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First, I want to share with you the latest Flog video! I think the more taxed I become on the work side, the weirder these videos are getting, so actually it’s a good thing haha. This week my friend @JosephPred taught me CPR, and I basically turned the lesson into a bad soap opera. I think it turned out supreme and want to thank him for his time and expertise.

I dunno if YOU guys noticed that my face looks more rested haha, but I’ve been resting up a lot lately to get my health back. There were a few months that were pretty awful there, and it definitely showed in my work and in my private life. I would just fall asleep EVERYWHERE because I was so tired. I’m feeling WAY better lately though, yay! We were recording the Flog last weekend and it took literally 2 minutes to memorize each segment, whereas earlier this year I would forget my lines over and over again because my brain and body were just exhausted. SOO good lesson for me, I gotta be surgical about my time and just dial back everything. I put on an intimidating auto-reply for my email and have just been deleting EVERYTHING I can possibly delete (if people get insulted I just have to accept that because it’s not personal). I’ve cancelled a lot of stuff for the fall, and after Season 6 shooting in Aug/Sept am basically taking it easy for the rest of the year, just developing new ideas while I oversee Geek and Sundry (which is a full-time job as it is!)

It’s been a good wake-up call though, because I’ve had to think about what I REALLY want to do with my time. That’s why I decided to just take the rest of the year and CONSUME things, because I’ve not watched any significant TV, Movies etc in almost YEARS because I’ve been too busy MAKING things. I need creative infusion of ideas to spur ME getting bigger ideas, right? Or maybe I just need to hang out with my friends a bit. I mean, I DO have a network to oversee so I’m not on a luxury vaycay hahaha. Anyway, let me know how you find creative inspiration in the comments, what you think of Geek and Sundry, any feedback you have etc, love to hear your thoughts!!!

  • theelkmechanic

    “Tyrone, you know how much I love watching you work, but I’ve got my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I’m swamped.”

    ” Get some rest. If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”

  • Simon Brown

    Don’t overdo things. Take it from one who has it; chronic fatigue is no fun at all. Slow down a little before you’re forced to slow down a lot. And have some fun once in a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bori

    I think dialing things back sounds like a really good idea…especially after your experiences earlier in the year. I know that personally I find that it’s ridiculously hard to even think at all, let along think creatively, when all my brain and body want to do is crash. Hope the rest of the year is more restful/less insane ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also Geek and Sundry is really, truly great; you’ve done an absolutely incredible job! Congratulations!

  • I’ve committed to those things where you love them so much they consume you. Usually, I just burnt up until I had to quit or my head would explode in a shower of strawberry pudding. Now I try to balance my intake and output. I have a commute? I write for 2/3 and read for 1/3. I have more to do? I wrote at home then I play a video game for a few hours.

    Deadlines, of course, throw all that out the door. So the new goal then becomes to limit deadlines and once they pass, recoup the time by extended time with friends or a trip out of town or sitting in the basement in my underwear playing video games. (Dressing is stressful. There is no stress in the detox phase!)

    Like in life, balance is always the key.

  • Bjรธrn

    If i was to save, i wish an angel like Felicia Day to wake up to. <3

  • Karina

    Well I think it’s safe to say you and the Geek and Sundry team are doing a pretty top notch job! You work has inspired me to get off my arse and start being more creative (after doing a media degree at University) instead of sitting around the house moping that I don’t have a ‘proper’ job. I’ve created my own YouTube channel and hope to make some I’m proud of and upload it for the world to see. You and Geek and Sundry are, to put it simply, and as corny as it sounds, an inspiration. I also have decided to start a book club! I read more as a kid but after watching your hangout I ordered a bonanza of books off Book Depository.

    In summary, you are the bomdiggity, Keep making all the awesome things. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Erin

    Yes, that Flog was a little bizarre but in an awesomely hilarious way! Glad you are taking care of yourself. If you work yourself to death there would be no more Flog, The Guild or Vaginal Fantasy. Trust that your fans want quality Felicia Day over quantity and enjoy only having one full time job for a while.

  • Rest up! Watch Breaking Bad, Louie and everything else so we can hear what you think about it…

    Oh and maybe for a Flog you could try out Roller Derby or Professional Pillow Fighting?

  • kim

    It was fine, a bit odd but hey it’s still you right? So far I’ve been watching the Flog, Tabletop (cept for the rpg ones), and Written by a Kid. I am really looking forward to the next season of the Guild. Very excited about this channel, even the stuff I don’t care for is interesting and it really is a geek/nerd channel which is awesome. Glad you guys didn’t roll out everything at once either and are still adding shows here and there. I have never been the most creative person, but when I do want to get motivated to do something I watch something appropriately themed (paint tabletop minatures I watch a tabletop youtube review, go running I watch the Olympics or some other video with fit people in it, read more I watch well I could watch Captain Picard or some other intellectual character I admire). Cheers and good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pam

    OMG I laughed so hard snot came out of my nose! Felicia you are so talented and funny and creative. I so needed a good laugh. Been working on new stories all day. It was good therapy. Would love to do a gift story for you sometime. Where would I send it? Your projects are all so amazing. Glad you are feeling better!

  • Diana

    You are absolutely right that it’s necessary to consume some other’s creative efforts in order to be creative yourself. I got into the artist’s way — it’s basically one method for keeping creative people creating. A big part of that is at least once a week going and experiencing someone else’s work, or playing with a puppy, or finger painting, or… And it works. At first I would get annoyed that I should be writing, but then as I kept at it my work was easier and faster and because I got playtime by myself once a week I was in a better position for working with others. So yes, CONSUME woman! Be the 50 foot woman of media gluttony. It’s probably the medicine you need, in addition to actual medicine.

  • Most definitely take some time to rest up. I once read about a genius interior designer who takes forced hiatus something like every 7 years. He spends one full year resting, traveling, consuming and NOT working, and when he comes back, he’s full of amazing design ideas. I think as an artist, this is essential! So I wish you the best and I hope you take time to consume all the culture you can, and know that your fans will still be here when you get back, and your work will be THAT much stronger for it. You rock, now go take some time off!

  • Cluisanna

    I think lots of people would be really sad (including me) if you burnt out and had to stop geek & sundry, so please take your time and take it slow! Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Heather

    I find a lot of inspiration by drawing–it’s not about being an artist, or drawing well–for me it’s more about sitting down and paying attention and letting my mind wander. Even if I just draw a few things in my back yard, or at my desk, if I take some time to take out my notebook and even just doodle, my mind can start floating along, and sometimes ideas will arrive! And by just trying to draw something I pay more attention to things around me all the time, including people, and then the ideas start coming fast. I also want to tell you that The Flog isn’t just a big hit with me–when the theme music plays, my husband comes over to sit down to watch, too! We love Geek & Sundry, especially The Flog and The Guild, but most of all, we want you to take the time you need to take to feel your best! Even if The Flog takes a vacation, we’ll wait. Go ahead and rest up. We’ll be right here when you get back!

  • Anne

    You’re a huge inspiration. I just went through a burnout which competely paralyzed me. I am now recovering and also writing my master thesis. After one or two hours of working I pause and do sth. nice for a few minutes. In these pauses I’ve been watching the guild again. Reading your annotations really shows how much work and passion you put into your work. I know now that this can cost a lot of energy (sometimes too much) and that doing too many things at once is neither good for you nor for the people you’re working with. So I think slowing things down and enjoying life is the right way to go.
    Because you asked: I find creative inspiration by being outside and getting in touch with nature…
    I really like geek and sundry, if you want to add something, maybe a little more interaction with the community (e.g. like Ze Frank does).
    Greetings from Germany!

  • DanC

    You only have one life so live it well. It is difficult to balance work and person life. Remember to continue to invest in activities that are long term investments like family and friends.

    Take a look at for an interesting perspective.


  • Petitflocondeneige

    Thanks a lot for that video I had quite some fun watching it!

    And really happy to hear that you are resting now! I was beginning to wonder if you were an alien able to spend days and days without any sleep or if your days had more hours than mine…

  • Patrick

    I am really enjoying the variety of content and the overall vibe. I originally came across the site because of Table Top. Which I enjoyed so much it spurred me to look around the site. You have no idea how pleasantly surprised I was to find a video about blacksmithing as I have a degree in metal and jewelrysmithing.

    To sum it up you’ve got me hooked on the channel.

    Personally I find inspiration by first consuming large amounts of content while working on a concept for a piece and getting to a point where I am stuck. Then I take a complete step away and go occupy my mind with something else I enjoy. Personally I take a motorcycle ride, but something like hanging with friends, or getting caught up in a good movie works too. The important thing is to give your mind time to process.

    Stay well

  • Christopheronious

    When I feel boxed in creatively/emotionally/physically I travel. During my undergrad degree I decided I needed a break or change, so I left all my ties behind in Sydney for 6 months and studied in Reykjavik at the University of Iceland. Since then I have shot off to the UK, America, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand and Scandinavia. I say just grab a copy of The Travel Book, find the prettiest picture and go there.

    My top pics are:
    December-February on the New South Wales north coast (Australia), lounging around in tiny beach community, with BBQ’s for dinner and cheeky afternoon drinks.

    October-November going to a town called Uppsala (Sweden) in the fall and enjoy the friendly people and beautiful history of the 3rd oldest University in Europe.

    Christmas/New years can be spent in Roveniemi (Finland) go to Santa’s Workshop, play with reindeer and see the Aurora Borealis.

    New Years Eve should be spent at least once in Rekjavik (Iceland). It is a booze and sex filled romp with just the most crazy fun people in the world.

  • Salvador

    Let your schizophrenia run wild! Maybe its like Thought 2012 paradigm change! Time to let go of those Sumerian-Egyptian software from 10000 years ago! Let the New Atlantis come baby! Its the Buddha Singularity! Fuck the Matreya now ts the Salvador – oh yeah!
    Hope you love that Judas Lennon, but always Love the 1 (+1=2)!!! more whatever dudes

  • Will

    Amen to you FINALLY taking it easy (well, not red-lining anyway)! You are one for the stubborn, for sure. Now I can ease off on the worrying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love to write and draw for my own amusement and I sometimes find creative inspiration from reading a good book (even ones that I’ve read many times before!) and sometimes watching movies for a more visual inspiration.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the latest episode of Geek and Sundry (I just recently found it!) and it warmed my heart to see and hear you cussing and getting bent out of shape in the game. It was hilarious!! I’ll have to catch up on the rest just to see if you do more of that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I totally empathize with work overload and the need to periodically dial back in the name of personal health and sanity. It’s tough to moderate that urge to over-achieve and do All The Things but health has to come first! Happy media-consuming! I too expect to throw myself a nice, long listening party post-Dragon*Con/album release to get inspired before working on my next songwriting/recording project.

    Speaking of D*C/album release, will you be there for the Thursday night festivities? If so, my fellow Extraordinary Contraptions (AKA, the best steampunk rock band in the world) and I cordially invite you to pack your violin and come sit in with us at our Thursday mainstage show (at 11:30pm)! We loved your steampunk segment on the Flog and we’re always impressed whenever you show off your smokin’ fiddle chops on camera. So if you’re not already spread too thin for D*C, we’d love for you to combine the two and share our stage for a tune or two (Our 4pm Sunday acoustic show is also an option).

    Hope you get plenty of rest to steel yourself for D*C and we’re looking forward to catching you at the con regardless of whether you can make it out to jam with us.

    ~David Tyberg
    bass/vocals, The Extraordinary Contraptions

    P.S. Each Monday of D*C there’s an open acoustic string jam on the concourse stage, if that’s more your speed. It’s usually a gaggle of violinists from all the bands plus me on double bass. It’s a good time if you’re interested!

  • You are doing a really fantastic job with Geek & Sundry! I love the shows (haven’t watched all of them yet, or all episodes, but I’m working on it), but I really have to commend you for the community you’re building. I’ve joined the forums and the chat room, and have met so many awesome people in such a short time span. Very few online communities (that I have been part of) have managed to make such an open, friendly and welcoming space – and KEEP it that way! My Twitter feed is nowadays close to 80% G&S people, and it’s the most fun and interactive my feed has ever been.

    So: Good job to you and the rest of the G&S team! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you manage to balance your life so that you get time to relax – it’s very well deserved.

  • John W

    Even Spider-man had to take a break. Kick back and watch some Game of Thrones.

  • I totally feel you, Felicia: after about nine years of either writing (and having work produced) or beating myself up for not writing, I collapsed, mentally exhausted, in November after moving to my own place, and didn’t write (except for a few webseries episodes, a ten-minute, and a new pilot. yeah, I have a strange definition of “mental break.”) But I watched a *ton* of TV: Game of Thrones, part of Alias s2, Cheers s1, How I Met Your Mother s1 & 2โ€ฆ list goes on. And I felt rejuvenated just in time to start the new webseries, WRNG IN STUDIO CITY (reporters forced by budgetary constraints to make the news up). Glad you’re taking some time to recover for yourself. Really enjoyed The Guild and looking forward to checking out “The Flog.”

  • Travis Stewart

    I think you have the right idea. I write mostly for myself right now, but whenever I hit the ever lurking writer’s block I tend to step away and look for inspiration in other things like movies, television, games, books, and the internet. There is nothing better than to discover something for the first time. Seeing creativity and hard work in other works is what inspires me. It is what initially caught my attention of what you do and the content of Geek and Sundry. I think everyone can understand the amount of time and effort that has been needed over the last so many years by you and those you work with to not only get Geek and Sundry up and running but to also be a part of all the other work you have been involved in. Sometimes the best way to keep that creativity and energy going is to step back and take care of yourself first. It is not a selfish act all the time to put yourself first. And others may not like it but it can be good to turn off the phone and emails for short periods of time and get lost in a good movie, television series or just game a bit. Those messages will stack up, but they will be there when you are ready for them. I like to find a television series I have missed and watch a whole season to get lost in it. I have recently done that with the first two seasons of Game of Thrones.

  • Finally! I was wondering when you would give yourself a break. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t worry about what others want, the most important thing will always be what YOU want for yourself. Sometimes I stop doing any art for a month or two because it becomes too much. But when I come back to it I magically turn out to be better than I was before. So give yourself breaks Felicia, it’ll do you good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alex

    That blog post is almost a big relief. Ever since you mentioned your Pneumonia(?) I was seriously hoping you would slow things down a bit and keep yourself from burning out. It might be called “suffering for your art”, but nobody every said “ruin your health for your art”.

    Where to find inspiration? Maybe it’s just me, but usually inspiration finds me. All you can do is expose yourself to it and hope it will strike. You can’t force yourself to have ideas and the result of it usually isn’t that great. So watching TV and reading books sounds fine. Or just do something unusual. Travel or just sit in a semi-crowded place and observe (you might be a bit too famous to remain a passive observer for long, though).

    Again, I’m happy to hear you will not just take care of work, but also of yourself in the future. Finally I can watch your videos without feeling a little bad again ,-)

  • Northwind

    Greetings, Felicia

    I did notice your face looked different the past few Flogs when compared to previous Flogs, but didn’t put it together as to it being rest-related. After your mentioning of getting more rest and feeling better for it in this blog entry, though, I went back and did a contrast/comparison of previous Flogs to the last two and most definitely there is a difference. I did not realize how drawn out and, well, pale your face was starting to get. Now, you look far more rested, refreshed, and your smile even looks more relaxed and bright. I’m glad you are taking better care of yourself and I hope you find that balance you seek — a tricky task for any of us these days, it seems. Just remember:

    Burning the candle at both ends only guarantees the light will vanish much faster


    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

    As for inspiration, I get it from all kinds of places — newspapers (all sections, including the classifieds), catalogs, Internet (greatest repository of information in the world, and some of the information is even true haha), and simply walking around town and looking at people and places and things. It’s surprising what you can come up with sitting for an hour on a bench near a bank.

    Take care of yourself and keep up the wonderful work. No more pneumonia, please — that’s nasty stuff (never had it myself, but I know three people who have — all the walking kind — so I have observed how rough it can get).

    Ten years from now people are going to be saying, “Oprah who?” I’ll check on that name later, I need to go watch Geek and Sundry right now.

    Byyyyeeeeeee. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Peter Richter

    Remembers when you were a lil sick earlier this year, thinks you posted on FB. I posted then that you’re not 20 anymore and need to slow down lol Or what we need to do for you is what you mentions happens when working on The Guild and you get a bit neurotic etc and everyone is all “Felicia??!” to get you back on track xD. So here goes, ehemm “Felicia…” *waggles finger, concerned look* I think yo uneed to get more gifts, because I loved how your face lit up when you got the GW2 box delivered and how purr-ecious you were when you got your presents. Yummy! I’ll say it again, you’re adorable and an inspiration to all in this crazy mixed-up world (and web-world)

    *Bad Russian accent a la Rade Serbedzija* You remind me of when I was little boy, my friends and I would run around with our VHS vid-camera (yes, I’m that old! lol), actually we were in our 20s, and filmed lil vignettes. My best friend even got bored and wrote a script of the TV pilot that’ll never be hehe We got a soundtrack and everything but this was pre-web (yes, kids, there was a time BEFORE the inter-webs) or maybe we may have been bold and try to get it on YouTube, esp with all the cool editing softwares out there! (I still habe my old video mixing board in the closet) I regress, but you make me think of those days and the fun we had, just like you and yours are having fun with The Guild, G&S etc etc

    As to G&S, because of TableTop, I got Munchkin and still like watching the episode, few times already to learn the rules better and like the raport between the players. I like the line about you being so cute so’s not to be a target then Sandeep comments on your leather armour and your sexiness. Then shortly thereafter, you end up as Panthera LOL So fantasies do come true! Speaking of fantasy (accent is gone by now) and a nice seque, I like Vaginal Fantasy, again because of the raport, banter and learning things from a lady’s POV and that the 4 of you are so smart and sexy. Off to the side, wasn’t keen on Fiasco as a game, lil draggy. Maybe fun for actor/writer types *shrug*

    In conclusion xD, (need a thersaurus to find better words for cute, adorable, amazing, sexy, etc etc *checks for blush*) you ARE quite the lady all wrapped up in a package. Still quite smitten with you. A big “furry” bear hug for you. Need to find out how to email “chi”/energy to you to help you out on those busy days. Knows all about “power naps” that sneak up on you/me after a busy week. I’ll flake out for 3 hrs on a Saturday BAMM, but I have health issues and such that drag me down, or as I say “I’m as young as I feel… until my body tells me otherwise” lol

    Be well, be seeing you (what show, kids? xD) and enjoy your new game, Felicia XOXOXO

  • Peter Richter

    D’oh I forgot the creative aspiration part.. sometimes I just get an epiphany or in the middle of something, when I get AHDD/distracted and my mind goes “over there” about doing changing something…”squirrel!” Sometimes if I need to build, fix something etc, I will see an object, furniture etc and get ideas to make something, or will take something and turn it into something else or use for a different purpose. So not so much a writer etc like Felicia, but I do have creative moments, thoughts. Actually my dreams can be the weirdest where my mind will add people I know to the story/dream, but then build/create buildings, vehicles, places etc that I’ve never seen or been to and when I wake I’ll go” WTF, where did that come from?” lol and the details are so amazing *insert Twilight Zone theme*

  • terrastrana

    Glad to hear that you’re taking time off to recharge and rest yourself! We live in such a fast-paced, driven society that sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of rest and relaxation.

    When I’m looking for artistic inspiration, I’ve found the best sources to be nature and museums. Nature is relaxing and inspiring in all sorts of unexpected ways. Museums are great because you can walk around and browse/photograph things/whatever, and it allows your mind time to wander while you soak in all the great art around you. It’s especially nice to visit a museum in a foreign city. There’s something about being in an unfamiliar environment that can be really exciting and get your creative juices flowing.

  • Ken


    First blessings and so forth to your recovered health!! I love watching everything with you in it no matter what it is, but above all else your health and well being are the most important. It sounds like you are on the road to relaxing and recouping and we all loom forward to your work no matter how large or small.

    Get better rest up and keep those creative juices flowing!!

    Side note, just watched Dr Horrible for the first time, you have a WONDERFUL singing voice and would love to hear more of it!!

    Side note two, what are some good games you can suggest?? I’m having a hard time enjoying anything but Heroclix lately and I’d like to enjoy my Xbox and PC again, in that non perverted way that is…..


  • Peter Richter

    Off to the side, was watching a History channel doc/DVD about Miyamoto Musashi – the famous samurai who developed his own 2-sword technique and wrote The Book of 5 Rings. Watching this made me think of you and how you went away from conventional ways ie TV/Hollywood ways of producing content and went off into the “wilderness” and came up with your own style, as it were. Granted other people are out there doing web-series etc, like Chris Hardwick and his merry band of Nerdists. Of course, could compare you to Bruce Lee, another free-thinker who developed his own style of martial arts, walking away from conventional style, and he also had an amazing philosophy, I read his book, and did all this in his 30s! lol No question you keep going the way you’re going, but not forgetting to get your rest and take lots of naps LOL I think you will go far, maybe even bridging geekdom into the main stream just like alternative/punk music is so mainstream now i.e. Soundgarden doing The Avengers and Chris Cornell singing Bond themes. Years ago it was pop artists of the time doing that, Will Smith, Kenny Logins, Shirley Bassey (ok too far back) Wow, I babble too much. Thinks I have Data-itis LOL Thinks if Oprah can have her own channel, so can you! No, wait you do, G&S, and probably without any of the bureaucracy. One more note then I’ll stop (lots of clutter/trivia/UFI in my brain today), comparing you to some greats made me think of Kevin Smith said once “Great minds think alike, M-F’er” (from An Evening with…)

    Nuff said… Byeeeee (mimics you cute wave) FADE TO BLACK

  • Aara

    I think this is one of the reasons I find you to be so inspiring– you’re real. You’re not some dolled-up celebrity that has PR like a king so we never see anything real about their lives. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Geeky & Sundry is amazing. I think it’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever discovered on Youtube (besides those kitten/cat videos). The way G&S is run makes it feel so relaxed and almost personable. I know you listen to the fans, and that makes it very cool. The diversity on the show is also great. I tell everyone who mentions being a little geeky about G&S. It’s just that good.
    I find creative inspiration in the people I run into through the day. I work at a book store and meet people with all sorts of interesting hobbies or jobs. Driving also helps me relax, rest up some AND

  • Aara

    … to hit enter prematurely… Erm… awkward.
    Driving is just a great escape. Turn on your favorite song, pick a highway, and go.
    It’s great for writers block sometimes.

  • john

    I agree, recharge time is essential.

    Only you know the best way.

    do it, your fans/followers will survive.


    (you helped me 2008, thanks)

  • Dirk

    A simulated human with man parts & lady parts! Uncanny valley indeed!

    Thanks for another entertaining Flog.


  • Hi Felicia,

    Glad you are feeling better. You don’t know me but you are my role model. Because of you and The Guild I am writing/producing my own webseries and starting to understand how stressful it is. Best wishes and can’t wait to check out your next project.

  • Tally

    Hi Felicia –
    Recreation is Re-Creation.
    Blessings to ya!

  • Babs

    No matter how little you sleep you always look exceptional (which makes us women hate you for it *wink). If you can sleep, as youโ€™ve noticed, you should. We donโ€™t realize the importance of sleep until we cannot get it.
    Your work is important to people like meโ€ฆ I have horrible insomnia and have been sick for a long time. With G&S I have plenty to look forward to and keep me busy and entertained. Your G&S networkโ€™s your greatest creation yet! Thatโ€™s saying a lot since I absolutely love the Guild.
    Try not to stress too much. Your mind, like mine, seems to go a million miles a minute which is a blessing and a curse right? But just rememberโ€ฆ anything you do, with or without sleep, will be a great success!
    Your fan,

  • Hey Felicia,
    I’m glad to hear you are taking some time to rest. Just following everything you’ve been up to made the impression you’ve been over-working yourself, so no surprise in reading that it’s actually the case.
    Keep yourself healthy so you can keep on creating the things we love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    For creativity – if I feel like I really need to get myself out of my current cultural world I would go to a museum, a play or a gallery. Basically do things I don’t usually do.
    If I need the more fast injection creativity I would watch movies and TV, browse through my favorite fashiondesign blogs or watch a creativity video online. I’ve been trying to work on my reading lately, you’ve inspired me to, so books are becoming a source of inspiration as well.
    I also kinda love reading scripts. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • viking

    Ms. Day: This is why I like both tweets and other stuff from you. (sorry I havnt time to check in on your blog more than every 2-3 month…) You are straight talking without any acting. Well, except when you are doing your job as an actor. Not quite sure what you did in that CPR stuff…. I think I’ll archive it as “creative expression” in my brain.

    But whats interesting, is that you experience s—- just like we do. And you are not afraid to talk about it. H…, its not like we get any botox or duck face posing from a texan girl! So in other words: You speak a language that even frozen cavemen like myself can understand.

    OK. Lets be fair: There is a LOT that I’m categorizing as “borderline insane little sister stoned on black cooffe”. But thats cool. Because lets face it. There are lots of grey and weatherbitten geeks like me that grew tired of booth babes 20 years ago. Yes, we have been there and done that and seen everything. And when considering that as a norwegian male I have been spoiled with 6 feet tall blondes and redheads the entire life… We are talking about one h… of a though audience here! So no, your impressive bambie eyes power wont work on me. I litterly eat bambie for dimmer. (Cant stand meat for breakfast…) And when you still manage to suprise me and actually get me to watch you packing out a damnd box with a computer game? And rewatch it because it was funny? Well, since witchcraft wont work on a norse, we have to conclude that you actually have a damnd attractive intellect. In a non-zombie way, I have to admit that I like your brain. And that I am truly looking forward to your flog each week. Thats an impressive feat from your side and proof that you are doing something right. So cheer up. Not everyone can say to themself that they can make a living and reach out to people “just” by behaving like the person they are. (We do not talk about all the hard work, sleepless nights and utterly excaustion every dedicated person experience. Lets just dumb it down to “talent”)

    So keep on doing whatever you do and NEVER let someone tell you that you must change (or show more cleevage) to get more views. Just kick’em in the nuts if they suggest that. Or give them a icecold look. The last one works for me.

    And so that you know that this feedback is real, I am not going to submit to the curse of fandom. And old man of +30 getting obsessed about a small and way too young redhead on the other side of the world? Thats just patetic. So I think I’ll try to keep an illusions of dignity and say that if you ever maybe perhaps are considering a trip to Norway…. Dont do it. Its a freezing, dark hellhole with rude, tall vikings who never talk to stangers. So stay away. And NEVER visit around the 17th of May. Dont even google it. You just end up with traumatic pictures like this one:

    And whatever you do when looking for inspiration and new tv-shows: DO NOT WATCH LILYHAMMER! (Available on Netfix, markedet as the first true Nexfix production. Starring Steven Van Zandt)

    Hey, reverse psychology always worked with my real little sister. Its worth a try when dealing with someone who is just as insane (in a good way) as her. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers… No wait. Grim norse dont cheers… Damn you for making me feel joyfull! Lets try again…. Happy… DAMN! Ok. I’ll give up…. Insert appropiate depressive greeting here and have a productive day.

    Almost forgot: Boring business tips. Nothing to read.

  • I go in-between the two. Doing nothing but consuming to nothing but creating.

    If you figure out how to get a balance between the two (which I think is key, yet I haven’t figured it out myself) let us know.

  • Every time you delete an email, a kitten dies. Just saying.

  • Kirstin

    Take care of yourself, we need you!

    Btw…obsessing over the new Hearthstone addition for Skyrim would NOT be relaxing so no you tube vids detailing it…unless you REALLY want to :p

  • Ariel

    Thanks to an overloaded Google Reader, I come here just in time: as far I know, season 6 filming has finished. So, I can bring a “Enjoy your vacation!”. Take your time. The fans will be waiting for you (me included, of course).
    Creativity. I’m not a big content creator (in fact, I have too many unfinished ideas, even “unstarted” ones). But, thanks to you, I retook one, not because of the content you do, but because of your “excess” of creativity. I guess you hit me with a particle of that. In some way, like Karina said ( ).
    A little comment about it: I guess the idea I had was too big, so I started a blog as one of the (not secondary but less than tertiary) characters’ log. Who knows, maybe this “character blog” idea can be useful for somebody (if you (anyone) are about to use it, good luck to you!).
    And, if you (Felicia) are thinking in doing something in your “time-off” (1), what about just recording you consuming whatever you are watching/playing and put some improvised random zero-thinking comment?
    Have fun. Rest. Take a breath.
    (I’m not doing your “slow bye”, but I can copy a smiled double thumbs-up)


    (1) I guess this is the right expression; if not, I wait for a correction – #LearningEnglishWithFeliciaDay

  • Allyson (Toronto Gal)

    Hey Felicia! I’m super-happy to hear that you’re easing back on your jam-packed work schedule – as much as I love seeing you generously appearing in so many web-collaborations, your health and your personal well-being are of utmost importance. We’re certainly very appreciative of how you selflessly pour so much of your time, and energy, and passion into your art… but when that starts becoming a drain on your well-being, it’s certainly a wise move to take a step back to recharge and re-center yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

    I remember reading the following article over on Psychology Today, that talks about how sleep is a key ingredient in nurturing one’s creative self. Being the well-read person that you are, you’ve probably already seen it, but I’ll link it here just in case…

    On a related topic, over on the Geek and Sundry forums, a thread was put together where board-members had an opportunity to leave you a note of thanks and appreciation for all the amazing things you do. There are some very warm and well-deserved notes of praise within there, so I hope that if you get a chance to read them, that they’ll put a smile on your face. You truly are an inspiration to so many of us!

    I should point out that when looking at the URL, you might take note of the title of ‘lets-feel-up-felicia’ – which sounds vaguely skeevy, LOL. Well, the author’s intent was for us to post things to help you ‘feel up’ – i.e., give you a boost. So despite the innuendo within the title, there are good intentions within the thread itself! – I promise! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I really like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve added you guys to our blogroll.

    My weblog: male health –,

  • Bernard Redfield

    caught you on dragon age, loved it, I do stunt and character, loved your elf, I am a martial arts instructor with many years of experience, you did a great job, if you are ever in the raleigh area, look me up Redfield Martial Arts, I would be be happy to make time to teach you some more skills to help with your action scenes, good luck with your future.

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