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Favorite Interview Ever Posted! EpicFu!


I’m a huge fan of EpicFu, the hippest internet podcast on the web imo, and when Steve and Zadi wanted an interview, I was fangirl excited!  Check it out in the embed, or at the permalink.

Also, here’s an extended interview they had as a bonus, because I’m the “Fu of the week”. Thanks so much Zadi and Steve for the interview!!

  • aug

    Felicia – loved the interview. It was very informative!
    Congrats of being Fu of the Week!

  • Mia

    Very cool interview. I hope it doesn’t sound trite, but I found it inspiring… I’m not looking to do an online show, but I have been asking myself what I could be doing differently with my band, utilizing the internet. It *is* intimidating, some things (say, making a music video) look very daunting, and there are a million bands out there already to compete against!

  • Ken

    Awesome, keep blogging.You the fu (OK korny)…Anyway, what do you think of, another vid site?

  • Dani [ maxsummers ]

    Great interview! =]

  • Felicia

    I haven’t really perused it that much, I’m not a huge Tom Green fan, but I’ll check it out! Always looking at what other people are doing on the net!

  • Great interview Felicia! I’ve wanted to write/produce something for the internet for a while, and every time I watch you give an interview about The Guild it gives me the drive to work on it that much more 🙂

  • You so kick ass. Shows of the quality of The Guild help take this whole online video thing to the next level. Great interview, and a great person!

  • Ron

    Great interview Felicia. Very insightful. I really like the comment about first you have to satisfy your creative vision, and then you have to get it out there.


  • Randy

    I thought the interview was great. As someone who would count as “I have no idea where to start with what you do” I thought it was very informitive, though doijng something like that just isn’t my cup of tea (unless I was doing the technical stuff). Keep it up, I’m thinking in the pioneer world of internet content (and its still a new frontier) you could be a great proponent and sopkesperson for it!

  • JM

    Nice job. 😉

  • Formaldehyde

    I am counting down the days until the release of Dr Horrible. I also have to take into consideration that there is a days difference between where I am and where you are, so I keep thinking “5 more days! Oh wait, 6 more days. fail :-(“.

  • Ingot

    You seem like you’re producer material I betting that your experience will at least be valuable as consultant work for new comers.

  • Linden

    Rockin’ interview! You’ve got such a great attitude about the industry and the future. When so many people get frustrated and give up, you just start a revolution! Great to see you garnering more and more attention for it.

  • Andrew D.

    I love the pure poison in your mouth when you let out the word “sell.”

    Derision at it’s finest.

  • Firefly

    You have the most beautiful hair ever. Yeah, I’m sure your physical attributes are the first thing you want people going on about.. blah blah. I think you’re a tremendous talent Felicia. I can’t wait to see you in whatever you decide to do next!

  • Fantastic interview; it’s so great to see the media attention that Dr. Horrible has brought to the realm of internet-based productions. As you said, Whedon’s involvement legitimizes the arena of web shows, but don’t sell yourself short – the fact that you’re going out there and doing the Guild is almost more impressive. As a teacher I always tried to impart the desire to reach out beyond one’s comfort level and push the boundaries of creativity and expression.
    Kudos for being in the forefront of this really exciting foray beyond traditional TV-based entertainment!

  • Favorite interview ever, huh? Well. Well well well. *coughs* No, no, it’s cool. I’ll just go over here and DIE NOW.

  • Oh holy crappppp Veronica owned my face!!! at 4:05 am which is…interesting. Do you have insomnia or is my clock off?


    Favorite Interview in which I was wearing a tank top.

    Yours was my favorite while wearing a sweater. 😀

    Veronica: The internet’s sweetest host…most of the time 😉

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