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Episode 4 is Live! Please Rate and Favorite it!

  • Mia


  • you are really on to something here. very endearing and engaging.
    keep up the great work!

  • I love the new episode. It’s faaarrrggghhhh’n awesome. I can’t wait for more.

  • Ben

    Dare I say best episode to date? There were so many great lines. I actually laughed out loud. Great job Felicia.

    So where was our very own Dustin? wasn’t he in this?

  • Carl

    That was hilarious!!

    You did a really great job, squeezing a lot of comedy, into a short script. So many juicy morsels: like the hostess’s greeting, Zabu’s “real name” and the “Mominatrix”.



    Very, very well done!

  • Craig

    Make up sex!

  • Carl

    I just saw it again. I missed some bits the first time, because I was laughing too hard.

    HinJudiasm!! Sign me up! I’m Jewish and I LOVE hot curry.

    Please pass kudos along to Jane. I’m sure her direction and editing is responsible for a great deal of the excellent comic timing.

    BTW: You didn’t hear this from me, but the right colored electrical tape can be used to change a license plate number.

  • This will probably make me sound like a total nerd (which I am) but I wanted to say a very enthusiastic congratulations on capturing the awkward silence that accompanies meeting a person you’ve played an MMO with for the first time. The whole “this is the first time we’ve ever met even though I’ve spent more time hanging out with you guys than my friends and family,” and then having absolutely nothing to talk about except the game you met them in.

    Having actually been there myself, in that exact same situation, I can say with certainty that the acting was perfectly done. I loved it, especially the little details like having Clara comment on Vork’s baldness, since I think it’s pretty much the standard that everybody online projects the aura of being physically perfect, and the reality feels weird after so much time spent in fantasy.

    Great episode, definitely my favorite so far!

  • Paul


    It was all great, especially the awkward post “let’s talk about real life!” silence, but Tink stole the show this time, IMO.

  • Kelly

    Great episode 😀 looking forward to the next one..

  • Virginia

    Yay! This was a nice surprise to end my week.

    I love the Mario videogame sounds in the background, they are just awesome! Especially the ‘Mario dies’ sound when the silence gets even more awkward.

    I actually know someone from an online game who reminds me of Mominatrix /dies I wonder if she too loves breakfast food.

    Actually I guess that’s kinda dumb of me. If I know someone who is like that, and there is a character in the show like that… obviously it’s not that uncommon O_o derrr, I’ll go drool in the corner now.

  • Dustin’s back was in the shot of Vork across the room. Next episode we’ll get more face I believe 🙂

  • Dustin

    HAHA face-time that’ll be the day. My backside is my absolute best side, you should see me ref a game in tight shorts. That’s when all the attention goes from the players to me, and rightfully so 😀

    Great episode though, on the set I was trying not to laugh, good thing I’m hard of hearing or those lines probably would’ve floored me. Great work Felicia, you work hard and it pays off and we appreciate you for it.

  • We appreciate you for making time to help out, it really makes a difference. I mean, it looks like a real restaurant!

  • Dustin

    All of the people here saw something in The Guild so we decided to support it in one way or another. Together we will FIGHT for this Internet sitcom and nobody will stand in our way. It will be the most popular on the internet if we have to Ride our way to the Top on a River of BLOOD! OUR ENEMIES WILL BE VANQUISHED!!! NO ONE SHALL BE SPARED, NO ONE!!!

  • jezrael

    Heya Felicia,

    So a while ago I stumbled across your name in relation to Puzzle Pirates and now I see you are the writer/main character of the extremely funny ‘The Guild’. I just wanted to say how much I admire your work. I thought your interview over on GDG was great – very insightful and intelligent. I’m a pirates/WoW player myself btw and female to boot 😉

    I’m Jezabella on Midnight just in case we ever bumped into each other in game (I played from early Midnight on) and now Jezrael of Feathermoon in WoW.

    All the best – looking forward to more episodes of The Guild! 🙂

    ~ Jez

  • Hello…

    After stumbling across The Guild, I have to say that you have nailed the quirky attributes of your character to a T. At first I did not think you were even an actor; I really just thought you were just being yourself as Codex.

    And it is those little mannerisms that makes Codex’s character so endearing.

    Awesome acting, and awesome storyline!

    Best wishes!

  • Dave

    Agreed with the other commenters, an absolutely hilarious episode. “HinJew” had me laughing for a good 5 minutes straight off that line alone. Great job all!

  • Joe

    Wow, on location and with sponsors. Congrats on episode #4!

  • Brian


  • I loved it!

  • Jen

    …pretty much what Matthew said (above). That awkward little “what now”? and Tink’s “I haven’t decided if I’m joining you yet.”

    Heh. Been there, done that!

  • Tad

    i think in many ways this was the best episode. the actress who plays clara is simply hysterical – the way she reacts to having her boobs called ‘pillowy’ is just too funny for words. love her.

  • It’s good to know that people like you play video games( Sorry to say it, but you are quite good looking). I feel like such a loser sometimes sitting in my room playing games by myself, yet I really enjoy it. I guess I gotta just realize, life is short and I should do what I want.

    Recovering wow addict, 70 rogue, i’d probably wreck your lock. Haha, but at least I feel better since i’m done with it.

    Good luck in life, keep doing what you’re doing

  • Jen

    Love it!

    Was so excited to see a new episode of The Guild, and it did not disappoint! Great job!

  • at my very first blog meet-up, oh, i endured the awkward silence, too… no one really talked about anything but themselves (i.e. Google bombing – i think that’s the term where you google something and you’re #1 on the search list ?!?!) and their blogs… but yeah, that took me back! each episode keeps getting better and better!

  • dp

    Being a magician in the “real world,” I noticed one of your cast busting out some hardcore card manipulation in between takes on the outtakes reel. (Tell him he could have met the Buck twins at the Magic Live convention in Vegas a few months ago. He’ll know what I’m talking about.) Some people are just as geeked out about card moves as others are about role-playing games. There are so many ways to express geekdom now, perhaps Gottfried Leibniz was right and this IS the best of all possible worlds!

  • Another great episode Felicia! I’m jazzed to see that you’ve gotten yourself a blog together, I like it. As an aside, it’s almost frightening that Errik has decided (however temporarily) to rejoin the WoW family (Madduc somehow convinced him, it was freaky). Runty is GM’ing again, because Grim is too busy with RL.

    Other than that, I laugh about the old days when I watch these webisodes. I can’t imagine that the RL guild meetings were that bad down in SoCal. Come visit the guild site and say hi when you have a chance. I have no time to play anymore, too busy trying to create a career in winemaking. Back to it!


  • Just discovered The Guild. As an old school RPG player, I instantly loved it. Very funny and endearing. You have a new fan.



  • Pierre

    Your work is awesome, greetings from Mexico ^^

  • Jeff

    I agree with Matthew, it captures perfectly the awkward-silence-unless-it’s-conversations-about-the-game mood of these kind of initial meetings. Which is why I love “The Guild” series, how it’s true to life that way.

    Maybe it says something about the type of people drawn to MMORPG’s – probably socially awkward or attracting obsessive types who think a lot about the game.

    And is it just me, or has The Flog message comments quadrupled in the past couple of months? 😛 I haven’t posted for a while, but it seems like that (unless it’s the new format of the site…heh). Whatever it is, keep at it Felicia! 🙂

    (The contributions that you listed in the credits seems like a good sign if anything! Recognition that you’re doing creative work that people appreciate.)

  • There are quite a lot of new people visiting, I really appreciate each and every comment! I was out of town this weekend, and coming back to so many supportive comments makes me so happy 🙂 I hope some new folks stop by again, as you can see from the varied topics I post, and the extremely erudite (SAT word) comments left by the readers, we do some real Blog damage here.

  • I feel I should make a comment now even though I have nothing to say.

    um… funny video – but i think that might be an obvious statement since i subscribe to the videos.
    So in the tradition of being supportive – I support thee (or thou or whatever weird little middle ages/shakespearian word might actually fit in there).

    Hope episode 5 is soon.

    p.s. – made a logo video for my own production company finally – quite a simple little thing. On to my next project.

  • Joe

    Hey Felicia, any comments on the WGA strike?

  • Awesome job once again. =)

  • Cool logo PeakFreak! What program did you use to make it?

  • manic.half / Damien

    haha a perfect continuation.

    im a little let down that bladezz wasnt in it, but i gather thats probably more down to the fact he was unable due to timing?

    i wanted to see him trying to hit on any/all of the females haha.

  • The Guild is a great series and each episode a classic.

    Good episodes take time and like good games, you should only release them when they are ready.

    Looking forward to the next one.

    P.S. If anyone feels inclined, check out my first attempt at film making

  • Oops messed up that link 🙂 I wish I could edit my posts.

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