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Episode 6: Newbtastic


<br /><a href=";vid=09ca7e47-a094-46b3-ace4-d28658ee76a1" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 6: Newbtastic">Video: Season 3 &#8211; Episode 6: Newbtastic</a>

I’m late on this post! I’m kinda throttling back this week after 4 straight months at full-speed run. Yesterday I actually had NO PHONE CALLS, NO APPOINTMENTS! I actually RAN ERRANDS! Bizarre feeling. I took the last few nights off to play video games, meant to play WOW but I got hooked on Trials HD, an Xbox Arcade game where you drive a motor cycle through crazy courses, it’s addictive and awesome. SO much so that I bought a leather jacket today for the first time ever, not realizing the subtext. Oh well.

Episode 6! Each episode this season makes me laugh more and more, we just locked episode 10 and I swear I think it’s the funniest episode we’ve ever had, but that’s in the future. Episode 6 has one of the core scenes I wrote the season around: Wiggly being incompetent. If you’ve ever JUST started playing a game you know the feeling of being lost and overwhelmed by the controls, I LOVE LOVE how incompetent Brett Sheridan plays Wiggly, and how Clara doesn’t care AT ALL, even making him play on the trackpad, which is AWFUL for gaming.

Like I’ve mentioned before, this script was MUCH different in previous drafts, I reworked everything from episodes 6-10 about a zillion times, moving whole sections and storylines around over and over. I can’t believe it’s turned out so great. The biggest lesson I learned is don’t do a 140 page draft when it needs to be 100 pages max and then expect it to be easy to cut. Noooooo. 😀

I really love the scene between Codex and Riley as well, for a while that scene had been cut from the script because we were running long, but it kept pestering me in the back of my mind. So great we added it back, Michelle plays such a fine line with being a psychotic and sexy, she’s sooo good. The slight tension thing has definitely…gotten a lot of comments 🙂 I can’t wait for you guys to see next episode, Vork has one of the funniest scenes ever.

Ok, I have some blog posts lined up so I’ll be doing that more frequently in the coming weeks. Also, back to the comic writing! Got a draft of the first issue back from notes, of course…I’m long 🙁 Cutting hurts so bad, it’s better to let it sit for several days, get objective, then go in with a machete and start chopping stuff out. For some reason distance helps. As does playing motorcycle games 😀

Oh, also just uploaded the finale to Season 2 to YouTube. Best comment ever: “wish they would have kept the production values a bit lower…its starting to just be another random youtube show.”
WHAT!?! Oh gosh, I love the internet! :)?

  • RadNerd

    Just keeps getting better!

  • Youtube comments, always a good source of entertainment 😀

  • Ken

    Each new episode is more surprising than the last. Great performances by all. You were wonderful but I am starting to go through Tink withdrawal.

    Michele Boyd does manage to be creepy and erotic at the same time. “You have such soft skin. Dungeon prisoner pale.” Yikes!! I don’t believe Wade went to Vancouver, Riley has him hogtied in another room. The exchange between Vork and the school kid was hysterical too.

    After seeing this ep (and the last blooper reel) I’m getting the impression that van doesn’t go at all now.

    Re: The Guild comic. “first issue”? So it’s not just a one shot?

  • lissy

    Hey, I agree with that youtube comment… at least about the intro theme. I thought the first season had the best one. It was more genuine.

  • If you need help with cutting the comic short, just tell me, I would be in. :o)

    And don’t keep the production values low. *hehe*

    Cheers, Lydia

  • I was late to watch this week but – WOW! Great episode and again with the unexpected twists 🙂

    Glad to hear you are making yourself make time to do something other than work, work, work. Your writing and editing with thank you. And yes, YouTube comments – got to love those!

  • Selene

    I’m late to the Guild but I’m LOVING IT!!! Congratulations on your success!

  • rockM

    While I usually agree with a youtube comment like that about other shows, The Guild seems to be keeping production under control. More money meant more cool locations like Gamestop / that drive thru scene with Vork haha; more money allowed for a larger cast: crazy stunt guy / rival guild; more money used creatively afforded a cool special effects ghost-death scene for the season 2 finale.

    However, low production value is good because it fuels creativity. Like how the first season was, for the majority, filmed at Felicia’s house– I’m sure that your drafts had that constraint in mind which churned out the familiar scenery that we (the gamer audience) are used to :). Mad props on coming up with a garden wedding with just your backyard to use– I would have never known if not for that Blizzcon interview. You’re like Macgyver.

    So long as there are no ginormous explosions/jets/decadent amount of super-models on the show, you’ll have lots of faithful proponents of what you’re doing.

    I mean Jeff Lewis in a van that seems to just barely work… How can production get any lower?

  • Is Dungeon Prisoner Pale a Warhammer miniature paint color? If not, it certainly should be. It should herald in a whole new level of dark geekdom…um…or perhaps not. ^_^ Kudos on another fine episode. Tuesdays (work days) have become tolerable for me now!

    • Phillip

      I think you’ll find that Elf Flesh will do the job admirably…oooh someone needs to sculpt a Felicia Day miniature! *GEEK DROOLS*

  • I can’t to watch the new episode. I hope it doesn’t crash. I am pretty sure that Wil Wheaton cause Twitter to crash as I explained in my blog today. I hope that he doesn’t crash my xbox 360.

  • Man I need some sleep. Last post was riddled with errors. “I can’t wait to watch.” Blog post is at (Twitter Crash (It was @wilw’s Fault)) at

  • Dani

    It was a great episode!
    I love love love LOVE George.
    Since Season 2, even if he only had very few and short scenes before this… so more of George is super awesome imo. I may, or may not, be developing a *non-creepy* fan-crush on Brett Sheridan. And btw, he’s on twitter now!! @misterwiggly

    Riley vs Codex was awesome too! The tension was… well… interesting. I bet there’s been a HUGE increase of The Guild fanfics after this episode.

    And Youtube comments… I saw that one. Heh… comments there are never boring, that’s for sure.

  • CBaker

    Haven’t had time to watch the episode yet but had to hop in and mention Trials HD = awesometastic. /thumbsup I’ve been playing MMO’s the last few years, it’s a great break from the grind. Especially all the fun ways you can tip over but not quite crash…then… to see if you can make him inch, wriggle and flop his way into flipping back over… I think I have more fun killing my guy than I do getting the great xgames stunts.

  • CBaker

    Ok, finally watched the episode. Nicely done. lol @ the noob scene. You don’t realize just how much content MMO’s have to learn until you have to explain it all to someone. Even worse, if you’re not there in person and they’re just learning how to use chat…

    On the flip side, there’s always the “old noob”… the guy who got powerleveled on his friend’s autofollow (or botted by the pal and given the toon later) who has no idea about playing his class…

  • Well, the slightly bigger budget has helped you film in places you couldnt otherwise and do things you couldnt previously do which have increased the comedic value. Its not like its higher budget for higher budget-sake, its made an improvement in the storytelling and comedy which is what the guild is all about. I think this 3rd season has only been the best so far, and if you’ve tried to make each one better than the last then I feel you’ve suceeded personally.

    Ep6 was great, and I loved Michele Boyd’s craziness..shes so fiesty im surprised she isnt a redhead herself 😉

    p.s. my pet tarantula Helga waved a leg at you to say “hi” 😛

  • Caspar

    I know what you mean about always ending up long in writing things. I’m the same way. I get an idea and I run with it and get really involved and then realize… I have to cut at least 20 pages. Distance really does help, because it lets you reform what you want to do, get a little less attached, and then you can look at it with new eyes and it’s alot easier to cut back and rework parts.

    …I’m still not very good at it though XD

    ..I wish I could take nights off for videogames. Living on residence is painful. I’m in a veteriary technician program, and the residence here has DIALUP. DIALUP. I can’t play warcraft, except on the odd weekend when I couchsurf at friend’s houses. So I’m mostly just attached to my PSP, DS and Xbox360. I miss WoW ;.;

    Anyway, I’m saying wayyy too much *blush*
    I love the guild! Even though all of the other girls at school make fun of me for watching it on lunch breaks =P

    It sucks being the only geeky girl in a program with a bunch of girls you have almost nothing in common with.

    But yes, season three is more hilarious then ever! I can’t wait to see what happens with Riley/Zabbo/Codex and especially the Clara/Mr.Wiggly thing! Drama!

    Anyway, should probably get to class!
    Can’t wait to see the rest of season three!


  • len

    My brother gave me good advice when we were both gigging for a living: don’t listen to what other musicians say about your music when you are successful. It’s always wrong. On the other hand, you can always learn something from even the worst player.

    It took me awhile to understand that advice. There is a big difference in acquiring chops and being liked. At the end of the gig, butts in seats is all that mattered, but when writing a song, chops and feel are all that matter.

    James Taylor remarked that he would never change the formula. For that reason, Garth Brooks had to make an album under a pseudo-personality.

    Soon enough, you’ll be facing the Scylla and Charibdis of exploring your art vs a successful project and have to decide if you want to risk the ship or lose mates. Until then, enjoy the ride, Captain.

  • So it looks like all the Riley/Codex shippers were onto something. Snap! Is Zaboo on the freeway to a three-way? I’m looking forward to finding out.

  • Phillip

    I’ve also found that getting some distance from a writing project before getting the wordcount down helps. Well that isn’t really accurate, without some distance I find it impossible to cut at all. I think it’s something about the deeply personal nature of the creative process that prevents looking over such work with a critical eye, however, with a little time and distance one can look back and not feel that your work is under attack and cut it as required.

    I have to say that The Guild is going from strength to strength in a really powerful way. There was a marked improvement in production quality between seasons 1 and 2 but more amazingly each episode of season 3 shows the same level of improvement from one to the next. It may be something about the greater degree of character development lending clarity to the experience but to my mind the writing gets sharper, the sound clearer and the jokes funnier and funnier as we go through the season. I’m really excited about the future of The Guild, keep it coming!!! Don’t get me wrong The Guild has been awesome from the start but it keeps getting better, that can only be a good thing, no?

    As for the “random youtube show” comment…what a muppet. Keep raising the bar for yourself and all at The Guild and ignore the sort of feedback that leaves you thinking “you what?!” 🙂

    Thanks so much Felicia for all the amazing work, The Guild FTW!

  • Wylie

    I love the Guild! You should consider doing a LARPing episode next season. I think that would be hilarious and you could take the Vork character a long way.

  • I’m SO glad you didn’t cut the Codex/Riley scene – it was the best in the episode! I had to pause it when you were trying to avoid puking, I was laughing so hard. 🙂

  • Scariest episode ever.

  • Emily

    Actually my favorite part of this episode was Vork…he cracks me up so much. And I agree, the part with you and Riley was hilarious.

    And to second Wylie…LARPing would be so hilarious…and you’re right, you could get a LOT out of Vork there.

    Another great episode!

  • Hi, first time commenter/viewer here. I just watched the entire run of The Guild straight through. I think it’s brilliant. I had heard about it before on various sites (PA, RvB) but thought I wouldn’t get it because I’m not an MMORPG guy (correction: I *am* an MMORPG guy, but I do not, and have not ever, allow(ed) myself to play them because I know it would be pretty much my ruination). Anyway, tonight I caught a link to the “…Date My Avatar” video (which I had seen once before, and which contributed to my “why would I want to watch this show about MMO’s” attitude towards The Guild) and for some reason it clicked with me tonight. (Oh, now I remember, it was Nathan Fillion’s Twitter feed that mentioned the video. Speaking of which, great work in Dr. Horrible; I have been re-watching it pretty much daily, and replaying “My Eyes” over and over and over (I realize I am putting a lot of stuff in parentheses here, but hey, you’re a fellow math major, you can follow it)). Great job on that song (“Avatar”) BTW, both the song and the video have a serious Madonna-ish vibe. Anyway, I’m not sure where I’m headed with this comment, but you’re doing great work; keep it up! You’ve got a new fan (for your creator/writer aspect; I’ve been a fan of you as an actress and singer ever since Dr. Horrible came out).

  • Vlada

    This episode is funny, as always, although not as intense/suspensive as some of the episodes before.
    And I don’t like this particular player from the other guild much, he seems a bit, well, strange? Not authentic? Weird?? Doesn’t have this right vibe. Their guild leader in a kilt is much cooler/funnier and I hope to see more of him in future!!!

  • Jag

    Really good episode…if only they would last 30 mins each lol!

    I want Vork to take the lead again so we can see him more often. And Blades too.
    Kinda happy about Tink being gone. Hate her, but only because the actress is really good, when you hate someone in a movie, then its mission accomplished I think.

    The show is awesome, All hail the Knights of Good.

  • I laughed so hard at this episode! And the “dungeon pale” comment….. I’m betting money someone used that as a pickup line with you. Can’t wait for the comic.

  • Kartel/Jonathan

    HAHAHAHA! Love this episode!!! Sounds like it’s going to get very interesting for bladezz. “It’s not mine! I was set up by someone in a rival guild on an online role playing game!” Hopefully he gets to talk to a cop who plays! =P

    I can’t wait for the comic!

    This season is looking so good! Oh the thoughts that would go through someone’s head after seeing a man in a van filled with computers and high tech equipment sitting outside an elementary school!

    I also have to agree with Wylie on the LARPing episode. That would be great!
    Fun Fact: Did you know that street view on google maps shows 2 people LARPing?,+Pittsburgh,+Allegheny,+Pennsylvania+15212&ie=UTF8&split=0&gl=us&ll=40.458262,-80.007505&spn=0.008588,0.01693&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr&layer=c&cbll=40.457662,-80.007541&panoid=KD0g-IcPQW09qFcP2RU2kg&cbp=12,310.45443546675455,,1,10.375837805207798

    I know, long URL, but well worth it!

  • Kartel/Jonathan

    Also, I’m pretty sure that there are other places where the street view van caught people LARPing, but this was the first one I found.

  • keaton

    Hilarious!!! Favorite line: I would never run that fast down a hallway in real life! Thanks for all your hard work to you and your whole crew–it’s so much fun to watch 🙂

  • sirlupash

    You’re really great! The guild is awesome XD
    Felicia you’re my nerd dream XD

  • Seruji

    Hi there,
    I’ve seen all The Guild episodes during this last days and wow, I kinda felt a lot identificated with your ingame situations. Hope to see some great fight between the knights of the good and the axis of anarchy!

  • Varsha

    Glad you kept the bits with Codex and Riley! =p I think it was a nice /wink to a part of the community that doesnt get talk about much in online gaming.

    Using the mouse as a whip was a good one. Its definitely going to my list with the pinky fur handcuffs. =p


  • Woody

    “Because your ugly and you use big words!”

    “You make some good points.”

    Hahaaaaa, classic. I heart this show.

  • JC

    Felicia is extremely talented, funny, and she’s hot too. She is going to be a huge star. The guild is freakin hilarious.

  • JC

    Oh yeah and classic line “bitch stare”

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