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Few things available today I've worked on!


Hey all!  Very proud to announce some stuff that is out today that I worked on!

The Guild Book


The Guild: Official Companion is now out for purchase at bookstores, online, etc.   I worked a lot on this personally, to add facts and stories and pictures that had never been seen before.  All the cast were interviewed, my producer Kim, director Sean, production designer Greg Aronowitz, and tons more.  We wanted to create a comprehensive overview of how the show got made, and believe me, it’s been a cathartic experience to see the whole last 6 years of my life encapsulated in this very awesome colorful book.  many thanks to Omar at Titan for working with me to make sure everything looked as cool as it could!  I hope you guys get a chance to check it out.


In addition, a really fun indie movie I did is released on VOD today, Rock Jocks!  I filmed it between Dragon Age and Guild season 5 in 2011, and it was such a treat to just be an actor on a fun set where we kinda went crazy with the profanity, haha.  Definitely not something I usually do (besides in Co-Optitude segments) but fun none-theless.  Here’s the link to the website, where you can get info on iTunes releases, VOD, DVD and more:

And here’s the redband trailer:



Oh and here’s a crazy BTS video of me pretending to kick someone’s butt off camera:
  If you get a chance to see it, hope you enjoy!  (Definitely NSFW language warning, haha)

  • Dan Jones

    Ooh, I would love to get The Guild: Official Companion. Will it be available as an e-book?

    • I don’t believe it will be, I’ll check into it though!

  • Studer

    “Shipping this item to your default address may require an additional 1 to 2 months to process.”? Hmm. I’m apparently halfways to Mars, or something.

    • What the hell?! Maybe there’s on in-store somewhere near you?

  • James

    Wow that trailer is amazing! I can’t wait to see it. Btw great work with the leg-flailing-thingy (technical term) 😉

  • very good!!!

  • Sarah

    Awesome, Felicia! I will definitely be purchasing the book at some point – I love behind the scenes. Watching The Guild and all of your other projects has inspired my shy little self to start working on writing my own web series. My brother has his own video production company, and so I’m hoping that someday I’ll be able to make it happen, maybe even with him 🙂 I’m not able to watch the videos at this moment but can’t wait for the chance, certainly looks interesting.

  • Hi Felicia,

    So excited for the Guild book! It actually convinced me to make the jump into gaming, which my OH had been “subtly encouraging” me to do for years. So now I play a weekly Pathfinder game and have a great time!

    Also, I love Table Top and board games, so I make meeple shaped soaps with custom molds. I would love to send some to the staff of TT as a thank you for a great show. I don’t sell them myself (though I do wholesale), so I’m not looking for publicity, just a way to give back. Here’s a picture if you’re curious: Happy to send them to a PO box, or drop them off (we’re in the LA area ourselves.)

    Love all that you & your team do,

  • James

    Omg I can’t wait for the book!!! And, I just finished watching the guild season 5 and I don’t know how to pass the time until season 6. Such a great series.

  • keyzer23

    Felicia it is true that you join the scientology church? , if that is the case your going to play in after earth 2 ?

  • Hi Felicia….
    I am one of your Iranian fan specially in “supernatural”….I really like your rule in supernatural….I hope to see you again in season 9….

  • Awesome! I will check Rock Jocks out! seems like a great movie with looking back at the 90’s tech, can’t be better =)

    and now I have to tell my friends I will start watching The Guild as well… not a bad thing, just have taken me a loooooong while =)

  • You are really kicking some mat butt!!! I always like seeing the behind the scenes clips and I enjoy the show too! It looks like it is a lot of fun all around!

  • okay i have one question Ms. Day and is that would zaboo and codex ever get together? I mean i feel like they were meant to be together. So could you tell me that? i loved the guld so much and i am glad at how it ended!!! good luck on you next project email me!!!!

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