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Due to the delayed release schedule for Eureka season 4.5, the episodes I filmed last August are releasing starting next Monday night on SyFy! I will be in 7 out of 10 of this season’s episodes, and MORE for the next. VERY excited they’re finally releasing! 🙂

I want to just say a few words about this character: SHE ROCKS! Not only is Holly Martin smart and upbeat and quirky and a scientist, but she was created specially for me by the producers, Amy Berg and showrunner Jamie Paglia. That’s right, no Hollywood agents got me the audition, no crying in the car after reading badly because of nerves, no weird-angled headshot preventing me from getting in the door in the first place, etc. My getting this job was simple equation: Hard work on the web = they created a role for me on their show. It’s an actor’s dream, seriously.

I love what I do with The Guild and my other web projects, but the fact that I took big risks, left the world of full-time acting to do what I loved, left a lot of mainstream people going “huh?!” when I tried to describe it to them. The fact that it directly paid off, is just so amazing to me, because sometimes you feel like luck drives EVERYTHING in this business. But truly, hard work enabled me to work with people I love and perform a role I’m PERFECT for and…well, it’s been a really good year. So I really hope you enjoy, let @syfy know if you like my character, program your Tivos or DVRs for next Monday, or stream on Hulu later if you don’t have cable (and no, I don’t know when it will be on in UK or Canada 🙁 ) and…yeah. Thanks for watching. 🙂

  • Just wanted to say congratulations! I’ve been following your blog for a long time not b/c I’m a huge sci-fi fan or gamer but b/c I’m a former actress who always feels so inspired by your hardwork and creativity. You are amazing and I love reading about (and living vicariously through) all your successes! I’m so happy for you and look forward to reading about more of your adventures!

  • Andrew

    Congratulations! And thanks for skipping the unnecessary false humility on this post: you worked hard, you took some risks, and it paid off. Good on you for owning it; it’s inspiring, and something to be proud of. If and when it heads to Soviet Canuckistan, I’ll be watching.

  • Andrew Suffield

    Quirky, hah. She sounds like you. I squeed a little.

  • Awesome! I should start watching from the beginning then.

  • hey so this is an old friend, well former agent, emily from acme. i remember drama over usps negotiations and managers and it all seems like a lifetime ago. i am now out of the business living in Connecticut with my three kids and YOU are now, well, you are exactly where you should be. in a beautifully articulated independent career. i always admired your spirit and strength, your artistry and vision. i remember swapping design magazines and truly marvelling at your versatility and feeling so lucky to be working with and for you.
    have wanted to find a forum to celebrate you and say howdy. not sure this is most appropriate place but decided to give it a whirl. . .

  • Sydnew

    I’m really excited to see it. Just from the clips, Holly looks like an amazing character — one who will fit right in, but also add a kind of enthusiasm for science and geekiness that no female character has ever really had on Eureka. (Fargo gets flashes of it, sometimes, but having it from a woman is just so much more exciting.) There were some early female scientists who had it — the woman who raised the chickens in S2, the vet in S2, the dog robot people — but it’ll be nice to have it more often. (If I’m right, anyway, and Holly brings that quality to the show!) Anyway, really looking forward to it! Have fun at ComicCon.

  • Allison

    Congratulations! We’ve been watching Eureka for a while and now we’re even *more* excited to watch it– it’s like when someone takes your two favorite foods and serves them both in the same meal. And PS, you must be doing something right for your TV auditions because you were great in “Red: Werewolf Hunter”!

  • Theanderblast

    You’re a Snuggie, just like JoCo!

  • Miriam

    I cannot wait until Monday night! I have enjoyed your work and am so excited about TPTB combining two of my favorites – Eureka and you! Congratulations. It is great to see hard
    work pay off.

  • John W


    Any chance this could lead to a permanent role?

    Or a guest spot in some of SyFy’s other shows like Warehouse 13 or Haven?

  • A million congrats, you totally deserve it! Can’t wait to watch it, I’m a big fan of the show already.

    Have you started planning your own Holly Martin spin-off series yet, like “Guildhouse 13”?

  • Amanda

    Go Alicia!!!!

  • JJ

    Really looking forward to watching it this week! (And it shouldn’t be far behind here in Canada – SPACE airs Eureka on Saturday nights at 7pm EST)

  • jw

    will you be doing any writing or directing in Eureka and/or maybe other independent projects?

    you write amazing, witty, funny and hugely entertaining dialogue and weave addictive storylines – want more, MOOOORE! 🙂

  • Bev

    Felicia, congrats for doing this YOUR way, I remember seeing you on Buffy, LOVING you in Dr. Horrible and then finding The Guild and The Legend of Neil….. this is such a wonderful progression for you. All of the accolades for being a trendsetter and leader are well deserved.

    Plus with this role on Eureka, you get to REPRESENT the fangrls! So basically you’ve been doing it on your own terms in an amazingly tough profession…. congratulations again and enjoy it!

  • Dave

    You took a non-standard approach and accomplished something with hard work and talent. I’m glad you’re self-aware enough to realize that and strong enough to admit it. Luck might get your foot in the door but hard work and talent is the only thing that will prevent you from getting tossed right back out that same door.

  • Meade

    This was a wonderfully inspiring post, I’ve been a fan of yours for a few years now and I’m a big Eureka fan so I was over the moon when I heard you were going to be on this summer, and I’m even more excited now that I know you’ll be in season 5 as well.

    Having the courage to do things your way and seeing it pay off is an amazing thing. And I have to say as a fellow home schooler (until high school for me, and then I went to sudbury valley which is as far from traditional school as you can get) I’ve come to expect creativity and bravery from people who were raised unconventionally and given the operatically to find//make their own path.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future. oh and I watched Eureka on hulu this morning Holly looks like she is going to be a wonderful addition to the show.

  • Scott

    I have never watched the show but when I saw you were in it I put it in the DVR.
    Now my wife and I need to go back and watch from the beginning to figure out what is really going on.

    We never would have watched the show if not for your new role. I hope the producers find that you have specifically brought new viewers to the table and it means more work for you moving forward.

  • Andrew Suffield

    “Do I have to lick the lock?” “You can if you want, but that would be weird”

    That was the moment when I put the pieces together – Holly’s autistic spectrum, isn’t she? (And if she doesn’t already know, she should go talk to her doctor about it)

    I know, can’t reveal anything about unaired episodes.

  • that’s great, i like it….

  • that’s nice.thanks for sharing.

  • Virg

    The Character Holly (Felicia Day) adds such an interesting twist to things and really enhances the show overall. So WHY?? Did they kill her off? Man such a huge loss to the show.

  • al1680

    so they really killed Holly, I’ll miss her so much… you did a great job giving life to her character.

  • Higgmeister

    Talk about jumping the shark. You and Fargo in love were great! I’ll only keep watching in hope they will let you segue back from a parallell universe!

    Dave H.

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