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Episode 3 Season 3 "Player Down"


I feel awful, but I am just too frikkin’ busy to update this blog 🙁 I have lots of entries in mind, so I promise when I get a chunk of The Guild comic finally figured out I will be amusing you greatly with some corset romance novel entries 🙂

Mainly, I want to let you know that Guild Episode 3 “Player Down” is now live on our Microsoft platforms!

Streaming on MSN
Downloadable in HD on Xbox
Downloadable on Zune

(There is a slight delay on the Xbox/Zune platforms due to software updates (especially on the Canadian upload) so you might have to check back in certain regions)

<br /><a href=";vid=80a029bc-7a7a-4f6e-b63c-8c4e73975e20" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 3: Player Down">Video: Season 3 &#8211; Episode 3: Player Down</a>

Depressingly I already wrote this blog entry and lost it. Yay technology? 😀 Anyhoo, this episode was pretty much MADE by @seanbecker’s awesome directing and editing. The frenetic energy of the Guild falling apart and Codex’s lack of assertiveness was definitely enhanced by the quick cuts and hilarious angles. I had trouble when writing this episode because there were SO many storylines being set up and I was eager to get the story moving, but we had a lot more ground to cover, especially Vork going on his “quest” (which is so hilarious, the trash can thing was a great directing addition.) A whole section of this episode was moved to make the story smoother and build better, so it is NOT how it was shot. Thank goodness it worked! On a personal note, when Tyler, the production designer, proposed this van-thing for Vork’s car I just cracked up. It’s soooo ridiculous and RIGHT for Vork, although I had envisioned a 70’s gas guzzler sedan myself. The brilliant thing is all the little easter eggs he put INSIDE the van that you guys as the audience will never see but cracked the crew up sooo much. Incidentally we will probably be auctioning off this car in the next month or so for charity, please check @theguild Twitter in the next weeks for more details.

  • James

    I was wondering why it wasn’t on xbox live in Canada today. I will check later.

  • Ken Todd

    Wow! The plot thickens. This episode has it all, including a beautiful nose.

  • cirby

    An upcoming corset fantasy book you might want to look up (it comes out in a couple of weeks – “Soulless” by Gail Carriger.

    From the author’s website: “Alexia Tarabotti is laboring under a great many social tribulations. First, she has no soul. Second, she’s a spinster whose father is both Italian and dead. Third, she is being rudely attacked by a vampire to whom she has not been properly introduced!”

    It looks to be a fun read…

  • Lilian

    Yay! I guess nice stories are coming after this episode 😛

    I would like to see Bladezz’s sister more on the serie, she seems to be a funny character, and my opnion about Vork’s car is “OMG lol” XD

    Is it just me or more ppl can really imagine a gnome if you close your eyes and hear Zaboo talking? Its not just his voice, but sometimes he looks like a gnome too! lol

    <3 gnomes!

  • Nicole

    Here’s your original post, my blog reader caught it:

    Having absolutely no time to update the blog more frequently lately, I’m very sorry. I have blog posts in mind about corset romance novels, a few on conventions etc etc, and I promise to get to them as soon as I get some obstacles bulldozed in writing The Guild comic for Dark Horse. Most humble apologies, but all my time is being swamped and I’m just fighting to not burn out!

    I can happily post that Episode 3 “Player Down” is now available:

    Streaming on MSN
    Downloadable in HD on Xbox
    Downloadable on Zune

    Video: Season 3 – Episode 3: Player Down

    We had quite a few structural challenges with this episode, and some brilliance by@SeanBecker on the editing and directing fronts pulled it through. The crazy cuts towards the end of the episode really pushed the concept of Codex’s inability to lead, and the fracturing of the remaining Guild. A whole section of the episode was actually moved to another place in this ep to tell the story better (You’ll have to wait until the DVD commentary for me to tell you which part, haha). We have so many storylines being set up this season that this third episode was necessary to lay all the groundwork, particularly sending Vork on his way into the world. I absolutely rolled on the floor when Tyler, the production designer, proposed that van thing as Vork’s car, it is SO PERFECT. You’ll never see all the crazy stuff he put in that van, but there are some wacky touches on the interior I will never forgett. Incidentally, we are planning to auction that thing off for charity later this season, stay tuned to@theguild Twitter for more info in a few weeks.

    There’s some great acting by the cast, the fracturing of the Guild is really hit home and Clara’s denouement is one of the reasons I even WROTE this season. A lot of dramatic stuff happened at the end of Season 2, and rather than be glib, I really wanted to follow through on the emotional stuff that the characters were thrown. Comedy is only funny to me when there’s real feelings under it, so I guess this season is a bit darker than before, but I hope the funny stuff carries the weightier moments through.
    Bringing back Dena was also a priority for me this season, I just loved the dynamic between her and Bladezz, because he’s such a cool cucumber with the rest of the Guild, but I know first hand that siblings have a special way of getting under your skin, haah.

    Next week’s episode is really fun, and we just finished editing episode 7, and for the first time in Guild history we cut a LOT from a scene, so I guess a nice extra for DVD? Do better editing next season, Felicia?

    • len

      Perfect. Perverted and perfect.

  • Dani

    This episode really had some outstanding bits of directing and editing by Sean! And also great sound! I was saying that earlier at the community…

    When Codex says “Where is everyone?”, all those shots where great, but there was 2 shots I especially loved:

    1) When she says “Zaboo?” and he tries to reach the laptop while Riley locks him with her legs (!). That angle was beautiful and funny! Loved it!

    2) When Codex finished with “Anyone…?” and the camera zooms out. I liked that. Added to the “poor Codex” feel. =)

    Also, it was great seeing them back to their computers (even though I like the outside shots…), and there SO much going on! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    And… DENA!!!
    The “Simon, language!!” and “No! No! No! This is the Bladezz’s time. Not cool. Mom!!!” (Vince did an excellent job with this line! Perfect!) were my favorite bits of the episode!

    Anyway… really really great episode! =)

  • I count the days each week for a new episode… and also can´t wait for the comic to come our way!!!
    Keep it up Felicia

  • Hmm. A similar blog entry was in my Google Reader entitled “Guild Season 3 Episode 3”. Apparently, the feeds captured it, but clicking on it leads to a broken link.

    I’d paste it here but a commenter above me already did.


  • Justin

    Huge LOls to this ep!

    Poor Zaboo, I thought he’s really putting on the french maid costume!

    Keep up the fun! Nicole > There’s season 4? Awesome!!!!

  • Each episode so far keeps building and building. I can’t wait to see how these things eventually resolve. I have a feeling Zaboo isn’t gonna keep that “hot chick” for long.

    Plus, I think you wore that blue shirt in the beginning at D*C. Looks like the same one in my current profile Facebook pic 😀

  • mmchicago

    “The Guild” mentioning “GTD” was like a perfect storm of geekdom for me. Thanks for making my day 🙂

  • So many things about this episode cracked me up–Bladezz and his sister fighting, Vork’s wardriving quest, Zaboo and Stupid Tall Hot Girl. The hilarity never stops!

  • This was excellent. Really tight scripting and the editing is really what makes it work SO well. Can’t believe you cram so much content (and funny moments!) in such a short space of time. Can’t wait for the next episode. This season’s episodes really build the tension very well.

  • Best one so far IMHO. Leaves you craving for more like the best “Lost” episode 🙂

  • Jacob

    “Guild leader paraphernalia”? As a GM myself, I can tell you that sometimes it seems paraphernalia is exactly what you need =P . Don’t stand in the fire means don’t stand in the fire.

  • Alice

    LOVED it. Great to be back at people’s computers; I don’t know why, but the scene in the parking lot felt much slower to me than ‘typical’ guild eps do – this was a great return to form. Def. loving the Vince/Lena dynamic, and I’m eager to see Clara’s story arc unfold.

  • Thanks for the note about the Zune delay. I thought I was going crazy!

  • Zune should be up now, it’s Xbox that is still delayed.

  • Cat MacKinnon

    i think season 3 is fan-farking-tastic so far! Wil Weaton is full of win (especially in the kilt!…although i would’ve smacked Bladezz for calling it a “skirt”…we of Scottish descent are a bit particular about that!) as soon as i saw him, it reminded me of a really funny (and dirty) impression a former band member of mine used to do. i would take too long to go into details, but basically he’d do an impression of Captain Picard as a dirty old man and end it with the phrase “…and bring me that boy, Wesley!”

    it’s probably funnier in person…

    anyway, i watched every episode again tonight (i was dealing with some anxiety and panic stuff and The Guild was the first thing i thought of that might take my mind off of everything and make me laugh.) hope you feel better (maybe it’s the piggy flu? ;)) and i can’t wait for the rest of season 3! btw…Vork’s van reminds me of a Hotwheels car i had when i was little, which in turn reminds me of the weird station wagon in the original “Mad Max” (i think it was either a Ford or a Holden.)


  • Vlada

    Felicia, it made me so happy to watch your sitcom! I am also playing a healy priest in WoW and find these series hilarious and right-to-the point with subtle, witty humor. . Also watched that funny interview on your blog (Kwoon? Really?? lol) and I am your biggest fan now!

  • It’s three days later and this Episode is still not on Live in the U.S? What’s going on? I have to know what happens to The Guild! (in H of course 😉

  • This is my favorite show. And I’m watching it in my apartment on Friday night. Is there something wrong with me? ACK.

    The trash can part was my favorite. Whee.

  • Vikingabroad

    “Doctor Horrible Lives Again!

    Whedon confirmed that he and his co-conspirators are working on another installment of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, but they haven’t yet decided whether it’ll stay an indie shoestring project, or get bigger and involve a studio or more people. Either way, though, they know what story they want to tell and they’re just waiting until it gels.”

    Is it true?? Sequel on its way??? Give us the scoooooop :D:D

  • I dont have a scoop, I know he wants to do one, it’s Dollhouse that’s making him busy, grr 🙂 That’s gonna be good this season though, so I can’t complain 🙂

  • Yeah I dunno, they’re having some technical issues with video ingestion over at MS, so it’s been delayed all week 🙁 I bet 3 and 4 go up together on Tuesday, which is unusual so sorry about that delay!

    • James

      No problem, I’ll wait until next week and watch them both back to back.

  • Ha so glad you got that, I bet VERY small percentage of ppl got it, but the inside nature of it made me laugh so I didn’t cut it 😀

  • Hi Miss Felicia Day,

    I’d like to request if its at all possible – that you consider putting a remix-kit up for your song “Would you date my avatar”. Music-geeks like myself would love the opportunity to ruin it in creative and imaginative ways, and it could also potentially promote your show to different audiences.

    – Chris

  • I’m really enjoying the new season so far. Like you said, Vork’s RV was a really clever idea. It fits him. And in general the characters are rounding out quite nicely. I can’t wait to see more of Tink’s character though, I get her sardonic ‘piss-off’ kind of attitude. I wanted you to know that you’re all doing a great job and it’s very much appreciated. Your many hours of hard work have contributed to a few moments of leisure time for me. Thanks!

    Also, I caught the leaked footage of Dollhouse Epitaph One. It was definitely the best episode of Dollhouse made to date, and you had pretty much the lead role. How cool is that? And Adair Tishler was also rather phenomenal. I hope to see you both in the new season with the much more interesting plot line. 😉

  • well, haha

    LOL “youd rather play the game than with me”… girlfriend says this all too often!

    Guess ill need an add-on that will let me do that RL.. ok cheesy joke 🙂

  • Marshall

    I loved your cameo with nph and captaian tight pants tonight

  • Marshall


  • highlanderburial

    I have had your show on my Zune for sooooo long but never watched them. Then yesterday I went on a Guild-Bender and couldn’t believe how funny they were!!!
    Great job to all involved esp. Felicia and her wonderfull facial expressions!!!


  • I don’t know what a remix kit is, can you link me an explaination? Then I can research and talk with the other ppl involved to see if it’s something we want to do. I’d appreciate it! 🙂

  • haha sorry, I talk to so many fellow music-production geeks I forget others might not have a clue what im talking about!

    In short, a remix kit is the seperate instruments, each an isolated track (without any of the other sounds/instruments ect) that can be used to to remix the original song, i.e. I use the vocal and main melody tracks but put my own beats in it instead of using the original beats. Usually in my experience, artists and bands put selected (or all) of the different instruments used from an original song into a ZIP file in the audio format WAV with some information about the track (i.e. the songs original tempo ect).

    I hope that makes sense, im not the best at explaining things but I couldnt seem to find a better definition anywhere on the web 🙁

  • Outlander

    Felicia, I want to let you know I love The Guild. Me and my friends are big gamers, and the guild remindes me of us in a lot of ways. lol Keep up the good work, and we can’t wait to see more of The Guild. 🙂

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