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Episode 5: Application'd


Just got back from New York from doing Jimmy Fallon (and a LITTLE relaxing, much better attitude now that I’m home, I was getting REALLY NEGATIVE from all the stress 🙂 ). Little late with this embed, but here goes:

<br /><a href=";vid=d492d422-9f08-481f-a6c7-e0f096cf614e" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 5: Application&#39;d">Video: Season 3 &#8211; Episode 5: Application&#39;d</a>

So, I really really love this episode. I always knew this sequence would be in the season, but the idea of a contest came later. And then all the legal stuff to be able to DO a contest came up and kinda mucked up the plan, but thankfully the “people” figured it out so we could do it in time! If you were around for it, we didn’t publicize the contest THAT widely, and we also lied and said it would ONLY by for the DVD, because I didn’t want people to get spoiled for the season, that maybe we’d lose a Guild member along the way. There were SO MANY funny entries, there will be several on the DVD that aren’t here because they didn’t work in the cut, but were just hilarious. I hope you guys enjoyed them as much as we did screening them, the “READY TO RAID” guy just made me laugh SO HARD. I want it on a animated .gif loop.

The rest of the episode is really funny as well, all actors play their parts perfectly. The center of this script, episodes 5-9 were VASTLY reworked over and over by myself, there were originally 13 looser episodes(which is 1 more than we needed), and I kept reconfiguring and moving sections to be able to restructure up to a week before shooting. The happy accident of denying a place to Riley actually came AFTER George joined the Guild in a few drafts, which seems crazy because it’s perfect the place where it is, but sometime it takes a long time for something to fall into place.

I also expressly wanted Codex to grow a bit of a spine this year, so here’s a chance she gets that seems natural for her to take a stand, one that was actually fun as an actor as well. 🙂 Michelle is sooo funny and yet still likable in this part, a hard line to walk but she does it with perfection, especially considering what a sweet person she is in real life. And Vork…I can’t wait for next episode, he just gets funnier and funnier.

Also, there’s a small 2 page preview of the comic linked on AICN you can check it out if you want! Working hard on the first 22 page issue now, yikes is it a different format of writing! And I think I’m late on the deadline. UGH!!!!! MUST WORK!

  • Shinn

    Great episode Felicia! 🙂

    That final scene and a long, long look between Codex and Riley – priceless.
    I just can’t stop laughing every time I see it. But always during the credits, not a moment earlier. That cold, I-gonna-kill’ya look makes me hold my breath 😀
    You two were great. And that smile of yours – innocent, but malignant. I love it.

  • Justina

    I found The Guild today – a very bad day for me otherwise – and it’s been a lifesaver. Your characters are that delicious combination of painful and hilarious to watch. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the rest of the series.

    Go you!

  • The comic looks great Felicia. I look forward to seeing how things unfold (no pun intended).

    Anyway, it was real cool to see myself as one of “the buffet of humanity” Bladezz “wish he never had to sample”.

    I also added the video to my website, and have already got some people who now want to see “The Guild”.

    Keep up the great work. It’s such a fun show.

  • Brad L.

    Another great episode… and the comic looks awesome! I love how the game world in the comic looks more real than the “real” world.

    Can’t wait for more!!

  • len

    Even Felicia refers to her character as Codex and not Cyd when commenting.

    Virtual reality: where the game is more real than life so only losers win.

  • Intentional or not, love the “bad horse” shout out. Great episode. My favorite so far of season 3.

  • Dani

    It was a great episode and an awesome surprise to see the contest videos there!
    I can’t wait to see George playing with the Knights of Good! First cause I’m sure it’ll be hilarious, second cause that means more George in the episode, and that’s awesome cause I <3 George! =P

    And the comic looks great too!
    I loved the Dalek cameo and I have to ask… who added that?? One of the drawing artists, or you say what stuff you want in the picture too?

  • Gabriel

    I really enjoy your work (as a writer and actress) but relax and enjoy yourself. Work to live, don’t live to work. The guild, dr horrible, dollhouse, I think you deserve it, don’t you?

    Lovely appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show, and the guild comic looks awesome too.

    Best wishes from Argentine

  • Ken

    Another great episode. Very excited about George joining the guild. Did not see that coming! He was a brilliant addition to the cast by the way. Your making him such a nice guy and a caring father/husband allows us to love Clara guilt free. Sure she neglects her children a little but George has got it covered.

    Enjoyed your appearance on Jimmy Fallon as well. Too bad they had such a weak lead-in for you but I guess this Jude Law fellow was the best they could do on short notice.

    The comic preview looks very promising. No budget or location restraints!

    One question. Is the season 3 DVD going to be an Amazon exclusive or a “mainstream” release? Or will that depend on how well the season 1& 2 set sells? (I guess that was two questions wasn’t it?) Three. Dammit.

  • Great writing on this episode, the execution was nearly perfect as well!

  • Lydia

    Hello. I hear you play 4e D&D. I am making an epic level cleric. I have never played a cleric before (I tend to play strikers and defenders) and I have never made an epic level character before (as our games prior to this have been at lower levels.) I am really sort of unsure about what items I should have. I was wondering if I could get your opinion. This is what I have:

    Bracers of Respite (paragon tier)
    Boots of Dancing (paragon tier)
    Gloves of the Healer (paragon tier)
    Goggles of Aura Sight (heroic tier)
    Amulet of Protection +5
    Grace Ring of Lightning (paragon tier)
    Healer’s Sash (paragon tier)
    Stag Helm (heroic tier) (Head)
    Potion of Clarity (level 20) (5)
    Potion of Spirit (level 20) (3)
    Blackgate Rune (paragon tier) (2)

  • Lydia

    Also, do you have any recommendations for rituals? I have these picked out:

    Gentle Repose
    Brew Potion
    Speak with Dead
    Mark of Justice
    Shadow Passage
    Astral Guide

    Basically I am asking if I should get rid of some rituals (or items from my last post) and replace them with others.

  • hehe, that preview of comic is really great, can’t wait for other pages 🙂

  • Wildride

    Totally wish I’d have known about the application thingy BEFORE the deadline. I would have almost certainly been musical, not to mention kilted. Actually, probably a reworking of my Kilted Killer character from my ELE audition.

  • Annie

    Hello , I just wanted to say i LOVE you show.. and i watched you and the jimmy show. And i seen you play WOW and was wondering what sever you play on?

  • Wildride

    Ooh! Even better than recycling Kilter Killer would be to reuse “I Wanna Be in Your Guild.” It’s a natural fit:

    Codex: “OK, let’s see if we can get through these submission videos. Uh, this guy’s called The Wildride.”
    Bladezz: “Lame!”
    Codex: “Let’s just watch his video, Bladezz.”

    WILDRIDE’s submission video begins to play. Seated behind his computer monitor is a guy wearing a kilt and ghillie shirt.

    Wildride (in an affected Scottish accent): “Hi — I’m the Wildride and I think this will speak for itself.”

    Wildride reaches forward and types something on the computer. After a moment, the song “I Wanna Be in Your Guild” begins to play. He lip syncs along to it.

    Wildride (singing): “I can be your knight — your knight in shining armour
    Or I can be the thief — the thief of your heart
    And I can heal — heal where others have hurt you
    Any role — I can play the part

    I wanna be in your guild when you play
    Can I be in your guild whaddya say?
    I wanna be in your guild when you play
    Can I be in your guild Felicia Day?”

    Bladezz: “Uh, what the hell was that?”
    Clara: “I think it was kinda neat. Catchy. (singing) I wanna be in your guild when you play.”
    Bladezz: “Maybe if he was auditioning for American Idol.”
    Vork: “He mentioned nothing about his character stats! Is he a warrior? A rogue? A cleric? Make up your mind, man!”
    Bladezz: “He sounds like a n00b. He didn’t mention anything about the game.”
    Codex: “You know what? I think I’m off kilted guys for awhile, anyway — Pass.”
    Vork: “And who the hell is Felicia Day?”
    Codex: “No idea.”

  • We have an official fan Guild on Zangarmarsh, Alliance side. I play there when I can, lately not so much 🙁 Nice lovely people though!! Very proud of the Guild for the Guild, haha.

  • I can’t talk to the gear, I’d have to look it all up, but I definitely think the Cure Disease/Affliction one is a must-have if you get something nasty. I play a wizard so I know more about the Arcane Rituals, which I have many many of (I play kind of a nerd know-it-all, haha). Brew potion is definitely handy. Arcana ones that are good are Transfer Enchantment (from Adventurer’s Vault 1), Knock, Phantom Steed, Earthen Ramparts and Passwall, to name a few. Make Holy Water might come in handy too?

    • Lydia

      Thanks for the help.

  • Kartel/Jonathan

    HAHA! I love this episode, as I do all of the episodes. I really wish I hadn’t skipped the guild at blizzcon, but I dedicated most of my time there to trying to win a cataclysm poster.(damn my bad luck at drop rates!)

    I had to make a character on zangarmarsh just for the fan guild. Hope I get to see you on there sometime Felicia.


  • Mikey

    Ms Felicia…

    I rarely comment on online findings but The Guild is absolutely one of the best things I’ve found in the past 17 months…The Guild and that video of the cat–you know the one, where the cat does that hilarious thing.

    Anyway, your show is outstanding. The writing is witty and unpredictable, and the acting is tremendous. You have added quite a bright spot to this world.


  • Elliot

    Copy/paste the link to watch Felicia on Jimmy Fallon:,vepisode,1
    Her interview begins at 25:32 right after the third commercial break. Sorry to non-US residents who can’t view Hulu. Cheers!

    • Elliot

      Disregard the copy/paste part. Wow, I feel stupid.

  • Another great episode. Kudos 😀

  • PS Zaboo’s girlfriend is definitely the character I (love to) hate the most.

  • Michelle is awesome I am glad she is getting a chance to strut her stuff this year. The guild has become event TV in our house. When the new episode comes out we download it and have a guild watch party.

  • twinsen

    Nice T shirt Zaboo ! It’s cool to see writers support each other shows, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about go check Besides you coulds also see Felicia in another really great role !!!

    PS: En France aussi on t’adore Felicia !

  • Kirsten

    The Comic looks SO great!

    I know what I’m buying myself for christmas XD

    This episode was really good, I’m excited to see how George does in the Guild!!

  • Hey! So glad you like it! The full length won’t be out until Spring, I’m still writing the first issue (much slower than I thought I’d be! :O) That was just a teaser of how the comic may be, it isn’t in the same timeline as the full length at all, I wanted to do something stand-alone 🙂

    • Kirsten

      Lol then maybe it will be a birthday present to me instead and the seasons will have to be chrismas.

      Stand alone or following the show would be great! 😛

  • Kartel/Jonathan

    Finally got around to looking at those 2 pages. They are great!

    The comic will be so good! You’re doing a very good job with it.

    It’s nice to see games represented the way they actually are than like in most movies and tv shows where it’s just a bunch of beeps and someone randomly moving a joystick. Good luck with this comic!

  • Emily

    Felicia, absolutely love The Guild, and pretty much everything I’ve seen you in. You’re so very talented! My friend drove me nuts about watching The Guild and Dr. Horrible and I finally caved. As a long-time girl gamer (just quit WoW after 4 years of almost nonstop raiding), I appreciate what you do here, to not only mainstream gaming, but also to dispel all the myths of what type of person games. While I played WoW, my family would be like “don’t tell people you game” and “don’t talk about what you do for fun”, as well completely failing to understand the attraction (something was wrong with me!). Other women seem to be unable to comprehend the draw of it and tend to assume that you are immature and childish for playing a video game like WoW (though Sims is apparently okay).

    You should have Codex switch to playing a tank or something as she gains her spine. Dispel some more notions of female gamers, for those who think we only play characters in dresses! (or characters with cute animals)

    Also, as a violinist, I loved seeing you play the game and practice your violin at the same time. It was probably one of the best parts of the show for me.

    Favorite part of this episode was the long look at the end and the “awkwaaaaard”. I laughed so hard. Can’t wait to see some of the other audition videos sent in when the DVD is released.

    Keep up the good work, take time for yourself, continue to laugh at what you do, and enjoy it, because we certainly do.

  • Vlada

    Codex is coming out beautifully in this episode – and what a change from the season 1, episode 1! Vork and his toaster are very funny, and as for Clara’s husband – I have a feeling he is going to be leet very soon, feeling sorry for their kids though!

    Would luv to join your fan guild on Zagranmash, where should I send my video application to? I got lvl 80 priestess =)

    Can’t wait for the next episode – watching them is something I am really really looking forward to!

  • MartinO

    Love this episode. My favorite part – What experince do you have? I played pong as a kid. This is in color I see. What’s Pong? ROFLMAO

    Keep up the great work!

  • Noble Brown

    Haha, I couldn’t help but burst out into the Bad Horse Chorus when that line came up!

  • The guy with the kittens playing in the background!!!!! Loved the whole sequence, such an awesome idea!

  • I know what I’m buying myself for christmas XD

    This episode was really good, I’m excited to see how George does in the Guild!!

    cyprus car

  • However, we cannot afford to be complacent. ,

  • Wildride
  • Alison

    Hey Felicia!! I love the guild just wanted to let you know! I’ve been playin WOW for three years now on Misha server, but I saw you had a fan guild on zangar so i joined, my toon is Alieson! Your toon on zangar is really codexx? LOL awesome, I didnt think you would use your real character name on the show. I “think” i saw your warlock in the guild too, but she is still only lvl 70….why dont you play your warlock anymore?

  • Robin Vick

    As someone who loves World of Warcraft and gaming, i was sucked in to The Guild pretty easily. I blew through the first two seasons in a day and then caught up on the 3rd season until i was having to wait every week until the show came out. Cant wait for the 4th season.

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