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Eureka Vlog


Tomorrow, Monday July 18, 8pm, SyFy, me, BE THERE!
pretty please? 🙂

  • keith


  • I’ve never watched it before, but I will certainly give it a shot.

  • jw

    awesome! your OWN chair!! you know you’ve arrived when you have your name on a chair 🙂 congrats!

  • I LOVE Eureka. So excited to see you on it. Will definitely be watching tomorrow night. 😀

  • LOL’d a great deal at your admiration of the quality stitching 😀

    So chuffed for you, at last after years of Hollywood’s failure to recognise real talent, you’ve made it happen for yourself!

    p.s. In the video “Eureka S4.5 Sneak Peak #2 with Felicia Day” LOVED the Warhammer reference 🙂

  • Alex

    Eureka is one of our favourite show (me and my wife). So is the Guild. So, Eureka + Felicia Day is like chocolate icecream on a banana split! Yam!

  • Wren

    Can’t wait! Will definitely be watching. Looking forward to seeing Fargo with his crush again 🙂

  • Shawn

    Finally, an attractive woman who likes video games and sci fi/fantasy literature. You are a rare breed. Can’t wait to see you in the new season of Eureka. I love that show.

  • len

    Here. A bit geeky and the science is still hokey. Still a cartoon. Your acting is fine. They aren’t giving you much to work with.

    Ok, last scene. Wow! The Bitch is back. Potential. If Hollie gets to tangle with her.

    What is it about 1947?

  • jw

    “‘Peeps?’ What is this 1985?” Hahahaha…

  • John W

    Just finished watching! A++! Way to go!

    And excellent ending to the episode to cap it off!

  • Jens

    What can I say. Loved the episode, loved your character. Can’t wait for the next episodes!

  • John W

    I have to say Syfy has an excellent line up of original shows:
    Warehouse 13
    Haven and now

  • Aw, my comment from Sunday is still “awaiting moderation.” Sad. Well… You were really fabulous on Eureka last night, Felicia. Your character is adorable. Looking forward to seeing more of her. <3

  • Jon

    I was there. It was good *g*.

  • Hey Felicia,

    The show was great and I loved your performance…any chance you will stay around and romance Fargo…you are a perfect couple.


  • that’s nice.thanks for sharing.

  • Tim

    Bitchin’ stichin!

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