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Game On!


It’s out! Game On! The Bollywood-inspired music video we premiered at Comicon is now streaming on MSN and downloadable on Xbox!

MANY people need to be thanked, including @sandeepparikh for co-writing the lyrics, @jasoncmiller for writing and producing the song, @lisashearin for allowing me to use her book cover at the top of the video, @uhr our line producer for putting everything together, @gregaronowitz for getting us amazing sets (including an ELEPHANT!), Chantal Robeson for choreographing, Thom Williams for fight choreographing, Chris Darnell for DPing and @kimevey and @seanbecker for co-directing. Whew! So many other ppl to thank as well, but I should probably give some insight into the video now πŸ™‚

I did not want to do this video. There, I said it. I was in the middle of MAJOR writer’s block for Season 4 and the idea that we’d ever make a music video after “Avatar” was just ridiculous to me. I mean, half the comments about Avatar were “How are you gonna top this?” Which is probably the most creatively stifling thing you can say to someone. (Ironically the FIRST TWEET TODAY I SAW WAS “HOW ARE YOU GONNA TOP THIS NEXT YEAR?” HAHAHA).

Anyhoo, last year Sandeep actually said, “let’s do a Bollywood themed video.” And I was like, there’s no way we can afford that. Our budget is pretty low, and we were maxxed out on Avatar, which was shot on one stage, so I was like, it’s never gonna happen. Cut to April 2010, and Microsoft and Sprint asked us if we have a music video this year, and then Kim emails me and wants to co-direct a Bollywood music video with Sean. Errrrrrg. Eep?

Kim already had the concept for the video down, the walls flying out, the dancing etc. and that seemed cool, but I was skeptical because I didn’t have the song in place yet, and everyone knows a music video without a good song isn’t gonna be great! So I watched a TON of Bollywood videos on YouTube, and the craziness of the genre (and watching some TERRIBLE fight scenes from Bollywood movies) convinced me to at least TRY to come up with something. I guess the key to overcoming creative blocks is to just release the need to “top” or “equal” or “dazzle” and just create. All those pressure are extraneous and don’t allow for anything good or great to happen. It’s my mantra now πŸ™‚

Sandeep agreed to write the lyrics with me (because I am not well-versed in Bollywood), we sat down and brainstormed, knowing we had to avoid Avatar comparisons at all turns. I also wanted to avoid indicating that Zaboo and I were romantically attracted to each other, since that would confuse ppl, but since Bollywood is ALL about a girl and boy in love, we decided an outright parody would work and not be confusing. Then we sent the lyrics to Jason Miller, who, with his production team, came up with a crazy slick tune and awesome electronic touches that make me laugh to this day!

I just want to say, Kim and Sean pulled a miracle out by getting all this done in time and on budget. Gabe Uhr, our line producer, pinched every single penny, and Greg Aranowitz did INSANE things on almost no budget. That elephant has a MAN INSIDE IT! And that temple was built on a friend, Travis Oates’ BBQ area, lol. Also, the costumes were spot on, Michelle scraped up great colors that stayed true to our Avatar-selves.

The day of the shoot was probably the most stressful day ever. We had 3 cameramen, Chris Darnell pulled in every favor ever, and we had a JIB, which we’d never had before, and allowed us to do those cool overhead-y shots. We actually shot two days, one for the temple/fountain and one for the fight/gazebo. The scale of it was enormous for web video, and the whole time I was excited but on edge, because with a crew that big anything can go wrong at any second. Thankfully everything but a generator blowing up went awesome. Thom Williams, our fight choreographer, brought in a trampoline and Sandeep actually did those flips! I was so impressed!

My favorite parts are: Vork coming out of the fog (Why does he take his jacket off and THEN PUT IT BACK ON?!?!) and Bladezz coming BACK THROUGH on the end vocal. It makes me laugh SO HARD. The most comments I’ve gotten though are about Zaboo using my butt to type on, which I just pitched out during one of our MANY dance choreography sessions. It was totally ridiculous and exactly in the spirit of what we were doing: Not taking ourselves seriously and trying to have a good time.

The video will be for sale on iTunes IN HD next Tuesday, along with the mp3 everywhere for sale and streaming on iTunes. I’m extremely proud of it, and it turned out to be a collaboration that everyone helped make the best possible. Thank you to my Guild team, the best co-workers in the world πŸ™‚

  • len

    I’m a Bollywood fan (well, a Hindu/Hindi music fan of the old school anyway: say Umrao Jann) and that is as good a parody as I’ve seen since The Guru. Did you perform the microtone trills or is that a Melodyne/ProTools trick? Western singers aren’t usually good at that and the Bollywood track singers train for years (say Anuradha Paudwal).

    And if you wanta look pale, dancing belly to belly with BronzeMan does the trick. πŸ˜‰

    You’re an incredible crew. Good luck with Eureka. It is the best SciFi has to offer these days now that they’ve quit running Dr. Who. You should fit right in.

  • Amanda Cole

    The face of video entertainment has really changed, and for the better! Love the small touches like the book you are reading (I’m just starting that series) and the 8-bit setwork. Congratulations on a great vid!!!

  • GrrAargh

    Wonderful job Felicia, and everyone else who contributed. I wondered how you could possibly follow Date My Avatar, this is all I was hoping for.

    Wonder if Dani has managed to see it, it’s very strange to have a Guild event with Dani away and not tweeting/chatting etc etc!

  • John W

    Are you still selling t-shirts?

    • Yes!!

      • John W

        I’ll have to pick up an Axis of An….I mean Knights of the Good shirt….yeah that’s the ticket.

  • Jim

    I’m not a huge Bollywood fan, but I’ve watched a few movies here and there, and “Game On” is a spot-on parody. πŸ™‚ I have to ask the same question as len: did you need pitch correction software to do the playback singer-esque vocal trills, or is that all you?

  • carlos

    Even better than the avatar one, imo. Does bladezz really sing like that?

  • To say it with Mr. Fillions words:

    Double Rainbow all the way!!!

  • Mike

    WOW. Great video! “give that bulb a twist” hahaha…basic indian dance move.

    Felicia did a great job pulling off the way Indian ladies sing too.

    Great job to all cast and crew! Kudos!

  • Viktor

    Woman! That video sent me over the edge. Been a big fan of the guild since episode one, when I stumbled upon it on youtube.

    Enlighted and intrigued by this new type of indie-web-serie-video I looked for more… and eventually found Legend of Neil, which is awesome. ACCIDENTALLY you starred in it too.

    Seeing a pattern and being smitten by this quirky redhead I googled you (of course) to find more things to brighten my day.

    What I found was Dr. Horrible. A masterpiece.

    Convincing my friends what a genius you and your freinds obviously are was easy after showing them “Do you want to date my avatar” video.

    And now the “Game on” video.
    To make a long story short, that really made my day.

    You, Jeff, Sandeep, Kim Every and the a true inspiration.
    I hope you spawn many pooping machines (babies) that will make this world a better place to live in.

    • Viktor

      PS. I’m from Sweden. Can’t spell that good.

  • Soma

    i had no idea i could love Vork this much.

  • NotaViking

    The video is fantastic. You and everyone else involved should be so proud of it. Amazing job.

  • That episode was HOT!

  • That video is so awesome!!! I was watching it in my office (bad, bad me!) and trying so hard not to laugh out loud. But yeah, Bladezz at the end made lose it.

    Everyone did a great job. Brilliant and entertaining in every way. You guys are the coolest.

    • P.S. And that reminds me, I still need to check out those Lisa Shearin novels.

      • Hi Eleni, hope you enjoy my books!

        Confession time — I was watching it in the office, too. Several times. Having an office tucked back in a corner has its benefits. ; )

        Felicia is an amazing talent — writer, actress, singer, gamer, dancer, geek goddess, concert violinist, and on top of that she also majored in MATH. (Balancing my checkbook is about the extent of my math skills.) Then she’s the sweetest, most genuine person you’d ever want to meet.

        Thank you for the best shout-out ever, Felicia!


  • Love, love, love. Equally as amazing as the Date My Avatar one. You guys are a great team. Long time fan. keep up the awesomeness (it seems to come naturally). <3

  • I’ll keep it simple.


  • Peter

    Ah, I see what you did there. Vork has a coat-of-arms!

  • John W

    I hate to get off topic but I just read something that set my Spidey sense off. Are you going to be on 10 eps of SyFy’s Eureka next season?!

    If so yay!

    • GrrAargh

      Starting *this* season!

      • John W

        Even better!

  • Aaron

    So does the fact that this is supposed to be a self-parody (slash Bollywood-parody, of course) mean that it isn’t canon? Because I had a long discussion with one of my friends about how it had to have taken place between Seasons 1 and 2 since Zaboo still has the Codex picture on his laptop, instead of Riley and Reddit, not to mention that they seem to be living together in this video.

  • Dark

    That bit with Vork, a jacket, and fog is from the beginning of this music video:

  • devotchka

    Loved it! Loved it! I really and truly laughed out loud -more than once – watching it. That was very enjoyable. Thank you!

  • Grace


    I met you at farpoint this year in maryland, I was the girl who gave you a flower for valentine’s day and a big hug when you left for the airport.

    I just saw Game On with my mom and dad, it is very funny and you sang great.

    I hope I see you again sometime. I haven’t seen the guild, but my mom and dad say it is very good and that you are a good writer.

  • Zak


    I didn’t expect you guys to make another music video – I wasn’t sure my eyes were working properly when I read “Then we previewed the music video” in your last blog. But this was so awesome. Think about it this way: Don’t worry about outdoing yourselves. We (your fans) love you guys, and we’ll love anything you put out :- )

  • Megan

    This video is brilliant and I can’t get the song out of my head now. XD I had a terrible day yesterday and this made it all better.

  • Zak

    And I just noticed the book you were reading at the beginning hehe :- )

  • Mohammed

    That was hilarious! And I’m typically weirded out by Bollywood.

    Did you have to vocally train yourself to handle all of that yodeling, Felicia?

  • Steve

    This was so awesome.

  • Maya

    I can’t believe how you guys did that with such a small budget. It’s amazing and exciting and i’ve spent most of my morning attempting to Bollywood dance to my cats. They don’t appreciate it so much……

  • “I guess the key to overcoming creative blocks is to just release the need to β€œtop” or β€œequal” or β€œdazzle” and just create. All those pressure are extraneous and don’t allow for anything good or great to happen. ”

    When I first saw this video, I thought to myself, how is my music going to ever impress is any production I do going to “compete” with something like the talent I’ve been spoiled with getting to know these past three years.

    And then you say something like that.

    Mind reader.


  • Felicia, I’ll echo everyone else and say that Game On was AWESOME.

    What I love most is now knowing how you just ended up letting go trying to top yourselves and just create something. I think that’s an important insight for everyone….one I certainly need to be reminded of on a daily basis.

    Brilliant vocal work too…was that all you or a bit of pitch support? Either way, DRATW.

    You all should be incredibly proud of your work and never ever worry about topping yourselves, like another fan said above, we’ll love anything you create because you do it for the love of it.

  • wow! this video is amazing!

    it’s actually the only thing that’s made me laugh ALL DAY (and at seven minutes to midnight, it’s probably won for sure).

    i agree about Bladez, holy crap that bit was funny.

    your singing in this was EPIC. so amazing. i keep forgetting that along with being a geek girl, a great actress, pretty and a generally nice person, that you can also sing. holy. crap.

    i’m really glad that you got to do this video! anything is possible for you guys. i wish you all the best at working through any hardships you may face, cause you proved here that with all the great people you know, obstacles fly away like the walls of your bedroom.

  • R@100

    I just can’t stop watching it πŸ™‚
    I have to learn that choreography, it’s so great πŸ™‚ and lyrics, music, fight, everything.

  • JL

    awesome awesome asesome
    I see you took some inspiration for Vork’s bit from the Benny Lava intro/subtitling ridiculousness

    you pulled everything off flawlessly. congrats.

  • Laura

    Great video πŸ˜€ It had me laughing.

    On a side note I took my mouse off the video it disappeared and left a blank space and the video stops. So you go back to the blank area and hit play and if you don’t move your mouse you’ll watch without any problem. But if you accidently move your mouse the video goes to a blank again. It happened with some other videos you posted few enteries as well. Happened to some other people and they live in a different country from me too.
    Just thought you might like to know.

    Anyways congrats on the MV!

  • Trina

    Admittedly, I was skeptical. Then I thought- The Guild can’t go wrong. I was right.. on the last part. You guys did a great job! (and Vork is probably one of my favourite parts too. Almond jar. )

  • Markus

    An insanely brilliant creation! You can appreciate how much work has gone into this as the sheer amount of things going on in the video and the polished 8-bit finish of the song is incredible.

    So many hilarious moments from Vorkshnu to Vince crooning at the end. I could watch this video on loop for days πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much to you Felicia and all the cast and crew involved for your hard work on this. It really is appreciated. (its aparrent by the lack of disappointment of not having Episode 3 this week!).

    PS. Amy is drop dead gorgeous when she smiles!

  • Mike

    I think that one of the great things about this video is that it is done in a completely different style from Avatar. It seems like you folks weren’t trying to top Avatar as such, but rather give the audience something that was similar only in the respect that they were both music videos. That is to say, it only competes with Avatar much the same way a 500 m hurdle runner would compete with a marathon runner. πŸ™‚

    This video is just visually stunning. The costumes and the choreography were just a delight to watch. The vocal performance was also quite impressive. I have to ask (as have a number of others), how did you manage to work within a 12 tone system? Most of us from the Occidental world simply can’t do it.

  • Tee

    Just Yay, Felicia! Yay & Yay & Yay!!!

  • Sam

    Any chance The Guild episodes (and special videos like this) will be available for the iPad? I do most of my browsing/blog and feed reading from there, and hate to have to go back to my machine to watch these, since they all require flash.

    Keep up the great work!

    • curtis

      when it’s on youtube you can use the html5 version of youtube. no flash needed.

  • Roland Z. Hayes

    As Felicia Day solidifies her claim to the title ‘Queen of all Internet Media’, is there any doubt that she should be entrusted with one of these:

    After all, she’s got all that ‘Post Apocalyptic’ Dollhouse experience to her credit.

  • Liwen

    At this point I guess congratulating everyone who participated in the creation of this awesome music video would just be redundant, but what the hell. Congratulations everyone for a fantastic job! I was most impressed with Sandeep’s singing performance. Is there anything in this world he’s not awesome at? Also, Vork looks dangerous with sunglasses. Suggestion : make him have a crowing moment of awesome with sunglasses on somewhere in season 4 (that is, if you haven’t written and filmed all of it already) After all, if there’s anything more awesome of Vork that seeing him owning someone verbally, as he loves to do, it would be owning someone verbally while looking really cool!

    And finally, I’d like to offer my best wishes of luck and success with all of your currents and future projects while I cherish the hope of meeting you and as many of ‘The Guild’ crew in person at the FanExpo of Toronto at the end of august, assuming many of them will attend the event and I will be able to free some of my time to be there myself.

    Your are as talent and smart as you are beautiful! We all love you Felicia Day!

    Liwen Diamond

  • Jeff

    Everything about this video is hilarious. I had to pause it twice because I was laughing so hard: when Vork stepped out of the fog and when Bladezz’s head pops up at the end. Masterfully done. It was well written, choreographed, acted, sung and directed. I’m just curious how you kept it a secret until its premier given how many people follow The Guild.

  • The video is amazing! Thanks so much for all you do to keep us geeks entertained and happy.

  • RoBoz

    I’m sure the question everyone is curious about is:


    – RoBoz

  • korkster

    That was awesome. I must admit, to psych myself up for Comic-Con this year, I played “Do You Want to Date my Avatar” nonstop.

    “Game On” justly holds its own. A very different feel, yet still manages to bring a smile to my face and a dance to my step. When is Comic-Con again? πŸ˜‰

    I’m glad Sandeep and the crew talked you into it. It was so much fun!

    So… whatcha got planned for next year? πŸ˜‰

  • David R

    To those folks wondering if Felicia really was singing like that … you can listen to Sean and Kim discuss Felicia’s singing during a recent Q&A they streamed, starting at approx the 7 minute mark:

    They confirm that yes, Felicia really was singing like that. No filters. I was impressed to hear that, but not surprised πŸ™‚

    And Felicia did tweet a bit about her singing:

  • Considering how many people love your work (and even just how many people crammed into the comic con panel for The Guild!) would you ever consider allowing donations from fans to finance a yearly music video like this? I understand there may be some extra issues involved with producing donation-financed content, but your fans love this stuff. I know we can always buy the DVDs, the t-shirts and the MP3 singles, but with such devoted fans I wouldn’t be surprised if you could hire a herd of elephants next year. πŸ˜‰

  • Stefan Eriksson

    Just wanted to point out exactly how much I liked this one (And Avatar). I am ashamed to say I didn’t stumble over The Guild until a week ago, so I have been watching it all in one long sitting, basically. Thanks for all hard work πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    (The weirdest thing is that I really like your work, and I STILL failed to notice the Guild. I am a bad geek!)

    Good luck with whatever you set out to do and keep up the good work.

    Stefan, Sweden.

  • Joe

    It definitely beats Jace Hall’s stupid music videos, that’s for sure!

    Go team Felicia!

  • ORi

    Really impressive, I liked that most of it was customized art that managed to stay with the style despite the low budget, your team really does pull miracles.

    I also like that as a CG artist and film maker alot of the parts in this movie made me guess “how did they do that?”

  • RKN

    MY god you young people are talented. First i watched Dr.Horrible and loved it. I always avoid musical espoides in the past cause they are usally awful but Dr. Horrible was wow just wow. From there i discovered the guild halfway though the 3rd season and have been hooked ever since. I stayed away from date my avtar for awhile just wasn’t into it figured it would be a disappointment.. I was so wrong when i did watch it I loved it. So you would think i would learn my lesson, but no. Discovered Legend of neil thanks to this blog, great great great show. Then in the second season seen esp 4? was a musical and my old dislike rose and didn’t care to watch it for a couple days but then decided to give it a try, i was blown away i love it to death.
    So after never being let down when i seen game on i have learned my lesson and click it right away and WOW so good just so good. You and Sandeep are amazing talents. The casts of The Guild and Legend of Niel are all great and having wonderful scripts to use is a big help, but they are all talents.

    Thank you Felicia and Sandeep and all the wonderful people that make these shows for us, you are truly amazing talents and as you stuff becomes avilable on Itunes i will buy it to show my thanks. (by the way when is season 2 of neil gonna be on itunes)

    Thank you from an old gamer. (first game system was pong about 5 years before there was that fancy Astoids game in arcades)

  • Luvsbitch

    Loved ‘Do You Wanna Date My Avatar’. When you posted about a new music video I was super excited. ‘Game On’ Surpassed my expections a million fold. I really Love that rather than make some kind of rehash of the same idea as Avatar, you went in a whole different direction. Very Creative!

    Am I the only one who thought that Zaboo and Cyd seemed a little romantic in the video? It seems that if Zaboo were as confident in the show as he is in the video, he would win Cyd over. I always figured that like most shows Zaboo and Cyd would end up together when the series ends. However I for one hope it happens before then (but not too soon). I would really like to see them interact as a couple for a while.

  • Plato

    β€œLife must be lived as play.”

    “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


  • Few days ago I found Dr. Horrible, fantastic songs, Joss Whedon is great and I like him since Firefly. Then I got myself to The Guild, awesome πŸ™‚ I love every minute. Felicia Day you really created something original and funny (Zaboo is killing me :-)) so I wish the best and more series to come.

    PS: Good luck in Eureka.

  • Matt

    I love The Guild; everyone involved is so amazingly talented. I have to say that I was super impressed with the dancing! Felicia, you and Amy really pulled off the crazy hip shaking. Writer, actress, singer, dancer…that resume is getting pretty extensive.

  • Treb


  • RKN

    YAY it is the weekend Fianlly. Humm lvl mage on new server that is full or lvl my shadow priest got him to 52. Or get my pally all the new honor pvp gear (well new to me took a few months break) nice to have something to spend honor on again instead of just buying gems.

    Just wanted to say GAME ON.

  • Saismaat

    clap clap clap clap clap. My god. Just watched it twice. Lovely. I try hard not to envy, but man, I envy the youth of today, having people like you validating their geekdom. How much better would my childhood have been . . .


  • Kirsten

    Wheee! This video was fun, and you guys did an awesome job singing/dancing/overall looking incredible!~

    Getting to say hi to ya’ll on Sunday’s signing was one of the two highlights of my very first SDCC. Now I get to tell everyone that I had a converstation with Bladezz about energy popsicles!

    Can’t wait for more of season 4 and comics!

    Lots of love from Canada <3

  • Luvsbitch

    Whenever I try to post something it won’t show. I save it and try to post later, and it states that I already said that, but still doesn’t show the original post. What is going on??

    • Luvsbitch

      I give up I keep trying to post about the creativity and originality, but it either simply won’t show or says I already said that.

      • Luvsbitch

        And again I posted a long explaination and it still doesn’t show. Am I limited to the amount of words I can use to discuss the video, or does this forum just hate me??

  • David R

    @Luvs That’s interesting. A couple days ago I also tried posting a comment here that never appeared. My guess is that a spam-filtering program may have incorrectly flagged mine because it contained two URLs. (The links were relevant to the video, but of course a spam program wouldn’t know that.)

    Anyway, in case this comment shows up I’ll just add: “Game On” is really fun! The singing and dancing are great, and I’ve watched it a gazillion times πŸ™‚

  • Ingrid

    I LOVE your dress!
    Had to watch this video 2 times in a row, loved it! Have the song stuck in my head now.. heh.

    Truly an inspiration!
    Best mantra too, to not let the last success block new ideas .. πŸ™‚

    Loved the “Avatar”-video as well, and I like that they are different from each other. Love the Bollywood-theme!

    This made my evening!
    Will listen to this song & watch the video tomorrow morning, to start the day with a laugh!

    Thank you!


  • PenandpaperRPGer

    Thanks for mentioning it won’t be up on iTunes til Tuesday! And my ‘refresh’ button thanks you too!

    (…I have no idea why that sound kinky. o.O)

  • Bethynyc

    Wonderful video! Cheers me right up and I can’t stop smiling when I’m watching it! Thank you so much! I’m glad you were convinced to make this!

  • Billy

    Ms. Day,

    I have to say that of your many talents the one that impresses me the most about you is your voice. You’re a very solid performer and I have to ask, do you ever get offered opportunities to showcase that at all? Invitations to sing? Concerts? (I know you’re probably too busy to accept)

    I am a chorus teacher and I try all the time to convince my students that what we do is relevant. Knowing that someone with your training is out there making a name for herself is one more thing I’m able to use to convince these kids to stick it out.

    I applaud your work. Thank you for all you do.

  • Hi everybody, I have a one question that has nothing to do whit this topic, but I was wondering if there is some way to donate The Guild. Thanks.

  • Thor

    Would you happen to have the lyrics of Game On? I’ve been looking for them online but no luck so far.

    Great video!

    • Thor, Go to watchtheguild dot com and scroll down to the Jul 26 entry, β€˜The Guild’ Season 4 Music Video: β€œGame On”. Click on it and enjoy.

      Felicia, Amazing work as always! Thanks!

  • mike in philly

    If you won’t have Zaboo connect with Codex on a new level then drop Wil Wheaton and get Mr. T on as your new love interest.

  • Kwiz

    I’d love to see on Broadway “The Guild, the Musical”

  • Dani

    Just back from my 10-day offline trip and I’m catching up on Guild/SDCC stuff…. first thing I watch, this video!!!

    O… M… G!!!! PERFECT!!

    I had crazy guesses for what the secret video would be but of course I was totally wrong, hahaha… but I’m so glad I was wrong, cause I could never imagine anything as awesome as this!!! This is crazy!! There’s so much funny packed in less than 4 minutes… my brain can hardly process!!! But at the top of my head, I think my favorite is Jeff’s entrance, cause during the video I was thinking “where’s Jeff??? OMG, where’s Jeff?? He’s gonna have a hilarious entrance, I’m sure…” and then BAM! Smoke, sunglasses, the jacket… SO GOOD!!

    Also, at 1:10, when you are in the front and Sandeep is in the back “casually” leaning against a column… LOVED THAT! Little thing that I thought it was funny and very Bollywood. The way Sean and Kim shot that too, with the camera movement…. really great!

    Huge congratz to you all!
    You keep blowing our minds and keep getting better and better with everything you do! =)

    Also, read the previous post… glad to hear that SDCC was fun and the Guild panel was a huge success! I’m sad I missed it, but happy for you all! I’m gonna look for videos/reports/interviews now!!

  • Mac

    How much do I love the fact that there are people carrying the trees behind the elephant.

    THIS MUCH. *loves*

  • Finally got a chance to watch this. It is AWESOME!

    I love how it’s so different from Date My Avatar, both are incredible in their own right.

  • Jerry Witman

    Awesome! I love both music videos and I think it’s a stamp to the franchise now. WHat will you come up with next year? Maybe something with Axis of Anarchy in it? West Side story perhaps? Zaboo vs Fox? Hummm

    Congrats to the cast and crew, great work!

  • Sven Rymenans

    Damn Felicia, you keep surprising me lol :O.
    If there’s no editing in that indian singing, then oh my god you sure know how to sing!
    Loved the video in general, but the lyrics are just insane. Laughed out pretty loud with most of it. And just to anwser: some boys do understand why you’re living in a fantasy land =D. Oow and Sandeep’s dancing at 0:48-0:50 is just epic. So gonna practice that!

    Cheers from Belgium!

  • Siegwulf

    WTF?! Oh I hate it to be in Germany -.- Now it says “this video is not aviable in this country”, I want to watch it again πŸ™

  • Isotaque

    This video is just awwesome!
    more awesome : there will be something else which top this!
    The futur seems so great!

    cheers from france! =)

  • Ingrid

    “Go to hell Real Life, I’ll punch you in the face!” SO awesome! Love that!


    Ps. Did watch in the morning after my last comment, and have watched it at least once a day since.. ops πŸ™‚ just diggin it. That’s all πŸ˜‰


  • Suzie

    This is slightly off-topic but I figure there’s a much better chance of getting a reply here than on twitter. Do you know if Do You Wanna Date My Avatar for Rock Band will ever be released for the other consoles? I get there’s a contract with MSN/Xbox and all but I was SO EXCITED until I saw it was an Xbox exclusive. I own a PS3. πŸ™ SO SAD!!!!!

    Oh, and Game On has been in my head for a week solid now so yay for bringning it!

    How are you going to top that next year? LOL. j/k

  • David

    Want to see the video again, but can’t :(. Why is it blocked from Germany?

  • Zach

    haha this was pretty good but “do you wanna date my avatar?” was definitely better. i dont think the avatar video can ever be topped, that thing was epic

  • Vlada

    Awesome!!! So true about raid on the Tuesday night =)
    Singing/dancing were amazing, never thought Codex can dance like that, mind blowing! πŸ˜‰

  • Vlada

    Hey Felicia, I watched it again and just thought it would be really cool if it had some WoW dance moves surreptitiously embedded into the choreography, may be just an idea for the next year project =)

  • Michael

    Keine Ahnung warum das bei YouTube geblockt ist, aber msn (bing) funzt πŸ™‚

    Don’t know why the video is banned on youtube, but msn/bing works fine πŸ™‚

    Game On bei MSN

  • This video is wonderful, and it was great to see you at Gen Con! B)

  • Jessica Paul

    Everything you do is amazing, so of course people were impressed. Your entire cast and crew is wonderful. People recognize a good thing when they see it.

  • My friend showed me this video on a balcony on our trip to Barcelona and i think its awesome! Just like The Guild =)!

    Love from Sweden!

  • Kez

    Yes! I bought it on iTunes, but now I shall have to get it on my Xbox πŸ˜€

    I’m a big fan of Bollywood so I absolutely adored this MV!

  • Katherine

    Please tell me you got to keep that awesome sari!

  • The Frenchman

    Felicia! This is too funny!! I just got introduced to The Guild and Dr. Horrible – both Amazing – by some friends. Very good stuff and really good for a great laugh. KEEP IT UP!

  • Chris

    This is brilliant vork made me chuckle so much same with bladez lol goof video buying it very soon of iTunes… I love the guild

  • Chris

    I meant good video darn you spellchecker!

  • Greg

    I think you addressed your “top last year” concern perfectly with “Game On”.

    It’s great–a definite 10, but neither better nor worse than its predecessor. Rather, it’s unique and wonderful in its own way, and ultimately yet another great effort by the cast of “The Guild.”

    And of course this means that next year, when you do a “singing cowboy” theme, we’ll just be happy that you have a new video out, without comparisons to either of the previous efforts. πŸ™‚

  • Danille

    Hey Felicia,

    You really are quite a talent and thanks so much for sharing and making the world a better place. I’m one of those gamers who found your The Guild videos to be so entertaining.

  • Karthik

    Hi Felicia,

    I absolutely loved it. This is perhaps the best bollywood parody I have seen.

    Most parodies of Bollywood usually focus on cheap racial stereotypes. You and your fellow guild cast members however, had fun with the genre. The result is a really awesome video that I can laugh with and not feel laughed at ( I am Indian ).

    The itunes store is geo-fenced so I can’t purchase this video from where I live. Is there any other way for me to pay for it ?


  • come on, keep moving!

  • You really are quite a talent and thanks so much for sharing and making the world a better place.

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    will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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