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Felicia online with Jimmy Fallon


I help Jimmy Fallon create a World of Warcraft Character for his video blog.

  • Felicia, this is so cute! Glad you could help Jimmy create a character! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Man oh man… poor Jimmy is so hopeless.

    Good thing he has such an addict to hold his hand!

  • Wow (pun intended). That was a really great segment. It looked like you had a lot of fun doing it, and that really comes across. Cute, funny, expressive, and dare I say… luminescent (and I don’t mean Jimmy). I think you even had the cameraman laughing.

    And, you know, you could totally make a business out of being a personal WOW consultant.

    I also like how it ends with “Catch more Tina Fey…”

  • cmichaelcooper

    Oh… Warcraft. After playing the game for nearly 4 years it is so hard to remember back when I first started and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Actually, that lasted till level 60. I really miss that freshness sometimes.

    I’m going to geek out, but the thought of celebrities getting distracted with epic gear stats and optimal spell rotations while they are trying to recite lines or write/sing songs really amuses me.

    I wonder how many text messages Felicia will get from Jimmy in the middle of the night asking where to find that spot where that one guy is that he has to kill for that one quest.

  • Nikita

    That clip was great. I’ve tried to play WoW, but it only makes me want to go play DnD.

  • Devarburst


    • Oh god, I hate the ShamWow guy…

  • oh great you just sucked Fallon into the dark side, hope he doesn’t have any responsibilities.

  • John

    I love the not-so-subtle grab of the Guild DVD from the thigh-high pile. Is that stack Guild Season One all the way down? In case of a serious emergency, that’s what I’d want in my living room!

    (The nature of the emergency is left as an exercise for the reader.)

  • alienufo

    haha, i loved it. Gnome Warlock! Might want to be careful now though, I’m sure once the WOW forums find this they are gonna try to e-detective their way to finding out the character’s name lol.

  • Ooohh…maybe someday Jimmy Fallon will come over to our house and play Splinter Cell with me.

    I can teach him how to do a split jump and the proper way to sticky shock a dude.

    A girl can dream, can’t she?

  • He seemed game for a lot, split jumps don’t seem out of the question. Oh and alienufo, wow you’re right. I totally gave away the theme of my names and now…sigh. Oh wells, I don’t play as much as I should, maybe that will keep it that way.

  • Mike

    LOL! That’s great stuff. Makes me remember my first toon. I thought I was pretty bad ass until I left the starting area and got smoked by a couple lvl 4 mobs. good times…

  • I wouldn’t worry about it Felicia. While a snackfood theme might limit some LA starlets to WOW names like “Celery”, “Icecube”, or “Much Smaller Icecube”, you seem to eat like a normal person. So I don’t think anybody could begin to guess what your character name might be.

    Unless it’s Cheeto, cause that would be pretty obvious.

  • So did you get paid for helping him / the web spot, or are celebrity geeks taken advantage of by their non-technical friends as much as the non-celebrity geeks? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Spaceman Otis

    Alliance. You have already made the wrong decision.

    Draneis are like, what, blue space goats?

  • No pay, just publicity. More people to watch The Guild from his fans the better ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Zairac

    Definitely funny. You’re non-noob geek skills were sparkling while he played um… well the dorky-noob.
    Not as funny, but a close second is the NBC message I get at the end: “We are having trouble connecting to our server. if you have any ad blocking software running please disable it.” Seriously?!?! Did NBC forget that this is essentially a promo for his show?
    Maybe their nervous because you come off looking so much more fun to watch… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Majikthyz

    Hmm, how will Jimmy be able to play Dvarburst when you created him on your account?

    The blurry screenshots may be enough for those with teh mad skillz to work out your server and character name(s); is that a Death Knight we see at slot 3?

    The game is afoot!

  • GK

    Felicia, you carried that clip. I don’t know who decided to give Jimmy his own show.

  • I’m a SWG guy myself, although I’m probably going to defect to Age of Conan sometime soon as a) SWG sucks and b) Sony are in league with Yog Sothoth. Tried WoW but the avatars are just too gay. Not as gay as the Everquest ones but still pretty darn gay. LOTRO was okayish. The Matrix Online on the other hand was even more boring than watching an entire season of Ghost Whisperer in one go.

  • Gnomes rule all!

    Great work. It was a pleasure to watch. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That was cool! This would make a fun segment for your site: “Felcia’s Celebrity WoW Consultations. Watch Felicia teach World of Warcraft basics to n00b celebs!” XD

  • creepyinternetdude

    I’m pretty sure this is exactly the way to go about getting your attention. I’m more than two hundred ways of crushing on you. I’ll just sit back and wait for you to realize how awesome I am…or, you know, say lol fag…either way.

  • I’m looking forward to KOTOR MMO, oh so so excited about it!

    BTW you guys, <3 you all, but anti-gay words aren't cool, I know it's hard with gaming environment to not use them (I fall victim myself sometimes too, they slip out) but just want to put that out there, do my part to break that habit. ๐Ÿ™‚
    TY so much for commenting!

    • creepyinternetdude

      sorry about that. old habits. 201 ways of crushing on you.

  • Janelle

    Pretty neat interview. It’s kinda reassuring that some of my fav actors like to play WoW as well (more comforting that there are fellow girls out there). ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s a slick answer to a chlaenligng question

  • that was pretty entertaining. i agree more celebrity wow walk throughs!

  • I’m gay and I play WoW.


    P.S. Alliance so doesn’t suck, though I don’t understand why the ENTIRE WORLD seems to love Horde.

  • This was interesting to watch. I just assumed in real life you were more like Codex than anything else. But in this clip you were definitely the strong and confident one and Jimmy came across a little bit insecure.

    Nice job!

    I think a lot of WoW players are going to defect to KOTOR MMO, at least for a while.

  • How fun. Kudos.

    • Acoma

      For some reason there is a push within gaming companies to make everything multiplayer. The greatest thing about KOTOR was the involving story and depth of the companion characters. The action/fighting was always a little sub-par, it was the dialogue and story that drove the game to immerse gamers into a Star Wars universe that fans did not receive via the latest three films. I can’t think of any MMORPG I have played that had a memorable NPC, other than a raid boss that dropped good loot.

      MMORPGs are about accomplishment, social interaction and self-gratification abscessed from reality. Iโ€™m not saying KOTOR MMORPG will suck, just that I donโ€™t think that a majority of gamers that enjoyed KOTOR will find the same experience within an MMORPG environment. I would have much rather seen a KOTOR 3, but instead we were given Mass Effect due to the original KOTOR development team having creative differences as to how the next KOTOR would play out and thus created their own world.

      In the MMORPG market there is a stagnation of similarity between most games with slight exceptions, but they play out practically identical to World of Warcraft. One could even say this stemmed from Everquest, but WoW made MMORPGs more accessible. Iโ€™d like to see a breath of fresh air in the MMORPG world that doesnโ€™t clone off of what is popular, but taking a chance on a new spin for online social interaction. Instead of identical gameplay painted on an interchangeable canvas lets get something unique. A MMORPG that doesnโ€™t play on intrinsic human needs for achievement, recognition from peers or has the ability to siphon motivation into the internet.

      I propose a new game โ€“ Photoshop ยฉ Planet. In Photoshop Planet (PP for short), players can select several different classes including (but not limited to): Stalker, Paparazzi, Tourist, Detective or Indian Snake Charmer. The gaming world would be remarkably similar to the real world except everyone is six inches taller and there are flying cars. There must be flying cars. Gameplay would consist of taking pictures of MOBs and posting, editing and then creating an online photo album designed to impress other gamers. The devil is in the details, but I think it sounds promising.

  • Aleclom

    Hah, that was cute.

    “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”? Does that mean he’s going to be the one replacing Conan when he moves to the Tonight Show?

  • Andrew

    The most important thing from that video?

    You’re specced Noob-guard too!

  • That was sad.

    “I’m good at this.”
    “No, you aren’t.” lol

    KOTOR could be cool, but it’s still a long ways off. It’s Star Wars and Bioware, so it can’t be that bad.

    The Agency will probably be my next MMO. A friend and I did an interview with SOE a while back about that one. We might have the second part back from them sometime next week. I’m not sure yet which faction I’ll choose.

  • This clip is actually what made me check out the Guild. (Yep, I’m a late-comer.) I’d seen a little of it before, but even though I played WoW at the time, I didn’t have a toon level-capped yet so a lot of the jokes were lost on me. Now I’m a full-fledged WoW nerd, though, and can understand all the jokes on the show. o/

    Hooray for girl gamers. I’m still trying to convince half the guys I meet that we exist at all. And I have a Warlock, too! (Respecced from Demo to Aff.) I play Horde, though. Yep, I have a Blood Elf. Baaaa. ๐Ÿ˜‰ *must resist linking armory page…*

    All right, that’s enough geeking out from me. I look forward to more of the show. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Matt Becker

    Hey Miss Day, after developing a mild crush on your from watching you in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and The Guild, i decided to google your name to see any other work you have done. Prase google i found your website, scrolled through it a little bit, saw a video with you and jimmy and watched it. I could not believe my eyes when i saw that you play a gnome warlock! I play a gnome warlock! absolutely amazing

  • Sarah

    Yay, I just got my FelGuard today. It reminded me of you, so I had to watch the video of Jimmy again. It made me feel good about myself. Granted, I had people over showing me how to play, so I had an advantage over Devarnon to begin with.

  • reb

    first time commenter here! i just wanted to pipe up and say that we have little people in LOTRO, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ i tried WoW, but just couldn’t get into it, which i know is contrary to the 11 million people who are addicted to it.

    i’m with you on the KOTOR MMO…so exciting! there’s a group working on “re-doing” KOTOR 2 (called team gizka…witty), which is also exciting but is taking quite a while. i think it’ll be worth it, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • islandcvrgrl

    OMG, this is cute vid. So sad about Jimmy’s toon. Felicia, your gnome toon is extra cute. i like lil gnomettes. they have the cutest laugh. got a gnome DK. so funny running around in the beginning and seeing the citizens cower. LOVE IT!!!

    Keep up the good work with the GUILD!!!! It’s hilarious.

  • Klime

    lol that was probably the funniest interview I have seen in a while. If Jimmy didn’t want to get rolled up why is he Alliance? lol

  • Dan

    felicia i was wandering if there was going to be a season 4 of the guild ?

  • Eli

    Hey, Felicia, you should date my brother, he has a crush on you. =D

  • Eli

    also guys, check my brother’s artwork out at, he’s a kubie (aka: Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art student)

  • Austin

    I just wanted to say The Guild is AMAZING! i was linked the first episode of season one by my sister who also plays a ton of MMO games, and i fell in LOVE with the humor of the gamers way of live and dealing with social issues. I myself dont have the problems shown in The Guild, but i know friends who do, and its just funny how THATS how some people really act. Also i have been playing WoW since 06, and i didnt know what game it was based off of, until i really started to learn the characters that the actors played. The first thing that came in mind was, of course, World of Warcraft. just curious but do you guys still play? and btw, being a beta tester for the new Cataclysm, its AMAZING!

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