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Episode 7: Coping and Stuff


‘The Guild’ Season 3 Episode 7 “Coping and Stuff” is up. The Axis of Anarchy thwarts Codex’s attempt to counter their attacks with logic and reasonableness.

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There’s a LOT going on in this episode. We actually had to cut out a whole scene between Wiggly and Bladezz in this ep, the FIRST TIME we’ve cut out a big enough chunk to have a “deleted scenes” DVD extra in Guild history, haha. I particularly love how dumb Wiggly is about the game, he’s just NOT getting better. The horrified looks from the cast are just CLASSIC, and the little tantrum Bladezz does before I get the idea to trade lessons was just sheer performance genius on Vince’s part. Total accidental take that just makes the moment.

My top favorite part of this episode is Vork on the lawn. @andrewgleason, our Guild benefactor, donated the apartment complex where he lives again this season, and we were sooo careful not to mess up the lawn, so that’s why the van is partially on the sidewalk and not RIGHT UP against the building like I envisioned in the script. Still absolutely hilarious, his pronunciation of the Spanish is soooo bad! CABEYZAH! I was actually inside getting makeup on for the Riley/Codex scene and hadn’t seen any footage on this until we were editing, it made me roll on the floor, how intent Vork is on his little notebook.

Also, the spinning Finn Smulders head to transition into the button of the episode was a joke by @seanbecker. He FTPs cuts to me and my producer @kimevey for notes when we can’t get together and sometimes puts little jokes in the cut to crack us up (there’s a certain webcam this season that was lit like a pumkin and I made a comment and he edited in…well, you really had to be there, so forget it :D) Anywhoo, when I saw that come up while writing down notes I totally snorted orange juice up my nose and was like, “WTF SEAN! KEEP IT!” So, there you go. Not traditional Guild style but anything for a laugh, right?

We just picture-locked episode 12, the finale. I can’t tell you what a relief it is knowing the season is over (er, actually we have 3 more weeks of work on the DVD extras. Oh and I’m writing the comic book so that will take a few more months…erg). But these episodes have come out SO GOOD I just can’t thank the cast and crew enough for realizing my vision of this “impossible-to-shoot-on-this-budget” script. I hope you guys continue to enjoy, I know we are!

  • Dani

    I loved the Batman-style transition! And I agree, Bladezz’ “I want everything to be like it was before” moment was just great! Points for Vince! But my favorite part was Codex going from “They blocked me!!” to “Oh! Out of tone, horrible!!”.

    Also… Dalek on the 2-page Guild Comic… Now Fawkes wearing a Dalek t-shirt… Seems like there’s some Doctor Who fans infiltrated in The Guild! =P

    And I loved how confident Wiggly was when he said he swam for 2 hours to build up muscle! Was that an homage to Jimmy Fallon’s Davarburst?

  • Seruji

    So I think no season 4 till long past next year uh? That’s a shame =_=’
    That part of the lawn and the van was extra funny for me, cause i’m spanish and Vork…well, he failed pronunciating, almost,every word xD. De la tapa de su cabeza??? xDDD.
    Keep it up Knights of the Good! ^^

  • oh my GAWD, the ending of that was crazy …poor Bladez! I was sorta laughing yet horrified when I saw that bit haha. Anyhow, thanks again for another great episode – totally cheered me up!! appreciate it.

  • Ken Todd

    More awesomeness! Asses of Anarchy 😀 Venom is a corrupt teacher, Bruiser a crooked cop, and Valkyrie an unethical telemarketer. What do Kwan and Fawkes do?

    The season’s not even over and I’m already excited about the next DVD. Is there a release date yet?

    Haven’t been able to find the season 1 & 2 set in stores here in Canada but, believe me, I’ve complained loudly and often about it. Did order it online through a Canadian outlet and got the individual seasons through Amazon.

    Why did they change The Guild logo on the season 1 & 2 set? I thought the original logo was a lot cooler.

  • Ken

    More awesomeness!

    The season’s not even over and I’m already excited about the next DVD. Is there a release date yet?

    Haven’t been able to find the season 1 & 2 set in stores here in Canada but, believe me, I’ve complained loudly and often about it. Did order it online through and got the individual seasons through

    Why did they change “The Guild” logo on the season 1 & 2 set? I thought the original logo was a lot cooler.

  • I so love the Guild. I hope it makes you lots and lots of money. ;o)

  • Good_Old_Voli

    This episode had so many good moments, but my favorite is right at the end, when the guy says he just banged Bladezz’s mom. The look of total horror on his face…priceless. They didn’t defeat him, they destroyed him.

  • Chris

    Great episode. What kind of bike is that in the garage? Vince gave me some background on it but not the model.

  • Also, I remember being completely disoriented during the Clara/W1ggly gaming scenes this time because I swear I had seen that set before. Then I finally remembered you all did a video Q&A/chat thing from that room once.

  • My favourite part was when Dena is like “He wants to have a three-way” haha.

  • I really appreciated the old school batman scene transitions. I think you should use that more often.

  • Kaybi

    This episode made me laugh sooo hard. Every moment was a nugget of pure entertainment and I could have watched for hours. You guys rock! A pit of Noob…HA!! Genius.

  • The end was pretty intense. Poor Bladezz.

  • Selene

    Great job Felicia!

    I especially loved the pink dog collar complete with bone shaped ID tag on Zaboo….hilarious!

    So what happened to Tink? Are we going to see her anymore?
    I can only hope that she is plotting the demise of the AoA…that would be awesome…since they’ve completely destoyed Bladezz.

    How about the stunt man? Are we going to see him again? He is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  • Hi Felicia,

    This season is great. Also did a write up on The Guild on my blog:

    taking a more serious look at the Internet addiction aspect of it.


  • Great episode! Love this season and the series all together!

  • wait a sec, season finale already!?!?!? noooooooo!!!!!

  • Dawn

    Bladezz Sister is the coolest sister ever!

  • Jag

    LOL! Man Bladezz is really good in this one and Mister Wiggly also! Too bad Riley wasnt doing the proposal herself 😀

    You know Miss Day, this season is really awsome and I’m really hoping you guys could do a special double episode or short movie about the guild!

    Also, I was thinking about how could a the guild videogame on Xbox live would be. You know Castlecrashers? Imagine the whole crew of Knights of Good in a Xbox live game, with funny comments in Pop up screen like in Star Fox… Oh I really hope we can see that one day!

    • Mwall

      Yeah a side scroller would be pretty amazing or and old school rpg for that matter, & today I was think how cool it would be if you guys did a movie, if you have the time and the inspiration you should go for it Felicia 🙂

  • Jag

    Also, I was thinking about how *COOL* a the guild videogame on Xbox live would be.

    Sorry XD I meant cool not could.

  • Qyzery

    Is it wrong that I find Wiggly attractive?

    Great episode.

  • Varsha

    Two hours swimming to build up muscles… /facepalm – Epic =p

    Zaboo with the dog collar. XD Whats next? Riley will feed him USB mcnuggets? =p

    More more more! <3

  • Lara

    This was my favorite episode of the season so far. The sound effects when Wiggly was fighting with the spoon were killing me! And I also think George/Wiggly is hot.

  • Axis of Anarchy Angel (AKA @owenharper)

    Poor Bladezz. I am still loving Wil in this season… Is that wrong of me?

  • Hehe, b!X, the Clara/George set looked very familiar to me, too!

  • Ken

    Well, that’s weird today I see that my original post has turned up after, apparently, not going through. I actually thought your website objected to the word “asses”. Was that very “Canadian” of me? 😀

  • Noble Brown

    Haha, looks like Wiggly took a page from Jimmy Fallon’s book of MMO strategy. And I really can’t wait to see how they wind up dealing with the AoA. Maybe hijack their accounts and sell them to gold farmers?

  • len

    Cyd is getting the double dose of meatspace reality. It’s time to assess resources and plan a real battle with the A of A. Wiggly must have some kind of real world skills she can use.

    This becomes ever more fascinating as to how she can pull it off. Her rather narrow comfort zone gets in the way a lot. What has she got that is irresistable and she can’t tap because she overvalues it? Dignity?

  • Cat

    Oh, this episode was hilarious! It’s just getting funnier and funnier each week. Way to go!

    Although, I have to say I DO miss Tink. I hope she comes back!

  • Wait, Fawkes was wearing a Dalek t-shirt!!! Rockin. I totally missed it. 🙂


  • sirlupash

    Very nice ep, but I still prefer the season 2. 😛

  • Bissrok

    So many great moments… The human collar, the trade, the three way, the Batman transition, and the best ending in Guild history. Very nice job.

  • notheather

    luv the show. been checking every week hoping for a new episode. which seems to be uploaded to msn before the xbox. can’t wait till next week or err next episode.

  • Hi Felicia,

    As you get so many messages on Twitter and likely to miss anything I say to you there, I thought I’d post this here. 🙂

    Have you seen It should be Diablo-y enough for you, its made by the guys who made the original Diablo/Fate/Mythos . I’m sure they would appreciate the advertising you’d give them if you mentioned them on Twitter too 🙂

    No I am not affiliated with them, I just like the game and want to see them succeed.

  • Love that episode! Been trying to build up confidence enough to write about The guild on my Web Series 2 Watch blog… Fearful I won’t do it justice. But that’s my insecurity talking. After all The Guild was my first Web Series I’ve seen. So it will happen, for my next blog post… Sorry for rambling. Great show! 🙂

  • Nokomys

    “He’s a guy who plays a girls character” XD
    My old boss who got me into WoW didn’t know that lots of guys did that and was horrified when I told him b/c he would hit on em in game.

    Felicia, this series is so great. I can’t wait for the next episode!!! I work nights and am jumping on my comp at work the second Tuesday rolls around. Where is Vork?! OMFG sooo great.

    I feel so bad for Bladezz. Tink got what she deserved & I hope soon the Asses of Anarchy get whats coming to them too.

    BTW, is Kwan a goldfarmer? That could get em all banned :))

  • Mike D.

    Sorry if it’s cliche, but I am just dying to see Zaboo get all pissed off and go Leeroy Jenkins on the Axis/Asses. Puhleez?

  • Patch420

    Oh, Gawd! Dark. Dark. Dark.

    I love it.

  • Lenny

    I’m gonna ask something.
    Do you intentionally make Axis of Anarchy sound like Asses of Anarchy when you say it, or is it not on purpose?

  • Patch420

    The Knights of Good must triumph!

    One possible resolution: A tactical strike on the three Asses of Anarchy who in their war on the Guildees have… well, broken the law.

    * Venom: Violation of privacy laws pertaining to student records — a supply teacher illegally accessing confidential information from Bladezz’s files AND breaking into a student’s locker to plant false evidence

    * Valkerie: Illegal Net usage on company time which is an automatic firing offense; seriously, how much ‘work’ can this goofball get done in a day?

    * Bruiser: Violation of public trust by a law enforcement officer, including improper use of police databases; this guy faces the biggest fall when crunch time comes. ‘Say hello to your new bunk buddy, Big Eddie.’

    Elsewhere, Kwan’s Green Card (if he has one) could end up in the shredder with one call to the FBI Snitch Line reporting online loose talk (in Korean) from this guy professing his ‘love for al Qaeda and bin Laden.’ Welcome to post-9/11 America, baby!

    Oh, we’ve got to throw in an El Mariachi-style showdown somewhere into this mix, toward the end, maybe in the same parking lot where the Asses first dissed the Guild.

    These whiz-heads are so prime for a fall. Zaboo has the hacker mojo to yank up the evidence. And Riley has the set of big brass balls necessary to take down these goofs.

    Of course, Codex might have to agree to getting to know Riley and Zaboo in ‘non-traditional ways.” But, hey, as Guild leader she’d definitely ‘take one for the team.’ And that episode should be advertised well, WELL in advance!

  • Jose de Segadas Vianna Neto

    God, mother an country….

    “I just banged your mom” was the most evil thing in the world…..
    Poor Bladezz….
    I laughed a lot!!!!


  • Sam

    Mazol Tov on all your accomplishments Felicia. I bought the DVD’s for season 1 and 2 on Amazon to support your efforts and I love the Legend of Neill as well. “Thanks Old Man.” “You may call me,,Ollld Maan!” Love it! Anyway, keep the creativity going and know that you have a definite fan in Queens, NY. See ya around. Did you hit 80 on your lock yet?

  • len

    Simply curious after reading about Red Camera (ref a different blog: Jon Taplin): what cameras and editing software are you using? Care to blog a bit about your production process?

  • Oh we use HVX200 Panasonics with 35mm lenses, edit on Final Cut. I guess that’s a good blog entry, yes I’ll try to do that in the coming weeks!!

  • No I’m being a video game spaz, keep hopping from one to another, need to make 80 on my priest!!!

  • I actually love this game, played it for an hour at E3 this year, will certainly mention them when they launch!

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  • Respect the victims and their relatives. ,

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