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Fox March Done!


Fun was had by all at the rally this morning. Near 500 people were there! It was a huge turnout, and testament to the great love Joss Whedon engenders in his fans (and his actors and writers too, so many of them were there!) It was really inspiring, and generally, the fans had much more energy than the typical writers at the picket line. There was more “whooping” to honking cars than I’ve heard in a while 🙂 I got a cool “Potential” pin from the button lady (that’s what people call her!) and met quite a few interesting people, including Flog reader Paul! Hi Paul! Walking in circles is much easier when you’re chatting with people you haven’t seen in years, or meeting new people for the first time. I’ll have to draft more people to come march with me 🙂

Here’s proof I was there, care of actor Tom Lenk, who’s photography blows me away. And not just because he makes me look good 🙂 Thanks Tommy! XOXOXOFelicia At Rally!

Edit: Here are a few others from Flikr ppl have been linking me.

Care of egaudier.

Care of CABridges.

Paul and Felicia at marchCare of Flog reader Paul! That’s him and me!

Me and Summer! Two Summers, one event. Fab!

I have no idea what I was saying to her. Probably naughty gossip. She’s such an innocent lovely girl. 🙂

EDIT: Ok, LAST EDIT ON THIS THREAD! My friend Jeff took this, and a lot of other great pictures here. Love it love it! I need to protest more often, it makes me comb my hair that day 🙂

  • Jen

    Wow! That’s an awesome picture. Glad the strike went well. Joss Whedon = awesome.

  • Soma

    [whistles] hey Red!!!



  • edgar


    I see “Day” in the background…

    Looks like an ad for AvP2…

  • Paul

    Woo, shiny picture. (I feel so confuzzled. How many Pauls are there?!?)

  • Dan

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say that it probably doesn’t take a whole lot of talent for a photographer to make you look great.

  • Soma

    hmm.. i wish i knew people who played hellgate: london..
    even more so; someone who played hellgate london and
    was an engineer..

    *so ends this weeks’ guilt trip

  • stm

    Not to turn this into an H-L thread…

    Soma –
    Once I finish re-assembling my PC tomorrow I’ll be starting out. I’m only a few weeks behind…can you wait? :^p

  • Soma

    ive been waiting since.. i dunno.. end of october?

    whats a few more days.. .. 😛


  • Ben

    Way to take it to The Man Felicia!

    I’m so jealous of Paul, if I lived even a little close I would have been there proudly wearing my Grrr Arrrgh T-shirt. Man, how cool to meet the likes of Tom Lenk, Joss, Nick Brendan, Amy Acker, etc. etc. etc. and of course I’m sure a highlight would be meeting our fearless host and all around laugh-maker, Ms. Day.

    Too bad it takes a union strike to bring all these great folks together.

    Hey Felicia–did you speak with Joss??? Did he pull you aside and tell you he wants you for Dollhouse???!!!

  • My wife and I were there in spirit, if not in person (it is a long drive from Austin as you well know).

    Hope you were able to grr and argh at some of the clueless executives. 🙂

  • …and hey, why not add an over the shoulder to your headshots? In that outfit, too – quite striking.

  • Mia

    You look gorgeous on that pic!

    I hope the writers get what they asked for. It’s hard to understand why those greedy corporate people aren’t conceding. The writer’s demands sound very reasonable.

  • Dustin

    Wind Swept Awesomeness!

    Too bad I wasn’t there.

  • PaulfromSunnydale

    Hi Felicia!
    Had a great time picketing with you, I sent the photo to the site admin addy.
    Grrrr aarrgh!!

  • Is there something called 100% photogenic. I think yes. Dude, you are like not even looking at the camera (the one with a chubby Xander) and it’s like wow. radiance.

    Paul: Good job, my man! Fight the power!

    I hope HollyWierd pays up soon because I would hate to not have any CHUCK or HEROES.

    /whispers LONG LIVE ATHENE
    /hollers Hallaluah Holla back, FD!

  • Ben

    Damn Eric, “chuby Xander” ouch!

  • Two of most attractive people in the world, on the picketline together.

  • Two of most attractive people in the world, on the picketline together. (this time with link)

  • Jen

    It’s Xander! Man, I used to have such a crush on him.

  • Dustin

    Oh My God!!! SUMMER GLAU!?!?!?!

    (Dustin has Died…send flowers please)

  • Soma

    “Who are you gonna ask?”
    “That girl over there. ”
    “Summer Wheatly? How the heck are you gonna do that?”
    “Build her a cake or something.”

    /end summer reference

  • I was there and I totally got a picture with Felicia, yay!

  • Good luck with the strike, Felicia. Even all the way down in Werribee, Australia, I’m hoping for the WGA and all their supporters to win out. The writers are just getting screwed at this point, so hopefully it gets better from here on out.

    And I love all those photos from the picket line. You’re an adorable woman, and you really stand out – a difficult feat when standing next to Summer Glau. And go Tom for his pictures – I met him last year at the October Hub convention, really nice guy. I even got him, Adam, Danny and Amber to sign my Buffy Complete Collection boxset – always fun.

    Once more, best of luck to everyone sticking it out down there. Face down The Man, and make sure everyone gets what they deserve – in the case of the strikers, a fair wage, and in the case of the suits, a comically-oversized boot in the ass. WGA FTW.

  • Steve

    Did you get the inside scoop on Xan-man’s gig on Criminal Minds? It was cool to see him in the last couple episodes. I’m hoping he becomes a regular.

  • Danny A


    It’s great to see you back on screen, even if it’s mostly on the web. The Guild is great and I must say I never played WOW because of many things, though it made me laugh a lot. One of my best friends got addicted to WOW and she’s on the servers since 2005. I haven’t done anything with since because she’s always raiding. WOW killed my friend. Anyways, it’s great to see that you’re still alive. I hope to see another Guild episode sooner or later.

    Danny A.

    PS : Zaboo… What… the… LOL!!!

  • john

    how cute =) have a nice weekend =)

  • Gag Halfrunt
  • stm

    Gag’s photo should be part of a Thematic Apperception Test.

    Maybe it’s me, but judging by the reactions some interesting conversation seems to have preceded the picture. :^)
    Felicia…care to comment?

    Best of luck on the strike. I’m not surprised the studios refuse to give in (even though the writers aren’t asking for anything unreasonable). Considering the major studios are part of large corporations that can write off the loss, they have more wiggle-room to make a statement before the pending SAG and DGA deadlines in 2008.

    I hope the WGA members hang in there. We’re pulling for you.

  • little_sparks

    Great turn out! People from all over the Whedonverse.

    I know its not really supposed to be for fun, but I hope you had a good time, and rest your poor footsies after all that walking!

  • Chris

    Here’s another pic that has you up front, courtesy of

  • Oh how I wish I could’ve been there, showing support.

  • edgar

    Hoping this means Felicia could get at least a cameo in Summer’s new show… would be nice if it were more of a reoccurring role

    *crosses fingers

  • Gag Halfrunt

    The latest Joss’d podcast has a very short interview with Felicia along with lots of other interviews from Mutant Enemy Day.

  • Danny A

    Hey… Wasn’t the actress on the right of the picture in one episode of Buffy?

    “Older and far away.” Was the name of that episode. Season 6.

  • I love the earrings you’re wearing. 🙂 But then you’re loverly, and I’ve learned so much geeky new wonderful things!!! Esp the Milk online todo list!!!! I am going to work on that for the new year.

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