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Something weird happened on Friday afternoon, around 1:30pm. I started noticing a hashtag in my @replies tab:

I then Tweeted:
Someone is pranking me. I am seeing the craziest things flying by on Twitter with hashtag #feliciadayrumors. I created DECAF?! SLANDER!

Who knew that three hours later, it would spawn a BLOG POST, get on Trending Topics on Twitter:
@maxsummers You gotta love Twitter when something like #feliciadayrumors is on the Trending Topics!

AND make someone CREATE A WEBSITE!

Really?!? How could this happen?!

Here’s the origins of the hashtag. @zombiejoe, a big Guild fan, Tweeted this to @deliciafay, a strange alter-ego I have on Twitter who is passive aggressive but mostly harmless:
@deliciafay I hear @feliciaday took a class in Native American Raindancing so that she could rain on your parade.

To which @deliciafay responded:
Felicia secretly started @twitter because its her gateway to over half a million souls. Its what she eats. #feliciadayrumors

And thus it was born. For some reason.

The entries vary WIDELY and there are more than I could EVER type/compile but I will try to classify some of my favorites by category to give you a flavor.

@dannycantspell @feliciaday is solely responsible for global warming, spoiled milk and armpit sweat.
@Neorift Felicia Day is the reason children are afraid of the dark.
@BelRand @FeliciaDay makes fridays end
@jasonnellis @feliciaday likes to eat apples. And by eat, I mean kick. And by apples, I mean babies. πŸ˜‰
@JThrust @feliciaday is watching all of you, and making notes for the Day of Reckoning, over which she will preside.
@Nebachanezar She eats puppies to stay pretty
@crazygolfa Felicia Day is the reason why the Cubs haven’t won the World Series because a Cub killed her cat. She curse the Cubs.
@thisisbree @FeliciaDay dyes her hair red with the blood of kittens.
@KobraKae Felicia Day is responsible for hot dogs coming in packages of 12 and hot dog buns coming in packages of 8.
@bradleescott felicia day is the real reason why doves cry.
@tictac4u @feliciaday made kids allergic to peanuts

@missfuneralsong @FeliciaDay invented decaf. (THIS ONE GOT MY ATTENTION!!)
@evilray Felicia Day invented infomercials.
@Schlotto @feliciaday invented bacon
@drchuck68 @feliciaday invented Tetris.
@mariancall @feliciaday invented Post-Its
@katekintail @feliciaday wrote the book of love
@drchuck68 @feliciaday invented lolspeak for teh kittehs
@jose_jose Person who invented the little plastic bit at end of shoelaces? Felicia Day
@BrettJohnson81 Felicia Day is the best thing since sliced bread… Because she invented it.

@DangerShoes Creating an exact look-a-like of Felicia Day sim on Sims 3 unlocks the Guild Towne scenario
@kennokishi I heard @feliciaday plays an Oregon Trail MMORPG. She’s a level 80 Assassin named Dysentery.
@ds2600 Felicia Day is responsible for the delay of Duke Nukem Forever
@stepheneyre not sure who Felicia Day actually is! However! I do know she is an unlockable character on Mortal Kombat
@slugboi @feliciaday always rolls 20’s
@swinky Just leaked from Blizzard! The big raid boss in the next WoW dungeon is going to be Felicia Day! (YES!)
@Louie_E #Feliciadayrumors @Feliciaday can actually throw a Hadoken in real life. It’s how Donald Trump’s hair got that way.
@AnubisibunA @feliciaday got lost in Natal at E3 and is now totally virtual… Microsoft developing game for her to live in…
@ZachsMind When @feliciaday plays Left4Dead, the Tank ambles over & begs her to pet him. She does. Then she shotguns his head!
@Jamie1km Coming soon to D&D Insider: @feliciaday busts the level 30 barrier and called the Tomb of Horrors a “cakewalk.”
@nomadnp @FeliciaDay plays D&D with Elvis, Amelia Earhart, and Bigfoot every Friday in Area 51
@dintalion @feliciaday taught Arthas how to be the lich king. We call her The Lich Mom.
@parafox @feliciaday came up with a solution to the energy crisis but then said “eh, screw it” & played Plants v Zombies instead.

@thereverendpuck @feliciaday is the smoke monster.
@AudiblySilenced @feliciaday is Spartacus!
@TheWSFC Felicia Day is made entirely out of scotch tape.
@shiftworldwide @feliciaday was the actual singing voice of Milli Vanilli
@stanchfi Ashley Simpson sang all songs for @drhorrible, @feliciaday lip sinked – though she did do all the vocals for Milli Vanilli (there were a LOT OF THESE for some reason?!)
@rocketmunkey @feliciaday is Wolfram Alpha
@chrishokeblog Felicia Day is really a 62-yr-old Portugese fisherman who found an iPod in his net one day and decided to rebrand himself.
@jeremydizonFact: Jean Claude Van Damme didn’t star in movie Bloodsport. It was just @FeliciaDay when she’s HULK angry!
@ReginaMedinaWhen @feliciaday puts on a yellow polo shirt and sits behind a microphone, her name becomes Rush Limbaugh. (EW!)
@twiggot@feliciaday is really David Spade in Drag!!!
@PLDM Felicia Day is Keyser SΓΆze (Props for getting an umlaut on Twitter)

@Avi_Cado i heard she breaks into people’s houses and brushes their hair while they’re sleeping!
@not_a_hero @feliciaday broke all the clocks at our school.
@perelandraa My second cousins’ boyfriends sister told me that @feliciaday stole her baby
@thisisbree: @FeliciaDay shot the sheriff AND the deputy.
@ecstaticlysm @Deliciafay felicia day steals craft services and pastries from conventions and sets she visits. (kinda true)
@KDBryan I heard Felicia Day killed at least 3 men in knife fights in back alley bars in Tulsa, Oklahoma – for money /and/ sport.
@kiala: Felicia Day killed the dingos that ate your baby.

@firedancergirl @feliciaday Chuck Norris Is Felicia’s half brother.
@tcabeen Chuck Norris fears only one thing: Felicia Day.
@awrittenfad The Boogieman checks under his bed for Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris checks under the bed for Felicia Day
@elvenkayt @feliciaday is the cybergenetic love child of Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan. Only she could house such awesomeness.
@ttrygveRO Felicia Day is everything Internet memes claim Chuck Norris is.
@pontusolin If Chuck Norris and @feliciaday ever met, it would mean the end of life, the universe and everything. For a little while.
@adamskt @feliciaday knocked out Chuck Norris during looping for his upcoming guest appearance on The Guild.

@ProvokedCashew @feliciaday makes keyboard cat tired.
@B_K_M @feliciaday once swam the english Chanel and did her taxes at the same time.
@dougluberts @feliciaday is 7′ tall, kills men by the hundreds, and can consume you with fireballs from her eyes…
@Callyhan @FeliciaDay ‘s power level is over 9000
@FishXXIII @feliciaday Can kill two stones with one bird (so long as that bird is not a baby duck)
@sfsmaus If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her, maybe you can hire Felicia Day. Today, still wanted by the government, she survives as a soldier of fortune.
@KatoKatonian : @feliciaday is part of a secret crime-fighting team with @veronica and @caseymckinnon known only as “The Three”
@alexiswi #feliciadayrumors @feliciaday was the first woman to orbit the earth. That cosmonaut stuff? Soviet propaganda.

@kielstewart Felicia Day is infact created by our imagination and so if everyone passed out she would disappear
@_faith @FeliciaDay killed Schrodinger’s Cat.
@pfennig Schrodinger’s cat became @feliciaday when put in the box.
@drchuck68 Felicia Day is the only one who can stop the Large Hadron Collider
@Laz75 The answer’s not 42, it’s Felicia Day (Lots of these too)
@chaletfan @feliciaday knows it’s not 42 it’s really 43.
@idwth Felicia Day actually IS the 5th element.
@punslingerr @feliciaDay is the only person on Earth who can divide by zero without anything going wrong afterwards.

@mattzog Felicia Day is so cute people describe buttons as resembling HER.
@TheBroox #RickAstley will give you up for Felicia Day.
@dougadams Day dreams are named that because they all involve @FeliciaDay.
@COMEDIANISDEAD @feliciaday dreams in pixels
@Captain_Jester Sunflowers always face @feliciaday

@darthzippy @feliciaday can bee seen somewhere in the background of EVERY Google Street View shot. She’s that fast.
@netheadww @feliciaday authored the IWUBYOU virus: cleans your registry, fixes your firewall and sets a baby duck desktop background
@netheadww@feliciaday will be unveiled as the next gen iPhone at #WWDC

@alex252 @feliciaday was born in Kenya but tells people she was born in Hawaii.
@Evlsushi@feliciaday is actually Barack Obama with a great makeup artist

@korkster @feliciaday has never actually read a book.
@14aviran @feliciaday pays a Gold Farmer to play her toon in WoW
@maxsummers That Season 1 scene with Clara’s kids in a cage? Based in real life. @FeliciaDay really likes to lock children in cages.
@WonderPenguin @feliciaday runs an animal sanctuary for clubbed seals. Fridays are bingo.
@boehmography @feliciaday is the reason unicorns are extinct. (NOOO!)
@chadness7 @feliciaday played the part of Jar Jar Binks – the CGI was a lie!
@ KatoKatonian : @feliciaday creates real-life lolcats by taping signs to kittens.

@nantel Guess who’s Lindsay Lohan’s new girlfriend?
@BrieBecket Felicia Day is reputedly in talks to appear in Peter Jackson’s upcoming adaptation of “The Hobbit.”
@JeffshouldBhere @feliciaday and @Nathanfillon are remaking The X-Files.
@deliciafay Heidi and Spencer Pratt are best friends with @FeliciaDay (who?)
@melleBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tried to adopt @feliciaday, but she adopted them instead.
@airlockalpha @feliciaday says Spider-Man 3 is not her fault and will prove it by directing Spider-Man 4
@twiggot E! news just reported that @feliciaday just go married to Vince from the Sham-WOW commercials in a private ceremony!

@MoTancharoen You got it folks. @feliciaday kicked the shit outta me
@sandeepparikh this is not a rumor: @feliciaday is 64 and sucks the souls from babies and kittens to stay young.

@sarahlucielle It’s rumored Felicia Day does not have blood. Instead her heart pumps silky, fresh milk.
@JamesGrimlee When she gets mad, the mayan calendar resets itself.
@KevinCarey @devjones “Felicia Day hates the British, which is why #feliciadayrumors is not #feliciadayrumours” maybe she just hates Fleetwood mac
@VanessaL3000 @feliciaday Felicia does the wierd stuff…
@gatsby11rel @FeliciaDay was the result of a gentlemen’s wager between Joss Whedon & Wil Wheaton to make her a geek icon. We all lost.
@ChaseClark Felicia Day rushed to hospital after suffering screen burn-in on her face from sleeping with her Kindle.
@thisisbree @FeliciaDay CAN touch MC Hammer. And does. Frequently.
@swinky Crayola once named a crayon after Felicia Day, but had to recall it after it started setting kids on fire.
@gavinhowells Felicia Day is only able to speak Japanese & is dubbed over during interviews, public events, film & TV appearances
@steverose @deliciafay Wonder Woman wears Felicia Day PJs
@davidnett @feliciaday ‘s coverage is always shot from the front right to hide the hideous baby arm growing from behind her left ear.
@eliafierce @feliciaday tripped heather mills in the grocery store when her fake leg fell off.
@shadowmaat Unwilling to sell her own soul @feliciaday sold the souls of her castmates to fund S2 of @theguild. Oddly, no one noticed.
@AudiblySilenced@feliciaday can microwave a burrito so hot that even she cannot eat it.
@donabogart @feliciaday Lol I heard you married a colombian, Juan Valdez, and converted his coffee company to tea!

I guess that was a fun few days, but ZachsMind was right:
@FeliciaDay would be done writing season 3 of The Guild by now, but we keep distracting her with all these rumors.

True Dat. Thanks @egspoony for helping me compile! You can find more, MANY MANY if you search on the Twitter sidebar: #feliciadayrumors

  • James_Riley

    Oh wow.. just wow.. im impressed that you spent that much time looking at these and then typing this out. if more celebs were as in touch with there fans as you are the world would be a much more fun place to be.

    Felicia day is coming to chicago to hang out with James_Riley for a night. #felciadayrumors

  • Csabi

    You are a legend now, like Chuck Norris :D:D:D:D

  • Andy

    I tried to fit mine in 140 but wouldn’t so I’ll put it here:
    ‘@feliciaday got 119.8 yards, but it never registered because as soon as she got it the interwebz was brought to its knees from the 600,000+ twitterers tweeting about it seconds after #feliciadayrumors’

  • missfuneralsong

    @missfuneralsong@FeliciaDay invented decaf. (THIS ONE GOT MY ATTENTION!!)


  • Obi

    LOL some of these are hilarious XD
    And I have to agree with @maxsummers, you really gotta love twitter when something like this happens.

  • Note the lack of denial, guys. And note whether your babies still have their original souls. Those Costco replacement souls are nasty.

  • Dani

    Best. Post. EVER!

    My favorite was: “@kiala: Felicia Day killed the dingos that ate your baby.”
    Ha! Buffy reference FTW!

    (, in case you don’t know)

    And from your friends that joined I think the best was “@alydenisof #feliciadayrumors number 2… @feliciaday is my baby!!!”

    And I had seen the blog post, but a website? Wow.
    Huge thanks to @Zombie_Joe and @deliciafay for this, made the Friday way more entertaining! =D

  • PixelTreason

    Omg these are awesome. Thanks Felicia! I especially love the “adorable” ones and the hair dye with the blood of kittens one, lol.

  • When Felicia Day cleans up her kitchen, she does so with the help of twittering birds and furry woodland animals #feliciadayrumo

  • Chris Feyrer


    Thanking @zombie_joe is all good, but I don’t think @Deliciafay would have done this if she knew it would only make Felicia that much more loved, so you might not wanna be thanking her!

    Now I don’t feel bad for Felicia Day rumors I’ve spread for fun (coincidence they name-checked Felicia for Dr Who assistant in the blog post? I think not. πŸ™‚ )

    OK, back to my corner…

    Chris F

  • A price of fame! πŸ˜€

    But… a very cool one πŸ™‚

  • Bel-Rand

    Loads of fun to read all of these. And seeing it as a trendingtopic was really cool

    Chris F: This is all a part of Delicias plan.. Just you wait

  • hacksaway

    Oregon Trail FTW.

  • I feel so honoured! Haha. Glad you enjoyed reading our ridiculousness.

  • This totally made my day and helped me keep my promise to myself to not play WoW this morning. I giggled like a school girl.

  • Felicia Day doesn’t hide behind the sofa whenever the Daleks appear, she welcomes them and persuades them to adopt peace options. πŸ˜‰ #feliciadayrumors

  • Alan

    Rick Astley rumour almost made me cry. Best blog entry the world has ever seen.

  • my mom would have liked it

  • Personally I think someone needs to start a #deliciafayrumors
    ….yes they should.

  • Ben – “Swinky”

    I already said it via Twitter, but I just want to say again how thrilled I am that mine made the list (and my raid boss one even got an all-caps YES after it! πŸ˜€ ) I had way too much fun with all of these, and am glad you did, too. You make us all smile and it’s great being able to return them.

  • It has got to be a little weird to have people just randomly decide that they wish to use you as the main course of a massive joke.

    I guess it’s better than people being indifferent.

    • Chris Feyrer

      People are just invested in her now. Part of me thinks because so many now see Felicia as a celebrity, and she never makes the rumor mills or National Enquirers because she’s open and honest down to earth about basically everything she does, the collective consciousness had to compensate somehow and jumped on the opportunity. Definitely a healthy, silly way to go about it. πŸ™‚

      Chris F

  • @TheBroox #RickAstley will give you up for Felicia Day.

    This is my favorite! HILARIOUS.

  • MidoriChi

    Yes! This was the best Friday ever!

    And aww… you didn’t see/like all the Terminator references they made about you? =P

  • Hee-larious list!

    But is deliciafay just a prank, or a fey/elf Queen trying to seduce us to our doom?

  • Well, I would never spread an awful rumour that Felicia Day will star in the Buffy remake. Everyone knows she’ll actually appear as Merrick, because she’s easier on the eyes than Donald Sutherland.
    That is, if such a movie exists. Otherwise, let’s at least see Vi again in the comic books.

  • I used to be a huge Chuck Norris facts fan, but now I’ve converted to #feliciadayrumors.

    Also – YAY! Felicia Day copy-pasted my twitter name. My digital alter ego is still all tingly. πŸ˜‰

  • These are all so hilarious. My fave (cuz I think it’s poetic) is:
    @COMEDIANISDEAD@feliciaday dreams in pixels.

  • I did a RT to Alyson Hannigan (she had posted her own rumors, lol) where i said you envied her toes, making it both a #feliciadayrumors and #alysonHanniganrumors, a twofer!

  • Vigilante4200

    Someone just put a bunch of these and some more not on this list in a video to Penny’s Song from Dr Horrible.


  • Woo Hoo! 2 of mine made the list! Fanboy moment! One (@feliciaday is the smoke monster) is credited to someone else though. I guess that one was obvious.

  • So funny. I almost replied to one of your Facebook posts, with a “…I heard you…” but wasn’t quite sure if you had heard of the hashtag. I admit to finding some of them hilarious. I like the Tech, Chuck Norris, and Invented ones; but some of the random things people say are great.

    I can’t believe you categorized them. I’m so lazy, I so would have cut in paste from the Twitter Search screen.

  • I’m honoured to be mentioned on your blog. You rock Felicia Day. I’m sorry I said something “evil” about you. I guess I was just caught up in the moment.

  • you forgot @alydenisof’s “@feliciaday told Pillsbury to put LESS icing in with the cinnamon rolls!”

    I love that one… specially since it was a running commentary…

    Also love the β€œ@kiala: Felicia Day killed the dingos that ate your baby.” had major memories to coincide with that one…

    the #deliciafayrumors might get a little mean if it was acted out… we are fans of the Felicia and therefor the impostor is the enemy!

    just saying

  • Yay! She used two of mine!

    *does the happy dance*

  • Yay! I made the cut.

    You rock, Felicia. πŸ˜€

  • caroline

    “@feliciaday and@Nathanfillon are remaking The X-Files.”

    Oh, if only…

    • Yuritau

      Unfortunately I must warn Felicia away from doing anything this awesome!

      If even ONE episode of a Fillion/Day X-Files ever saw the light of day, every geek on earth would instantaneously implode from a sudden, dangerous increase in elation density.

  • SOOO effin hilarious!!!

    OMG some of these rumors here are really good… like pro comedian material.

    Very cool… you’re like one of those Net Legends now!

  • Wade Watson

    This is no rumor: When @feliciaday tweets (or blogs), @wade_watson smiles.

  • soupey

    OMG! I should *NOT* have read all these at work in cubicle land! I’m trying to stifle the laughter. The Rick Astley and Milli Vanilli ones are total winners.

  • korkster

    Hee. Those rumors made my week. The only thing that could put a smile on my face. Thanks for letting us have fun with the rumors. πŸ™‚ You rock.

  • Q

    LOL @ the tweets. I saw the trend happening, but was lacking in creative, bacon-involving (t)wit that day. Some of those are ridiculously funny, though.

  • Goodness, the internet is abuzz, or er (forgive the bad bambi/twitter joke) twitterpated with you.

  • J Scott “Dangershoes”

    That was a crazy fun day πŸ™‚ Though after awhile… started to feel odd.. Started to feel loke I was upsetting Felicia. I need to stop over thinking lol.. Glad you liked them πŸ™‚ Actuall tried making a Syd Sim.. Got fairly close.. But no Guild towne πŸ™

    You rock!
    Jeff S.

  • I read all of those and was highly amused!

    I was not on Twitter a lot this wk and I’d managed to miss all this, but thank you for the much needed laughter.

    Very enjoyable!

    And now I want to make up a rumour… but I’m too tired to make a really good one, so I’ll go for one that I think would be kinda cool.

    Felicia Day will be the voice of Cheetara in the new ThunderCats movie. #feliciadayrumors

    *as a Canadian, it was horrible to type “rumors” instead of “rumours.”

  • Leighla

    My favorite was “Felicia Day stays in with GLaDOS to do science.” Gotta love Portal. <3

    Some of these made me laugh so hard I had a hard time breathing lmao.

    P.S. I love “The Guild” and I knew I knew you from Buffy! πŸ˜€ AH HA!

  • What font you are using on this site?
    This is a real nice theme and blog template. I wish I could get it for my free WordPress and Blogger account.

  • Francesca

    Hey Felicia did you notice this bit of brilliance on the interwebs yet?

  • And now itΒ΄s time for the newest feliciaday hashtag… letΒ΄s all roll this:

    #MoreFeliciaDayOnTV LetΒ΄s all RT This and have more Felicia Day on TV @seriesandtv

  • @ohbewant

    Behind you all the way!

  • I laughed so hard at some of these. Good karma to you, dear Felicia.

  • SomaSwordSainte

    June 27th 2009: 9pmEST

    begin: countdown

  • Wildride

    Felicia Day can level up any time she wants:


  • frEEk

    Felicia Day is some kinda tape-leg.

  • Joel

    Saw your NATAL clip…. at the risk of sounding creepy you’ll just have to trust me, there’s nothing wrong with your butt ! Oh hell…. i crossed the creepy line didn’t I ? damn !

    Anyway, big fan or your the Guild & Dr. Horrible. Keep putting out the quality stuff !

  • Felicia,

    THAT, my friend must have taken you a grave-yard shift and then some. I’m impressed! I wish I had that much time to do something so fun…or that people paid that much attention to this funny redhead – haha.

    Anyway, hope you had fun at Comic Con, I’ve been busy working on some things. I just shot the last two days of the season on Glee, got some good featured spots.

    I was in touch with the CD of Little Fockers, he’s considering me for anything that pops up-cool. *fingers crossed*

    Let’s see…nothing else to really mention, just looking for more commercial and TV work. Next month it should pick up.

    What are you working on now? Do tell!

    Norma Jean xoxo

  • Sandy Lab

    Hi, love the show, you guys crack me up! cant wait for next season. are there any codes left available? i would love to get a hold of one!

  • AmzRigh

    Gotta nitpick one of those: in 4e, the Tomb of Horrors *is* a cakewalk — only the instant-death traps pose any sort of threat.

    Oh whoops, my nerd is showing. :B

    Really though, I love seeing this kinda thing. The images they evoke are fantastic.

  • Good afternoon, Happy April Fool’s Day!

    Moishe is being indoctrinated by the Russian government:
    Govt. Official: “If you had a yacht, what would you do with it?”
    Moishe: “Give it to Mother Russia.”
    Govt. Official: “And if you had a palace, what would you do with it?”
    Moishe: “Give it to Mother Russia.”
    Govt. Official: “And if you had a sweater, what would you do with it?”
    No reply.
    Government official asks the question again.
    And still no reply.
    Finally he shouts: “Moishe, why don’t you reply?”
    Moishe: “Because I have a sweater.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  • You are realy, cuty and adorable, but i’m sorry i didnt have made this twitt… of course i will be very happy to do this, but… i doesn’t … just to keep things real a litle bit… so, thanks btw to link me, and check out my music at myspace (link at twitter profile) x.x

  • OMG is that some kind of brain f*? because as i know I doesn’t have my twitter at this time…. LOL thas kind of scared me… how is that posible?

  • len

    Dixie’s gone. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  • I had way too much fun with all of these, and am glad you did, too.

  • anon

    @lists see what you think of workflowy

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