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Flog and Guild release ANNOUNCE


Hey all!
Had a few Awesome things go up today. FIRST, I filmed a Flog at DragonCon, check out the embed for all the fun stuff I did (well, maybe 40% of it! Most of it was private fun hahaha)

The biggest news is that Guild season 6 will be LIVE on @geekandsundry starting October 2nd! Please PLEASE subscribe to the channel if you like us. Your support and views will mean a lot if we want to get picked up for another year of content. This has been an awesome journey and I’d love to keep making videos for you in 2013!  This season was VERY tough but I think you guys will enjoy it, we were on location almost 80% of the time, and we had a big cast, lots of crew, I think you’ll enjoy the polish that we brought (and halfway through the season we’re gonna knock your socks off with one of the storylines :D)

Also, Mashable (one of my fave blogs) did a “Day in the Life” video about me. They came to set during season 6 filming, and I think they did a great job capturing what it’s like for me to work on my show (they edited out some yelling I had to do, but otherwise, it’s awesome, haha).  Check out the video from the link if you so choose.

Ok, so I’m going into creative hybernation for the next few months and I want to create something new.  What would you like to see me do next?  A TV show?  Big web series?  Comic book?  What?  Leave your suggests in the comments about what you like me to do best as an artist, I value your feedback!

  • Bori

    That ‘day in the life’ video was fun!

    Um um um web series? Yes, web series! I think it’s the medium where you really shine. 🙂

  • Dragon con was so much fun! This year was my very first com and I loved it! Meeting you was friggin awesome! I can’t wait for the new season of the guild to start. A comic book would be an amazing next project.

  • Addster

    Too soon for an autobiography?

  • Jess

    A new comic book would be awesome, but you do web shows so well that it would be great to see a new one by you! As a Vaginal Fantasy groupie (and someone who loved every book you recommended before you even started that group) I’d love for you to come out with a novel (NaNoWriMo is coming up!), or maybe even a non-fiction motivational book (about being a girl gamer, or about being successful through web series and other media).

  • Andrew Suffield

    Make something nobody else would do – be *relentlessly* you.

  • First of all – I loved seeing the Day In a Life video! 🙂 also loved this weeks Flog, didn’t think it was possible without a proper segment, guess it totally is. 😛

    I would like it both if you do a Web Series or a TV show – where you’ll write and star!
    And omg yay on new project and yay on The Guild premiere date! 🙂

  • Jack

    I never watched the guild until DragonCon when Vince conVINCEd me to watch it. Now I wish I had gotten photos and signatures of the entire cast!

    As for what you should do next…another musical would be awesome! Or, since you’re all about the Vaginal Fantasy thing, write a romance novel. I don’t think I could read it though. As I once heard “Guys will watch pron. Women hate watching pron…but they’ll read the !@#$ out of it.”

  • Travis Stewart

    I personally would love to see you in another movie. I know that requires a lot more pieces to fall into place that go beyond just you, but I really enjoyed Red and would like to see you do more in the horror genre or horror with a bit of comedy where you are the unlikely heroine.

    But I agree with the previous post of you doing another musical , maybe twist Joss’s arm to bring you back for the Dr Horrible sequel – or is it prequel.

  • Tenor Love

    [Insert the usual praise here] Next project? Sing something operatic. At least one glorious note. Please?

  • What to do? Well, that’s really hard to answer. My first instinct is to shout “EVERYTHING! NOW!” but I suspect that would be a little too much to ask 🙂

    The webseries thing, well, you’re doing that already. That mashable video of a day in the life was both inspiring and depressing at the same time. Inspiring, because I always enjoy watching a master at their craft…s. Depressing, because it reminds me how far I still have to travel to begin to master my own.

    If you want to do something new, does that mean something you’ve never done before? Is there anything you haven’t done? Nothing springs to mind, so perhaps a variation of something you’ve done before.

    After my “Everything” moment what came to mind was, music. I’ve LOVED the violin pieces you’ve played and would really like to see a CD and/or iTunes release of a geek inspired album of violin pieces by you. Written and played. You know what I mean, the sort of music we really want to hear while we’re playing D&D. Mood music that captures the themes of heroic fantasy…or vaginal fantasy; a violin variation of bow chicka wow wow 😀

    I also love the idea of you doing another comic. Not a Guild comic but something entirely new. Fantasy, SciFi? Up to you. I’m more of a graphic novel guy which is why I waited for the Guild graphic novel and reviewed that rather than the individual issues. So a graphic novel, fantasy/scifi, new characters, new world or write within one that you already know and love?

    Of course while you’re writing stuff, what about a novel? I must confess that vaginal fantasy isn’t really my cup of tea but a Fantasy/SciFi novel penned by you would make for a great read!

    That’s my tuppence worth. Whatever you choose to go with I have no doubt it will be awesome 🙂

    Thanks for all the work, please keep it coming but with one proviso, look after yo’self!

  • Benjamin

    A novel! A full on novel! Make it a vaginal fantasy!

  • I think that a children’s or YA book would be awesome! Or maybe one of those sneaky ones that looks like a kids’/YA book, but is really for adults. That could be fun!

    (Seriously, though, I’m so excited about new Guild episodes, it’s hard to think of something else…)

  • Jay S

    So great to hear that your voice was bad due to fun and not work!

    What do next? Anything will make me happy 😉 But I prefer video so I think web series, because TV would be too expensive to make more content (or will it?).

    But please make sure to star yourself in it 😉

  • Natasha

    Another web series, set in a fantasy universe! I absolutely loved what you did with Dragon Age, and I would love to see an extended series focusing on the same setting. Or perhaps, a new spin on Arthurian legend? Merlin and Morgana perhaps? (;p)

  • Anna

    Write a (vaginal fantasy?) video game.

  • Duncan

    Love all your work 🙂 big fan of the guild so much that I even got my friends to watch it really excited about season 6 can’t imagine how codex is gonna deal with a job. I would love to see a comic writen by you bet it would be a real page turner 🙂

  • Agris

    Do you want to stretch yourself creatively? If so, I’d suggest working on a drama of some kind. Even more challenging would be to see if you could fit a drama successfully into a web series format. I would think that the limited time for each webisode would make it very difficult to develop both characterization and dramatic tension. To keep something comfortable, you could keep a fantasy/science fiction feel to it.

    Dragon Age was great and I enjoyed it tremendously but it had a bit too much snark in it for a serious drama, if my opinion is worth anything.

  • Knutter

    I’m not sure if that’s the kind of thing you have in mind, but I’d love to see you do the Dodger Leigh collab. Actually, I’d really like to see you, Dodger and CourtneyPants do something together. I think that Dodger is just generally awesome (I was blown away by what she did on Fistful of Rupees), and I think CP is funny in a way that most people couldn’t even hope to be. I have no idea what it could be about, but I think the three of you would make a truly awesome trio. (A song video might be slightly boring because everybody does that, and as far as I am concerned it wouldn’t necessessarily have to be gaming related because I’m not a gamer and don’t get most of the gaming references e.g. on The Guild. Other than that, sky’s the limit?!!)

  • Knutter

    Do something (web series?) where your character displays Sherlock Holmes-like smarts (as opposed to average TV-investigator smarts, however genius the scripts may advertise them to be). Give people something to THINK?!!

    On a different note (sorry), I totally agree with Tenor Love: Singing would be awesome!!

    Make something witty. I imagine classic screwball comedy really would lend itself to the web series format?!

  • Knutter

    May I say something about Vaginal Phantasy? I have watched most of the videos that are out so far, and I don’t mind people of whatever gender reading that sort of stuff (I’m male), but I don’t really get what’s your motivation for doing this show about it. Since I know I’m not alone in this (at least not completely), give us a clue? Or simply open the discussion of each book with some kind of lead question that maybe connects the specific text to some more general aspect of the genre – something like that?

    To me it feels like whenever you bring up a question that’s slightly more analytical, there is stunned silence, then somebody cracks a joke and the discussion goes off on a tangent. I realise I’m dramatising a bit here, and I really love to watch you talk (?!), but at the same time I can’t help thinking that the “hangout” maybe isn’t the exact ideal format for this? Or maybe it just needs a little more preparation or general discussion beforehand?

  • Todd

    “What would you like to see me do next?”

    One of your strengths, Felicia, is Being Felicia. What I mean by this is that some of the most impressive videos of you on the net are simply you talking about the state of videos on the net. Like it or not (and you probably should), you’ve positioned yourself as one of the icons and spokespeople for what’s going on and what’s ahead in the “vast tracts of entertainment landz” of the CyberFrontier.

    Yes, you can act, but you don’t need a character to attract eyes and ears. I think you’ve already realized this to some extent with the programming you’ve developed for Geek & Sundry. The simple concept of “The Flog” – “Let’s watch Felicia do fun things” – succeeds in part because it’s just you Being Felicia, still somewhat in (rah!) host mode, but also approaching your true voice.

    From interviews and panel discussions I’ve seen, that’s a strong, intelligent voice. And I think people would like to hear more of it.

    So what am I suggesting?

    A variation of the very “Day In The Life” video you link to in the post above.

    No, I’m not talking about a full-blown “Look at me, I’m a Kardashian” reality fame grab which would reach its pinnacle with the release of a signature perfume…

    …but rather a “show” about how one cyberpioneer is navigating the rushing waters of the digital frontier.

    I put “show” in quotes because it needn’t be restricted to any one traditional format. It could be short videos or long, one-man-band vlogs or crew-assisted presentations – or any combination thereof.

    The point is that people, I think, are interested to learn what’s succeeding on the internet right now AND HOW AND WHY. And you are uniquely positioned to provide some insight.

    I’d love to see you interviewing, collaborating with, or providing behind-the-scenes information on not just your own projects and co-workers, but some of your fellow internet successes as well, whom you obviously have unique access to. Why are they doing what they do? Where do they think it’s all headed?

    It’s like I often remark after attending the L.A. Times Festival of Books: As an audience member, it’s sometimes refreshing just to sit there and listen to intelligent people discoursing intelligently on intelligent subjects.

    The Net could use a lot more of this.

    You’ve obviously got the background, experience, and I.Q. for the job. Let us see how a smart businessperson balances workflow and creativity. By all means, weave in some of the fun stuff that happens to you, too. One of the advantageous of this (admittedly, still somewhat nebulous) idea is that you can “shoot in the cracks” around the many other projects you manage.

    I think you’ve already come to realize there is an interest and advantage in The Branding of Felicia Day. I understand if you’re reluctant to risk crossing over into A Cult of Felicia. But you’ve carried out the balancing act so far, so maybe you’d be willing to take it just a step further.

    Educating while Entertaining.

    Edifying while Enlightening.

    This blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – the nearly genuflective minions at the cons – all prove there is a market waiting to see and hear the true voice of Felicia Day…

    Being Felicia.

    Or if that’s too precious a title:

    “Day By Day”.

    Or maybe I should quit while I’m ahead!

    *** End of Pitch ***

  • Knutter

    If I remember correctly you talked at least once about writing some kind of an advice book that answers a number of F.D.-related FAQs – concerning ‘your journey’, creative stuff (writing, acting questions), your view of Hollywood, the future of the new media as you see it, etc. While it may be slightly early for an actual autobiography (as mentioned by Addster above), I think this point in time might be ideal for that kind of scrapbook-y ‘life and opinions’ book like Tina Fey did: You’re generally considered important (I certainly don’t disagree), you’re looking back on a decent body of work (if I may call it that …), and a lot of people are really interested in what you might be doing next. This is just my two cents, but I’d certainly buy & read that book, recommend it to the rest of the world, and gift it to lots of friends …

    Btw, it would be F.D. in still another medium. I think that’s kind of a cool thought …

  • Nephiande

    A novel would be awesome, in whatever genre you enjoy the most.

  • viking

    Well, I can only answer for my self and give you feedback on what have amused myself. I have to admit that your facial expression on the infamous “carpet match the drapes” video alway make me laught out loud. Or the twitter incident in the Dr. Horrible panel? Yes, its “underpants” humor, but hillarious. And you handled the situation like a lady. So you came out on top in both those situations. Oh dear… Now I’m also beginning to make impropper comments….

    Anyway: I’m guessing that a show with the production title “Put Ms. Day in embarressing situations and watch her get petrified” is out of the question. I think the other girls on Vagian Fantasy give you a hard time as it is. Heh… Hard time…. AND WE ARE MOVING ON!!!

    So what show have given me most quality entertainment? The answer is actually not the Flog or the other shows in the G&S lineup. Even if I have to admit that Tabletop and the Flog is some of the best entertainment I have seen the lates years. But whats really interesting, is the game relatet videos on your private channel. Like the DA and Skyrim videos. Even the short GW2 video. Why? Well, first og all: You are comfortable with the games you play and the entuiasm you show are real. That brings a quality to the production that you cant script. And then it also becomes a joy to watch. But the main reason is that its hard to find that kind of videos that actually tell you about the gaming experience from a real gamers perspective. Yes, its easy to find hundres of videos from Skyrim. But we are talking about commercial demos, payed reviews, show-off videos, haters videos and walk-through videos. But its hard to find videos that gives you a feeling for the game itself.

    So why do I think that you make an excelent “game presentator”? The main reason is that you have the same…. weird…. perspective as I have when it comes to games. Equal children play best and so on… That will wary from person to person, so I can’t give you a marked segment for your gaming presentation skills. But I can tell you what makes the difference from other presentators: 1. You care about the game. Its not like you are forced to test game after game before the next deadline. 2. You have used a lot of time on the game. That means you have more background and experience than the deadline presenters. 3. You are picky when it comes to games. I’m guessing that you have a 2 meter high stack with games that you want to try. But only a few makes it to twitter rage. So you do a quality control before you present it to us. 4. You are objective. Sure, you have your professional contacts with the companies that makes the games. But honestly: You are NOT a hired bootbabe that have to tell everyone how “fantastic” the game is. So when you present a game, we can trust you. If something is rubbish, you express that in both words and other ways.

    But you have to see my comment on the background that I’m a weird gamer. I work hard and party hard, so now I’m shocked to notice that we will get the first snowfall in the next month. And I havent finished all the private project that I planned last winter! So when the winter comes and the darkness falls, its time to party with snowboard, afterskiing and computer games! So I’m planning to use a 50-100 hours on gaming this winter when the snowstorms are so extreme that its suicidal to leave the house. And as with every project, I have to run a pre-project to find out what games to play. When it comes to Skyrim, you have already done that pre-project for me. Instead of going through loads of gaming reviews, demos and bragging, I could just wath your video and find out that “this is cool”. So you have saved me for much time in the search for games that I actually can spend my limited time on. I’m guessing that during a year, you will find about 3-4 games thats “100 hours games”. In other words: Games that you consider worthy of using +100 hours on. And if you find them worthy, then its a good chance that I (and other gamers) also thinks the same.

    So if you could do a game presentation of your “worthy” games, it would be a great supplement to G&S and it will also save us semi-retiered games for a lot of research and crappy youtube videos.

    Now I only have to wait for the winter. -20 degrees, hurricane winds, snowdrifts so high that you have use an hour to dig out your car in the morning and only darkness and no sun for months. The joy of waking up in the morning to discover that your bedsheets are frozen. And thinking “YES, I’m going to make myself a can of strong coffee and play computer games. As soon as I can feel my fingers again….”. Good times, good times. 🙂

  • Lodremiere

    Ideas on things to try next? Let’s see…

    With the probable G4 rebranding, maybe you can fill the gaps — especially for the female geeks and gamers — who are going to be out in the cold? Might be a possibility under the heading of “their loss, your gain’? Sword and Laser covers books, and the Hangouts are covering some subjects that are not normally looked at involving the lives of gamers and geeks. If G4 does end up doing away with its geek and gaming aspects, maybe this is an opportunity to bring in some kind of unique gaming and geek-centric shows to enhance the Geek and SUndry line-up or, possibly, a cable show with your own spin on it. G4 goes away, G&S saves the day! Problem solved!

    I think you should look at the idea of either a web series, comic, or some other story format based upon your Flog CPR episode. THis may sound a bit crazy, but why not try a fantasy spin on it — say, Jacob is transformed into the CPR dummy via some magical mischief and you have to go on some sort of game-type, fantasy quest to change him back? You could even include some of your other Flog creations for helpers, such as Invisalingua, Tiny Man, the fairy destined to meet Tiny Man, Ryon (I know he’s not a character in the fictional entertainment sense, but he does know some martial arts so that could help, right?), maybe throw in a gamer girl and a country boy whose having their own trials about keeping their love alive (and prepare for trolling if you do that, unfortunately, but I like the idea of them beign a side-story), and even find a way to incorporate those crochet mice you and Colin Ferguson made. Think that might be enough of a challenge to try? Maybe even use it as a vehicle to encourage people to get training in first aid and CPR/mouth-to-mouth training to help save others?

    Any chance of making a drama/adventure web series based on Skyrim? Maybe a klepto-thief girl who happens to end up stealing something that lands her in the middle of a conspiracy between two or three competing powers?

    I know you have the Hangout ladies, but what about a second group, a geek-girl group focused around people like Dodger Leigh and Strawburry17? Not sure what the themes could be, but maybe a web-series Hangout-type thing could be developed from it?

    I saw in the previous comments suggestions about making a musical project. I think that would be a great idea. You have a wonderful talent with the violin and you sing quite well. Maybe put a fantasy/sci fi spin on it, like an Ode to Commander Shepard. Perhaps music videos could be made for these songs as well.

    I also second the idea of a book that has been suggested about answering Q&A-FD-style questions, along with advice and anectodes and relevant biographic informatin that people could buy. I think it would be a book worth buying and reading.

    Whatever you decide, I’m sure you will do a great job!

  • Matt B

    If you do another web series, I would like to see something in the serious fantasy category, similar to Dragon Age: Redemption. I enjoyed DA:R, but felt it could have shined more if there was less back-story taken for granted. You could use your creative talents, vast knowledge of fantasy fiction, as well as your experience in web series, in order to develop something more original. Well I enjoy comic presentations of geek culture, I believe there is an abundance of room for serious fantasy in web series.

    If you are looking for something new to do, I’m not sure if you have done any writing for video games. Maybe you could do the story work for an RPG! That would be exciting.

  • Yogol

    In case you haven’t, write a movie script about The guild… time to think big there!

    Aside from that, try to use your fame to land a role as actress in some TV-series. Time to cash in on your fame, me think.

    I promise I won’t take a big percentage for these ideas if you make it big with one of them!

  • Sic

    Perhaps not what you wanted/expected to hear, but I really enjoyed your vacation video of Belize.

  • Techrandy

    The guild the movie on the big screen hehe
    or Flog the movie hehe
    You have been my favorite actor since Buffy, I watched you there then on Eureka.
    I think Dr Holly Martin was very close to the real Felicia.

    Felicia, you need to create a desktop Felicia..
    Where you say stuff from the flog & the guild, etc..
    That would rock!

    If i had one power it would be to travel into tv shows so I could get virtual Dr Holly
    That would rock!

  • Allyson (Toronto Gal)

    Felicia, it always puts a smile on my face to see how much you care about the input of your fan-base! I need to come back some time, and post my thoughts/ideas on potential future projects you may be pursuing 🙂

    But in the meantime – based on the fact that I see Geek and Sundry as a labor-of-love for the sake of your fans, it was a little disheartening to read comments from a vocal minority on the WatchTheGuild channel – i.e., the recent comments that were directing some negativity towards Geek and Sundry.

    It kinda bummed me out to see that. But I hope that you didn’t take that stuff too personally, and I hope it didn’t dampen your enthusiasm. In a way, I think some of that negativity is a reflection of the world we live in – to fly off on a bit of a tangent, in my eyes our society has become somewhat of a ‘culture of convenience’. Take, for example, cellphones which always need to be smaller, have more apps, be more portable, do more things, and provide more choice. In technology and in society, there’s this relentless drive towards making things more and more Convenient, and that concept has been put on such a pedestal. I find that in this climate, if there’s even a hint of a convenience being withdrawn, it tends to generate an inordinate amount of ill-feeling.

    Long story short, is I think some of those vocal detractors are ruffled by a perceived loss of convenience. They enjoyed accessing The Guild by simply subscribing to WatchTheGuild – when they subscribe to G&S, and receive new shows in their feed above and beyond The Guild, they see the influx of videos as an inconvenience. And these days, even a minor loss of convenience seems to trigger a knee-jerk reaction of resentment.

    So for at least some of those commentors, I think that may be a trigger for negativity – feeling slighted by a loss of convenience, their willingness to give G&S a fair chance is diminished. Which is regrettable, as you don’t have any control over how the YouTube Subscription system works – so it was disheartening to see you taking criticism for things outside of your control.

    Anyhoo – I probably just bored you to death with my rambling, LOL. But as you know, Geek and Sundry is hugely loved by hundreds of thousands of people. And rest assured that the amount of sacrifice, and passion, and hard-work that you put in is hugely appreciated! Myself and a few others have already been in those comments, trying to make help folks understand that the G&S deal is the reason you’ve been able to provide is with so much great stuff. So hopefully that softens the stance of some of the critics. And I’m sure that when The Guild S6 comes out and ends up being awesome, that it’ll convince some of the hold-outs to end up subscribing!

    Thank you, as always!

  • Tanya

    Hey Felicia,

    I’d love to see you do another comic book, maybe branching out of The Guild world and into something else that tickles your creative tentacles. Perhaps an update on Tallis, or something entirely new.

    Whatever you choose, be sure to have fun with it, and don’t forget to take some time for yourself!!! Heaven knows you’ve earned it.


    p.s. love and hugs to Cubby!!

  • babbyboiD20xxxXx1999.4

    You should do a comedic zombie mini-series. Add bacon, cats, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, pizza, the giant map/monster chart that came with Dragon Warrior for the NES, and 80s new wave.

  • This will be a short echo of what others have already said, but I would love to see you write something about how you found your path and what you did to overcome obstacles.

    Thanks for letting us know about the “Day in the Life Of.” I finished watching that and realized that as much as I had heard (and believed) that you work very hard, seeing how much gets into one day for you took that understanding to a whole new level. You’re amazing.


  • Tau-Mu

    In the short-run, more collabs with YouTube top-ten-ers. In the long-run, how to extend your brand without diluting it. Creatively, more acting! Especially in dramatic roles.

  • Anthony

    First I’m really excited about the season 6 of The Guild, that’s really a great news.
    Secondly, about what I would like to see from you next, personnaly I would love another web series (or a TV show but I guess it’s more expensive and involves more people), set in a fantasy universe (or sci-fi, steampunk, that kind of geeky stuff). I thing what you did with Dragon Age was very good and showed a lot of potential, and I would love to see more of this kind of stuff but something bigger with more episodes (and even a few seasons possibly). With the same “feeling” and same nice mix between “serious” (not a parody I mean) and credible fantasy universe, good story and characters, and very importantly a nice sense of humour (I think that’s the 3 main ingredients of some of my favorite shows like Xena, Buffy or Kaamelott).
    Anyway, thanks and congrats for all your previous works, and good luck for the next ones, I’m confident you will create many others great things 😉

  • Max

    Probably the only person in the world that can get away with making a video called a flog.
    Be careful who you tell you’re “going off to flog”

  • Mike D

    I would love to see you on the Big Bang Theory, either playing yourself or as a recurring character. I think it would be a good fit for you as a gamer/math wiz/musician (leonard and his cello?). I wish I could stick bug in Chuck Lorre’s ear…

    Can’t wait for the new season!

    Mike D

    • No,no, she needs to be “The Mother” on HIMYM, anyone else will be a disappointment!

  • Knutter

    A lot of what happens in popcultural narratives seems intrinsically linked to the notion of genre–I guess that’s what makes it ‘pop’. Joss Whedon is known for character based narration that brings his genre work to a level of authenticity–within the confines of the respective genre–that isn’t reached by other authors.

    If you want to challenge yourself: Take it a step further, take a genre premise (not too high concept, maybe) and be so rigorous (specific) about the characters, their situation and their intentions, that your story calls the predictabilities of genre into question. The result wouldn’t have to *transcend* the notion of genre–it could be pop and ‘something more’ (autonomous art?) at the same time. (Btw, The Guild seems like a first step in that direction.)

  • Knutter

    Just watched most of Metadating ep. 2 & by that improved my understanding of the concept of the Hangout (cf. #20). Still think it would be more entertaining if it had a specific point. Don’t mean to diss anybody’s work–I’m a big fan of Day9 and everybody on Vaginal Fantasy!!! (The other two guys on Metadating are certainly nice people. Sorry, got to get to know you better …)

  • Knutter

    It’s often said that by buying DVDs fans can support production of The Guild and other such projects. The availability of the Guild DVDs in Europe is kind of uneven (,,–in some cases it’s not even possible to order season 3. Do you have any influence over things like that? Any specifics on further releases in the future? (Personally, I prefer to order from a source that doesn’t require new entry of personal data–and Amazon already has mine.)

  • Obvious answer : A game
    Problem with that is, its very hard and takes ages.

    Maybe you could make a detailed plan for a videogame though,gameplay concept, story etc and leave someone else to make it (with some agreements to pay some royalties back to you).

  • alexa

    Write what you know. You’ve been a producer/writer of a web series for over 5 years. There must be a lot of comedy gold in that.

  • Did you know Harpo Marx played the harp? Anytime I heard him play, it just made me think anything is possible. You, being as talented as you are could play the violin once or twice a year on whatever show you are doing or sing opera. Yeah that it, play the violin and sing opera as a bet lost or won!

    I find you and your shows very refreshing and share your videos with my grand-daughter (the “G” ones) she is 11 and a gamer. Web video is great. TV shows get lost in the advertising. I know it pays the bills, but I would gladly buy your stock if you have/had some. Oh and another thing, your talent, you worked hard for that. I didn’t know the shows like The Guild existed until I was trying to find a Hero for her (grand-daughter) to look up to.

    Just keep up the good work whatever it is.

  • James (bloody_sock_puppet)

    The three parts of G&S that I watch form an almost perfect Venn diagram of what I enjoy, Fantasy/Sci-fi books, tabletop and video-gaming. I doubt this is a unique experience.

    How about you guys do something to exploit this? I really enjoy the play-throughs Will and Felicia do in their respective fields and you guys are all really good story-tellers. Get a stat-based roleplay game (table) using a system lifted from a novel. There are a few. WOT, Malazan, even D&D.
    I know D&D have a number of ways to play using a computer (I don’t mean the MMO)…. most of us just never get around to setting such a thing up (always one person without a laptop). So you have a few of you guys in a room, being entertaining face to face, but with the “dungeon” represented electronically.

    Run a campaign to test out how to take a good story, told organically by a group, using some of this technology. Get somebody to join in from outside the room (it’s hard to get everybody together every time in a campaign- would be good to see it work).

    Might take a while to find the right dungeon generator, and you might have to make a few custom character icons/textures ahead of time, but it’s content you could record in a handful of sessions and stretch out over a year. Like a soap opera we get to see how you progress, share out loot and interact. Perhaps you get guests to play some NPCs/ DM for a session?

    As the others say, keep up the good work.

  • Bruce

    I noticed you were added to cast and thought, great, geeks ( as in Fargo Fan Base ) need love interest too. So much for that. Then I discovered you were in Guild. And thought oh incredible Geek discovery. Then and or now I realize that you are the Driving Creative Force behind all of that. I am definite Fan. You *really* are a genius, and that is most attractive to any real man/me. And you are also quite a cute, pretty, beauty, “ginger” woman/girl. May you continue to, be, and do well. Looking forward to projects you are the originator of.
    Yours truly

  • I’d love to see you write a novel… maybe some sort of urban fantasy? It’s not my typical sort of reading, but that would be cool.

  • Sharon

    MORE MUSIC!!!!! 😀

  • I think that you could write an amazing fantasy novel, I bet there is a little burning seed of desire in you to do that! You’re such an avid reader after all 🙂

    Wait….. Hmm, If you do that we prob’ won’t see you for a while.. DON’T!!!

  • BARivers

    I would like to see you do what you like to do….and write about how you did it. I never imagined all the people it took to do the Guild! Of course, I have no experience with acting or anything, but you have some great skills and I think you could help us all by explaining things to us in that ‘way’ you have. You are real. That is what I find interesting and compelling…..and you, yourself, may actually read this. THAT, my dear, is the coolest part.

  • Paronychodon

    Hey Felicia,

    My vote for your next project would definitely be more original nerd-music. I would particularly like to hear more of your violin musical stylings. I’m a huge fan of everything muscial that you’ve released so far (especially “Gamer Girl, Country Boy” and “I’m the One That’s Cool”).

    That being said, if you ever find yourself working on a paleontology or dinosaur-themed project and would like some technical advice, I’d be happy to volunteer! I noticed that great Dimetrodon on the left-hand wall of the cubicle in Episode 1 of the new season starting at 6:17. I would love to know who the artist is who produced that image.

    Anyway, keep up the great work! As long as you keep producing things, I will continue to watch and listen.

  • ListerD

    Hi Felicia,
    I’d love to see you back on Supernatural. In a single episode you brought to life one of the most compelling and enjoyable characters in the past 7 seasons. Otherwise, I hope you just keep doing what you’re passionate about. That passion shines through your work, which I think is what makes it, and you, so endearing to your fans. Looking forward to your Q&A at fan days in Dallas.

  • justagermanguy

    go on Artistic Walkabout

  • lawrence

    a swinsuit calender for 2013. 🙂

  • Pat

    je suis fou fan de vous et mon reve est de vous chaque jour et chaque nuit!!!!
    épousez moi Félicia!!!!;-)

    • Hand in Hand

      Exactly my feelings. Sie ist der Traum meiner schlaflosen Nächte … 😉

  • Yeah, I prefer myself as a Concept Art Geek and Nerd. I follow other fellow concept artists and look up concept art from video games and movies. That really gets me excited and I just nerd/geek out with all my art friends.

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