice.

  • Stobie Piel

    Thank you, Felicia! You make it a lot easier to be a woman & a gamer, & just a person doing what they enjoy. I’m sorry you’ve been slapped with this trollette insanity – so, so mean.

  • Felicia-

    You definitely don’t remember me, but I remember you. I got the distinct pleasure to meet you at this year’s E3 at the Hawken/Machinima party.

    With that said, I’m going to reiterate what I said to you then. I admire what you do, and what you represent. I’m inspired everyday by the things you’ve accomplished in the name of geeks everywhere! You’re video was super fun– period end. Even the way you handled the trolling was sophisticated and elegant. It speaks to the kind of person you are.

    You could have sunk to the subzero depths to sling mud and instead you took the decent man’s high road. It is commendable and humbling. It shows all of how we should treat similar situations in our daily lives.

    I hope you are feeling better and hope that things balance out for you. The creative processes that you are involved in require that balance of body, mind and soul. Stay hydrated and well rested.

    We are all with you!

  • Stobie Piel

    Oh… and the boots in the hay bale/dessert scene? I want them.

  • Brian

    Felicia Day, I didn’t like the video because I don’t like country music. But I am a fan of everything you do, and I will always be a fan. Just because I didn’t like one thing you did doesn’t mean that I am no longer a fan. Regarding haters & trolls, the appropriate way to respond if you don’t like something on YouTube is to simply click “dislike” on the video, not watch the video, and not buy the video from iTunes. Leaving harassing comments is very immature. Ignore the haters! Don’t feed the trolls!

  • Christopher


    I come from a background of being bullied a lot when I was younger. The part of the Internet that feels they need to do these sorts of things makes me cringe. Your response is well thought out. Please do not take this emotionally (something that I know is much much easier said than done!). It has taken me much of my life to actually feel comfortable in my own skin due to being trolled and bullied IRL when I was younger. You and all your cohorts do such an awesome job with Geek and Sundry, it has become part of my Saturday morning ritual to catch up on all the new G+S videos for the week. Thank you for being suh an awesome and “realistic” role model (especially to those geek girls out there!).

    – C

  • Spoofnerd

    What I find so utterly confusing is that a music video that pretty much edifies tolerance should get so much intolerant backlash.

    I am a girl.
    I am a gamer.
    I have been playing video games since I was five years old and you had to hook your computer to your TV for a monitor and save your games on a cassette tape.

    We exist people, get the hell over it already.

  • Amir


    Forget the haters. You have dozens of loyal fans. Baker’s dozens. (they come in thirteens).

    Loved the video. We always knew you can sing, but in this song you show you can SING. Amazing vocals. Well done.

    And I hope you feel better! The content you create is much appreciated, but take care not to overwork yourself (too much). It’s that pesky balance thing…

  • Matt

    Felicia, I think you are super awesome. You are clearly incredibly creative and smart and talented. I’ve enjoyed all of your many projects, especially Geek and Sundry. I am appalled at the crazy amounts of misogyny that erupts whenever women express an opinion or even just dare to exist on the Internet. A lot of people are saying “that’s just the way it is” or “ignore them,” but if we just turn our heads, it allows the trolls to marginalize and bully women with impunity. This is wrong. Wherever we see misogynist bullying in life or on the Internet, we need to speak up. Don’t let the assholes continue to rule by default.

    It’s true that feeding the trolls can backfire, but if the “haters are gonna hate” then it’s up to the rest of us to drown them out with love.

    Keep up the awesomeness, Felicia!

  • Mistervimes

    I am a country-boy AND a gamer. I read this at the request of my girlfriend (another beautiful gamer girl). I’m a fan of yours and it’s not because of your acting (which I love), or the Guild (which I love), but rather, because I am a country boy, I am a fan because of your genuineness — you represent our people (geeks) with such sincerity and love that a cowboy would have to love you.

    As to the matter of the song, I identified with it heavily (being a cowboy in love with a gamer girl) and so did my girlfriend. I love a good country song and you and Mr. Miller delivered one. Just keep doing what you do so well and know that for every hater out there lurking in their momma’s basement, that there is an army of (moderately) well-adjusted adult geeks that love what you do and would be diminished without it.

    I leave you with these words of cowboy wisdom from Waylon and Willy:
    “Them that don’t know him won’t like him and them that do,
    Sometimes won’t know how to take him.
    He ain’t wrong, he’s just different but his pride won’t let him,
    Do things to make you think he’s right.”

    Much love,

  • Frank


    As a fan and a real life county boy (who games too) I have to say “You go girl!”
    I love the video and we love you! Don’t let this get you down I even loved the eye shadow!

    Get some rest and keep doing what you do “we” your fans and there are a lot of us love you!
    And thank you!


  • Northwind

    Hello, Felicia,

    Spot check on the video as of 6 AM Mountain Time, June 18, 2012:
    164,701 views since it was presented to the world (and counting, I’m going to ramp it up in a minute to start my day)
    10,101 Likes (YAY!)
    2,185 Dislikes (eh, each their own)
    5-to-1 (roughly) ratio in your favor, a landslide of approval in my book
    Quality of Video still 9.95 out of 10 for fun from me.

    Keep up the fantastic work.
    Focus on fully recovering your health from your recent illness.
    Get back in touch with your friends and family.
    Keep being the graceful, thoughtful, courageous, and honest person you are — it’s refreshing to know that genuinely wonderful people still exist in the entertainment world.
    Keep that active, creative, sharp mind working on Geek and Sundry and all of its offerings.
    If you have any doubts about where you stand, just read the comments above — these people truly do admire you and your work. I echo them as well.

    Have a fantastic, memorable (in the best of good ways) week.

  • Felicia, I’ve been sort of following your career from afar since the early Guild days. I’ve never felt the need to comment before because I know that you have such a large following, one more voice wouldn’t make much of a difference. But, I felt like I had to log in to say I’m sorry you are going through this. Being sick is a bummer, and having to do it while dealing with rape threats must make it just awful. So, I just wanted to say now and officially…I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you because in a male dominated world, you took control of your own career and made work for yourself when there was none to be had. I’m proud of you because you project such a positive, happy persona. I’m proud of you because you are not afraid to stand up and own what you love (and the hell with what others might think). And I’m proud of you because no matter how much people try to pull you down, you just keep on keeping on. I don’t have any children, but if I had a little girl, I would tell her to look to you for all that a modern woman should be.

    I’m female, married, 40 years old, been playing MMORPG’s since 2001 and I do it wearing ratty tshirts and yoga pants. Just thought you might like to know.

  • Amanda

    Since I’m not part of the gamer culture I don’t understand the crazy, but still love you and everything geeky. I love the video it’s so smart and fun. Just remember when invisioning the future picture a boot being stomped on the face of a troll forever.

  • George Lazarides

    Felicia, I only came to know of you about a year ago but I was instantly amazed at how much you had accomplished and had been involved in before I realized it was “you.” I think that the trail you are helping to blaze is a good one and it will help some of the girls who may be closet geeks come out. I myself am a 45 year old male, married with 3 wonderful children, and I find my self living some of my repressed geeky-ness vicariously through some of the work you have produced or contributed to. Kudos to you on many levels.

    If somebody said something bad to or about me while I was growing up, my parents would tell me to “consider the source.” Which in this case kinda means to consider that they are commenting are not qualified to comment on that level about you, and they are commenting out of jealousy, frustration (that they will never reach the lofty level that you have), meanness, and maybe just to try get under your skin, and to just figuratively “hear themselves speak.” I’m not saying that you should just surround yourself with “yes men” (or “yes women”), nobody should do that.

    I think that “Squidy Girl” said a similar thing on her blog ( with this paragraph, “I’d really like to see any one of those commenters do even a third of the things she does. It’s always people who do nothing but have a lot of opinions that seem to feel the most entitled to crap on anything anyone else does in the least intelligent manner possible. I’ll eat my shoes if a single one of them is a legitimate writer/musician/math degree wielding/geek/gamer/actor, who produces their own successful web series, site, and book club. Not to mention comic book writer and assorted other stuff, like going to a ton of conventions and doing charity work. But let’s totes yell at her, you guys! Sheesh, you’d think she was ACCOMPLISHING something.”

    So don’t feel bad about those “Haters” (Ugh, I wish I could think up a better word to describe them, but for lack of a better word that will have to do right now!), just know that there are a lot more of us who love what you do and the way you do it.

  • Chris

    I liked the damn eyeshadow! and the video was fun in anycase! Me and my gang always enjoy everything you do, so I hope the internet killjoys didn’t bring you down too much.
    You rock and we love you! Stay awesome!

  • shadowspy81

    Wow, I never realized how mean and hateful people would be about the video. I’ll admit I didn’t like it, but only because it didn’t appeal to me. The haters are just lemmings. (love that game by the way) Don’t try to over analyze their criticism, you are much too strong for that. I hope you know that, I’m sorry if I was harsh with my youtube comment. Of course the rare time I comment on a video negatively, the person I’m a big fan of comments back. You are an inspiration for “nerdy” people everywhere. It always gives me a smile when I watch the guild, or Eureka(i’ll miss this show) or any other facet.

  • Michelle


    I’m not sure you’ll read this… ever, but I still feel the need to put this out there. I’ll try to keep it short so as not to completely bore you. I’m 31 and started gaming (pretty much just playing nonstop World of Warcraft) about 5 years ago. I always had thought it was interesting that guys never thought females played video games and then when we’d get on Vent (Ventrilo, an online program used to talk with people – especially used for gaming) and they’d be surprised that I’m really a girl and get all excited that a chic was playing. Then to hear about how your video was commented on, by boys getting their panties in a bunch because you used the phrase “gamer girl” – they aren’t all that worked up about it when you’re actually playing the video game. Who cares about the ‘gamer girl’ tag? You’re a gamer, and a girl… sounds pretty accurate to me. I can see how guys get upset about the girls who claim to be gamers just to get attention, those girls are pretty silly, but you are clearly NOT that kind of girl so the reaction is still unjustified. I wouldn’t consider myself a gamer girl, especially not for attention. I played WoW, I currently play Diablo 3 (having never played the first two because I never even really knew about online games until 5 years ago), I played Aion, Rift and am anxiously awaiting the release of Guild Wars 2 – I play Mass Effect (1, 2 and 3) but on the PC – I have 2 games for the Xbox 360 that I hardly play because I’m ridiculously horrible at the Xbox controller (surprisingly good with the original Xbox controller tho). I think the response is ridiculous and petty. You’re an awesome woman and gamer.
    A coworker of mine got me to watch The Guild (because I hadn’t heard of it before nor had I heard of your name before) and I loved it, watched all 5 seasons on Netflix within 2 days – which was a bad thing cause now I don’t have any more episodes to watch – and then subscribed to Geeks and Sundry and have watched The Flog and all the Vaginal Fantasy episodes (except the last one cause I’m a horrible person). I think you’re a woman that other girls can look up to in the gaming world – and geek world period – and you should keep doing what you’re doing.
    This turned out longer than I was hoping to keep it, sorries! Continue to get better and do the work you’re doing – we all love you.

  • I bet those same atrocious guys who flamed your page for being a “gamer girl” sit in their computer chairs and pine away about what “nice guys”(TM) they are and how shallow some hot “gamer girl” is for not wanting to date them.

    I am always frustrated when some guy asks me during a MMORPG when I’m playing a competent character if I *really* am a girl. A) That’s creepy dude. B) Of course I am. Girls play video games too. All the time. I’m on Hell mode in Diablo and so is my sister and we’re kicking ass at it. And we come from the land of “country boys,” so don’t let the haters hate.

    Why do people have to get so upset when their celebrity favorite does something they don’t 100% approve of? You don’t belong to anyone. Least of all us, but we’re happy to have you around to create things we can enjoy. And if we don’t enjoy it, we don’t have to watch it.


  • EverRaven


    I think first off, this girl feels she should admit a few things;
    1. I’m a gamer geek, have been since I was nine years old. At thirty-six, I still have problems admitting it around my professional associates. Lawyers don’t tend to admit they dress up as elves and bash on people with foam weapons – nor do they admit they stayed up until dawn playing Diablo3…
    2. I’m also a country girl. I own horses, rope calves, run barrels and have one of those large belt-buckles with your name on it. Like being a gamer, admitting this also garners strange looks by my “city-folk” associates.

    And that video? It made my day – heck, my week. I listened to it constantly at work… it spoke to me, about me…. Hell, I graduated from Ole Miss for goodness sakes! I loved it. It made happy to be me.

    I want you to know that you make me proud to be a gamer girl – proud to call myself a geek. You are an inspiration to us gamer girls – especially this Southern Gamer Girl!

  • Obi-Wan Quixote

    Dear Ms. Day,

    It’s a good song and a cute video. Anybody with an ounce of sense realizes that you’re the genuine article. Non-nerds don’t get dual degrees in Math and Violin Performance. Please don’t let the Usual Suspect Vocal Minority Dumbasses™ get to you. Those of us who’ve owned a blue box D&D set know one of our own when we see them.

    Illegitimi non Carborundum,


  • Personally, societal misgivings and labeling aside, I just didn’t think it was funny. At all. It’s not your usual material, and I was very disappointed.

    Kind of like “Red: Werewolf Hunter,” it was a struggle to get through because of so much non-good stuff, but we suffer because we love you.

  • The video is hilarious, the song catchy. You know by now what muck accumulates at the bottom of the internet’s vegetable drawer… please don’t let them get you down. Your uplifting ebullience is at the other end of the curve.

    And of course, I’m sure you get that the real root of the nastiness was the jealousy of these guys seeing you (in character) falling for a guy who looks (in character) like the bully they feared in high school.

    Two best details… Grant driving by in the background, and the couch cowboy dancing by the curtains.

  • shara says

    Don’t let the haters get you down. Your work is awesome, and watching your journey has inspired me to start my own creative projects that I have been kicking around in my head for years. My husband and I are really enjoying Geek & Sundry videos, and I just converted another friend into a Guild fan this past week. Loved your run on Eureka and your guest bit on Supernatural, and me and my friends who watch it all wish that you would be a regular character on the show.

    On a side note – when I watched HBO’s Girls, and Lena Dunham’s character says she could be the voice of her generation, I turned to my friends and said “Yeah right. That spot has already been taken. By FELICIA DAY!!!!”

  • Thanks for everything you write, Felicia.

  • Jess

    I’m a fan of the Guild and the Flog (your fave fives show we have remarkably similar taste) but the gamer girl country song wasn’t doing it for me. Not a fan of country music overall and I’ve seen you write better songs. Oh well. Not going to waste my time hating on it just figured I’d I wait until next week to see what you cooked up next on the flog, which turned out to be you and Robin cooking, SQUEEE.

  • Eden

    My first response to hearing that you were trolled was “How DARE they attack Felicia Day! Don’t they know who she is???”. I always figured that there was some sort of unspoken “everyone loves Felicia” pact in the gaming community. But from a (slightly older) generation of “gamer girls” who grew up without representation – thank you for sticking your neck out there and being our spokesperson. We need and appreciate you!

  • Thenoonie

    You rock Felicia.

    I got accused recently of the same thing – ‘doing it for attention’ – and it really stung, But I feel oddly better seeing that it wasn’t just me that this has happened to. Though naturally I’m sorry things went down like this.

    You are a roll model for me, and I am loving the Flog, hope you will have time to keep doing it xxx

  • ABirdman

    Guys – it was people from 4chan – specifically, the /v/ board.

    If you’ve ever been there (I don’t particularly advise it), then you know that they hate EVERYTHING. But specifically, the words “gamer girl” have become one of many hate buzzwords on that site. All posts there are anonymous, and as a result, you see these bandwagon hate trains, with hundreds of posters regurgitating the same opinion over and over, convincing themselves that they’re correct.

    That’s the atmosphere that brews these kinds of attacks. The people doing it not only have no concept that there might be another viewpoint, but they’re actually so insular that they expect you to understand their invented buzzwords as well (like “casual). Essentially, they’ve spent so much time there that they think they’re representative of a general opinion.

    I can’t tell you how many times on that site I’ve seen some hateful nonsense like “all black people are stupid,” and started with something like “everyone agrees that” or “most people know,” etc.

    They’re blinded by their own lack of perspective. It emboldens them.

    Strive to ignore it.

    P.S. Felicia, you’re pretty cool. I hope you continue to find success in entertainment.

  • ten47pm

    Always happy to stomp a few trolls for ya, Felicia. You go do what you do best – enlighten and entertain your fans – we got your back, ma’am.

  • Matt

    Felicia, I think you are super awesome. You are clearly incredibly creative and smart and talented. I’ve enjoyed all of your many projects, especially Geek and Sundry. I am appalled at the crazy amounts of misogyny that erupts whenever women express an opinion or even just dare to exist on the Internet. A lot of people are saying “that’s just the way it is” or “ignore them,” but if we just turn our heads, it allows the trolls to marginalize and bully women with impunity. This is wrong. Wherever we see misogynist bullying in life or on the Internet, we need to speak up. Don’t let the jerks continue to rule by default.

    It’s true that feeding the trolls can backfire, but if the “haters are gonna hate” then it’s up to the rest of us to drown them out with love.

    Keep up the awesomeness, Felicia!

  • asbeautyfaded

    Hugs! <3

  • MK

    Your video is ADORABLE.

  • SDSwmr

    Just keep creating! I love your work, your drive, your creativity, and will stick up for you always. As a 55 yr. old, I’ve been there when women couldn’t wear pants to school, couldn’t legally be hired, have a credit card, or do any of the things women take for granted now. The vitriolic backlash to this very cute song (I think you’re right, it’s because you identified as a ‘girl gamer’ which seems to bring out the crazy) will be fought by feminists who have the rights of women, men and children in their hearts and their agendas!
    I wouldn’t have known about the backlash had it not been for Wil Wheaton, so yay to your group. And now, I have to learn how to make a Hackintosh. YOU’RE my inspiration!

  • Felicia,

    I just wanted to say that you are an amazing, wonderful, strong, inspirational, and geektastic woman! You bring so much life and laughter to the interwebs, do not let those haters get you down girl. I love you girl keep on being your fantabulous self and those haters will be a distant memory.

    Panther Prowl

    “Live Long and Prosper in the Force of Rock on Awesome!”

  • Oh and that video was too cute! I espcially love your tetris tights! has awesome stuff.

  • Markus Hunt

    Hi Felicia. I know your fellow entertainers rallied to your side and told you to ignore the keyboard warriors but its always going to be hard to ignore derogatory comments about your own creations. I honestly think the reason the backlash was so intense was because they knew you were seeing the comments and trolls love nothing more than being fed.

    I’m horribly unbiased. I’m an indie-loving console geek who thinks that there is nothing offensive in the slightest about this song. Its fun, ridiculously catchy and really well made! End of story.

    Compared to the few dozen that took time out of their pointless little existences, you made many many hundreds of thousand smile and line-dance badly at this brilliant song 🙂

    Never has “I’m the One Thats Cool” been more apt.

    Cheers matey, youre awesome!

  • SteveM

    Hi Felicia, glad to see you can keep your chin-up, even with a small contingent of d-bags trying to cut you down! FYI – I have a 5 year old daughter and if she ever needs a strong role model to look up to, then you are up among the top of the list of people who I would point her at! Keep doing what you do, because we love it!


  • Brian Lonjak

    I sat here wanting to pen something motivational to express the quiet enterprise that offer so willingly, but after having read quite a few of the comments already, im pretty sure that it has all been written already 🙂
    Kudos to an amazing job, to making me smile along with you, and here’s hopefully to never letting unwarranted haters block your sunlight.

  • Mickey

    Stay strong in the face of haters, Felicia! You have more talent in your little finger than the whole mass of them have in their collective bodies all added together! You’re absolutely awesome for doing all you do, and a role model for geeky girls young and old.

    Also, take care of yourself, and don’t push your body so hard! You may seem like a superhero to the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean you get to treat your body like you actually are!

    <3 <3 <3 all you do!

  • Haters gonna hate. For what it’s worth, I liked the video (eyeshadow aside) and you had the baby dancing this morning. Don’t let the bastards get you down 😉

  • Hi Felicia, I have to confess to being a little mystified. I watched the video, I smiled quietly to myself, enjoyed the music, bought Jason Charles Miller’s album ‘Uncountry’ because I loved his vocals, his sound. Then I thought, damn that Felicia’s a busy bee. I bought the song on iTunes and have listened to it a few times since. That’s it.

    I am mystified by the hate; truly at a loss to comprehend the vitriol.

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the comments on the video. I never do, but you paint a horrifying picture. I loved the music video, thought it was really original and from you, typically creative and affectionately self deprecating. Yes I was bullied in school for my interests but would never make the connection between you and those who chose to be nasty to me because my interests were off the beaten path.

    I love your work. Geek and Sundry is the best idea since some bright spark realised that the white powdery remains of a crushed kernel with water and yeast in an oven tasted pretty good. The Flog is so very delightfully you, pure unaltered Felicia, funny and off the wall. Tabletop has become a staple for me and I keenly await it’s syndication. I beg of you not to let Trolls get to you, even if you detect what you feel might is a smidgen of a hint of a point amidst their nastiness. The manner in which they have articulated it removes any validity. How much nastiness did you read before you stopped yourself?

    I think it is painfully ironic that the very people who accuse you of a cultural faux pas use the very tactics of the people they claim to despise, the bullies who made their lives a misery. They have become that which they hate. Ouch indeed.

    Please, please keep doing what you’re doing, with one proviso. Please take care of yourself.

    Thanks for all the astonishing, inspiring work.

  • Rob


    I am not a country boy by any stretch, but I must say I am sort of confounded as to why people would hate on you for this. I thought it was cute…which was the idea right?

    Yer a great actress and a thoroughly adorable human being, don’t sweat it. The Internet is just stupid.

  • Andrew

    The bitter and angry are always the loudest. Smile knowing that at least 2 million people follow what you do in some form of social media alone. You must be doing something right! Keep it up!

  • I think the whole outfit was good, including the? eyeshadow. The vividly colorful attire evoked the theme of classic scifi/comic illustrations, matched the lyrics, and provided a nice artistic contrast to the earthy brown and black color tones of the country half. Ignore the trolls. Keep up the good work! LEGENDARY!

  • Aine

    Sorry that people were jackasses. In lieu of repeating the same encouragement as everyone else on here, I give you my very favorite “haters gonna hate” reaction gif:

  • Daniel

    I didn’t like the video, so what? I l liked most of Your other work. Keep going, Felicia, You’re fans still love you! 🙂

  • AlexMagd

    I can appreciate where the seeds of the hatred grows for some people – gaming is now one of the really massive money-making industries and of course you’ll get hangers-on and fakers now that it’s “in”. And yes, we’re being marketed to directly more than ever by people who don’t understand our culture, points of reference or whatever. To me the source of the hatred is an argument over authenticity rather than sexism (although there is a huge boatload of that too, of course). Because gaming has been *presented* as traditionally a male thing, and it’s now popular, the gut reaction of some people is to assume that female gamers are bandwagon-jumpers cultivating nerdy or geeky personas in order to stand out and become more high profile.

    I get where they’re coming from, and I expect there are people like that (like in any sub-culture you care to mention). Once you come to believe in this narrative then you start seeing it everywhere; it’s like conspiracy theories!

    The way they express it is appalling though, and really inexcusable. I didn’t like the video very much but it’s obvious that they’re playing characters, poking fun at the ideas of “country fans” and “gamer girls” as archetypes. It’s blindingly obvious!

    The world is pretty screwed up, and whatever you do you’re always going to end up on someone’s hate list for who you are, what you do, what you look like or whatever. The kind of hate in those YouTube comments say far, far more about the posters than they do about the person they’re posting about. If you seriously get that angry about something that somebody did that has literally *no effect* on you, then you’ve got a problem.

  • AlexMagd

    And for what it’s worth to anyone feeling despair at seeing those comments – those people are not the way forward. They’re living in the past. The way forward is people like Felicia and Wil who don’t give a crap about who you are, only what you do. A tolerant, progressive future where we can be respectful of our differences and outraged at things that are *appropriate* to be outraged at. With all this hate over a country video you’d be forgiven in thinking that the world has no *real* problems to get angry about.

  • Darren M

    The rage against the “Gamer Girl” and “Casual Gamer” come from gamer identity issues. A lot of guys strongly identify as Gamers, and to them, that label means not just someone who plays video games, but someone who GAMES very seriously — a connoisseur of gaming, as it were.

    Connoisseurs do — rightfully, I think — get a little annoyed when people try to claim their label without putting in the effort and receiving the related education. Unfortunately, some such allow the label to subsume their identity, and their annoyance to thus overflow its buffer into hatred and rage.

    As a male Gamer, I can confidently say that the existence of female Gamers is a welcome addition to the community. And I sincerely hope that companies take note of the changing demographic and stop making games that seem to exist only to rub hi-res boobs in my face.

    At the same time, I do get annoyed at those *small subset* of female players of games who rush to take on the label Gamer without being part of the Gamer community. Playing Farmville does not make you a Gamer. And for the record, though I don’t care for the video (sorry), I see absolutely no justification in there for any annoyance. The character is portrayed in a way that makes it perfectly reasonable to accept that she might indeed be a Gamer.

    Ignore the sexist pigs. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    I LOVED the video. I thought it was adorable, especially since I’m an IT nerd girl dating a self-proclaimed country boy. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see more of it!

  • Dude, people are jerks. Try not to let them get you down. Take care of yourself, get better, and keep playing Diablo. Definitely that, last one. Diablo makes everything better. Hugs.

  • Sam

    I have to say I like the video – sure it kind of throws labels around and all, but it’s a music video for crying out loud. It’s for fun. Do people take all the music videos out there seriously?

    You’re not the first one to get attacked over things like that and probably not the last. There was this woman that wanted to raise money on kickstarter for a documentary about women playing videogames and she got death threats in the course of that.

  • Kevin R

    Felicia, I just want to say.. I hate, hate, hate, hate country music. BUT I thought this video and song was comedy and fun!! So if people are to immature to see what you or Jason were doing, I feel sorry for them. My dislike of Country means I change the station if I am in a new area and trying to listen to some tunes. Not call the station and chew them out… How arrogant have we become….. 20 years ago this would not have happened… unless you combined star wars and star trek… ha ha just kidding… But if they need to somehow try and put you or even “Gamer Girls” down for this… I feel very sorry for them! My Wife and I both Game and my daughters game, and all three of them would be proud to be called Gamer Girls. And they have kicked butt on a lot of different games wasting many boys who think they are better than any girl! I am proud of you and Bless you and Look forward to the fun creative ideas you have to come forth!!! Have a great week and get some rest! 😀

  • Linda

    I think the number of positive comments says it all. My husband and I enjoy all of Geek and Sundry and really appreciate the hard work and creativity it takes to put something like this together.

  • Hm. Apparently my comment is awaiting moderation.

    Weird. Maybe it’s got a flagged word in it or something.

    I loved the video, and your channel generally. It must take a lot of hard work! Take care of yourself. We’d rather you were healthy! 🙂

  • Harry

    I have been a fan for a long time and not participated on your blog, but I just have to say: You seem like a very nice girl.
    There is no excuse for the kind of abuse you have been subject to. You are a person of worth and well liked by many people.

  • Brandon Smith

    Wow I had no idea you were attacked. I watched the video on your YouTube Geek and Sundry channel the day it was released and loved it as much as all your others. I even did as you asked in your Flog and shared it :). Do not let the posting of the haters get to you. This was a great endeavor that I, and I know many others enjoyed. I do not generally like country music and was admittedly a little leery at first, but this like all you do, was awesome and spoke to my inner geek and music lover. Yes you could tell the format was a bit lower budget, but that made it even better to me. It still had so much going on for the inner geek of all your fans. The scene where you are in an 8bit background, the Tetris stockings, and so much more. Most of all do not believe for a second that you do not have a good singing voice! You sound amazing! Please do not let the haters get to you, rest, get healthy, and come back stronger than ever making more music and more fun videos. You inspire, encourage, and entertain so many. And I need my weekly Geek and Sundry fix!!

  • Luke

    Haters will hate, it is their nature.
    For every hater there are 20 people who love what you do.
    The haters are a vocal minority.

    Keep up the good work.

    oh yeah i didn’t even realise there was singing for the first 30 seconds, i was too mesmerised by that good looking lady in the Lara Croft outfit.

  • Cavy

    Wow, I feel so bad you got such a poop-storm over this. I’ve noticed people who dislike country music don’t just dislike it. They HATE it. Like, foam-at-the-mouth, pitch-forks-and-torches, punch-the-car-stereo hate it. It makes no sense.

    I thought it was creative and adorable. I just had this huge grin plastered across my face the whole time I was watching it. I have bipolar disorder and I added your video to my playlist of videos to watch when I’m really down. Your work is down-right therapeutic! 🙂

  • Tiffany

    The mere fact that bad spellers and other j@*&@##es have been giving you a hard time means you’ve touched a nerve … Felicia! you are one of the few women in entertainment making authentic, daring stuff. Keep doing it! I love your stuff. You make me happy by just being alive.

    Btw, don’t ever explain or defend your work, just keep working. (You’ll notice the people who are making stuff aren’t bit ching about yours, it’s the slackers who are expressing all the outrage.)

  • Wow. I’ve just seen this for the first time today (late to the party, I know) and I’m stunned that it has generated so much grief. It was fun, catchy, silly and entertaining. So, why have people been so negative? Really, really surprised and saddened. As others have said, ignore the vocal minority and keep up the great work.

    All the best.


  • Joshua W

    The internet appears to be a flat plate supported on the backs of trolls. Unfortunately, it’s trolls all the way down at this point….

    It’s really cool what y’all can do with limited budget, time and a lot of creativity. Thanks for the video! I enjoyed the TV between the bales of hay especially.

  • Andy

    Apparently, using the words “white knighting” and “US gamers” in a comment somehow makes whatever nonsense you write a valid point.
    Silly Taliban gamers,

  • K.C.

    Pneumonia sucks.

    Vid was great.

    Don’t feed the clueless trolls…

    You get to do what you love to do, the rest sorts itself out.

    Think I’ll be buying stock in yellow eye shadow…well, that might be pushing it.

    Catch you at Dragon*Con.

  • Gamer Girl Country video is perfect.

    It delivered.

  • Amanda

    I just want you to know that you are my role model. I’m sure you hear it a lot. I actually was just introduced to your work not even six months ago by a friend who said that you reminded him of me. Little does he know that I’m no where near as awesome as you nor could I accomplish nearly as much as you do. You’ve helped me recently climb out of my shell realizing that people like me do exist out there in this world and are very successful. Hearing your commentary on your Guild about how your character Codex was actually somewhat of a creation of yourself struck home to me. Two of my characters I play quite recently are what I call my “Coin” characters. One character is who I am because it’s who I feel society needs to see me as and the other is who I really am inside.

    Being introduced to your work I’ve slowly been converting myself to the person I feel I should be. Like I said I’m sure you get millions of comments like this everyday but I just want you to know how grateful I am for you throwing yourself out there so that girls like me get a boost of confidence we didn’t have before. It means more to me that I think you’ll ever know.

  • Jason


    A belated response, but I echo what others have written. I’ve really enjoyed your works over the years. You are talented, smart, cute, and funny – it’s hard to imagine how anyone could hate on you. Even if you made a country music video. =p

    Regardless of motivations, your exposure and growing celebrity make you a target for anyone with access to the internet… for better and worse. For example, along with idiots trolling your video, you also get total strangers (like me) consoling you. Honestly, boundaries are important with both for sanity’s sake.

    And on that note, I wish you health and happiness in your future endeavors!

  • cendrieR

    I hate country music. And I didn’t particularly like this one. But please, go on trying new things! We need you.

  • LMB

    Screw them if they can’t take a joke! You do awesome stuff, girl! Don’t let them get to you!

  • Su

    Oh Felicia… There are lots of frustrated ppl out there in the world, boiling inside regarding sensitive issues, waiting for a chance to explode, hoping that someone validates and gives them some attention so they can feel less lonely and “neglected”. No1 can live their lives without accidentally pressing some of these troubled ppl buttons, accidentally! Just be yourself and do what you like, you got to where you stand for being genuine. So what if people complain about something like stupid eyeshadows? It’s a simple matter of taste omfg. If you choose to use a bright eyeshadow and you like it that’s enough, please dn’t feel the need to justify yourself because it’s pointless and not even necessary. No matter what anyone does, there is always going to exist displeased people. I know it’s easier to say this when your not the hate-target but dn’t trouble yourself over this.

  • Terry Hornsby

    I loved the video and would buy the single on amazon uk if it was available.

    Spent half a year of agony on Yahoo Answers, which is over-run by vicious trolls. One thing I learned moving over to G+ and posting the same silly jokes, is that the net is full of professional haters, people out to get others to commit suicide, to bring them down, for no reason than it amuses them to do so.

    I am so glad I found a lot of lovely people on G+. It helped sort the sociopaths on the net from my own self-doubt.

  • Sky

    I think that much anger is related to fear. And hate and so on. Bringing “normal” girls into this transforms the social rules in the minds of younger male people who use the gaming scene as an escape to a world where social rules are simpler. The fear of the “casual” female player is really the fear of “having to behave” in a different way. So its good that you do what you do. Eventually this illusion of “the others” (normal girls) “invading” the space of the “real gamers” (guys) will fade away to something cooler.

  • I’m concerned about the “hating” movement in general. I don’t get it. It’s cowardly and it’s unkind. Being good to people is what actually matters in life. How did we forget the golden rule online and in our everyday lives? Seriously, Felicia, “The Guild” is (ready for it?) INSPIRING to me and I think you’re brilliant. Keep on it, your creations bring joy and THAT is a great legacy to be building. =) =)

  • Just adding my support to the plethora of voices that think you’re brilliant. Ignore the haters, they hate for the sake of hating. Keep up the awesome. Also: remember to rest occasionally. <3

  • Jimmy

    They’re at it again in the comments for that video.

  • SDC

    Until now, I rather disliked country music. Awesome video Felicia!

    …and Grant Imahara makes a cameo too at 2:55! 🙂

  • Imelda Evans

    It’s hilarious and kinda adorable, like so much of what you do. I love all the musical stuff you do, which is, honestly, my main connection to your work. I’m sorry that people feel the need to trash things they don’t like. It’s just a bit of fun and I, for one, enjoyed it. Don’t let the turkeys get you down!

  • Nikki

    I don’t often comment either here or youtube (I dont even have a youtube account TO comment infact) but I just wanted to say all this controversy over the song is stupid.

    I dont subscribe to any “genre” of music as such, I like all different types no matter what box theyve been put in from rock to bluegrass, female solo artists to musical theatre. I mean who can say what music goes in what box anyway? Like films, everything can be two or three genres at once. So this might be “country” music but its kinda rock-like too and its fun and kitschy and shows not only your talent, creative flair, but humour too. Its multi-faceted. I love the song and have it on my ipod, sing it on the way to work because it cheers me up. Like I sing “Im the one thats cool” and mentally put two fingers up to the people who bullied ME at school, or the strange looks I get at work talking about films and gaming and sci-fi. I love that its different and quirky and yet represents a whole bunch of us, whether we like it or not.

    I think youre a real inspiration to people out there, girls and guys, young and old. Not just because you’re becoming more successful, but because from minute one you’ve done things from the heart, things that you enjoy making, writing, producing, acting, all of it. I mean how many people out there can say they really truly enjoy their job every day, week in week out? Youre making a career out of the things you love doing and theres nothing more special than that.

    You provide legitimacy to people (like myself) who otherwise wouldnt do things. Ive not downloaded a DLC in my life (scary!) but I did Mark of the Assassin because I knew how much work and effort and love you threw into that. I’d never watched webseries until someone pointed me toward the Guild, and I was hooked. And Geek and Sundry? I mean who wouldn’t LOVE to drive a motherhuggin’ JCB or learn to crochet, or dress up in neo-victorain steampunk (that was pretty sexy btw) I mean, its awesome, hilarious, watchable stuff that I make all my friends watch and they love it too! And they have no idea who you are or youre previous successes or anything. Like, my housemate watched Dr Horrible, after I’d been singing the songs in the house so much she wanted to actually know what on earth it was, and shes not someone I would EVER expect to like it, shes not geeky AT ALL in fact shes a total giry girl infact we have nothing in common. And yet, there we were, on you tube watching it together. Thats what Im talking about. That, magic.

    So yeah. Ignore the hollow insults and the trolls out to make everyone elses lives empty. The yellow eye shadow was awesome. The tights were awesome. Lara Croft cosplay (I own that already … its always brought out the closet for fancy dress parties). And the general message too. That people otherwise totally different, can hit it off. I met my girlfriend online, on a blog (for battlestar galactica infact, lol) and we were both avid fanfiction writers and readers. I read her stuff. She read mine. We commented. We started IM’ing. 4 years later here we are. And I know theres no-one else out there for me. Okay, end of soppy bit. But you get my point.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and be safe in the knowledge your fanbase is a loyal one. Look how we all come out of the woodwork to support you 🙂 Its all good. x

  • John Wolf

    Hi Ms. Day!

    In my opinion, you’ve always been a shining example for young women. You make smart = cool, and (dare I say) have uplifted the word “Nerd” to something positive and complimentary!

    I’m working on an “empowerment project” specifically targeted to young women to encourage interest in Technology, Science and Mathematics. If you’re interested in collaborating and would like more details please drop me a line.


  • Grace

    Hi Felicia,

    Long time viewer, first time commentor. Cliche, I know, but I wanted to add my voice to these others to drive home the point that I AM a cliche, because I have watched and enjoyed every episode of The Guild, adored and subscribed to Geek and Sundry, and even sat with a big old smile on my face as I watched “Gamer Girl Country Boy” a few weeks ago… BUT I HAVE NEVER COMMENTED. The reason that’s cliche? Because I know so many other internet lurkers have done the same. You’ve brought so much joy and laughter to the laptops, xboxes, iPads, and TVs of the world… more than your comments, subscriptions, snail mail, or con booth visits can attest alone. The internet makes it so easy to enjoy the hell out of something without thinking to give the creator some credit and love, besides a quickly clicked “like.” So I know, even with all the comments above them, there are likely hundreds of fans like me who didn’t even catch this blog post and will continue to lurk. Please take us shadowy figures into account and don’t let the trolls get you down.

    Hope you’re feeling better now and having a wonderful time at your summer cons. I look forward to your next update (even if you don’t hear from me ;).

  • Tom M

    Heard about the backlash to the video and listened to this podcast on the same day.

    I just don’t understand where the vitriol is coming from… The podcast has some opinions on this.
    Possible explanations:
    1) You’re going to take my games away!
    2) You’re changing stuff. Don’t!

    Anyway, worth listening to this:

  • There is wisdom in this song.

  • Don’t let it put you off doing ideas you want to do just because you’re worried about feedback. You’ve always been an inspiration in getting on and doing work you believe in.

  • Emily

    I absolutely loved it, Felicia. I don’t listen to country music much, but I grew up with it, so it is familiar and its where I turn the radio if I can’t listen to my music for whatever reason. I immediately sent it to my sister who 1. loves country and 2. likes to game when she can. She thought it was fantastic and loved that you combined the two. It’s not something you really see and I think that is what makes what you do so enjoyable. You don’t always stay just with the familiar and that attracts people. At least, it intrigues us.

    Keep up the good work. I want more music! I want an album! I have loved every single music video you’ve done and I’m jonesing for some more geek music! I adore the Guild band and I hope I see more from them!

  • I haven’t seen the criticism but, from your blog entry (and other comments), I take it that they were personal attacks on you?

    I had a look at the video and it looked like you had fun making it. At the end of the day, if the video was made for fun, then all that matters is that you enjoyed making it (and critics shouldn’t take it too seriously).

    If the video was made for commercial reasons then artists normally have to temper their personal views and attitudes with commercial considerations. Any fair minded critic would take that into account.

    The video doesn’t include any cruelty, hate speech, incitement to crime, etc. It didn’t seem to me to touch any controversial themes (such as Madonna’s Like A Prayer’s video).

    There are more women who game than are given credit for. You might be interested in this article from NPR’s On The Media:

  • Jan

    I’m a retired old lady who has never played anything but “Bejeweled” on my cell phone. I’m not a country music fan either. But I love the fun you bring to everything I’ve seen you do.

  • hey,
    I’m not sure if you have the time to read these comments. I love your work, Thanks for your efforts and I hope your feeling better. I just found your blog today and will continue to follow it. May I recommend you get a tablet if you don’t already have 1. you can do a lot with it while waiting for turnarounds, or traveling and it is light and powerful . anyhoo–
    about this Post.
    I also read this informative article from up here in Canada on the gender issues in Gaming today. I recommend it to anyone to read about how Online anonymity breeds harassment and contempt for female video gamers.
    Hope to work with you and I see you on set one day.

  • Shawn

    Love is more powerful than hate. And all the haters in the world will never come close to matching the love that your fans have for you.

  • Clair

    Hey Felicia I love your attitude, your videos, your humor. Your voice. Your an amazing singer, writer, actress and a great person.

    Just remember you have hundreds of thousands of adoring fans. Those haters don’t really matter don’t pay them attention and they’ll just die off. Because that’s all they’re looking for with those hateful comments, attention. So don’t give it to them.

    Your great and we love you. Never quit!

  • Stefan

    Hey so i pretty much only recently became a fan because i only recently really saw any of your work Felicia. I know this is a late post but I just wanted to say that You are fantastic and freaking Adorable! you totally have fun with what you do and it shows when you make awesome things like this video/song. and yea anyone who hated on ya is hoot and a noob 😛 keep doing what you do and bringing great work to your many fans, both new and old! You’re the best! 😀

  • Anna

    Hey Felicia,
    A fellow girl that happens to be a gamer here! Normally I prefer Metal/ Classical music but I loved this video (and your SINGING, god I wish I could sing like that!). I did in fact find myself enjoying this country song, I found it to be a really fun song. That’s why I don’t understand the hate directed at you.
    I’ve experienced hate in my own life both online and in RL mainly at school for being different and a nerd but I want to say this. Stay strong because you are an inspiration to me as a strong woman, gamer, actor, singer, personality-wise the list goes on.
    Most of all though, what impresses me is that you embrace who you are and are confident to be the real you in front of others. I still need to get there, most of my gaming and real interests are still rather private. All I can say is that because of how confident and self-assured you are, I’m starting to try and open up and to be ok being me. I hope I get there.

    So in summary,
    YOU ROCK- and don’t forget it!
    PS: The Guild FTW!

  • MB

    The yellow eyeshadow was hot. You pull it off. I don’t usually comment but you’re cool and inspiring for women and for gamers in general.

  • MarissaKaye

    Thank you for representing the shut-ins, angry college students and the moms. I, myself, am the shut-in gamer (for various reasons), and I appreciate your approach. I loved the video, my boyfriend and I found it amusing, and love The Guild for all of the reasons you state. 🙂

  • Sion

    Having only just recently discovered the guild (yeah I know I’m late to the party but it was worth the wait) and through that Geek and Sundry, I felt compelled to say something. More than simply enjoy your work (which obviously I do) I respect and admire what your doing. Hell I’m slightly envious that you’re pioneering the way entertainment will be delivered through the net which is an impossibly cool legacy to give to the world. What’s niche today will be the standard by which we consume a lot of programming tomorrow (not literally tomorrow. Thats a metaphor. I mean in the future. Just not tomorrow future more like future future……I’m gonna shut up now)

    The dark side of the internet is that there’s a certain section of people who find it acceptable to say things they never would in real life because they have a guarantee of anonymity. I can’t claim to understand it – if I don’t like something I don’t devote my precious time to bothering with it. I envy the person that actually has that amount of time to devote to that much hatred because I don’t. It’s irrelevant though because it doesn’t matter what they say or think. It actually doesn’t matter what I think either or any of the other 400+ comments above (though a lot of them are really nice). All that ultimately matters is are you happy with what your doing and believe in it because that’s gotta be your barometer when all’s said and done. If the answers yes then just move on. Analyzing why someone else doesn’t like it is an exercise in futility. Do it because YOU want to do it and if other people like it too then bonus

    I am gonna ask something though. (yes I did just tell you to ignore me in the last paragraph so I know this is kinda contradicting myself in a way but……….shut up). Keep doing what your doing, at least as long as you want to anyhow. The worlds a slightly better place because of it in my eyes.

    Like I said before, that’s a cool legacy to leave!

  • Rosemarie

    Hey, good job on the blog. I just heard an awesome new dubstep track. You might have heard it, but I find it to be really awesome. Give it a listen:

  • ReaperZilla

    Girls that game, casual or hardcore or anywhere in between are all right in my book. I am one thos people that dislikes country music in general but that did not stop me from enjoying the music video. I did think the combination of CHARACTERS you used were fun and innovative with great lyrics to boot. As far as the low-fi comments unless they ever watched the grainy black and white TV’s my great grandpa told me about, they don’t know what low-fi is 🙂

  • Daniel

    Something you wrote struck a chord in me: You don’t change people by what you say you are, you change them by who you are.

    As I go through this life, doing the best that I can whether that be a success or a failure, and finding the joy in all of that, is completely dependent on being yourself. Take what you want from what other people think, but never discount your own voice.

    Thank you for sharing that struggle.

  • len

    That’s funny! And not a half bad tune! You go, Girl!

    Stay healthy though. It ain’t worth taking a beating for. “Life is a long song…”

    Meanwhile back in your home town, thousands lined up to eat mor chikin. Since the Who Dew Lines formed at the Chik-fil-a on Wednesday, I kept wondering what made a city that sent man to the moon suddenly decide to turn into chicken eating zombies, then I realized, Alabama has LOTS of cows and not just any cows, Alabama Has Cows With Super Powers, mental giants… at least compared to the people in the lines… who as it turns out cannot resist the Force of their Cow Masters.

    It all makes sense now.

    Ever tried to stare down a cow? Notice how they stop and stare at you when you drive by? They are turning our weaker minds into chikin’ eatin’ ZOMBIES!! GET OUT THE WORD!! DON’T STARE BACK AT THE COWS!!

  • Elisa M

    Dear Ms. Day,
    Where are all the haters saying, “What the hell was that, calling that guy a country ‘boy’??” No where, cause it’s just as ridiculous as giving yourself a coronary over “girl”. That was cute. And you even kept a tune (much better than some of the other crappy songs I’ve heard). I smiled all the way through. Loved the rock star guitar.

    Keep rocking the geek on! I played D&D, Rift, Quake, Wow, etc with the “boys” and I was certainly on equal terms with them. Thank you for representing us!!! Don’t loose heart over the haters, just walk on them on your way to the top!

  • Joerg

    I think I’m a little late to encourage but wanted to comment anyway. So I can’t imagine what anyones problem with this fun music video could be despite letting steam of of something else. All I can say is: I liked it – it’s nice to see people just trying out different things. Guess you’re just doing it right!

  • Mike

    I’m a bit late to this also, but I loved the video. Felicia, please keep doing what you are doing and don’t let the haters deter you. Thanks for everything you do.

  • Jason

    Dear Felicia,

    The most talented gamer I know, is a girl. She’s my best friend in the world. And because of her, and a few other women in my life, I had no idea there was a stigma towards girl gamers. Female gamers have always been present in my life and as such I’ve never had reason to think that that was not the norm. Because it had long been the norm in mine. My best friend taught me to play Halo, and proceeded to kick my ass pretty much evertime we played. My old roommate, another woman, beat most of my games before I did (if I beat them at all). And through all of the years, never did it seem out of the ordinary, and never once did it seem a threat to my masculinity.

    As a man I feel that we should cherish women as partners in all things, even video games. And I’m so thankful to the women in my life for making that my normal.

    All the best to you Felicia. You are an immensely talented, immensely hard working and immensely intelligent and funny person. You inspire so many people, and I’m proud to count myself among them.

  • I’ve dated a cowboy before. It was amazing. Seriously romantic, and a shit ton of fun. I EVEN made him get an 360 and an iPhone.

    So yeah, it’s happened.

    Sorry that you’re dealing with the whole plethora of garbage from the gaming community. I almost thought that was over with! I remember the days of SA and online gaming where I literally pretended to be a dude for YEARS!!! It wasn’t until recently I said fuck it, I’ll milk it. I’ll come out as a gamer, fuck the haters.

    It’s easier to pretend to be a dude. I guess there are a handful of gamer sluts, dudes with broken hearts and dudes who believe gamer girls don’t exist because they haven’t met them or spent time with them. Personally, I don’t hang out with many dudes, or people in general. I am pretty much a hermit, and if you want to meet me it’s probably going to be at a con of which I only hit a few a year.

    People need to simmer down.

  • D_Max_A

    Rofl that was awesome!
    In 50 years people are going to look at this and be like wweerrt?

  • len

    No reply asked. Something for you to think about because you do have skinny in this game.

  • You might have wonderfully written the post. We have liked your path of writing this. Many thanks for sharing this.

  • badcat303

    I just thought of an anology. I didn’t particularly care for this particular song, but I don’t like every Beatle song either, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna trash them personally or their entire body of work. I will still listen to She Loves You till my ears bleed. thank you Felicia for all the good things you do, I love you.

  • Felicia —
    I said this on Twitter, but I’ll say it again. The world wasn’t ready for this video. You were too inclusive — and ahead of your time. Geeks eat their own sometimes, it’s cliquey even like the “jocks” that you accuse in I’m the One Who’s Cool…

    Some day all of geekdom will be as inclusive and have the imagination necessary to digest the connections you present to them as plausible.

    Until then…prepare for flames from people not ready to deal with the world that you see possible and are turning into reality.

    Unlike me, who sees worlds entirely impossible….


  • I liked this video.

  • Lol this video made me laugh.

    Nicely said above Chris. That’s some deep stuff. Nerds!!! lol

  • Valli Shepherd

    Felicia! Your creativity, artistry and humanity make me smile, laugh, cry and just feel better and smarter in general. Keep up the great work!

  • I just thought of an anology. I didnâ??t particularly care for this particular song, but I donâ??t like every Beatle song either, but that doesnâ??t mean Iâ??m gonna trash them personally or their entire body of work. I will still listen to She Loves You till my ears bleed. thank you Felicia for all the good things you do, I love you.

  • Ohâ?¦ and the boots in the hay bale/dessert scene? I want them.

  • You till my ears bleed. thank you Felicia for all the good things you do, I love you.

  • Make it for them. Ignore the rest. They don’t count

  • This video really got to me haha

  • BrokenH (Ben)

    Ah Felicia,you’re wonderful! I don’t just say that because you’re a celebrity. Matter of fact, I like you because despite the fame you’re usually nice to everyone and act like a normal person. (Er, at least my definition of “normal”.)

    I find The Guild to be a very honest portrayal of gaming geekdom. I like how all the characters are redeemable yet still have plenty of faults. The truth is we are a dysfunctional bunch sometimes but that’s also part of the fun!

    I admit I’ve been “sensitive” about certain topics myself. However, I try not to let my passion manifest into full-blown hatred. I find trolls are either simply trying to get a reaction or they have some growing up to do. I suppose there are also behavioral disabilities that impair certain individuals from having a balanced conversation.

    Regardless,you can’t please everyone. Even if your truest desire is peace and unity some people will be asses just to be asses. I figure all this stuff is already in your collective data-base somewhere but hey,sometimes it helps for someone else to bring it up too!

    Regardless, I’ve always seen you as a true gamer and a true geek!

    PS: Easy does it and please take care of yourself,aye? Hopefully by now all those ducks are in a row!

  • Gabe / PhantMFox

    “Haters don’t hate you… They hate themselves, because you’re a reflection of what they want to be.” #kidpresident

    On the internet some people may say “xyz is bullshit because lmnop, go die etc etc” In reality “I dunno. Whatever. Listen, we were talkin about pizza!” Good to keep in mind! 😀

  • Jules

    This made me smile. Very cute! I don’t get what all the hate was about.

  • murph

    Heck the only thing I didn’t like about the song is what kinda sissiefied country boy drives a 150?=) From the pic I couldn’t be sure but your the same chick in Dr. Horribles sing along, and didn’t you do some Eureka episodes? Screw what some hater’s say, I know that it can flick on the raw but they never are going to do anything in their entire lives a 10th as cool as you do in an average week.
    I gafiated before the whole ‘gamer chick’ phenomena so the only thing I can figure is their pissed they can’t make the “I never date cute chicks cause I never meet any gaming’ excuse anymore.

  • watch the newet movie scarymovie5 here:

  • trick–10; each ace and ten in the tricks–at the end
    of each for then thou wilt, very possibly, have repentance come tumbling in fast

  • Darcie Bross

    Great blog! Sorry to get off subject, but I’m new to town and I’m looking for a great Nashville auto repair company,so I can get my oil changed. Have you read any recent buzz? There’s a new auto repair shop called Veterans Auto Services, but I’ve only seen a few reviews. Here’s the address of this new Nashville Auto Repair, Veterans Auto Services 2404 Cruzen St Nashville, TN 37211 (615) 712-9777. Thoughts? Thanks!

  • I savour, lead to I found exactly what I was looking for. You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  • Trivea

    Sorry, incoming novel. This is the first time I’ve ever left a comment on any of your stuff, so first of all: loved the song and I don’t even like country music (my Texas roots are so ashamed). It was not only an adorable concept, it was catchy and written better than most video game based songs (Miracle of Sound notwithstanding).

    To my bigger point: thank you for existing. I’m twenty-three years old, female, and I’ve played video games my whole life. And no, none of this “Peggle” crap; my earliest gaming memories are of my dear Pokemon Yellow, my beloved Sega Genesis, and Quake III Arena which was my LAN introduction at age nine. With theater being my out-of-the-house hobby, I don’t meet many gamers. The girls in my school didn’t like games (at least not the same games), the boys in my school refused to play with me because I was a girl, and I didn’t live in a neighborhood with any other kids. As I’ve grown older and escaped the mire of high school – which was at least more relevant to my recreational interests than junior high, because I stopped having Girl Disease – I have found others who do like playing.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that being a girl gamer is either he greatest insult to gaming or proof that I’m lying (because female gamers are as mythical as the griffin). I can’t get on Xbox Live without being drowned by propositions, threats, or a strange mixture of both. I had a GameStop employee outright refuse to give me my preordered copy of Bioshock: Infinite because “my boyfriend would want to pick it up himself” (at least the manager was livid about that). I’ve had people look at my car, which bears Zelda hearts in the upper corner of the windshield, a Pikachu mirror decal, and an Umbrella Corporation “parking permit” bumper sticker, and tell me that my boyfriend has a nice car. I got called a sleu of horrible names (as well as “n00b” and “casual”, for some reason) after an opponent kept finding himself on the wrong side of my gun in CoD.

    In short, with the reasons above, it would be VERY easy for me to either give up gaming entirely or simply completely wallow in single player, which is a dying breed. So really, it’s people like you who actually deal with this stuff on a way bigger scale than I ever have that kind of inspire me. You’re the type of person I’d really like to get to know and play with, you know? And I’m glad you don’t let stuff like that get you down. You’re definitely on my rather short list of truly awesome people.

  • Dave Perez

    I guess I’m your newest Fan, Reading this in 2014. Never give up, Never hesitate and always be yourself Felicia… because… “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. Thank You for all that you do and the words of wisdom you’ve shared with the world.

  • Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Many thanks, However I
    am going through issues with your RSS. I don’t understand why I can’t subscribe to it.
    Is there anybody else getting similar RSS problems?
    Anybody who knows the solution will you kindly respond?

  • Layla Redd

    Loved the video. And it’s so much like my husband and I. He’s the gamer from Michigan and I’m the country girl from Georgia. We are total opposites. So much so that instead of waiting for 50 years of marriage to roll around for a renewal we’ll do it in 5. 3 down 2 to go! Next go around we’ll have it our way. Can you imagine the extremities of that? And he got me hooked on the Guild. Clara’s my favorite. Everything I’ve seen you in has been awesome. Keep up the good work and you better start taking care of yourself young lady.

  • Victoria Bailey

    After listening to your audio book and understanding the full story as to why you got swept up in the crap tornado that the trolls lurking under their cyber bridges decided to conjure and throw in your general direction, I totally understand why you felt personally attacked and I also think it’s amazing that you decided to move past it. Canary eye shadow aside, you are definitely the kind of role model that girls in the tech world need. Genuine, honest, talented, nerdy, you. So thank you for choosing to not back down, and helping me make up my mind about the Tetris leggings. (i am flipping to my other tab to add them to my cart, so adorable)

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