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Soma!  Thank you so much for linking a screenshot of The Guild featured on the front page of YouTube!!   Here it is again, I want to show it off.  The Guild on the front page of YouTube, second time for us!

  • S o M a


  • Brilliant! 😀

  • synkro

    Because of that, I found my way here. 🙂

    I must say, I have enjoyed The Guild episodes and shall patiently await future installments. Any type of show on the willful addiction to MMOs is long overdue; PennyArcade and the like just don’t cut it anymore. I myself am stuck on WoW, but I’ve decided I’ll leave Azeroth for Warhammer Online.

    Of the 101 things to do, I wish you luck on #84 and #87 the most. They should prove to be the most difficult of them all. The act of getting married should be cake, but finding the right one is the problem…unless you’re Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Mike from Chicago

    Wow, congratulations! Like “Synkro”, I found your site as a result of watching The Guild. A friend sent me a link to the latest webisode over Pownce a few days ago, so I got to watch them all consecutively. I really like it.

    I then thought “Hmm… Felicia Day, I wonder if she’s related to Charlie Day”, Google’d your name and found that you were not (in retrospect, d’uh), then saw that you had a blog. I’m back because I received a very nice email after I commented on your Obama post, which I’m sure was automatic, but still very nice. 🙂

    I’ve added your blog to my Google Reader page.

  • Hi! You are not real, are you? Nope, you’re a character from a very good book. Anyway, you are a talking and blog-replying character, so that’s why I write (cause you can write back).

    The guild is probably the greatest webshow I’ve seen. It’s better than Goodnight Burbank, which I used to like. It’s fantastic, very well done.

    Ok so your lust..oh ok shit, i meant list. your list is cool.
    53. Eat Breakfast daily – please let me know when you cross this one out and tell me how you did it (if you do it :P).

    58. Practice Violin 1 x week don’t be lazy modify to 2x. It’s music, after all.
    96. Clean cat boxes 2x week – poor cats 🙂

  • Frankie Mercado

    I saw this this morning at work and and it made me click on it. Being that I’ve been wanting to get back into WoW. And people on the Totally Rad Show Forum were talking about it.

    I like it. Vork is awesome.

  • Congrats on another front page hit 😀

    the show deserves it. It has to be the second best webshow ever (assuming red vs blue counts as a webshow….or is machinima excluded from that category?)

    Actually, thinking about it. I only watch 2 webshows….hmmmm, anyway, keep up the good work.

  • Woot! Front page! (happy dance)

  • Hello again! Just spotted The Guild on the front page of youtube. Again. 🙂

  • edgar

    @fellow Chicago-ean Mike…

    I believe Felicia doesn’t have an automatic email response set up per blog post… She probably personally emailed you, especially if its more than just “Thank you for posting… keep watching blah blah blah”

    Grats Felicia on front page of youtube again!

  • Guild’s looking good, Felicia. One of the better comedy shows on YouTube.

  • @edgar
    It’s automatic 😉

  • Igniferroque

    Yea, she should probably turn that automated reply off, I’m thinking. A Zaboo’esque incident – unscripted – would probably be a lot less funny than her webisodes.

    I entered a comment for the first time last night and found that email this morning. My initial reaction was that she had read my comment, appreciated the insight and intelligence woven into it and emailed me personally, XOXO and all.

    And then I came here to suggest to that she take out the XOXO part or add some note that indicates its an automated message.

    And my second suggestion is that she add a Paypal link so we can contribute to the “Buy Felicia Day a Taser” fund.

  • Ben

    And without sounding too taser-worthy…I want an automated reply! I got a big fat zero the first time I posted. Well, other than the heady feeling of self satisfaction gained from communicating with a real and true Hollywood actress that was on my favorite show.

    (I’m still holding out that Felicia will record my answering machine message but I assume that will require me winning a Flog contest of some kind…if there’s ever a contest.)

  • Tyler

    Awesome! It’s about time you guys get some more recognition. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across ‘The Guild’ but I did and it’s been a wild ride.


  • Mike from Chicago

    Wow, so much talk about an automated reply. Just for clarification, I think it was only about a sentence or so long, so I don’t think she’s inviting stalkers with it. 🙂

    Anyway, I was just stopping by because I noticed that The Guild was a featured podcast in iTunes. Don’t know if that’s old news or not, but it was the first time I had seen it.

  • Mike! I credited you and linked your ss on all the Guild sites. Thank you so much for that! 🙂 And this isn’t automatic, haha.

    Does XOXO really qualify as a sexual signoff? It’s my signature “bye bye”! 🙁

  • Felicia, I have to say that I have really enjoyed all the episodes of THE GUILD. Being an Everquest 2 player myself and in such a guild, it was so funny. You fit the role perfectly and was so believeable. I died laughing at the part where you were talking to your SHRINK on the phone about playing the game too much and you were saying how you play with real people you have never met yet. I guess my big question is “Do you ever really play online even somewhat like your character?” I know acting probably keeps you busy. It looks like you all had a blast doing those episodes. I have a myspace page “dalenumber3” if you ever get to go look. Just wanted to let you know how much I loved the clips and loved getting to watch you work. You are very beautiful and I hope to see more of your work someday soon.

    Gary Chandler

  • Hi! 😉
    It’s interesting pill. 🙂

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